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Sat-Mon   Aug 13-15,  2005     Volume 1601 - Rich people & dogs 


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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush ditches Cindy 
Mick dating Musclehead
Hillary Clinton lucks out
Cath sex scandal in NY
Phil Hendrie - scumbag
Shaky Pirro freezes up
Keith: Mick is my wife 
Musclehead's sex scandal
Paula Abdul keeps job


 Quote of the Day

"Since Bush went on vacation (at his fake ranch)
   38 American troops have died in Iraq."
   --NBC News  


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"Cindy Sheehan’s son was killed on the front lines. Cindy Sheehan is pushed to the front 
  because she toes the liberal line. We aren’t supposed to fight against Cindy Sheehan  
   because she’s a wounded soul. I’ll have none of it. I grieve for my country every time I 
   see a Grieving Activist deliver a series of unanswered, devastating lefts, and I’m sick
   and tired of taking it on the chin." 
   -- pro-war Bush apologist Selwyn Duke    Link   


 Bush Ditches Mother of Dead Soldier
   Monkey digging hole for himself deeper every day


The mother of a U.S. soldier slain in Iraq was denied a face-to-face meeting with Der Monkey
here Saturday after she walked through a ditch-like path in the August heat to his fake ranch.
“I didn’t come all this way from California to stand here in a ditch,” said Cindy Sheehan,
co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace. 

“If he doesn’t talk to me in Crawford, I’ll follow him to D.C., and I’ll camp out on his lawn,” she said.
“I’ll go to prison. I don’t want to live in a country where people are treated this way.”

Careful, Cindy.
This evil oil man has people maimed or killed if they cross him.

"If I could, I'd give Bush the finger..."



"By our way of thinking, families who have lost a loved one in Iraq get a free pass to think whatever 
  they want to think about the war. If getting through their grief requires them to believe that Iraq had
  WMDs or that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 or that the war will spread democracy through 
  the Middle East or that fighting "the enemy" there means we don't have to fight them here or whatever
  new story the president is peddling this week -- well, whatever. They've paid the price of admission to
  think whatever it is that lets them sleep at night, and we wouldn't presume to tell them why we're right 
  and they're wrong. Is it too much to ask for a similar courtesy from our friends on the right?" 
-- Tim Grieve at  Salon.com,  


 WaHoPo sponsors scandalous "Iraq war party"


The Washington Post has no plans to withdraw its co-sponsorship of a controversial 9-11 memorial walk
being organized by the Department of Defense, according to Publisher Bo Jones. But, he said the paper
would pull out if the event turns out to be some kind of pro-war or political march.

Jones said the WaHoPo would withdraw support, [free advertising], if the event turns partisan.
"If I turns out to be a political event, we would disassociate ourselves from it," he said.

The gathering will culminate in a concert by country star Clint Black, known for his pro-war Iraq and I Roll, which declares,
"You can wave your signs in protest against America taking stands."

What horseshit!
Clint Black is a whore performer singing a whore song for the self-deluded.
The "stand" America took in this case was Bush lying to get 1850 soldiers killed for no reason.

But it's no surprise that the Whore Post wants to snuggle up to Bush and his bloody war.
They've backed Bush since we've known his name - and they'll continue because a whore
will always sell their dignity if the price is right.

I'm so old, I remember when the WaHoPo exposed corruption.
These days, they give corruption free advertising.


Why haven't they gone to Iraq?
Don't they believe their Dad when he says,
"This is a great and noble cause?"

 Subject: Cindy


Have you any idea of how hot it is out there near Crawford?
I sometimes wonder if our President hasn’t had his brains cooked or something.

I mean what kind of idiot cleans brush on a ranch in Texas during the
middle of the dog days of August? Am I the only one who’s noticed this?

Poor Cindy she is really displaying unusual courage in battling the elements.


 Stones team up with Musclehead
  Tickets are cheap - just $100,000 each

$100,000 to see the Rolling Stones?

That's the price to join Gov. Assgrab in a luxury box at the Stones' Aug. 21 show at Fenway Park.
The event will raise cash for Schwarzenegger's Nov. 8 special election. Guests contributing $100,000
each will have their asses grabbed by Schwarzenegger in a luxury box. The Stones had "no role" in this,
lied their publicist Fran Curtis. 

The Stones' new album, "We're GOP" goes on sale Sept. 6

Is this why Mick lied about his neo-con song?
How much did it cost to bribe the ultra-rich Jagger?
Can a man that rich be bribed for more money?


