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Rove and the access of evil
Halliburton thefts are legal 
Steno Jude Should Stay In Jail 
Tally's Tour de Lance 
Will the Bush Stonewall Work?
Journalists are citizens, too 
Facts Are In: Is Rove Out?
Ed Schultz Kicks Pigboy's Ass  
Housewives in Emmy Heaven 


 Quote of the Day

"The Plame case is not about a whistle-blower.   
  It's about a potential retaliation against a 
     --Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald,    Attribution


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"People need to stop hiding behind Clintonian semantics here and understand
  that White House actions compromised a CIA asset during a time of war."
    --Andrew Sullivan, turning on those who hate him for being gay    Attribution


 Rove and the access of evil
  Not published in the New York Whore Times
     by  Greg Palast at  gregpalast.com

  Click  Here

 Part of Judith Miller's oddball defense is that The Times never ran the story about Wilson's wife.
 They get no points for that. The Times should have run the story with the headline:
 Bush Operative Commits felony to Punish Wistleblower

 The lead paragraph should have been, "Today, Mr. Karl Rove attempted to plant sensitive
 intelligence information on The New York Times, a felony offense, in an attempt to harm
 Joseph Wilson who challenged the President's claim regarding Iraq's nuclear program."

 Karl Rove peddling a back-door smear doesn't make him a source.
 Miller's real crime is not concealing a source, but burying the story.
 A reporter should never, ever give notes to a grand jury, but this information is something
 The Times owes the public, not the prosecutors.

 Why didn't The Times run this story?
 Why not now?
 Who are they covering for and why?

 Greg, I know the "why."

 They are scummy whores whose ethics are for rent to whoever has a dollar.
 They'll print any lie, no matter how trivial, that hurts Democrats and they'll bury
 any true story that exonerates Bush, his evil crime family and the Republicans,
 no matter how serious the crimes, no matter how many people die as a result.


 U.S. judge says Halliburton thefts are legal
  ...because they stole "Iraqi" money, not US taxpayer money

  Click  Here

 A federal judge has issued a ruling that will limit the applicability of a critical antifraud
 statute against corporate contractors in Iraq.  District Judge T.S. Ellis held that the
 False Claims Act did not apply to the many contractors who were paid by the
 American occupation authority using Iraqi oil money.
 The False Claims Act offers large rewards to corporate insiders who reveal misdeeds,
 and huge financial penalties can be imposed on errant companies. It is widely regarded
 as the government's most potent weapon against contractor fraud.

"This ruling will significantly limit the ability of the government and whistle-blowers to act
 against frauds involving Iraqi oil funds. If that's going to be the law, it's a terrible shame."

 "Unka Dick, is that why you set things up the way you did?
    So stealing that taxpayer money would be legal?"


 Subject: It Just Gets Worse - last issue

 Bart, you published:

> "If there's something funny about Mr. Bush's misbegotten war, I've yet to see it."

 Preznit Brainfart thinks EVERYTHING is funny.
 He talks about his war with smirks and giggles.
 He JOKED at Arlington National Cemetery that "if you've seen one graveyard,  you've seen them all."

 I saw him comment on the London bombings and while he didn't smirk and giggle (for once),
 he came off as very insincere, as though he couldn't be bothered.
 I guess that was time taken from his golf game ("It's a terrible tragedy.....now, watch this drive.")

 Bush is a textbook sociopath and, at the risk of sounding crude, I wish Bar had given Poppy
 blowjobs in the early days of her marriage.  The world would be a safer place today.

 He, Cheney, Rummy and Company are the Weapons of Mass Destruction.
 Terry C



"War is Big Business, perhaps the Biggest Business of All Time. George W. Bush had no
  interest in war when his ass was on the line, but when his investments benefit from war,
  he is all for it. Papa Bush and the Carlysle Group are out of media scrutiny now, but their
  ears hear the cash registers ringing each time a missile is fired from a helicopter and has
  to be replaced at taxpayer expense. American soldiers are collateral damage in these wars.
  So are innocent civilians in Baghdad and London and everywhere in between."
    --Stan Moore, who sounds like he's been reading  bartcop.com    Attribution



 They say Scott Peterson killed two people.
 He is the most hated man in America.

