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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Mocking the Downing St Memo
Biden to Seek Presidency 
Bush May Install Bolton
Halliburton gets $30M more 
Should Feinstein step down?
Report: Saddam liked Reagan 
Senate Dems Block Bolton 
Oil Prices Soar Near $60 
Fight: Geragos vs Grace 


 Quote of the Day

"I work for Roger Ailes and FOX News 
  because they offered me a dollar more 
  than NBC ...and I'm all about the money."
    --Susan Estrich on why she turned whore   Attribution


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Volume 1568 - Beacon of Tyranny 

         Tuesday   June 21,  2005        Visit RichardPryor.com       Mike Malloy on   AAR


"Our troops are fighting these terrorists in Iraq
  so you will not have to face them here at home."
     --Dubya, still lying, still pretending it's an either-or situation,    Attribution

 Someone told Zarqawi to stop beheading contractors in Iraq.
 Did Zarqawi suddenly turn into a nicer guy?

 Someone told Al Qaeda to stop attacking America's mainland.
 Did oil man Osama suddenly turn into a nicer guy?

 I wonder who really gave those orders?



 Mocking the Downing Street Memo
    by Robert Parry at  consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Washington Post editors - having already dismissed the leaked British government documents
 about the Iraq War as boring, irrelevant news - are now turning to the tried-and-true tactic for
 silencing any remaining dissent, consigning those who won't go along to the political loony bin.

 Those of us who have covered Washington for years have seen the pattern before. A group
 without sufficient inside-the-Beltway clout tries to draw attention to a scandal that the Post and
 other prestigious news arbiters have missed or gotten wrong. After ignoring the grievances for
 a while - and sensing that the complainers have no real muscle - the news arbiters start heaping on the abuse.

 Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the internet


 Pink Tutu Biden to Seek Presidency in 2008
  He didn't say if he'd run as a Dem or a Re-Thug

  Click  Here

 My intention, as I sit here now, is, as I've proceeded since last November as if I
 were going to run.  I'm quite frankly going out, seeing whether I can gather the kind
 of support," Biden said, using Kerry-speak that nobody can understand..

 Biden said he was taking his "game on the road, letting people know what I think."

 Senator, I'm thinking no f-ing way.
 You've had your lips attacjhed to President Blood-thirsty for years, sometimes
 from behind and sometimes from the front - so we have no use for you.
 If we wanted a George Bush Rubber Stamp we'd run Pat Leahy.


 Subject: news stories


 I've read some stories on the Net that disturb me.
 I'd like to ask your opinion on how factual they are, if you know..

 The first one I've read (and not just from one source) is that the war on Iran will start soon
 or has really already started - that the American public just doesn't know about it yet, like Iraq.
 (I'm not sure where Congress' knowledge of this comes in?)

 The second one is that I've read the the number of soldiers killed in Iraq is really closer to 9,000
 - that they (the DOD) are not counting the wounded who are taken to hospitals (outside of Iraq)
 and then die, but who don't actually die in Iraq.

 Do you have any info on the above?
 Austin, TX

 Carol, Iran has oil, so yes, Bush want to steal that oil, but he has so decimated our military that
 we can't afford to take on another fight at this time - unless something really bad happens.

 Question two - there's no way to know.
 We're certain they are lying about the casualties, but as long as the major new outlets are
 covering up for Bush and his worldwide crimes, there's nobody left to take a 50-state count.
 According to right-winger John McLaughlin, besides the known dead we have over 41,000
 amputees, wounded, injured and mantally ill soldiers and they have Bush's OIL GREED to blame.



"Bush has turned Iraq into Jihad University. We will not kill every foreign fighter in Iraq.
  We will not kill every native-born Iraqi bent on revenge. Our Iraq strategy amounts to
  promiscuous use of insufficient antibiotics on a sinus infection - we're culling the lame
  terrorists and breeding a newer, stronger strain."
     --Jim Henley,  Attribution


 Subject: Bush's Vietnam

 Bart, you wrote,

> "Iraq" is Arabic for "Vietnam."
>   -- bumper sticker sighted by Randi Rhodes

 Just ordered one

 Viet-Vet Austin TX


 Rice: Bush May Bypass Senate on Bolton

  Click  Here

 Kinda Sleazy Rice says Bush might bypass the Senate to get John Bolton installed
 as U.N. intimidator if Democrats persist in holding up democracy in America.

 Gee, it's not like this president to circumvent the Constitution...


 Subject: Terri Schiavo


 The dehydration killing of Terri leaves me very disappointed in my fellow man, especially Michael.
 He could have easily turned the control of Terri to her parents. They were more than willing to care
 for Terri until she had a natural death. Who would this have hurt? Society? Michael?

