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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Dean is a bad, bad man
Pour on the Media! 
Bush' "Clean Conscience Act" 
We Love Howard Dean 
Conyers demands answers 
Lawmakers seek secret 
Bart lost the debate?
GOP bastard walks out  
Hatcher calls press "sexist' 


 Quote of the Day

"It's pretty much a white Christian party."  
     --Howard Dean, in trouble again for telling
        the truth about the all-white GOP

  Dr. Dean, stop telling the truth!
  People want to be lied to.


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Volume 1562 - Blinded by passion 


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         Friday    June 9,  2005        Visit  RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"I believe Governor Dean is a good chairman. He's doing a good job.
  He's not the spokesman for the party. It's governors, it's senators, it's party leaders."
    -- Bill Richardson, apparently unable to make up his mind,     Attribution

 In the GOP, they have the "11th Commandment,"
  which is "Never say anything bad about another Republican."
  The Democrats have an 11th Commandment, too.
  It reads, "Fuck your buddy and apologize to Mr. Rove."

 John Edwards:  "Dean is not the party's spokesman."
  Joe Biden: "I don't think Dean speaks for the majority of Democrats."
  Chris Dodd: "Did he make a mistake with these comments? Absolutely,"

 All this is because Dean said, "Some Republicans never made an honest living in their lives,"
  He was probably talking about Bush, but the statement is undeniably true.

 Meanwhile, Bush's lying-ass, good-puppy whore media (I'm talking about Tim McCahill, AP whore/writer)
 changed the quote to: "Republicans never made an honest living in their lives,"

 The AP will do anything to make Bush look good and make the Dems out to be loons...


 Pour on the Media!
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Over the past several months, "progressive talk radio" has expanded from a handful
 of cities to more than 50. From those urban centers, the majority of Americans can now
 hear an unflinching critique of Bush's deceptions on Iraq and of his controversial policy
 proposals, such as the plan to partially privatize Social Security.

 On the AM dial now, listeners no longer hear only verbal genuflecting before the mighty Bush
 or vitriol against those who would question his greatness. Instead, there's Al Franken calling
 Bush a "putz" or Democracy Radio's Stephanie Miller applying the l-word, as in "li-li-liar."

 These new AM stations have added their voices to what's already been there: irreverent
 anti-Bush Web sites, Comedy Central's satirical "Daily Show with Jon Stewart," some
 struggling left-of-center magazines, and Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, whose daily
 news show airs on a number of FM stations as well as on Link TV and Free Speech TV.

 Note: Consortiumnews.com is the most important site on the internet.


 Senator Obama Says Dean Using 'Religion to Divide'
  Democrats wants a Bush-worshiping mouse to lead their party

  Click  Here

 Sen. Barack Obama criticized Howard Dean for using "religion to divide." Obama told reporters
 that Dean needs to tone down his rhetoric. Dean said on Monday that the Republican Party was
 'pretty much a white, Christian party.'"

 Why would Dean want to be the Democrats' fire hydrant for the next four years?
  Why didn't Dean know what Ol' Bart knows about the Democrats?


 The Democrats don't want to fight and they don't want to win.
  Dean should resign in protest.


 Subject: Cheney's daughter

 Greetings Bart man…
 The "Christian right" claims that being gay is "learned" behavior…
 that one is not born with these desires...

 I wonder if Dick Cheney's gay daughter had a devastating experience
 with her dad in her youth…  that caused her to "change teams?"

 MM, they know that being gay is not learned - and how do we know they know?

 Because Cheney's daughter is gay,
  Alan "One percent" Keyes has a gay daughter,
  Phyllis Schaffley has a gay daughter and
  Newt Gingrich has a gay sister.
  (Is Ron Reagan Jr. gay?)

 Either "being gay" was taught in all those homes
  the decision to "be gay" was not a conscious one.

 They're lying.
  They're lying just so they can have someone to hate.
  Hate is their glue - it's all they've got.