 George Bush killed 100,000 Iraqis and 1758 American soldiers.
 He is the most beloved man in America - just ask the media.



"Other than telling us how to live, think, marry, pray, vote, invest,
  educate our children and, now, die, I think the Republicans have
  done a fine job of getting government out of our personal lives."
     -- Sunday Portland Oregonian


 Subject: Bono is a hypocrite

 I would respect Bono if he was honest and sincere, meaning if he was doing all that he could
 personally to help the causes he supports.  But he does not do anything near what he could do.

 Before he starts asking governments to force others to support his pet causes he should first
 spend every cent he has to support those causes.  Has he done so?  No he has not.

 Wait, his family should be homeless because he wants to help others?

 He wants to keep his hundreds of millions of dollars while forcing others, including those of
 modest means, to support his causes by means of taxes.   Fuck him and all the others rich
 celebrities who want to keep their wealth while whining about others not doing enough.

 Wow, this Bono hatred is really picking up steam.
 He might overtake Paris Hilton, and maybe even Scott Peterson.

 I think it's safe to say Bono has done more for charity than any other performer,
 but if he doesn't give away every penny - he's a hypocrite?

 Cetherton, you apparently have enough pennies to own a computer.
 Why haven't you donated every last penny to those with less?
 Perhaps there is a flaw in your reasoning?

 The truth is - people hate Bono because he's helping and they're not.

 I Hate Bono

 I Hate Bono

 I Hate Bono

 I Hate Bono

 If he was Rush Limbaugh or Tiger Woods, and never gave a shit about
 anybody but himself, he'd be beloved all over the world, but nooooooooooooo.


 Journalists are citizens, too
     by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Back when the [Plame] scandal broke, the president vowed to get to the bottom of it.
"If there is a leak out of my administration," Bush said, "I want to know who it is. And if
 the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of."

 Asked pointedly if Karl Rove, the White House aide long famous for gutter tactics,
 still had his confidence, Bush reiterated that he expected anybody in his administration
 with knowledge of classified leaks to come clean.

 That didn't happen. Instead, Rove, now known to be a source of journalists who have
 given evidence in special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation, hid in plain sight for
 two years while Time magazine and The New York Times litigated the question of their
 reporters' obligation to testify all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

 Meanwhile, Scott McClellan said rumors of Rove's involvement were "totally ridiculous."
 Rove himself denied knowing Plame's name, a cute equivocation that's completely beside
 the point. It's like trying to beat a DWI charge by saying you didn't know gin contained alcohol.

 Does anyone think special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald is playing fair?
 Karl Rove and Bob Novak, the certain guilty parties, seem to be in the clear while
 Judith (Steno Jude) Miller is in jail and Matt Cooper's trying his best to stay out.

 Why are the big leakers off the hook while the little fish fry?


 Subject:  Bart, I need help

 Tomorrow is the 2nd Anniversary of Novak's column which exposed Valerie Plame.
 Could you please explain to me why Novak is NOT in jail and NYWT Judith Miller is?
 Doug in DeLand, FL

 Doug, latest rumors say Steno Jude, herself, is her own "private source."
 It's like she grew the dope, so she can't name her supplier.

 That, and our government has been hijacked by greedy, warmongering oil men who don't care
 how many thousands of soldiers die as long as they can legally steal hundreds of billions of dollars.
 Shit like that drove me to alcohol...


Petty Officer 2nd Class Felix Quijano
wearing his "I miss Clinton" shirt

Every sailor and soldier and marine who
loves his wife and kids should be wearing
an "I miss Clinton" shirt.

