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  Tuesday  July 19,  2005                      Volume 1584 - Revolution solution  


"America, I will be your president!"

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Rove Noose Tightens
Bush welches on promise 
Veterans out of money
Tally's Tour de Lance 16
Sleazy for President? 
British gov't under fire 
Rove would be shot 
Monkey Mail
Colin Farrell's sex tape 


 Quote of the Day

"John Gibson of Fox News says that 
  Karl Rove should be given a medal. 
  The medal can, if necessary, be 
  delivered to his prison cell."  
      --Paul Krugman,   Attribution


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"If a man damages your credibility, why not lay the blame where it belongs?
  If Plame were an operative, she wouldn't have the authority to send someone.
  Whoever was leaking that information to Novak, Cooper or Judy Miller was
  doing it with malice aforethought, trying to set up a deceptive circumstance.
  That would invalidate any promise of confidentiality. You wouldn't protect a
  source for telling lies. That changes everything. Any reporter that puts
  themselves or a news organization in that position is making a big mistake."
     --Bill Kovach, the former Washington bureau chief of the New York Times,  Attribution

 Bill, did you read that on  bartcop.com,  years ago?


 Rove-Bush Conspiracy Noose Tightens
    by  Robert Parry at consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Rove e-mailed Stephen J. Hadley, then Bush's deputy national security adviser (and now
 national security adviser). According to the AP, Rove's e-mail said he "didn't take the bait"
 when Cooper suggested that Wilson's criticisms had hurt the administration.

 While it's not entirely clear what Rove meant in the e-mail, the significance is that Rove
 immediately reported to Hadley, an official who was in a position to know classified details
 about Plame's job. In other words, the e-mail is evidence that the assault on Wilson was
 being coordinated at senior White House levels.


 Bush welches on leaker promise
  Now he says will fire "if crime committed"

  Click  Here

 Bush qualified his pledge to dismiss any White House official found to have leaked,
 saying Monday that "if someone committed a crime" he would be fired.

 In September 2003, the White House had said anyone who leaked classified information
 would be dismissed. Bush reiterated that promise last June, saying he would fire anyone
 found to have disclosed the CIA officer's name.  Democrats said Bush in his new
 comments had "lowered the ethics bar" for his administration.

 Gee, that's bold talk - from a Democrat.
 I wonder who'll give the apology?

 Maybe Durbin or Reid - they have experience groveling for the Monkey...


 Subject: Musclehead consulting fees


 I was listening to KPFK in Los Angeles today and  I heard that the bodybuilding magazines
 he was to work for were also part of a conglomerate that also published scandal sheets.

 That's true - National Enquirer, The Star, etc.

 Part of the deal Arnold made was that the scandal sheets promised to quit publishing stories
 of his groping adventures and he would pay them back by consulting or doing ads for them.

 That explains why even the scandal sheets quit writing about him.
 I don't know if I can verify this story.

 Kenneth H

 Ken, Musclehead has already apologized for being a sexual predator.



"The issue now is whether the Karl Rove leak affair marks a tipping point in the way
  Bush is viewed by the public, treated by the press and regarded by Republicans in Congress.
  The furious counterattacks on Rove's behalf over the past few days suggest that Bush's
  supporters are worried that unless this wound is cleansed quickly, the president could
  confront an increasingly skeptical electorate and emboldened media. Both could take
  a toll on the president's support within his own party."
      --E.J. Dionne,   Attribution

 President traditionally get in trouble in their second term.
 Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and now Bush.  But Nixon, Reagan
 and Clinton didn't get in trouble with more than 3 years left.

 If the press would do their job, if the Democrats weren't afraid of their own shadow,
 we could have a really fun three years - but what are the odds of that happening?


 Jeffery Dahmer killed and ate little kids.
 He was murdered in prison.

 George Bush killed eight thousand little kids in two years
  and the Pope and the religio-crazies say he's a really neat guy.