"What republicans cannot successfully cover up or censor, they will happily lie about.
  Nothing this administration says can be taken on faith, whether they are telling us about
  a war or about the weather...Sometimes they use taxpayer dollars to bribe people, too."
     --Eric Alterman, Altercation,  Attribution


 We Love Howard Dean

  Click  Here

 The Bush GOP is a Wal-Mart of five-and-dime ethics, self-enriching corporate sponsored war,
 imitation morality made in China, and a fresh baker's dozen of half-truths for every occasion.
 America on sale: to the right folks in the right place at the right time for the right price.
 Going once, going twice ...

 Bible-thumping-bunko artists shove the hand of God into your pants pocket for thirty pieces of silver
 to buy membership lists from the likes of David Dukes and the KKK, because we all know, Heaven is
 white with just a touch of beige. And if you question that, James Dobson will take his Bible belt and
 show you the lashing love of Jesus.

 We've long since passed murder at 1600 and now head to 1700 dead soldiers in Bush's war on Iraq.
 The Downing Street Memo is all the talk to avoid.   So what has the Democratic leadership's attention?

 Howard Dean said something mean.
 Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


 Rep John Conyers demands answers
  A Dem with a spine - and he doesn't hate Howard Dean

  Click  Here

"I am asking you to sign on to a letter to the President requesting he answer
 the questions posed to him by 89 Members of Congress.

"I will personally insure that this letter
  is delivered to the White House."

 You can sign up here


 Subject: Hillary's cover

 Hi Bart:

 I think it's kind of ironic that Ed Klein would suggest that Hillary is a lesbian and that
 Chelsea is her cover when it seems to me that the twins (Jenna and notJenna) are Bush's
 cover for his true sexual orientation.

 Think about it: he didn't marry til in his 30s if my info is correct, and twins in a family if there
 were none before suggest fertility drugs and possible artificial insemination, the pervading homo
 -erotic themes of his, including his penchant for playing dress up, the presence of male hookers
 in the White House during Bush 41's short reign and now,  Laura's press club jokes...I could go on.

 I missed you when you were gone.
 Maybe Conyers reads  bartcop.com  or at least didn't want to wear the tutu.



"We're not going to let the Republicans set the agenda
   and to be quite honest we aren't going to let you set the agenda."
     --Howard Dean, angering the right and scaring the left into criticizing him   Attribution

"You don't hear our friends on the other side engaging in this kind of thing."
      -- Chris Dodd, telling Democrats to stop agreeing with the GOP on everything Dean says   Attribution


 Subject: Levin in a tutu?

 Now you've gone too far!
 Why did you put my guy Carl in the chorus line?

 Read Levins record over the years.
 You are pissing off DOZENS of Detroiters.

  Levin just did something in the last week, but I confess I don't
  remember what it was - maybe somebody will refresh me.

 Secondly, senators have power the representatives don't.
  Has Levin taken any steps to slow the Bush murder machine?
  In that regard, I blame every demo senator but Hillary.


 Subject: debate feedback

 Bart, Karash's debate wasn't circular.  It was more logical than anything else.
 More precisely, it was an attack on your logic.  A logical argument is an argument
 that arrives at a valid conclusion.


 What most people don't realize is that it doesn't matter if that conclusion is based on truth,
 lies, speculation, or whatever. The only thing that matters is whether or not the conclusion,
 based on the argument, is valid.  In logic, it's more wording than substance.

 Since most people are loose with their wording it's pretty easy to pick apart an argument,
 which is what he was doing to you.  Likewise, you did the same to him when you substituted
 the W.W.II examples for the Iraqi in his argument.  He cried foul but it was fair.

 I thought he was actually making some points till then.  You can't have it both ways.
 Anyway, keep up the good work.
 Ray in Illinois

 Ray, he wanted to know why I support our troops, which I answered, but not to his satisfaction

 If you liked football, and I asked you why and I refused to accept your answer,
  that would mean I defeated you in a debate?

 Are you sure about that?