 Subject: Halliburton

 Hey Bart,
 Where the hell are our congressmen?  I just clicked on yesterday's three links to Halliburton
 abuses and I am outraged.  I can't believe they are charging the taxpayers $49 for a case of soda
 and $100 for laundry bags.  How do they lose 12 prefabricated base camps?  $300 to $1000 for
 video cassette players?  Halliburton's solution?  They intend to sell off Brown and Root and hope
 their problems will go away with the sale.
 As if that wasn't bad enough, they're serving our troops substandard meals, selling us rotted and
 outdated foodstuffs, and charging us for twice as many meals as actually served.  Then the right wingers
 have the balls to say that critics of the war don't support our troops.  I don't call what Halliburton is
 doing support in any way shape or form.
 This information needs to be shouted from the rooftops.  Anyone with a computer, a typewriter,
 a telephone or just a pen or pencil should be holding their congressman's feet to the fire.  Tell them
 we know what's going on, and if they hope to be re-elected they need to stand up and do something
 about it.  Come on America, it's your money that's being pissed away and winding up in the coffers
 of the BFEE and co-conspirators.   Support our troops.  Call your representatives.  Write letters and
 email, and I don't mean those pre-packaged letters that come to you in email.  It carries a lot more
 weight if a letter shows your own opinions and doesn't read like a thousand others received that week.
 Don't just sit there reading this great website and shake your heads.  DO SOMETHING!
 Rick VB
 Vietnam Veteran

 Rick, I can understand why the GOP ignores Bush's crimes, but where are the Democrats?

 Getting back to basics, how did an oil field services company win the troops' food contract?
 Bush is raping what's left of the Treasury and nobody cares that trillions are missing.


 Tally's Tour de Lance   Stage 11 & 12

  Click  Here



 Subject:  Why doesn't Bush ASK Rove if he did it?

 What is this BS about Bush now waiting for the investigation to complete so that he
 doesn't have to judge Rove based on media reports. For a president who doesn't read
 the media, that shouldn't be a problem. Simply pick up the phone, call Karl, and get his
 butt in your office and ASK him if he was the leaker or not.

 Either Bush has done this and knows Rove is the leaker, and in which case Bush lied
 when he said he would fire the leaker - not to mention, that would mean Bush has been
 tolerating a security risk, and possible criminal, on his staff for two years now - or Bush
 has not called Rove in and asked him, which begs the question why not?

 Why won't Bush just ask Rove if he did it?
 John in DC

  saw it on  ameriblog.org

 Did Karl Rove commit treason?
 A nation at war deserves to know.


 Will the Bush Stonewall Work?
  Is the press capable of investigating their boss?

  Click  Here

 The Valerie Plame story has finally and undeniably hit the big-time -- with Karl Rove
 now a central figure, Scott McClellan's stonewalling recalling the darkest moments of
 previous administrations, and Democrats calling for blood.

 Washington scandals sometimes flame out pretty fast. But signs thus far suggest that the
 White House's say-nothing strategy is only feeding the conflagration, rather than starving it.


 The Facts Are In: So Is Rove Out?
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 For nearly two years, the Bush White House has been repeating falsehoods--to the press and
 the public and perhaps to itself--about the role played by Karl Rove in the Plame affair.
 On Sept. 29, 2003, for example, Scott McClellan called allegations of Rove's involvement
 "a ridiculous suggestion" and added, "It is simply not true .... I've said that it's not true. And I have
 spoken with Karl Rove." There were many more such denials, all of them suddenly worthless in the
 light of new documentary evidence. The red-faced flack is no longer taking questions on this topic."


 Why Judith Miller Should Stay In Jail

  Click  Here

 Something doesn't add up about why Judith Miller went to jail. She didn't write a story
 about the Valerie Plame case and had a waiver from her source in order to talk about it
 to the grand jury. But she insisted on going to jail anyway.

 Speculation is mounting that Miller is protecting herself - that Miller was herself a source
 of information about Plame that made it to several Bush administration officials and was then
 recycled to Bob Novak. He, then, disclosed Plame's employment by the CIA and her role in
 arranging for her husband Joe Wilson's mission to Africa to investigate the Iraq-uranium link.


 Subject: Bono and the haters


 Been reading with some confusion and amusement all of the oddly extreme opinions
 of Bono since Live8, and I gotta say, I'm with you, bro.

 Screw poncey musicians thinking they can make a difference in this world.
 The next thing you know he'll be inspiring kids out there to take up activism... even blogging!

 Why can't he take a cue from American performers... time was not too long ago the most
 popular musical performers in America were inspiring kids to slap bitches, cap fronters,
 shoot dope and blow their own heads off.     Ahhh, simpler times.

 Why can't Bono leave well enough alone???
 Keep swingin',


...because the Democrats let them.

