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Sept 24-26, 2005     Volume 1625 - Angry Nation

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Power of Nightmares

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Anti-war Fervor in DC 
Bush steals Katrina $
AP whores for Bush
Yank tortured in Iraqi
Tons o' Protest pics 
Hillary comes thru 
Last chance to file BK
Girl has gay parents
Demi Moore weds kid 


 Quote of the Day

"With Sen. Leahy announcing his support
  for John Roberts, I can understand why 
  Dick Cheney said what he did."
         -- Damon In Detroit


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"Christianity has nothing to do with Christ and probably never has,
  unless Christ was a close-minded, misogynistic, war-loving, imperialistic,
  aggressive hater of anything he didn't understand or agree with. "
        -- seen on CathiefromCanada.com       Link


Tiny brain - giant asshole

 Antiwar Fervor in DC, LA, SF
  Largest anti-Bush rally since he lied us into war


Tens of thousands of people packed Washington yesterday and marched past the
White House in the largest show of antiwar sentiment in DC since Bush's war began.

The demonstration drew grandmothers in wheelchairs and babies in strollers, military veterans
in fatigues and protest veterans in tie-dye. It was the first time in a decade that protest groups
had a permit to march in front of the executive mansion, and, even though Smirky McWarhardon
was not there, the setting seemed to electrify the crowd.


 Bush steals Katrina money
  They can't/won't explain where the money went


The information provided by Bush lists broad allocations of funds for a range of programs,
such as $2.3 billion for "housing assistance," $3.1 billion for "missions" under a category called
"operations," and $3.5 billion for "missions" under a category called "administration of field operations."

Congress has approved $62.3 billion in Katrina aid that Bush is expected to steal
The White House is expected to ask for more money to be stolen soon.
The Katrina funds dwarf the $44 billion we donated to the BFEE after 9/11.

Under the law providing the disaster funds, the Bush administration must provide Congress
with weekly updates on the pace of spending but since the democrats won't hold them accountable,
they'd be crazy not to steal all the billions they can get away with.


CNN said "2000" people were in DC

Subject: story for you

A story about Michael Savage's rampant, public douchebaggery.
You're sure to be the first to see it.




The NYWTimes caught one  bartcop.com  "WPE" sign

Best-Laid Plans Weren't Enough in Texas
 The AP whores for Bush - that's their job


But tangles still arrived even before the storm's first bands.

So - f-ing tangles caused the problems, not Homeland Security failures?

Panicked drivers ran out of gas,

ha ha
They must've been panicked liberals!
In Bush's America, you can't run out of gas unless you're a panicked liberal.

And how did the driver's anxiety tell the tank to go dry?

...and freeways were red rivers of taillights that stretched to the horizon.

...because Texas Gov. Perry didn't order the reversal of the Southbound lanes.

Everyone saw the footage on CNN or FoxNaxi-News there were thousands of
stuck cars trying to go north while several cars were going south - towards the danger.

Did Texas finally get all the government they paid for?

In an age of terrorist danger and with memories of the nightmare inNew Orleans still fresh,
the Texas exodus (I f-ing hate cutesy-ass writing) raises a troubling question:

Look - this Rovewannabe, piece-o-crap GOP handjob has a 'troubling question.'
I'll bet he's gonna stump me into silence.

Can any American city empty itself safely and quickly?

ha ha

Even with Bush's greatness, ...some small flaws ...eventually ...manifest themselves?

ha ha

Bush can't get fucking gasoline to fucking Houston - where the fucking refineries are.

The American whore media tell us again and again how great this Warmongering Monkey is,
but when you look at the evidence you realize that Bush couldn't sell pussy on a troop train.


Yahoo caught Cindy in DC near a  bartcop.com  "Making a Killing" poster.

 Yank tells of Iraqi torture
  Held by handjobs for ten months, then rescued


An American contract worker (Halli-burger) who was kidnapped in Iraq and held more
than 10 months says in an interview that his captors kept him blindfolded and bound throughout the ordeal.