 GOP bastard walks out of meeting
   Sensenbrenner (R-Ass) has Bush-like arrogance

      "I'm human waste"

  Click  Here

 Rep. James Sensenbrenner, chairman of the Handjob Panel to Whitewash Bush, abruptly and
 illegally gaveled the meeting to an end and walked out, followed by other ditto-monkey fascists.
 Sensenbrenner declared that much of the testimony, that would make his Monkey look guilty
 of torturing the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, was irrelevant because Bush is Godly.


 Subject: you lost that debate

 I really do like your web site but am beginning to see something.
 You like to argue, but you do not like to reason, include logic, or debate once
 your mind is made-up.    This puts you in the same league as the Right Wing monkeys.
 That's not a nice thing to say...

 Don't bother ole Bart with facts or reason, he has already made-up his mind.
 Karash nailed you, big time, but you don't see it.
 I hope you're following that opinion with something concrete.

 He was dead on accurate when he nailed you for supporting the troops because they are
 willing to die and then asking whether or not you also support suicide bombers because
 they too are willing to die.
 Really Bart, what is the difference between dying as a Palestinian suicide bomber and dying
 as an American soldier in Iraq?  Both are dead and if both acts were wrong, how is one
 anymore acceptable or noble than the other?
 Do you know of any American soldiers who signed up to die?  I don't.
 Karash's point was our soldiers are no different than the 9-11 hijackers.
 Do you know of any America soldiers who deliberately murdered civilians who
 didn't even know they were involved in a war?

 You and Karash believe our soldiers murder for fun, like Bush and his frogs.
 That fact that I can't change your mind says more about you than it does me.

 If you're opposed to the soldiers, I can see how you'd favor Karash in the debate.

 Karash was also dead on accurate when he stated that there is no innocence in young
 Americans committing war crimes simply because their President ordered them to do so.
 If "youth" and "innocence" are defenses for murder, then we have a lot of Bloods, Crips,
 Skinheads, and Vatos who need to be let out of jail because as teenagers and young
 adults they are not guilty for the crimes, including murder, they might have committed.

 Should every 18 year old who joined the reserves to provide his pregnant wife with
 health care be tried and hanged as a war criminal?

 As for the beginning of the debate, Karash had you there also.
 You cannot have a debate where one person simply says "I support the troops."

 Of course we could have, but he refused to move past the first sentence.

 From what I read you wanted to argue but not debate.
 Bob in San Diego

  Your opinion that I lost that debate (that never occured) makes more sense
  than your opinion that our soldiers are no different than the 9-11 hijackers.

  I wonder what percentage of the left sees the 9-11 hijackers and American soldiers as the same?
  Twenty percent?
  Thirty five percent?



 Army bonuses may rise to $40K
  ...but will they pay if you don't survive?

  Click  Here

 The Army wants to double the top cash bonus for new recruits to $40,000 because young men
 are staying away indroves because of Bush's bloody wars. As another incentive, the Army is
 proposing up to $50,000 in home mortgage help for recruits who sign up for eight years.
 Further incentives include an ounce of cocaine and a "hooker weekend" in Las Vegas.


 Subject: debate feedback

 I don't know how you put up wit it.
 That bozo was not debating. He was arguing.
 And anyone who ever watched Monty Python knows the difference.

 The answer as to why we should feel a support for our troops is a fairly easy one.
 From the Revolution up to this very day the lowly soldiers, marines and sailors have been
 told to go to war. Some of these wars were of a noble cause others were in vain. But the
 troops went irregardless and often ignorant of the circumstances.

 It's an easy thing to say that these kids in the military today should refuse to carry out orders,
 it's another thing all together to be that kid.

 I would suggest to everyone who believes that to refuse an order is as simple as to say "No"
 and then get a free pass home has not put much thought into their argument.

 Keep fighting the good fight Bart.
 America is as much what it is today from the home based patriot as from its' military.