 Monkey to name new whore justice tonight
 Look for the Democrats to praise his pick far and wide.


 Subject: your partner

 Geez... Is my homeboy Marc Perkel  your partner or what?

 In a manner of speaking, I guess he is.

 I know many who just whizzz past his mumblings each bartcop installment
 and go on to your next item...Homeboy Perkel, a nice little liberal that he is...

 You know "many" who "whizz past his mumblings?"
 I think Perkel makes a lot of sense.

 Once in a while indeed does say something very interesting and insightful,
 however 90% of the time (like yesterday) he just repeats what 90% of us already know...

 Perkel is regularly published my major papers all over the country.
 He reaches out to those who aren't hip to all the players.

 I'm almost embarrassed for the homeboy sometimes...But I guess he does fill up
 some space for you...as you seem more and more lost for ideas!

 Take care.
 Al Baston
 Humboldt County

 Al, you are incorrect about being "lost for ideas."
 Maybe 20% of the day fits on one page.
 Tons of stuff gets left out because too big is too big.

 BTW, did Perkel steal your girlfriend back in grade school?


 If Rove were a Democrat, he'd be shot

  Click  Here

 Can you envision the reaction to Rove's cop-out if he, Bush and Novak were Democrats?
"This could have cost that woman her life," the Republicans would cry, and they would be right.
 Republican "talking points" might mention that all Ms. Plame's contacts in the Middle East also
 were in grave danger now. The right-wingers would scream that our efforts to win the trust of
 the Arab people had been undermined by Mr. Rove's act of vindictiveness. And only the president's
 mother would believe he knew nothing about this outing of a secret agent. We would be smack
 dab in the middle of a constitutional crisis right now, as bad as, if not worse than, Watergate."


 Subject: winning BCR shows

 One of your pre-election shows was in the car radio
  --  how do you say that in hip talk?
  --  and you were talking Kerry pre-election.

 How could you bear it?
 Post-election, that is?

 Liz, that came up at the Roof Party last Friday.
 It sounds bad, but it's true, so I'll say it:

 I knew Kerry was a loser in September.
 I called the September 17th issue "Kerry in a Landslide," to mark it.

 When Election Day happened, I wasn't shocked or bewildered.
 It was like watching a bad movie I'd seen before, so I wasn't affected.
 I feel bad for those who got snuck up on.


 Subject: BCR 78

 Hey Bart,

 Show 78 is Chinaco good (the first 2 segments anyway, had to pause it to share my thoughts).

 You ask a question about the terms of Al Queda.  Great question, hope you don't lose any subscribers,
 but I gotta say I was floored when you suggested the answer of leaving the middle east.

 For Koresh sake, you make it clear every day that the reason that we are over there is so that we
 can rape the region and drain their resources so the BFEE can continue to line their pockets.
 You offer the rhetorical "cancel flights to Damascus", just leave, whatever...at the same time that
 you post that eternal war is making W and family more rich and powerful by millions every day.

 That suggestion is as realistic as winning a "war on [drugs/crime/terror/etc]" and you made it sound
 like there's such a simple solution.  Well of course there is lots of great ideas to improve our situation,
 I'm just not used to you offering up rosy solutions w/o mentioning that anyone but the BFEE and
 friends would implement them.

 Anyway, 78 made me laugh out loud so many times, I love the semi-live feel of the show,
 Delaware Phil

 Phil, the "make sense of things" option will be available after Bush is gone.

 As far as Al Qaeda, it seems we have four options:
Put all "Middle Eastern types" in prison and allow no more of them in our country
Ask if there's anything we can do to make them stop (like leaving the Middle East)
Live with our neighbors' suicide bombs the rest of our lives.
Glass all the countries that might harbor suiciders

 Which of those four would we rather live with?


 London changed things.
 Those bombers were neighbors people actually loved, teenagers they knew and worked with
 and played soccer with. And like some handjob out of Manchurian Candidate, they slept
 for years or decades until they got the phone call to murder their friends and neighbors.