 Subject: Mick turning yellow

Your Bartness,

What I see in Mick's "denial" is very similar to what I saw in Aaron McGruder's classic Thanksgiving 2001
'Boondocks' strip: describing a person's unsavory attributes without namimg him. That way, if the accused's
supporters get all up in arms (as they did very much with McGruder), the accuser can say "I didn't name names
- if you think I'm talking about your boy, that's all you. If you think your boy is the unsavory character I described,
that means you know in your hearts of hearts he's guilty... but don't get mad at ME - I didn't name names."

I appreciate that subtleties and nuance aren't valued commodities in Oklahoma <g>,
but they're effective in the purple and blue areas.

Hail Bart!

Self-appointed Bartcop Akron Bureau Chief

I understand your point, but you're saying, "Words don't mean anything."
Mick could've said, "The song speaks for itself - do you see Bush in that song?" but he didn't.
Obviously it's about Bush, but if Mick says it's not - that's puts the pink tutu righ on his ass.

Thanks for handling things in Cleveland :)



 Subject: Imagine...

Can you imagine New York City holding parades celebrating Pearl Harbor Day
when men were dying trying to take Iwo Jima????

  clarence swinney
  political historian


 Subject: Constitution?

Holy crap!

I can't beleive you just said that conservatives are to blame for the trashing of the constitution.
I would like to see an example or two.

You actually said this soon after the libs on the court decided that public purpose meant
private purpose for public good.  Monkey please!


Dude, I can't argue with you on the idiot liberals on the whore court who decided that
right to own property was something the government could erase on the slimmest of whims.

As far as the constitution, it has been gutted and I don't think it's possible to argue with that.
Bush and Tortureboy Gonzales can legally murder any American or any person in any country - legally.
They can take anybody they want, never having to state a reason why, and throw them in jail
    and never even notify the family who wonders how Dad disappeared off the face of the Earth.
Any law enforcement agency can enter your home and search it and/or remove whatever they want
   without your permission or your knowledge for any reason.
The right to peacefully assemble has been done away with by Bush.
Free speech has been stamped out unless you're in a "free speech zone."

For decades, Republicans have warned us what can happen when the feds have too much power.
Remember G Gordon Liddy saying, "When the feds come, aim for their heads because they wear vests."
remember Reagan saying, "Government is the problem?"

Now we've lost the most important parts of the Constitution and the right is perfectly happy with that
because they're sure the Democrats won't ever regain the White House.

   "Bart, why do you worry about your rights? Trust Bush."



"Mick and I are the odd couple of rock.
  If we were a mum-and-pop operation, he'd be the Mum."
-- Keith Richards,   Link


 Hillary Clinton Lucks Out
  She's up against a Giggling Murderess


With the decision of  Jeanine Pirro to seek the Republican nomination to challenge her,
Hillary's fortunes have taken a dramatic turn for the better.

Pirro, a hyper-ambitious publicity whore who frequently turns up on the Fox News Channel as a "legal affairs"
commentator, had been weighing races for governor, attorney general or Clinton's Senate seat. With the fortunes
of the NY GOP decline (the NYHoPo says "New York's GOP is withering--fast"), Pirro was unlikely to win any
of those posts. So she opted to be the Rick Santorum of 2006.

But, as the Post admitted, the Pirro campaign is "not one (Clinton's) likely to lose sleep over."


 Shaky Pirro freezes up in first Hillary slur
  Crazy bitch will be a regular on bartcop.com



On the first official day of her "I hate Hillary" campaign, Jeanine Pirro was slamming
Hillary Clinton when she suddenly stopped reading from her prepared comments.

After going silent for a seems-like-an-eternity 32 seconds onstage, the Giggling Murderess
finally asked, "Where's page 10?" and that was before she came up empty when asked
to explain how her support of Bush's permanent tax cuts would affect the federal deficit.

"This is my first day," the liar apologized. "I'll get you the exact figure of the deficit later."

Wait, I can help you with that.

"Hillary Clinton has shortchanged New York," she said. "She hasn't delivered, and she will find out
that the people of New York have not forgotten her empty promises."

Excuse me, Mrs Slut, but Hillary's approval rating is about 32 points higher than your bloody Monkey.


 Subject: Mo the Ho Dowd


Couldn't agree with you more.
Her fans like to go on about how scathng, insightful and clever she is, but it's whore
"columnists" like Ms. Dowd who helped make this Bush presidency possible.

I mean, I'm a bumpkin house painter and I was able to see what a disaster then Governor Bush
would be should he ever get the chance to drag his knuckles into the White house. But instead of
describing candidate Bush for what he was, Dowd chose to crank out even more snarky pieces
about Bill Clinton and comment on Al Gore's earth tones.

In some ways, her free ride is as bad as Duh-bya's...
Just saying, and keep up the great work.