 Charlie Ray

 Charlie, good point.
 Think how many people work for a real shitty boss, but stay in that job for whatever reason.
 People who don't have the "courage" to quit their job shouldn't be telling some soldier to simply
 inform his superiors that he's going back on his oath and would like to be relieved of duty.

 Subject: Bart loses debate

 Hi Bart,
 I read the "debate" transcript. You lost!
 You would NOT answer the basic question...
 Why do you support the troops?

 Sure I did - but not to his satisfaction.

 He's right, you haven't thought it through, your position is basically "blind patriotism".
 It obvious that you just talk out of your ass, without very deep thought regarding the issues.
 If you can't answer the question, "why do you support the troops", then why have a debate at all?
 Best Regards,
 Rob Mahon

 Rob, that's funny.
 The pro-troops sentence cannot be written that Karash can't twist into support for Zarqawi.
 Didn't you see where he was going?

 BTW, I also can't answer these questions:
 Why do you like Chinaco Anejo?
 Why do you like poker?
 Why do you lust after Vanessa Marcil?
 Why do you like cheddar on your cheeseburger?

 So, I guess I'm just LAME, like you say.

 Subject: debate BS


 WTF!!!  I love eating chicken!
 Consequently, I don't love eating live chickens.

 Does the latter statement make the former false and unsatisfactory?
 No, because any moron knows what the hell I'm talking about.

 During that debate I started to staple my forehead to ease the pain from the torture
 that karash was dishing out.  How ever did you manage to stay in it so long?
 To be as polite as you were must have taken a few shots of that Chinaco to
 calm your nerves, I would assume.

 Those of us capable of logical deductive reasoning as taught in elementary school
 understand your point of view and support your swinging hammer!


Marty's Entertainment Page

Used by permission mnftiu.cc/

 S.S. O'Reilly Sinks Before Leaving Port
  Nobody wants to cruise with FOX's nastiest pervert

  Click  Here

 The cruise with Bill O'Reilly has been canceled.
 An automated message at Corporate Travel didn't try to hide the fact that there was
 little interest in spending eight nights on boat with FOX News Channel's top personality:
"Hello and thank you for your interest in the cruise with Bill O'Reilly. Unfortunately, the cruise
 did not have the participation that all parties anticipated. Although the guest appearance by
 Mr. O'Reilly and the other speakers have been canceled, the ship will still sail..."

 ha ha



 Subject:  Question for Bart

 Today, I've been reading about USA PATRIOT II.  And I happened to think of your question,
"Would you commit torture in order to save 10 million people?"

 That's close to "my" question, but I don't want to interrupt...

 Let me pose another question, "Would you tear up the Constitution to save 10 million people?"

 Answering "yes" to the first question is answering "yes" to the second.
 You can differentiate the two questions all that you like.  But by carrying out torture,
 you are ignoring the power of the Constitution, and you may just as well tear it up.
 We are either "all in" on the Constitution, or we are not in the game.

 Jim H.

 Jim, good question.
 That's the kind of question we could've kicked around if the debate had been allowed to proceed,
 but too many people saw the "T" word and panicked, so there was no debate.

 Now, to answer your question:

 Another way to ask that is,
"Would you condemn 10M people to a sudden death to preserve the Constitution?

 Off the top of my head, I don't want to be the guy who tore up the Constitution,
  but I guess I'd want to be the guy who got 10M people killed even less.



 Subject: Donation


 You are right to support the troops. I look at them the same way as I look at my Glock.
 I would use it to defend myself in my home. Although I have the ability to get a concealed
 carry permit, I can't see a reasonable argument to carry it in public.

 The check is in the mail.
 Vet in the proudly blue state of Minnesota

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 Great news about  and Help wanted

 The feedback has been amazing, I had no idea so many readers were sound editors.
  And,  ...my small brain even had a thought:

 Putting lipstick on the rants is the part that's most time consuming, so if we had a team
  of people, we could do lots and lots more radio and that's a good thing, right?

 Most rants are 4-8 minutes long, so if I record a bunch of rants, reduce them to MP3s
  and e-mail two or three rants to six different people, they could each return the rants the
  next day and we'd knock days off the time it tales to produce each show, so let's give this a try.