 Whenever you write to  bartcop.com  please mention the subject.
 Lots of people write and say, "He's the worst - screw him," and I have no idea
 if they're talking about Bush, Rove, Bono, Tiger, Cheney or Marc Perkel.

 Tally's Tour de Lance   Stage 16

  Click  Here



 Subject:  Tiger Woods, Asian-American

 Why is Tiger Woods always referred to as either a "black" man or an "african-american"?
 Isn't his mom from Thailand? Why isn't he ever called "asian-American"?
 Do Wood's fans concentrate on his African side in order to use the race card against his non-fans?

 I thought Tiger described himself as Asian.
 Perhaps a Tiger lover will let us know.


 Baghdad hospital doctors on strike

  Click  Here

 More than two dozen doctors walked out of one of Baghdad's busiest hospitals on Tuesday
 to protest what they said was abuse by Iraqi soldiers, leaving about 100 patients to fend for
 themselves in chaotic wards.

 Physicians said the troubles started when soldiers barged into a woman's wing at Yarmouk hospital,
 opened curtains and conducted searches as patients lay in their beds on Monday. An internal
 medicine specialist said a soldier began intimidating and abusing him.

"Before he left he said, 'Why are you looking in disapproval?' Then he came and punched me lightly
 on my arm before sticking his rifle into my stomach and loading it," the doctor told Reuters.

"I stayed quiet but relatives of the patients told him to calm down before pulling him out of the room.
 Just then, four more soldiers came in and pointed a rifle at my head. At that point I became scared
 and begged them to leave me alone."

 Remind me - why are we in Iraq again?



 Almost nobody is subscribed on the 19th of the month.
 How depressing to have an almost empty mailbox each 19th.

 If you were thinking about subscribing, today would be a good day.


 GOP Scrambles to Fill Veterans' Shortfall
  The leaders' response: Fire the messengers

  Click  Here

 Republicans warned Hastert and DeLay more than a year ago that the government
 would come up at least $750 million short for veterans' health care.
 The leaders' response: Fire the messengers.

 Now that the Bush administration has acknowledged a shortfall of at least $1.2 billion,
 embarrassed Republicans are scrambling to fill the gap. Meanwhile, Democrats portray the
 problem as another example of the GOP and the White House taking a shortsighted approach
 to the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and criticize their commitment to the troops.

 New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith, as chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, told the
 House GOP leadership that the Vets needed at least $2.5 billion more in its budget. . Smith was
 rebuked for sounding the spending alarm, and House leaders yanked his chairmanship in January.


Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty is on Erin Hart's show  on KIRO
Sunday nights at 9pm Pacific

 Eminent domain possible in farm buyout

  Click  Here

 The farm plot near Iowa Highway 163 has been in Jean Schmidt's family for more than 80 years.
 Her father bought the land about 50 years ago. Before that, great-aunts and great-uncles raised
 hogs and chickens and grew corn and soybeans. Schmidt, 69, didn't know much about the phrase
 "eminent domain" until a few weeks ago..."I'd sort of heard of it," she said. "I found out it means
 you really don't have any rights."


 British gov't under fire over bomber probe

  Click  Here

 Criticism of the British government grew Monday over the revelation that at least one
 of the London bombers was investigated last year by British Intelligence.

 Note: in England, the government is held accountable for deadly screw-ups.

 MI5 reportedly did not find Mohammad Sidique Khan - who was checked out in
 connection with an alleged plot to explode a truck bomb in London - to be a threat
 to national security and failed to put him under surveillance.

 The Home Office, which speaks for MI5, declined to comment on the suggestion that
 agents had dropped a crucial lead, or on reports that a Briton of Pakistani origin
 suspected of links to al-Qaida had entered the country two to three weeks before
 the attack and flown out the day before.



 Subject: There are now three ways to subscribe

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 For those of you who don't like PayPal...