 It's my understanding that the husband claims Terri said, "I'd never want to live that way."
 IF Terri trusted her husband to look after her to keep her religiously-insane family from doing
 something as monstrously morbid as Rick Santorum bringing a dead baby to his house.

 Who's got that story and what is the link?

 So  IF Terri begged her husband, "Please don't let them do that to me,"
 it would be cowardly of him not to stand up for her when she needed him.

 She was able to live via a feeding tube and no artificial life support.
 Christopher Reeve also had to be feed. He had no way to feed himself.
 Would there have been an uproar if it were determined his life was no longer valuable
 and his hydration and food would no longer be administered?
 I am reasonably sure there would have, big time.

 What about Steven Hawking?  He can't feed himself either.
 What about a baby that has been determined that its life was less than valuable?
 A baby has no ability to obtain its own food and water.
 Would it be humane to deprived it of hydration and allowed to die?

 Reeve and Hawking have the ability to determine their demise, but someone
 in Terri's state and a baby do not. I do not understand why depriving someone
 a life based on some human determined value is a good thing.


 Dick, it's my opinion you've made an honest mistake.
 Reeve and Hawking could both communicate, so that's different.

 A baby has a future and will be able to communicate, someday,
 But Terri's autopsy proved she really was 100 percent brain-dead.
 She had zero chance of doing anything but merely existing.
 Just my opinion, but I think a massive shot of heroin or morphine would've
 been more humane than letting her dehydrate to death, but I understand the
 doctors not wanting to cause her death, so they merely allowed it to happen.


 Halliburton gets $30M more for Gitmo jail
  This is why Cheney says Gitmo will staying

  Click  Here

 An air-conditioned two-story prison, known as Detention Camp #6, will be built
 at Guantanamo to house 220 men. It will include exercise areas, medical and dental
 spaces as well as a security control room, the contract announcement said.

 They did not specify whether the new prison would also hold foreign terror suspects.

 In the far, far future, when some Judas in the BFEE writes their tell-all book, they'll say,
 "There was one guy, Bart-something, that almost had it right, but even he was off
 by a factor of 100.  I mean, after we emptied America's Treasury, we went on to
 loot the entire fucking globe and nobody said a thing, ...not a goddamn thing."


 Subject: Mars article from last issue

 Hey Bart,

 Your bit on Mars in today's page struck me as wrong when I read it...

 I remembered the "Mars is closer now than it will be for many years" hype from a couple years ago.
 I was thinking Rude Rich sent you an article from 2003, so I looked on Google and found this:


 Just thought I'd pass it along.

 Poor Rude Rich - he gets confused, and I'm Lucy in the candy factory.
 Thanks to the multi-dozens who wrote.


 Report: Saddam liked Reagan
  "Reagan and Rummy gave me nerve gas"

  Click  Here

 Saddam admires Reagan, says Clinton was "OK" and considers both Bushes "no good."
 He talks a lot, worries about germs and insists he is still president of Iraq.

 Five soldiers told GQ that Saddam spoke with them in rough English, was interested in
 their lives and even invited them back to Iraq when he returns to power.



 Subject: Goss: I know where Bin Laden is

 Porter Goss, Bush's "Intelligence Czar" says he knows where Osama bin Laden is,
 but he's not saying right now. I know where he's hiding. Or should I say I know where
 Porter Goss thinks ne's is hiding. It's hardly a secret when you know how the Bush Cult thinks.
 Porter Goss thinks bin Laden is hiding in Iran.

 How do I know this?
 It's simple.

 Bush is in the process of putting together an invasion of Iran for the 2006 mid term elections
 (wag the dog) to distract the people again from the gutting of America by the Corporate/Dominion alliance.
 So in order to help justify this coming war they will need to put bin Laden in Iran. So that's where he is.

 The way the intelligence community works in this administration is that the President tells them
 what he wants reality to be and then they go out and fabricate the story that supports the president's fiction.

 Porter Goss is under orders from Bush to find bin Laden in Iran, so that's where he will be.
 By the time next summer rolls around, Osama will have been discovered to be secretly in control
 of Iran and in control of their nuclear arsenal. And like Iraq, we will be required to go to war over it.

 I feel a draft coming.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.


 Why pot is illegal

  Click  Here

 MARIJUANA is DANGEROUS. Pot is NOT harmful to the human body or mind.
 Marijuana does NOT pose a threat to the general public. Marijuana is very much a danger
 to the oil companies, alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations.
 Various big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed the truth from the people.