 For those of you who contacted me (and others who may still want to) write to me again at
  bartcop-radio@bartcop.com  and send your phone number and the days/hours that you'd
  likely be free to help with the editing.  Some people said they'd only be free on weekends,
  others might be free Tuesdays and Wednesdays, etc.

 We won't know much about the rate of pay until we try this, but you can be the judge.
  maybe when you send back your first set of MP3s, you could tell me what I owe you.
  I'm really excited about this.
  If we start producing more shows, we might get a bump in subscriptions :)

 I can do that, Bart!  I need a job!

 Speilberg slams H'Wood for Dissing Kerry

  Click  Here

 In an interview on Australian TV he fumed, "I was disappointed that Hollywood
 didn't do enough for Kerry's campaign, compared to what Hollywood did for
 Clinton's campaign.  The democratic Hollywood base, power base and money base,
 really didn't come out this year, and I was surprised about that.  I thought Kerry
 would have been a wonderful world leader and an American president."

 Yes, Hollywood could've done more, but they didn't cost Kerry the election.
  Kerry wanted to win the primaries, but he turned to mush facing Bush.

 I'll bet that's a mistake neither Hillary nor Clark make in 2008.


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 Lawmakers want in on the Secret

  Click  Here

 In a letter to the Secret Service, Colorado Reps. Udall, DeGette and Sen. Salazar asked
 to meet with agency officials "in the next week" to find the name of the man who forced
 Karen Bauer, Leslie Weise and Alex Young from Bush's March 21 Social Security forum speech
 in Denver before the president arrived at the taxpayer-financed event.

"It has been nearly three months since three individuals were removed from Bush's town hall in Denver,"
 Udall, DeGette and Salazar wrote to Secret Service Director M. Ralph Basham. "Each of us has called
 on the Secret Service to conduct an investigation to determine if the individual who removed these three
 persons unlawfully posed as an agent or a law enforcement official. Even though the Secret Service has
 conducted an investigation, the American people still do not have answers.

"It has been reported in the Denver media that the Secret Service knows the identity of the person
 responsible for removing these three people from the event. The lack of information from the Secret
 Service and the White House and their unresponsiveness toward this matter gives the appearance
 of either disinterest or a coverup."

 They probably failed to bow to Bush with sufficient "aw shucks" and were discarded like trash.
 People need to understand that King George doesn't need to explain his whims to the little people.


 Bush Signs "Clean Conscience Act"

  Click  Here

 The Clean Conscience Act removes a crucial barrier to productivity frequently
 encountered by manufacturers of goods some fringe groups call "dangerous"
 - the guilty conscience.  By forcing corporations to operate more in the dark,
 the law ensures companies can take positive steps to be more accountable to their
 investors, while removing the frivolous costs often associated with consumer protectionism.


 Subject: debate question

"In a battle betweeen Zarqawi and US troops who would you prefer to win?"

 thats the question you should have asked karash. would have forced his hand easy
 other than that it wasnt a debate he was trying to socrates you to death with endless circular questions

 the main gist is: who would you rather die? us troops or muslim terrorists?
 end of debate

 chris in fl

 Chris, you and I might not like the answer.


Bush's body count in Iraq

  1683, 1685, 1692, dead soldiers under Bush

7 more - doesn't anybody care?

Bush's one, true God.


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005


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Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 75

Put yourself on the next radio show.

Challenge me, scream at Bush or do a 2-minute rant.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"Bush is talking about debt relief for Africa.
  He wants to give everyone in Africa a tax cut."
     --Jay Leno


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 Teri Hatcher slams sexist press
  "I cried after the Vanity Fair shoot..."


   Click  Here

 Hatcher also slammed the media's sexist reporting, for alleging that female co-stars always fight.
"I bet there was a day on ER when Anthony Edwards went, 'Why's Clooney getting that scene?'
 but they don't write about that because they're men."


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