 ...we are signed up with  Firepay.com  using  bartcop@yahoo.com

 Subscribe today and hear all 78 BartCop Radio Shows!



 Subject: Bono

 Has Bono become the new Dixie Chick?
 Hat's off to Bono! He is attempting to set an example
 as a crusader for genuine compassion for the world.

 Sally P

 Sally, great question.
 I think Bono and U2 are too big to "Dixie Chick."
 I'd like to see the whore press try...



 Subject: Proof that you're an idiot

 Hi Bart,
 So you want us to send you proof that 911 was an inside job,
 yet you keep making odd claims WITHOUT PROOF, for all these years?

 My claims are not odd, they are valid and logical.

"Torture Works", you claim....but no "proof".

 I thought about kidnapping and torturing some defenseless Monkeys,
 but then I decided I didn't have the time - so you're safe.
 Instead, I agree with the Pentagon - they know about these things.

"Nader" elected Bush, you claim....but, no "proof".

 The nuns taught me math.
 Bush "won" by fewer votes than Nader took from Gore.
 You can ignore the math if you choose to.
 Your side often ignores the factual, the logical, the obvious, even.

"Democrats and Republicans are not one party called The Money Party"....but, no "proof".

 You want me to prove they're not one party?
 How does one prove something so handjob crazy?

"Support our illegal war-criminal troops because they're young and just following orders
 and don't know any better"....but, no "proof".

 What do you mean, "no proof."
 You want me to prove that they're young?
 You want me to prove that they're just following orders?
 You want me to prove that they don't know any better?
 You might need to be tested for Mad Monkey disease.

 You like to ask for "proof", but not supply it yourself.
 The times I've included links of "proof", you don't print those emails.
 Very selective.

 Best regards,
 Rob Mahon

 Oh, you're one of those guys who can't explain himself, but you have 70 links
 that I can spend a week trying to locate your elusive "truth?"

 When will people understand that sending someone 70 links is not
 the same as answering a question or having a debate?

 If you can't explain what has you so worked up, maybe you should calm down and
 shut your trying-to-be-smart mouth and listen and read and find out what you believe
 and then contact me so I can whip your young ass in a fairer fight.

 You're supposed to have something in your brain, say what that is, then send me 70 links.
 Can you handle a difficult assignment like that?

 BTW, proof that I'm an idiot is that I publish ignorant e-mails from Monkeys.


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 Some in GOP Hope Rice Runs for President
   It's a lie - the GOP would never run "one of them"

  Click  Here

 Very Sleazy Rice has been spending time in places like Israel and Italy instead of Iowa.
 Some Republicans hope she will turn from globe-trotting diplomat to run for president.

 The race is still a long way off, and Rice is only seven months into her appointed job at State.
 Still, there are signs that she might want to be the first woman president and the first black.

"She is a fascinating candidate," said some Iowa State professor who doesn't speak for the fascists.
"She's a woman, she's conservative, she's got a foreign policy background and she's extremely smart."

 ...and she's black.

 Do you think a party with no nationally elected blacks will put her at the top of the ticket?
 If they do (they won't) Hillary could win all 50 states.


 Subject: Tour de Lance

 I have been absolutely loving your "Tour de Lance" feature.
 I have been into bicycle racing for over 30 years (rode with Eddie Merckx, got drunk
 with Greg Lemond and drove a car behind Lance in one of his first big wins.)

 Most people in the  USA do not appreciate what a big event this in the rest of the world.
 For an American based team, lead by an American, to dominate this race would be like
 one of those European American football teams winning the Super Bowl.

 Cycling does not get much media attention here because our wonderful MSM does not think
 that  'mericans will understand the strategy of bicycle racing, the funny thing is that the strategy
 of NASCAR is not that much different, and every hick in both red and blue states understands that.
 (Cycling even has some pretty spectacular wrecks.)