Hallums, who worked for a contractor supplying food to the Iraqi Army, (Halli-burger) was captured Nov. 1.
He said that his captors used beatings to force him to criticize Fearless Leader Bush in a videotape.
On the video, Hallums was seen with a rifle pointed at his head.

ha ha

Put a gun to my head and I won't shut up about what a great president Bush is.

Are you kidding me?


Subject: Amber Frey


The main stream media in their rush to convict Scott Peterson ignored the fact
that Amber Frey was a "massage therapist", because if the general public knew
Frey was a prostitute than they would not have found her credible at all.



Subject: Galloway  v. Palast

So, Bart, are you gonna take my guy, Senator Levin, out of the tutu now?

Yes, because Leahy deserves the humiliation more than Levin.

He's only there because he said Galloway was a nut-job.
And it appears that he is.  So Mr. Carl did nothing wrong.
Peter Y

Would it have hurt Carl Levin to NOT come to Bush's rescue?
Bush has the entire American media defending him - why should Levin help?


Unidentified  LA protestor

The Hollywood Liberal with Cheney & Monkey

More at  thehollywoodliberal.com

Thanks, Rick!


"We all have to make judgments and I know few people who wouldn't have preferred
a better choice last November...I think Kerry would have made a pretty poor president.
But Bush was already clearly on course for disaster (and had already made a basket case of Iraq).
I wish I was being proven wrong. At least now I feel a little less lonely."
    -- Andrew Sullivan, making no sense whatsoever   Link


Subject: voting no on Roberts

Gotta disagree with you here, Bart.
While Roberts may have some bad traits, he is overall not nearly as extreme
as the religious right wants, (I'm curious - how do you know how extreme he is?)
and if he didn't get approved the next candidate would undoubtedly be worse.

Maybe it's just me, but Roberts doesn't seem that bad.
The dude argued for gay rights as well, didn't he?

-brian in mobile

Brian, all we know about Roberts is that his loyalty is to Bush, personally.
That's the basis on which Bush makes appoinments, like "Brownie" at FEMA.


Other people made signs, too


"Make levees, not war"
    - seen on a protest sign

A couple of San Fran shots from Fred

 Subject: Bartcop at SF march

Dear Bart:
The Bartcop signs were the best at the SF March: people asked us where we got them
and we sent them to your website.  Gave away many Bartcop stickers.

The March was huge: maybe 25-30,000 people.
Too many to fit at the end so they sent us to City Hall!

Met Mark Pekel and Super Steve the Poster guy!  Perkel got some great pics!
I'm pooped.  And my feet hurt.  Great day.

pauline in hayward

Pauline, great to hear from you.
Thanks for the report.


BC sticker sighted at the San Fran rally

 Subject: Kerry on Roberts


I got that e-mail from Kerry too. My first thought was:
"John, you could've voted against the BUSH appointment·"

But I guess Kerry's loyalty to the Bonesmen and the corporations
they serve is greater than his allegiance to the United States of America.

How did I get in this party of Iraqi-loving corporatists?


They know who's lying in San Fran


"How will we win any battle if we don't stand up for what we believe and speak the truth?
More importantly, how will Americans know what to expect from a Democratic Congress
and Democratic president if we don't fight for our values at every opportunity? Democrats
can disagree with Democrats in good faith -- and many do on this issue. But when political
calculations silence our conscience, we have abandoned our true values."
     --Howard Dean, on the 11 back-stabbing sellout Democrats who support John Roberts,     Link


As seen on Al Jazeera TV
Thanks to Ron

Subject: Kate Moss

Bart, why the strong reaction to Kate Moss doing coke?

Mike R

What ever happened to "Stickin'?"
Why did her industry turn on her in mere minutes?

When the vulgar Pigboy got caught with his nasty-ass heroin, nobody dropped him.
They all rallied around him and made excuses why it was OK for a right-wing,
tough-on-crime conservative to do enough heroin to kill everyone in Guns n Roses.