U.D. Lemmingnotiey



"If Monica had bothered to learn how to swallow,
  we'd still be able to keep our shoes on at the airport."
-- Rob Sheffield in a recent Rolling Stone,

Rob reminds us that if the GOP hadn't been obsessed with fishing
inside Clinton's zipper, at least 700 FBI agents would've been free
to check on the threats the GOP later accused Clinton of ignoring. 

Remember - if you hear a monkey say, "Clinton ignored Al Qaeda,"
ask them what steps Bush took to get Al Qaeda in the 230 days before 9-11.


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Phil Hendrie - scumbag

Randi Rhodes read a statement on her Friday show by a guy I really used to like - talk show host Phil Hendrie.
I hoped it was some kind of mistake, but Phil's new website is  georgebushisgod.com
If Phil is doing this as a prank, I'd say it's a career-ending prank.

He wrote a column called:
Cindy Sheehan - Another Ignorant Cow

Cindy believes Bush lied about our reasons for going to war and thus led her son to his death through outright deceit.

The "Bush Lied" theory has been debated and discredited but Anti-War Mom hasn't noticed. Cindy Sheehan isn't
outside the Bush ranch as a truth-seeker. She's there for her public-relations potency. "I want people to know the
real costs of war," she says. A mother grieving her loss. The inhumanity of war. Oh, the wickedness of it all.
It's the anti-Iraq War Propaganda Machine working the sewer again.

The philosophy of the September 10th movement can be boiled down to this:
"If we hadn't started anything....... then nothing would have started."

Phil, you can love Bush's illegal war and we can't stop you. You can cheer for Bush and his false reasons for invading,
but can you deny that Casey Sheehan would still be alive if Bush went after Osama - like he swore he would while
standing on top of the charred bodies under the New York rubble - instead of Saddam?

"We're going to Iraq to steal oil!"

Phil has apparently "pulled a Dennis Miller," by boarding a fast-sinking ship.
I tried to write to Phil, but you have to be a subscriber to send him an e-mail.

Tell me, Phil, are all Gold Star mothers "ignorant cows?"
Or just the ones who've lost a kid in Bush's illegal war?


Subject: Sopranos long season

By January of 2009 they will have had an eight year run,
left the bank account empty and a wake of death,
destruction, and carnage in their path.


Dude, it's a TV show.
The only carnage is the other TV shows that don't measure up.


is a

...and the BFEE makes a

at it.

Join the tens of thousands
on September 24
Who Will Call for Impeachment
Gather at the White House at 12 noon

BIG Protest March

Sept 24

We're having some signs made.

         Those are our "Worst president ever" signs

Click  Here  to sign up to carry a sign

Click  Here  to donate to the sign fund

So far, we have $470 in the sign fund.
Do you have extra cash for the sign fund?

It's not tax deductable,
but think of the money you'll lose
if those bastards win again.


 Subject: donation

Here's a fin for your "Best Sign Ever"
Good luck and keep up the fight.
We support your struggle from all over the globe!

A friend and neighbour from the Great White North.

Dude, thanks for that.

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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 Subject: the price of oil

Hey Bart. I'm interning with the Tulsa World right now, and the paper ran a cover story today
about the soaring gas prices (it's now $2.39 most places).

I'm as distressed about this one as you, but I can't see how Bush can be blamed for this.
The more people you have using a finite resource, the more costly it becomes.
And with more oil being consumed by more people than ever, oil prices can only climb higher, faster.

Bush is to blame for our resource-grabbing war in Iraq, but he's not responsible for the millions
of new gas customers in China and India. He's not responsible for the fact that the earth simply
cannot yield the 30 billion barrels of oil the US needs every year.

The fact is, we're consuming 6 barrels for every 1 barrel we extract.
This would still be true no matter who was sitting in the White House today -- even Nader.
I was just curious as to why you think Bush has something to do with our current dilemma.
Jeff in Tulsa, OK

Dude, you're kidding, right?
I didn't think Tulsa got dope that good.

Does this tell you anything?
These are oil stocks.

If they were just "passing on the increased costs of oil," their profits would
match the profits they made when Clinton was president.

Plus, that article in your paper?
It says the biggest factor in the rise of oil prices is "fear of the war,"
which Bush started with lie so they could steal oil and sell it at higher prices.

It easier to rob a bank when the bank's president is helping.


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St. Patrick's right-wing rector resigns

Monsignor Eugene Clark, the reactionary, right-wing rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan,
called the United States "probably the most immoral country in the Western Hemisphere."

Then he got caught.


Monsignor Eugene Clark resigned in disgrace as rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral today amid claims
by an Eastchester man that the 79-year-old holier-than-thou scumbag had been screwing his wife.