 Anyway, you wrote about the craziness of servicing a bicycle from a car going 35 mph.
 Here's a picture I took last year in Trenton NJ of Fast Freddy Rodriguez getting some work done.


 You maybe the best thing on the Internet

 Keith, thanks for that.
 I'll make sure Tally sees this.


I wonder who's sexing him now?


"It is quite instructive and shocking, even with this administration, that the
  outing of a CIA agent, her front company, and god knows how many other
  agents and operations, is met with a collective shrug from wingnut circles.
  While a blow job gave them the vapors, a genuine breach of national security
  gives them no pause. Political power trumps everything -- even the safety of our nation."
          --Kos,    Attribution

 Kos is right.
 A blowjob made them scream, "He must be held accountable for this outrage!"
 but a lie that killed 1800 soldiers is waved away as "business as usual."

                             "But Dubya is our hero!"


  Chicago Pokerfest

 We landed at 11 AM, (Mrs Bart, Sam and her friend Meg) and headed into Chicago.
 Our rooms weren't ready, so we decided to get some lunch.
 We went to the Navy Pier and got a cheesebugger from the Billy Goat.
  The burgers were $4.50, parking for 90 minutes was $19.

 Soon, we got to our room and met with the gang.
 The subject of British Columbia came up and it made me stupid(er) and dizzy.

 We had some time to kill, so we checked out Binny's Liquor Store.
 They had more tequila and more kinds of tequila than I'd ever seen before.

  Check this out - Don Julio 'Real' tequila for only $350 a bottle.
  The good news?  If you buy 6, they'll knock off  $105.
  I had the credit card with me, but no way I'm going to gamble $350
  that this would be as good as I suspected it was, so I asked if there was
  a bar in Chicago that sold shots of this stuff. They said "The Adobo Grill!"

 It was far, far away, but I'll do most anything to try some great tequila,
 so we drove and we drove and we drove thru the insane Chicago traffic.
 Wall-to-wall cars, people, construction, more people, more cars, etc.
 We got lost so I called them for directions - they got us close, but I still
 couldn't find it so we called again and finally saw the place at North and Wells.

 We walked inside and they had an entire wall of tequila!
 My eyes got real big and my mouth started to water.
 The bartender was cutting limes (for the heathen infidels) and he said,
"Can I help you?" and with all my charms and my biggest in-a-great-mood smile
 I said, "We're hear to drink some luxury tequila," and he said, "We're closed."

 Am I being punk'd?
 Where's Ashton Kutcher?

 It was 2:15 and he said they didn't open until 4 PM, so I asked, "Why the hell did you
 give me directions to get here - f-ing TWICE - if you're not open for business?"

 The answer didn't matter, they weren't going to serve us so we limped back to the car
 where we had to pay $10 for nine minutes of parking.  So we've been in town about
 three hours and I've already paid $29 dollars in parking fees.  Pissed off, we grabbed
 some dinner at the Mayan Palace and headed back to the hotel where we ran into poker
 player Bob Smith (he claimed that was his real name) and Big Tom from Michigan.

 We grabbed a cab and headed towards Lisa the Roof Lady's house at 8PM. 
 There were 15 people and the subject of British Columbia came up again.
 I'm not sure why, but nobody at the party was making sense. I know I wasn't.
 Lisa had vodka and red wine and chips & stuff - it was cool. We were on the roof
 partying with the Sear's Tower and a bunch of tall buildings and churches etc.

 Lisa's friend Mary Anne (hope I spelled it right) was talking politics and everything she
 said made sense, and that's not an easy thing to do.  Then she said, "Bart, I have a gift,"
 and she whipped out a bottle of Don Julio Anejo so we tore into it and partied some more.
 Thank you, Mary Anne - that was nice. And thank you, Lisa, for being such a good hostess.
 Afterwards, Vegas Dave drove us back to the hotel where we prepared for tomorrow's FEST.

