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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Howling
Democrats cowardly retreat 
Edward Klein's other identity 
Rove's Understanding of 9/11
Conason: Karl Rove is a liar 
Italy Judge: Arrest CIA Agents 
Did CrashCart fib out??? 
Quagmire could last years 
Batman beats Nicole 


 Quote of the Day

"I'm tired of going to my buddies' funerals." 
       --Spc. Joshua Forman, from WA state



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"It is unknowable how long that conflict will last.
  It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months."
    -- Rummy the oprimist, before the war,   Attribution

 Meanwhile, Bush is giving out medals to the war planners like there's no problem
 and, of course, the media plays up the greatness of all their decisions.


 The Howling
    by John Cory

  Click  Here

 What the hell is wrong with you Democratic politicians?
 Why do you turn on each other?
 Why won't you stand by your own words and ideals?
 Why do you keep apologizing for telling the truth?
 And why can't anyone see McCain's true colors?
 Or Lieberman or Biden?

 And why in God's name do you expect folks like me to
 come support you after you turn tail and run?
 Senator Durbin apologizes, for what? Telling the truth?

 The howling banshees of the GOP and corrupt media sprout hair
 under a full moon and wail into the sky until the noise becomes
 unbearable for simpering politicians. And the jackals of right-wing
 power feast on the carcass of democracy. Warm jelly spine is
 such a delicacy for these carnivores.

 We know the truth out here.
 We will stand with anyone who stands up for us.
 Where are you?

 Each time we get something in the mail from the DNC,
 we should reply with that.


 Democrats make cowardly retreat on Gitmo torture

  Click  Here

 Durbin's sniveling apology for his Gitmo remarks was entirely predictable, another of
 the "profiles in cowardice" that the Democratic Party serves up on a regular basis.

 The pattern is all too familiar. A prominent Democrat commits the unpardonable sin of
 stating an unpleasant truth about crimes that are being carried out by the White House.
 He is subjected to a torrent of denunciations from the extreme right-wing elements.
 Accusations of treason and "stabbing our troops in the back" are echoed and amplified
 by the mass media. The Republicans demand a retraction and apology, and the Democrats
 demonstratively distance themselves from whomever in their midst made the offending remark.


 I have a question

 I got an e-mail from a fella titled,
"Proof positive WTC brought down by controlled demolition."

 Then it listed a story by Greg Szymanski with this link from  arcticbeacon.com

 Now remember, I'm just asking a question here, (but sometimes asking
 a simple question can ve expensive or fatal with some people...)

 Who is Greg Szymanski and what is arcticbeacon.com?

 Has it been established that they are trustworthy and accurate?
 Can we depend on him and them, without a doubt?

 I'm sure your first sentence would be, "Well, we trust them more
 than we trust the lying bastards at the White House," which I accept,
 but has arcticbeacon.com earned our complete trust and I missed that memo?

 They may be a great website, I'm just asking...



 Subject: casualty count

 Bart,   I love your page but, when it comes to the
 Democrats and our troops, I think you might be full of shit.

 More support is always welcome...

 There's a big difference between not supporting what our
 troops are doing in Iraq and wishing those troops harm.
 Ray Gillespie

 The topic was "our soldiers = 9/11 hijackers"

 That's why I stopped answering the endless question.
 That's how the "they're the same" side claimed victory.


 (anti-Hillary scumbag) Edward Klein
 is actually 'Personality Parade's' Walter Scott

  Click  Here to check the NYDailyNews story before Karl Rove orders it down

 Edward Klein surprised some people with his vicious new bio of Hillary Clinton.
 He writes Parade magazine's "Personality Parade" under the name Walter Scott.


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 Karl Rove's "Understanding of 9/11"
   by Kristen Breitweiser

  Click  Here

 It has always been America's policy that you only place soldiers' lives in harm's way when
 it is absolutely necessary and the absolute last resort. When you send troops into combat you
 support those troops by providing them with proper equipment and training. Why didn't you
 do that with the troops that you sent into Iraq? Why weren't their vehicles armored? Why didn't
 they have protective vests? Why weren't they properly trained about the rules of interrogation?
 And Karl, when our troops come home - be it tragically in body bags or with missing limbs
 - you should honor and acknowledge their service to their country. You shouldn't hide them by
 bringing them home in the dark of night. Most importantly, you should take care of them for the
 long haul by giving them substantial veteran's benefits and care. To me, that is being patriotic.
 To me, that is how you support our troops. To me, that is how you show that you know the
 value of a human life given for its country.