 The truth is if marijuana was utilized for its vast array of commercial products, it would create
 an industrial atomic bomb! Entrepreneurs have not been educated on the product potential of pot.
 The super rich have conspired to spread misinformation about an extremely versatile plant that,
 if used properly, would ruin their companies.

 They can't allow "mere people" to grow anything more than their won food.
 They have to maintain control, so they jail anyone who grows a profit.


 Senate Democrats Block Bolton 

  Click  Here

 Senate Democrats blocked John Bolton's confirmation as UN intimidator for the
 second time Monday and Herr Bush left open the possibility of bypassing the
 constitutionality question and appointing the tough-talking bastard on his own.

 The vote was 54-38, an erosion in support from last month's failed Republican effort.
 Sen. George Voinovich (R-Conscience), who voted in May to advance the nomination,
 came to his senses and urged Bush to consider a rational candidate, while only three
 Democrats crossed party lines because that's what Democrats do.

 The setback left Bush facing stark choices ÷ most of which could leave him appearing
 gay and weak at a time his poll numbers are dropping like the stock market and fighting
 lame-duck status with forty-two loooong months left in his second term theft.


Featured Book
The Plot Against Social Security :
How the Bush Plan Is Endangering Our Financial Future

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 Subject: Hillary's medical plan

 You hit a nerve with me on this one:
 I have never heard of anyone who actually read the plan!!!!

 It was killed out-of-hand just because a smart uppity woman researched and wrote it.
 Would someone please dig it out and read it?  I would love to know what it proposed.
 Or, even if you can tell me how to access a copy of it I will read it myself.
 I am OLD but think I can live long enough to do this.


 WM, I surely haven't read it.
 Anybody have a link for that?

 I do, Bart - I have a link for that!

 Chimp paintings fetch 26,000 dollars at auction
   I didn't even know Bush could paint

  Click  Here

 Three paintings by a chimpanzee named Congo were sold at auction in London
 for a total of 14,400 pounds (26,250 dollars, 21,610 euros), many times the estimated price.

 Congo's works went under the hammer in a sale that included works by Renoir,
 French cubist Fernand Leger and US pop artist Andy Warhol.


 Subject: Wes Clark on FOX

 Hey Bart-
 What do you think of Wes Clark signing on as a consultant for Fox?

 Some scream "sellout" but I have a feeling it is a good thing - he'll take the truth
 into the lions' den and won't back down. Somehow I don't think it is for the money.
 Ed the Teacher
 Proud Union Member

 Ed, maybe it's part of the plan.
 Once they build him up, he'll tell the truth and get fired
 then he can say, "They fired me for telling the truth."

 The General knows what a Trojan Horse is.



"Pentagon officials cite the recruiting slump and fear the risk is growing that the war,
  like Vietnam, will do lasting damage to the Army and the Marines. "I think the drawdown
  will occur next year, whether the Iraqi forces are ready or not," a senior Marine officer in
  Washington said last week. "Look for covering phrases like 'We need to start letting the
  Iraqis stand on their own feet, and that isn't going to happen until we start drawing down'. "
        --John F. Burns,   Attribution

 I'm old enough to remember how the beginning of the end came in Vietnam.
 Back then, the Democrats stood up one by one and said, "Enough is enough."

 Today, the Dems are afraid to anger Mr. Rove, so we must depend on Republicans.

                  "We love our Dubya - he can do no wrong!"


 Subject: Mars spectacular

 I can't believe you posted that silly "Mars Spectacular" thing.
 Do yourself a favor and spend 2 minutes to check out stories like that before you post them.

 For a fast sanity check, you can always go to Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/

 All the best,


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty was on Erin Hart Sunday, the 19th.

Anybody get a copy of that?

 Should Senator Diane Feinstein step down?

  Click  Here

 Senator, your comments against Howard Dean, has compelled us respond to you.
 You criticize him because he's criticizing people who are trying to destroy our democracy?

 Senator, where were your "comments/criticisms" when the GOP impeached Clinton, or when
 they smeared the Gore as a serial liar, or when they stole the presidency, or when they looted
 the Treasury, or when they deceived America into war, or when they stole the presidency again?
 Senator, you were not heard. You have simply disregarded the common man.



"Well, we'll enter that into the record without objection.
  I have no further questions of the witness.
  You're excused, Mr. Galloway."
     --Norm Coleman (R-Bastard and Liar) who then
        deleted the record he promised to keep   Attribution


 Subject: not


 With all this 9/11 theory talk, I went looking on Google, and found this
 Popular Mechanics article, bebunking 9/11 theories.  It addresses just about
 every issue, the Air Force, the Pentagon, WTC7, though it doesn't talk about
 Smirky and his Goat Book that morning...