Clark stepped down after Philip DeFilippo claimed in divorce papers that his wife, Laura,
was sexing the old goat when she was his secretary. DeFilippo also claimed that the DeFilippos'
teenage daughter was exposed to the relationship.
Meanwhile, EWTN, a Catholic TV, yanked"Relationships," a show Clark regularly appears on,
off the air. "We are putting the old goat's program on hiatus at this time."

    I sex housewives in the greater New York area - got any?
The old goat described himself as "a strong proponent of traditional morality," while sexing another man's
wife and breaking up her once-happy marriage, which is known as "pulling a Henry Hyde."
In 2002, the old goat blamed the church's sex scandals on "the campaign of liberal America against celibacy."

"Homosexuality became in the American exchange of views a protected area," he said.
Monsignor caught canoodling secretary in hotel 


A monsignor should be scandal free. But this particular monsignor's conduct has invited
the heaping of scandal upon his head and that of the church. Scandal and mockery.

The old goat checks into a motel with his much younger, married female employee and spends more
than five hours there, with both emerging wearing different clothes than when they went in, and then
claims the only reason all this happened was that "the lady was a bit sleepy."


Call the

...as heard on BCR

Put your 2-minute rant on the next radio show.
BCR is listened to by dozens, so get your comments out there.

You have two minutes to record your message.


"A powerful sexual drive which He created with its pleasure
  and satisfaction - that's from the hand of the Lord."  
-- yep, you guessed it - Monsignor Eugene Clark   Link       


Musclehead caught in sex payoff 
  Nat'l Enquirer paid to bury truth to protect their boy


The National Enquirer, while negotiating a business deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger arranged a
$20,000 confidentiality agreement with a woman who said she once had a relationship with him.

Gigi Goyette signed the deal on Aug. 8, 2003 with the tabloid rag two days after Musclehead
announced the death of democracy in the recall against Gray Davis. Later that year, the tabloid
agreed to pay Schwarzenegger at least $5 million.

Clearly, Maria Shriver is putting up with her cheating husband's monkey-business for political power.
How much power is enough?  How low can her self-respect go?


Slaughter in Iraq...

...while Bush is 'hard at work,'

just like he was after getting the

"Osama determined to attack inside the US" memo.

Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.


For 1846, 1853 families,
life is a flag-draped coffin.


 Newsweek pretends Bush is the victim

Bush was wearing "a huge smile," but his eyes were red and he looked drained by the time he got
to the last widow, Crystal Owen, who had lost her husband in Iraq. "Tell me about Mike," he said.
"I don't want my husband's death to be in vain," she told him. The president apologized repeatedly
for her husband's death. When Owen began to cry, Bush grabbed her hands. "Don't worry, don't worry,"
he said, though his choking voice suggested that he had worries of his own. The president and the widow
hugged. "It felt like he could have been my dad," Owen recalled to NEWSWEEK. "It was like we were
old friends. It almost makes me sad. In a way, I wish he weren't the president, just so I could talk to him all the time."

For three hours, they were rotated through five private rooms, where they met Bush,
accompanied by two Secret Service men
and a photographer.

The Monkey is crying for the White House photographer.
He's attempting to appear human for the propaganda pictures.


 Subject:  Gary Hart

Wow! What a withering, brutally effective critique by that great statesman of our time,
Senator Gary Hart (the one man who actually predicted 911, lest we forget).
Could someone please explain to me, in simple terms, why this man never became President?
Yeesh, what a crime.

Why are John Kerry, Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton not down there in Texas,
standing shoulder to shoulder in the hot sun with Cindy Sheehan?
When are the Democratic elected officials going to "get it"?

How many crashing Gallup poll assessments do they need to realize that the American public is utterly
disgusted with Bush's preposterous war in Iraq? This is a golden opportunity to seize the moment, carpe diem,
cross the Rubicon and all that stuff, to drive home the point that this man in the White House betrayed America
when he lied about the reasons for going to war. If the Democrats can't take advantage of this particular
moment in history, then they are irredeemably pathetic.
Donald P. R

They seem to not want to win.
They won't even call it "Bush's war."

 Subject:  Maxine Waters is at Camp Casey

...and Kerry, Biden, and the rest of the pink-tutu brigade are not. Democratic
leaders need to go to Camp Casey to apologize for believing monkey lies, and
to promise never to believe him again.

But they won't, because it wouldn't be NICE to Our Great Leader.
Let him have his 5 week vacation, they say, because presidenting is hard work.


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 'Idol' says Paula Abdul OK
   She's as innocent as an Abu Ghraib general



Investigating themselves, Fox and producers of American Idol announced Friday that Abdul would remain as a judge
after an "independent investigation" found there was "insufficient evidence" that Ms Hooters lavished extra attention
on a contestant she was banging, as the evidence suggests.


 I'm going to do radio Monday.
 Next issue up Monday night or Tuesday.

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