...but if a model does it she's got to be fired and made into a leper.



Marc Perkel's pictures and video of the SF march.


Recording history in San Fran

 Last chance to file bankruptcy


Counting down toward the Oct. 17 effective date for the biggest reform  handjob in
bankruptcy law in a generation, personal bankruptcy filings have jumped this month to
the highest on record. Filings averaged more than 9,000 per day, up roughly 50 percent
from last year's average daily volume, during the first two weeks of September.

The number will keep climbing, reflecting a growing sense of urgency as the deadline nears.

We should talk more about this.
If there's a chance you might need to file bankruptcy - you probably should.


Subject: Hillary comes through for you Bart

Dear Friend:

With the future of women's rights, civil rights, and privacy rights at stake,
I cannot vote to confirm John Roberts.

My desire to maintain the already fragile Supreme Court majority for civil rights, voting rights
and women's rights outweighs the respect I have for Judge Roberts' intellect, character, and legal skills.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary did her job.
That's what I expect from every Democrat, but they rarely deliver.



 Subject: donation

...because I like you and your site.


You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

  Click  Here  to subscribe or donate



Clinton lied about sex and
they impeached him for it

Bush lied to make himself richer
and 1900 soldiers were killed.

I miss my Dad.

Bush allies keeping you from reading  bartcop.com at work?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com   HERE

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Subject: Feingold's statement

"I know the American people will be watching him very closely on that question,
and I personally will consider it a reversal of huge proportions, and a grave disappointment,
if he ultimately does attempt to go down that road. "

Is he talking about a Hurricane?

We can watch the Supreme Court with a huge magnifying glass and be gravely disappointed along
with Feingold, it won't do us a BIT of good, just like a hurricane. Maybe we can bus all the pregnant
women out of the way when Dumbya's SCOTUS criminalizes their reproductive choice?

Once reproductive choice is made illegal,
guess who will start making a lot of your choices for YOU?


Thanks to James in LA

 Girl expelled for having gay parents
  Amerikka - Germany 1939 would feel proud


A 14-year-old student was expelled from a Christian Californian school
because her parents are lesbians, the school's superintendent said in a letter.

"Your family does not meet the policies of admission,"
Mr. Shit wrote to Tina Clark, the girl's biological mother.

You're not good enough for Bush's Amerikka!

Stob wrote that school policy requires that at least one parent may not engage
in practices "immoral or inconsistent with a positive Christian life style, such as
cohabitating without marriage or in a homosexual relationship," the LATimes said.

Shay and her parents said they won't fight the ruling.

How f-ing sad.

They can't take on the federal government?
Shay's parents don't have the resources to fight the BFEE heads up?


Thanks to Roger in LA

 Can you explain it?
  I'm not going to give this up until I get an answer I believe

 Why has Al Qaeda decided not to attack America in the last four years?
 They could if they wanted, but they don't want to - why?
(And if you say "Bush stopped them" I'm in the mood to tear your f-ing soul apart.)

They're not attacking us because they have orders to stand down.
(Reminds me of our armed forces on 9-11)
How can anybody argue with that?

They attacked London this summer.
America is off limits? ...but London is cleared for an attack?
Is Tony Blair a brainless tool or a Carlyle group partner?!

Christ, I feel like Mel Gibson in that one movie.
I can see what the BFEE is doing, sometimes clear as Lake Concha,
but the dead soldiers and the missing billions just don't add up for some people.

No matter how many times in a row,
no matter how many of the same players are in each new BFEE scam,
no matter how many old connections come back to kill and profit the BFEE,
no matter how many No-Bid, black budget contracts went to Halliburton,
people refuse to look at the obvious.

They can hit us - but they're not.

Why has Al Qaeda decided not to attack America in the last four years?
 They could if they wanted, but they don't want to - why?
(And if you say "Bush stopped them" I'm in the mood to tear your f-ing soul apart.)