 Subject: Fascist country

 What if Joe's Gun Shop is doing better buisiness than Wal Mart's gun section.
 Not content to control the market and most of the profits, Wal Mart (bribes) the city fathers,
 convincing them of a new Super Center on top of Joe's, thus garanteeing all of the profits and market.
 Extreme measures you might say for control of just firearm sales in one city but, fascists are never
 satisfied with any less than the total take.  What's a few million bucks to Wal Mart just to have total control?
 Just think of the added bonus of running other nearby privately owned businesses out of town and,
 controlling the marketing of whatever they sold.

 Candi G

 Candi, I agree.

 OR, ...a small town has two pizza restaurants, one owned by me, the sheriff's brother.
 The sheriff seizes the competition, pays him "fair value" ( did I mention my sister was
 a real estate appraiser? ) and then he sells his building or his land to me - legally.
  I think Dems and Repubs will agree this just won't work.

 At first glance this is the stupidest ruling in decades from this nutty court.


 Karl Rove is a liar
    by  Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Karl Rove is a liar and a scoundrel.

 The other night Rove lied about the liberal reaction to the Sept. 11 attacks and again
 exploited patriotism for narrow partisan advantage in a time of war. He seeks to divert
 public opinion from the failures of the Bush administration by suppressing dissent,
 stigmatizing "liberals" and returning to the same old tactics that the Republican far right
 has used ever since the McCarthy era.

 His unhinged rhetoric is a sign of deep worry within the White House, of course, as polls
 continue to show deepening public alienation from the president and growing skepticism
 about the war in Iraq. Most Americans now understand that they have been deceived
 about the war from the beginning, and most doubt the Bush administration's strategy for
 extricating our troops. Moreover, Rove must cope with Republicans as well as Democrats
 who are openly dissenting from the administration line...


  Subject:  BCR #77 feedback

 Hi Bart,

 77 is a killer!
 Laughed till my side ached on DemSlapFest '05.
 Wish we didn't have to.

 About Tally's assessment of Durbin, I think she's on to something...
 He looks like someone threatened with having his children killed.

 I don't understand the attacks you are receiving about troop support.
 The people to be held in contempt are, of course, pResident Cheneybush,
 Wolfie, Rummy, Pearle, General Jezus, and most of Congress.

 Not sure when my BCR subscription is up so I renewed
 for another year to make sure I don't miss a show.

 Chris M


 Did CrashCart fib out over the weekend?
   by my good friend,  American Stranger at  tbtm.com

  Click  Here

 Nobody seems to be talking about this, save for a mention on Huffington Post (Arianna herself
 happened to be in the neighborhood and tried to check it out). Seems that DeFib Dick checked
 himself into a Denver hospital last night under an assumed name. What little that's being said is
 referring vaguely to a 'football injury,' but since the White House is so tight-lipped, I'll bet that
 something a little more serious forced BigTime to go to the hospital.

 You gotta ask - just how close to death is the Vice President?
 Is he in his 'last throes' or something?
 And why doesn't the White House see fit to inform the american people?


 Subject: Perkel's 'fascist' letter

 Interestingly, there is no mention of the dissenting votes.
 Let's see, those evil conservatives Thomas, Scallia and Renquist
 along with an ever puzzling O'Connor dissented.

 Imagine that, those noble liberals snatched a large portion of our
 private property rights away. There must have been some compelling
 international law precedent that we as Americans just have not become
 enlightened by yet. Keep it up.


 Some of that makes sense.
 The liberals on the court seem as stupid as the conservatives are crooked.

 This time, I agree with Scalia and Slappy the Wonder Judge.
 Under this ruling, any small town mayor can seize whatever property he wants
 and sell it to whoever he wants for any price he wants for any reason he wants.

 Their ruling said they assumed the law wouldn't be misused.  That is the reason
 we have a Constitution in the first place - so the powerful don't abuse the powerless.

 Do the crazy whores in robes know what will do to property values?
 Why pay top dollar for great property when the mayor can just steal it for you?