 London Calling + the Power of Nightmares

  Click  Here

 The amazing thing about the London attacks is that they took so long.
 Likewise, we've been untouched for 4 years after 9-11 (how hard is it to have 3 guys go into
 a crowded mall and open up with machine guns?) unless the central claim that Al Qaida was
 this vast network of tens of thousands was false. I frankly think that they were vastly exaggerated
 - never more than a few hundred to 2000 individuals, and they were vastly depleted by the war
 in Afghanistan. This is the thesis of  THE POWER OF NIGHTMARES.

 Marc Perkel has the 2:40 length doc in Windows Media.   It charts the rise of the Muslim
 extremists and US neocons from the 50's and draws many parallels between them.
 One must wonder if Al Qaida would have almost disappeared by now.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

 Ed Schultz Kicks Pigboy's Ass

  Click  Here  scroll down

 Progressive talk radio is gaining strength here in Miami.

 Advance trend numbers for spring radio ratings in the Miami market, leaked to RAW STORY,
 reveal that liberal talk posted hefty gains against the once-indomitable Rush Limbaugh.

 In particular, The Ed Schultz passed Limbaugh among the 25-54 age range in the nation's
 twelfth largest radio market. Schultz scored a 3.4 rating to Limbaugh's 3.2.


 E-mail making the rounds...

  Top 10 Reasons Dorothy was greeted as a liberator ...and Bush wasn't

10. The Wicked Witch of the East actually HAD weapons of mass destruction.
  9. Local contracts awarded to Lullaby League and Lollipop Guild, not Halliburton.
  8. Dorothy apologized.
  7. Evil oppressor legally verified as "really most sincerely dead" rather than "maybe dead."
  6. Dorothy got it that she wasn't in Kansas any more.
  5. Dorothy did not install Toto as interim governor of Munchkinland.
  4. Dorothy didn't jail <uchkins and make them blow each other for a camera.
  3. Dorothy had no interest in stealing the Munchkin's oil.
  2. Dorothy wasn't taking orders from the one with no brain.
  1. Dorothy didn't kill 140,000 civilian Munchkins.



 Subject: Bart, have a shot of Chinaco on me


 Pete, that was tasty - thanks.



 Susan McDougal did 22 months in a Hannible Lecter cage for refusing to lie.
 and nobody gave a goddamn.  Take away  perkel.com  and  bartcop.com and tell me
 who was screaming for justice for Susan McDougal?

 Sure, now & then The Nation  or  Salon.com would do a story and then disappear for months.

 But when the GOP's Steno Jude Miller does seven days in a 70x70 foot cell without bars
 the media is outraged and they demand justice immediately.


 Subject: True Americans fight true terrorists

 I have studied (or rather, been the victim of) many right wing viral emails and have a good idea how the
 fundamentalpatients would communicate about the Rove affair if they were in  the Democrat's position.
 After editing the typos, spurious line returns and fake intro about having received this from a  buddy who
 just retired from the Marines, I think the remainder would look something like this:

 True Americans fight true terrorists

 I am a patriot and a liberal.
 I am a Democrat and a fiscal conservative.
 But first, before any of these things,
 I am a true American

 As an American,
 I will fight against any terrorist that attacks my country,
 attacks my family,
 attacks my friends,
 attacks my freedoms,
 attacks my fellow Americans.

 If you are in seat 6B and pull out some box cutters,
 I shall fight you
 If you are on my bus and are fiddling with the wires
 on a bomb in your back pack,
 I shall fight you,
 If you give away our secret agent's names so your
 colleagues can kill their informers,
 I shall fight you

 And you shall never win.
 Even if you kill me,
 You shall never win because ten more Americans will
 step up to fight you after I fall.

 True Americans don't care if you are a white man with
 a Ryder truck bomb,
 We will fight you.
 True Americans don't care if you are a Saudi Arabian hi-jacker,
 We will fight you.
 True Americans don't care if you are Darby Hickson's husband,
 We will fight you.

 True Americans fight terrorists
 True Americans fight true terrorists,
  not the phantoms and shadows of a false press,
 True Americans fight true terrorists,
  not the fears planted in our hearts by the spin masters

 We are Americans first and foremost,
 And that is why you shall never, ever win.