More from the LA rally

Subject: Hillary


Exactly what do you base your assertion that Hillary is the only one that defeat the BFEE?
Your readers wouldn't mind if you'd devote some of your time and be specific to that point.

She's the most respected woman on the planet. (Pickles is a worldwide joke)
She can raise more money in a day than whoever #2 is can raise in a month
She's married to the smartest politician in recent history
She owes the fascist bastards a severe ass-whoopin' and she's eager to deliver.
She's the most vetted woman on the planet - no surprises can pop out.
Nobody would buy her as VP, and Clark ads military muscle to the ticket.

In case you haven't been paying attention, there have been others besides Cindy Sheehan
that are questioning Hillary's actions/motives... Such as Helen Thomas...

I'm sure Helen would vote for Hillary over the BFEE.

Also, check out the poll at DailyKos.com.
Their readers prefer other people such as General Clark, as I do...

Did the poll say, "Who do you like?" or "Who can beat the BFEE?"

And get off the Hillary-Hater kick, would ya?
You're sounding like the opposition.
You know, if your not with me, you're against me...


Nobody says, "Hillary's OK, but I think another candidate would do better."
Most Hillary haters are very up-front and proud of their hate.


Thanks to Robert

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Marty E!'s LA report

Hi -
Our little family of 3 attended the protest in LA today.

We took the Blue Line (light rail) - about 50 people got on at our station, all headed for downtown.
I was kind of surprised at how many older people there were.  Not often I get to feel like a young whippersnapper.
We got to 'sign central' at 9th & Olympic a little after 11.  2 guys were busting hump
stapling BartCop signs to sticks.  The BartCop signs were VERY popular.
There was a helicopter that hovered in one place the whole time.
The cops were very obvious, but pretty mellow, and we saw no problems.
There was a group of about 50 lime-green-hatted legal observers keeping an eye on the watchers.
On our walk back to the rail station several bus drivers gave us thumbs up on the signs.

Local CBS & ABC reported that 'hundreds' attended.
Local Faux reported "ten thousand".
The AP is reporting LAPD says '15,000'.
We ran into a media buddy - he deals in audio for large concert venues.
He guestimated it was closer to 60,000.
Regardless, it was a pretty damn good turnout for LA.



"Last weekend, Karl Rove said that I was a clown and the antiwar movement
  was "non-existent." Karl and Co., we are real, we do exist and we are not
  going away until this illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq is over and you
  are sent back to whatever dark, and loathsome place you came from."
       -- Cindy Sheehan, giving it to Bush's bastard, Karl Rove,   Link


Dark Days Ahead in Iraq
 says Madeleine Albright (D-NotWarCrazy)


Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright issued a stern warning Saturday about the quagmire
in Iraq, saying "there are no good options at this point and the worst days may be ahead of us."

"Instead of winning friends for America, it has poisoned our relations with many countries in the Mideast
and the Muslim world," Albright told a conference on the role of citizens in shaping the nation's image abroad.
"Certainly the unilateralism we have seen in recent years hasn't worked," she said.


as seen on   moxiegrrrl.com

Marty's Entertainment Page

Subject: saw your signs on TV

We couldn't afford to pay the DishTV bill so they shut us off except for the NASA channel,
2 Chinese channels, MSNBC, and Sahara TV (India). So I'm watching the Chinese World News
and they were covering the anti-war protests.

I just thought that you might like to know that Asia, Europe, Cuba, and
American international businessmen, and me, all saw your "Worst President Ever" signs.
They were enormous and very easy to read.

Lynn Local

Lynn, that was fun to hear.
I'll fix you up with some BartCop Radio for sending that in.

..but don't let your kids hear it unless they're very well-adjusted :)


Your poster dollars at work

Call the

...as heard on BCR 82

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

Subject: watching the rally on TV

Hi BartCop.

I need to rant about the rally on 9/24.
I watched the rally on C-SPAN and I was absolutely dismayed.
From the coverage, you would never have expected the rally to be as big as it was!
They never showed more than maybe a thousand protestors.