 Saturday morning, Chicago Jim and I had a power breakfast (for the IRS) at the Golden Nugget.
 Then more rest was required for the big poker tournament which started about 4:30.
 Jim brought beer and wine and M&Ms and chips and all kinds of good stuff - and poker ensued.
 Now here comes the big shocker...

 Poker is a funny game.
 With all my powers and all my skills and all my experience, I failed to win.
 On the other hand, my good friend Big Tom from Michigan, who knows nothing about poker,
 won the BIG game and almost won the lesser game - ain't that crazy?  Poker is a strange game.

 Between games I took a break for fresh air with the Canadian spy and Arizona Jim.
 During the second game, someone suggested pizza so we ordered a whole carload of
 Giordano's pizza and it was Shirley Chicago's finest
 At this point, everyone was feeling pretty good so I abandoned my "stay in control" plan
 and we started doing shots of Chinaco and Don Julio while we finished our poker tourney.

 I think I remember someone wanting to bet on Tiger Woods in England,
 but since we were drinking those bets don't count - right?
 About 11 PM the hotel told us it was time to shut down, so we did.
 Besides the regulars, I got to meet Rich the Catholic school teacher from St Louis, I met
 Lance who's about to enlist in the Air Force to learn Japanese (we talked, he's OK)
 Augustinio/Daddio and the St Louis SaxMan, Bob the Auctioneer plus those I left out.

 Mega "I'm not worthies" to Lisa the Roof Lady (and Mary Anne) and Chicago Jim and
 his lovely wife Christine for producing the flawless events where we all had a great time.


Call the 

...as heard in BCR Show 78

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 I just heard a doctor on CNN say if you get a brain tumor,
 odds are it will be on whichever side of your head you use your cell phone.


 Subject: Plame

 Bart, what law or laws did Rove break by referring to Valerie Plame?
 Did you know that she wasn't a covert agent?

 Carson, I'm not a lawyer.
 I don't know if Rove committed a crime, but I know he lied,
 I know Bush lied and I know Scotty McClellan lies every day.

 For two years, they said, "We're not involved."
 Then, after getting caught, they changed that to, "It's not really a crime."
 If it's not a crime, why lie and hide the facts that aren't crimes?

 It's like Karl Rove robbed the bank, then after getting caught, they claim
 the money he stole was counterfeit - proving he's an honest man.
 No, honest men don't rob the bank and then lie about it..

 I think you don't know the rules or are leaving them off your site
 because they make it obvious that Rove didn't commit a crime

 As I said, I'm not a lawyer and my party is to scared to voice an objection.

 ...and W said if someone illegally leaked her name he would be dealt with.

 ha ha
 By now, you know he brokew his promise to fire the leaker.
 Why can't Bush tell the truth or keep his word?.

 What Rove did wasn't even a breach of ethics which is apparent from the e-mails.

 Then why did he lie about it for two long years?
 Why don't you care when your side lies ands thousands of soldiers die?
 When Clinton had sex, you said honesty was the foundation of the country.
 Clinton's sex lies didn't kill 2,000 soldiers.

 As usual you don't care about facts as long as you can misinform, gripe, and throw
 some mudballs at respectable public servants like Karl Rove you are content.
 I was going to subscribe but now I must refrain! ( kidding)
  Carson the fact monkey

 You can't change the fact that they've been lying for two years.
 Do you stick with Bush no matter how many times he lies?
 No matter how many people die?


Hammerin' Man in Seattle

Thanks to Walt

 Subject: Tiger's Grand slams

 Tiger won by 5 shots over Colin Montgomerie, who was the home favorite.
 It wasn't even close, Tiger led wire to wire.
 Stay tuned for the PGA championship at Baltusrol in August.

 He has now 2 lifetime grandslams.
 Jack is the only other man to accomplish that.
 Love him or hate him he's going to break all the records.

 Jeff, I don't think you're right.
 I think Tiger has ZERO grand slams.

 I might even gamble with you on that.


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