 Faun Otter


Thanks to Glen

 Santorum: Foot Up Ass Again

  Click  Here

 Rick Santorum made recent comments linking the so called "liberal" attitude of the Boston
 area to the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal. ''If you have a world view that I'm describing
 [about Boston] . . . that affirms alternative views of sexuality, that can lead to a lot of people
 taking it the wrong way," Santorum said. What a jackass. He continued with, ''It is no surprise
 that Boston, a seat of academic, political, and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center
 of the storm" of the clergy sexual abuse scandal." Has this guy lost his fucking mind completely?
 Apparently he forgot that the church scandal reached all across the country including Pennsylvania.

 Kentucky just paid out $20M for their raping priests, and that's GOP tobaccoland.



 Subject: Bush won

 America has voted!   and you lost!
 Ha ha ha haaa  ha   ha

 Fred the Monkey

 Fred, you might be right, but we'll never know because Republicans have blocked
 all recount efforts and the Democrats can't be bothered to insist on a paper trail to
 find out why all the exit polls say Kerry the Quitter won by a significant margin.

           "We have no right to challenge Dubya's greatness!"


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 Subject: her husband helped

 "I sometimes feel that Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington," Hillary said.
 She drew a laugh from crowd when she described Bush's attitude toward tough issues
 with Neuman's catchphrase: "What, me worry?"

 HA HA HA!! HO HO HO!! My compliments to her writers.

 I didn't think it was that clever.

 We've been running that Alf-Bush morph since 1999.

 She said the middle class is now being threatened by an ailing economy caused by
 the growing national debt, growing health care costs, the loss of pensions and the
 loss of manufacturing diversity.

 "manufacturing diversity"!! That's Beautiful.

 I agree with you there.
 That was very poorly worded.
 Hillary should've said simply, "The loss of jobs."

 I hope she doesn't pull a Kerry and start speaking "senate" trying to win votes.
 Hillary needs me on her team to translate to the stupid people, ...you know, ...the voters

 The "Growing" Financial Catastrophy Is A Direct Result Of NAFTA.

 Prove that, (and don't send me 50 links)

 The Same NAFTA That Was Implemented By GHW Bush (REP) & Passed Trough WJ Clinton (DEM).

 Did Nader teach you that all words must be capitalized?
 Do you have any evidence for your claims? (and don't send me 50 links)

 As Long As We Contribute Our Votes To The Political Monopoly, The REPUBLI~CRATS
 Will Provide "We The People" With More Of The Same.  Perpetually Lubricating The Constitutional Rights Shredder.
 What does that mean?
 Who taught you this odd language?  "perpetually lubricating?"
 Is this how they speak at Nader rallies?

 The Political Rivalry Between The Two Parties Is As Choreogrphed As Pro~Wrestling.
 If that's true, why are they hell-bent on destroying each other?

 She also said we need to focus on exploring alternative energy sources to become
 less reliant on oil.   Gee, I've Never Heard That One Before.

 We were drowning in dirt-cheap gasoline from 1993-2000 and we still are.
 Bush's bloody quagmire and his winking at BIG OIL profit-doubling are the big problems.

 If you write back, please loosen your caps lock, and don't send me 50 links.
 If YOU have no idea what you're talking about, listen and learn.(and don't send me 50 links)



"The basic liberal attitude in [Boston]...has an impact on people's behavior. If you have
  a world view that I'm describing [about Boston]...that affirms alternative views of sexuality,
  that can lead to a lot of people taking it the wrong way...I was just saying that there's an
  attitude that is very open to sexual freedom that is more predominant" in Boston."
    --Rick Santorum, blaming Boston for the rapists the Catholics tranfered there   Attribution

"There's not much you can say about someone who claims to have read the Bible cover to
  cover and came away from it thinking it encourages hatred for fellow human beings."
   --Marty Meehan, on Rick Santorum's total douchebaggery,    Attribution


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 Subject: Vegas for $250 a night

 Dear Bart,

 Explanations for Vegas rates:

 A. It's the latest expansion of the housing bubble.
 B. Jack Abramoff has expanded his list of gambling-interest clients.
 C. Hotties charge 250$ per night for the red robe.
      Hotties charge 89$ a night for the blue robe.



 ha ha


I stand and applaud

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