 9/11: Debunking The Myths

  Click  Here

 Popular Mechanics assembled a team of nine researchers and reporters who,
 together with PM editors, consulted more than 70 professionals in fields that form
 the core content of this magazine, including aviation, engineering and the military.

 In the end, we were able to debunk each of these assertions with hard evidence and
 a healthy dose of common sense. We learned that a few theories are based on something
 as innocent as a reporting error on that chaotic day. Others are the byproducts of cynical
 imaginations that aim to inject suspicion and animosity into public debate. Only by
 confronting such poisonous claims with irrefutable facts can we understand what really
 happened on a day that is forever seared into world history.

 T, thanks for that.

 Click  Here  for another good site on how/why the towers fell



 Subject: BartCop Radio

 I love you Bart, and I wish I could give you more than $10
 per month because I think your radio show is wonderful.

 You have provided me with so much information in an entertaining way,
 and I've come to see how right you are about the need to argue back
 when the radical right tries to bully progressives into cowering fear.
 They are finally getting the message you've been saying for years.

 Rich the NASA dude.

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 Subject: 9-11

 Do your homework Bart!
 No one is talking about aliens or ufos here.
 There are myriad sites...

<then she listed a myriad of sites>

 Cindy K

 Cindy, I wish I had time to chase that list of links.
  In place of that, I have some friendly advice.

 I keep saying,

"If you can't put something in ONE PARAGRAPH,
  then you got nothing."

 And I'm going to give you three examples:

 When they shot RFK, they found more bullets that would fit into Sirhan's gun.
     See how that's something short, tangible and concrete?
 When they shot JFK, the best sharpshooter at the FBI couldn't fire Oswald's gun
     as fast as they claim Oswald did, and the FBI guy wasn't even trying to aim it.
     See how that's something short, tangible and concrete?

 Martin Luther King's son says he doesn't believe Ray shot his father.
     See how that's something short, tangible and concrete?
    Try to understand here - I'm trying to help, but you conspiracy buffs need to
    give us something short, tangible and concrete instead of a long, looong, looooong list of links
    with a note promising, "The proof's all there" and "Everybody knows Bush is guilty."

  If,  in alllllllllllllllllll those links, there's nothing something short, tangible and concrete that
  will fit into a single paragraph, then you have no hope of spreading your our message.

   ...and no, I'm not working for Karl Rove.


 Cage Match - Mark Geragos vs Nancy Grace

 TONITE on Larry King Live


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Fourth of July is just days away

What better way to honor the few freedoms we have left than...

 Eldrick almost wins
  'Mr. Perfect' is no Michael Campbell

   Eldrick holds back tears as he
   looks at Mike Campbell's trophy.

  Click  Here

 Campbell, who a few years ago considered giving up the game and selling golf balls,
 took control Sunday and held off the amazing Mr.Perfect to win the (yawn) US Open.

 Poor Tiger, if only he'd skipped Tulsa in 2001...


 Sorenstam claims third straight LPGA title
  Wonder Woman makes Grand Slam look like a slam dunk.

         Champion Sorenstam with a her trophy

  Click  Here

 Never threatened, Annika Sorenstam took another step toward a sweep of the
 four majors Sunday by closing with a three-shot victory in the LPGA Championship.


 Chicago Pokerfest July 16, 2005

 The cut off date for our room block at the Days Inn is this Saturday.
 After that they will let any unreserved rooms go back to the public.

 So if you're planning on playing some poker in Chicago on July 16th
 make your reservation now and save the cab fare after the game.


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 Oil Prices Soar Near $60 a Barrel
  Prices will top $100 before you know it

  Click  Here

 Light sweet crude for July fell to $58.30 a barrel on the NY Mercantile Exchange.
 Earlier, prices hit a record intraday high of $59.23.

 Oil broker Mike Fitzpatrick said that any further action by OPEC may backfire.
"If you add that additional half million barrels, people are going to be talking about
 OPEC having (production) capacity constraints," he said.

 Still, "it looks like we might have difficulty holding these levels. You're seeing a
 great deal of reluctance among buyers to pay these higher prices," he said.

                                     Got mortgage?

 Remember - we're drowning in cheap gas, but the evil crime
 lords of the BFEE get $5 per tank, per week, per family in the US.



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 Lindsay Lohan's 'First' video


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 Consider Lindsay Lohan's crossover from cute Disney starlet to full-blown rock chick nearly complete.

 The actress is barely recognizable in the video for "First," the third single off her platinum debut, Speak.
 Ditching her red hair and curves, Lohan shows off her new physique and blonde locks for the single,


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