And then the speakers...

Great Scott, why did they allow SO MANY different themes? The message was awfully diluted!

One speaker: "Impeach Bush, he's a menace!" (agree on this one.)
Next speaker: "Bring the troops home!" (OK)
Then: "Respect Palestine!" (huh?)
After that: "The USA kidnapped President Aristide of Haiti!" (uh... and your point is...?)
The fifth: "Katrina was a shame! Fight racism!" (yeah but... it's about THE WAR IN IRAQ!)
The sixth: "Free the Cuban Five!" (Oh Lordy, Lordy, help me Lordy!)
Finally: "Women's rights now!" (Mommy! I can't take any more of this!)

I know that these are all important themes, but why couldn't they stick to ONE of them?

But I DID see the Bartcop crowd with their heueueueuge posters!
That was the very best part of the rally! Very, very effective! I love you guys for it.

Keep swinging that hammer!
- MCSmartiesh

There's an old joke - they asked Will Rogers if he belonged
to an organized political party and he said, "No, I'm a Democrat."

BTW, Tally agrees with you in her latest radio rant, up tonight.


Click to reach Heaven

 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $64.19 a barrel
makes $128,038,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1912  1915 have died for Bush greed,
three more during the peace march


 Subject: bartcop signs a huge hit in DC

We wanted to thank you again -- and to let you know that your signs
were a real hit at the anti-war march here in d.c. yesterday

i picked some up from steve early yesterday morning... a little later,
we converged with other montanans to prepare for the march

amy carried one of your "Worst Prez Yet" signs -- lots of people took pictures of it,
and asked her to stop long enough for them to do so... meanwhile, i shot video off and on
throughout the event, to use for my tv show back in montana -- and got good shots of
pretty much every one of your signs, frequently visible along the way

i noticed one of your signs featured in the online article in today's NY Times

we also got a pic of Margot Kidder ("Lois Lane") holding one of your bartcop.com stickers,
with Amy and "Worst Prez" next to her... unfortunately, it's not on a digital camera,
so there will be a delay before we can send you a copy

thanks again!!

-Tom and Amy
of Helena, MT

Tom, I look forward to seeing Margot and Amy's picture.
Any chance you could burn a copy of that TV show onto a DVD?



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Subject: Congratulations to Us!

Hey Bart,

We let out a whoop when we saw the "Worst President Ever'" on the New York Times website
photo of the DC protests. We also saw glimpses of the other signs on the unfortunately limited
coverage on cable news. We were SOOO proud to be Bartcop members and sign contributors.

We couldn't be at the protests but could see our Bartcop cohorts marching for us.
What a mighty hammer!

Jake and Leslie
Ashland OR


Besides those who contributed financially, here's who gets the credit:

Subject: poster kudos

Here is a list of the people who made the poster thing happen.

c@ - design of 2 posters
Squeaky Wheel Graphics - design of 2 posters

Neal (and his helpers) printing of the LIARS and WPE posters, getting sticks, shipping, receiving posters,
making sure they got to the LA and SFO marches. He also distributed and participated in the San Fran one.

Tim - From a sign printing firm in Baltimore - Printing of the Making a Killing, and Violent Extremists
at rock bottom prices, shipping to Neal and the ones he sent to you.

Jay and Shawn (and their helpers) for being the key organizers of the DC posters assembly and distribution. I
They picked up the posters in Baltimore, received Neal's stuff, assembled and distributed 800 or so posters!

And of course all the people who donated to the sign fund to make it happen.

I'll get the final costs and payees list to you soon.

...and a big hand for Chicago Jim for making all the pieces come together.



Hello Bart,
    I drove up to DC to attend the protest.
Great posters there, including yours.

I love Tiger Woods,
I love Tom Cruise,
I love Rosie O'Donnell,

...compared to the Dallas Cowboys.

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  Demi Moore weds child actor
      ...are we preggers?



 It's OK, because she was never his teacher...



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