 From now on, when Wal-Mart sees property they want, they can just steal it.


 Subject: BCR 77 feedback


 Hats off to you for another fantastic show!
 I'm glad you explained the reason you don't put dubya's KIA count on your site anymore.

 Keep hammering. Bart.
 I love what you're doing.



Marty's Entertainment Page

 Rumsfeld: Bush's quagmire could last years

  Click  Here

 Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Sunday he is bracing for even more violence
 in Iraq and acknowledged that Bush's blunders could "go on for any number of years."

 Defeating the insurgency may take as long as three Bush terms, he said, with Iraqi security
 forces, not U.S. and foreign troops, taking the lead and finishing the job - with a straight face.

 Isn't it time for Rumsfeld to get another medal for his great war plans?



 Subject: Donation

 Bart, these days, we need to fight back.
 The Repubs have made politics a knife-fight and
 we need to stop whining and do something about it.
 The best part is that we have the facts on our side.
 All we need to do is use them effectivly, like Clinton
 showed us and you do every day. Hit back. Hit hard.
 Hit them where it hurts.

 I am one guy who supports you 100%. Things are tight for me
 these days in Bush's America, but I'm sliding you five bucks via paypal.

 It's all I've got to spare these days, but I know you need it.
 I'll just buy a few less sodas this week so you can have some
 more ammo to keep hammering those Bush bastards.


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 Subject: BCR 76 feedback

 Hey Bart

 Loved the Hawaii comentary, those solid waste disposal sites must be awesome.
 There should be a tour that says "forget the rain forests, beaches, surfing, fishing
 and hula girls and check out our solid waste disposal facilities."

 One other thing, why did you stop the letterman countdown at 2 where giggles resigns?

 Number One wasn't funny.

 P.S. I'm British and "fixing facts" means the same in England as in the USA
 so do you think they are being economical with the truth?


 No, they weren't economical with the truth.

 I think they captured the truth, then rendered it to f-ing Syria, who tortured the truth
 for 17 days, then gave up, so then they sent another jet to render the truth to Eqypt,
 which then tortured the truth for another 12 days, and when the truth held strong,
 they covered it with a blanket and beat it until it died of positional asphyxia.

 That's Karl's favorite...


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 Subject: BCR 77 feedback

 By jove, I think you've got it Bart.
 The shows are just getting smoother and smoother. Good job.

 By the way, I am sorry you are losing people over your troops stance.
 What I find is that most people agree with you, but do not know it.
 It is the focus that keeps the argument going.

 Keep up the good work, you are getting to be seasoned as a broadcaster.

 Mags, thanks for that.
 I entertained the idea that most liberals actually agree with me that our troops
 are better than the Al Qaeda scumbags that blew up New York, but that wouldn't
 explain the majority of votes that clearly said there's no difference between them.

 I'd hate to echo Nixon-Agnew-Buchanan, and try to sell the idea that there must be
 some common sense, "silent majority" that agreed with me that there is a difference.


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 Subject: 'you need to wake up' comments

 There are so many conspiracies out there that its hard to keep up.  I have found
 myself skimming over all of them just to stay informed, but like you I haven't seen
 anything that proves anything.  I think the fact that our government has been lying
 to us for so long, we are grasping at all kinds of straws to get to the truth.

 I spent one weekend knee deep in Gannon/Guckert connection to Johnny Gosch
 and Hunter Thompson.  Which all led me to Bohemian Grove and back again.
 And what became of all that?  NOTHING!  Why?  Because we either don't really
 want to know or it involves so many people at the top (Republican and Democrat)
 that the whole government would collapse or maybe it involves so many people at
 the top of several governments and the Pope  or maybe there really isn't anything there at all.

 Its the same thing with all these 9-11 conspiracies.  I watched the documentary about
 the planes that hit the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon and how they weren't
 commercial passenger flights.  Blah, blah, blah.  The script was so full of psychological
 manipulation, that if you weren't paying attention you would get sucked right in.
 But if it were true, wouldn't someone with some authority be shouting it from the rooftops?

 Instead we just have theories and they make entertaining documentaries or fascinating reading.
 And we wait for the truth to unfold in front of us or aliens invade the planet.



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