' BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary, October 5, 2005, Volume 1631 - Flower of Fire, How Rotten Are They?, GOP Split Over Miers, Bush is a douchebag, Religious insanity, Miers dropped 9-11 ball, Bush warns Nicaragua, 'Surface' glow found, Jeter's death threats, Lindsay Lohan crash
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Wed  Oct 5, 2005     Volume 1631 -  Flower of Fire 

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
How Rotten Are They? 
GOP Split Over Miers 
Bush is a douchebag 
Religious insanity
Miers dropped 9-11 ball 
Bush warns Nicaragua 
'Surface' glow found 
Jeter's death threats
Lindsay Lohan crash 


 Quote of the Day

"Picking Miers makes Bush look weak. 
. I can't tell you how that disappoints me." 
     -- the vulgar junkie Pigboy,   Link

  Click  Here  to hear him say it.


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"They had the shower on to muffle the noise, but it wasn't helping. They never screamed
  like that when we were humiliating. But this guy was like screaming bloody murder.
  I mean it still haunts me...  I can still hear it just like it happened yesterday."
     -- Lynndie England, describing what Bush is doing in our name, with our tax dollars,     Link


 How Rotten Are These Guys?
   by Robert Parry at  concortiumnews.com


(The offenses of DeLay and Rove) represent potential felonies, but they pale beside new allegations
linking business associates of star GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff - an ally of both DeLay and Rove -
to the gangland-style murder of casino owner Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2001.

These criminal cases also are reminders of George H.W. Bush's long record of unsavory associations,
including with a Nicaraguan contra network permeated by cocaine traffickers, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's
multi-million-dollar money-laundering operations, and anti-communist Cuban extremists tied to acts of
international terrorism. [For details on these cases, see Robert Parry's Secrecy & Privilege.]

Now, George W. Bush is faced with his own challenge of containing a rupture of scandals - involving
prominent conservatives Abramoff, DeLay and potentially Rove - that have bubbled to the surface
and are beginning to flow toward the White House.


GOP Split Over Miers
 Dems solidly with Bush, as always


Some of Bush's fascist supporters are unconvinced by his defense of Harriet Miers,
creating dissension in the GOP that until now has reverently approved Bush's judicial candidates.

Conservatives in some cases are expressing outright opposition, some are in wait-and-see mode
and some are silent, all bad signs for a Bush administration used to having the full backing of all
wings of the GOP when it takes on the Senate's minority Democrats over judicial selection.

"I'm getting reports on both sides," said Paul Weyrich, (In red, above) a leader from the KKK.
"Some people are quite enthused about her and other people are very upset. The grass-roots
are not happy, I can tell you that."

Senate Democrats, wetting themselves in fear, are mostly holding their fire.

"With so much at stake, we shouldn't rush to judgment about this or any other nominee,
but I am impressed by Harriet Miers," gushed Senate Democratic sellout Harry Reid.


 Bush is such a douchebag liar
   Also known as   ...Kiss of Death

"We captured Osama's Number Two man,"  claims Bush and the breathless American whore media.
"We captured Osama's Number Three man," claims Bush and the breathless American whore media

...the breathless American whore media that will gladly urge the sacrifice of American kids for Halliburton.

What if...

What if someone took the time to add up all their lies?
What if someone took the time to catalog alllllll their lies?


 Trust me...


Subject: French 2.8 times braver than american...!?

· Please, Bartcop, I wish you showed more often that you
are a little bit more enlightened than the Jay Leno crowds.

On Volume 1629, under the title HELP ME, you published an e-mail
in which there is a list that starts like this:

> World's Thinnest Books

> by Jacques Chirac

This is the big problem with american psyche: you prefer cliches to facts or knowledge.

Hey, watch it when you speak for me.
I didn't write that - don't attribute that to me - I'm not in the mood.

12,364,000 ÷ peak strength of U.S. armed forces during WWII Servicemen killed:
USA 295,000 That's 2.38%

5,000,000 ÷ peak strength of French armed forces during WWII
Servicemen killed: France*   340,000 That's 6.8%

IN PROPORTION, almost 3 times more french soldiers gave their life than US soldiers.

So please, a little respect, and for your own mental/soul health, cut the cliches.

Aside of that, big fan, keep hammering etc...
Jean Pierre

Cut the cliches?
I didn't write that.  So far, you haven't quoted me.

You think every idiotic e-mail that gets forwarded should be dissected, researched,
analyzed and then refuted?      When you're arguing with an ignorant Monkey?

I'm guessing you have more time on your hands than I do.

For a Bush-loving handjob spewing hatred for anyone who's poor, liberal, intellectual,
black or gay, a swift and certain "Blow me" is all I have time for.

Next time someone forwards "Clinton's 50 biggest lies" to me, I'll send it on to you.


The dark side of religious insanity


Too much religion may be a dangerous thing.

This conclusion will come as no surprise to those who have long gnashed their teeth in frustration while
listening to right-wing evangelical claims that secular liberals are weak on "values." Paul's study confirms
globally what is already evident in the U.S.: When it comes to "values," if you look at facts rather than
mere rhetoric, the substantially more secular blue states routinely leave the Bible Belt red states in the dust.

Murder rates? Six of the seven states with the highest 2003 homicide rates were "red" in the 2004
elections (Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina), while the deep blue
Northeastern states had murder rates well below the national average. Infant mortality rates?
Highest in the South and Southwest; lowest in New England. Divorce rates? Marriages break up
far more in red states than in blue.  Teen pregnancy rates? The same.

We talked about this concerning Vegas.  Since "call girls" are legal there, the Vegas crime rate should be
compared to other cities. If they have fewer rapes, less spousal abuse, etc. then the facts tell us prostituion
should be legalized in every large American city - but only if you want the crime rate to come down.

But in America, we'd rather lie to ourselves.
We'd rather believe the Invisible Cloud Being has an angel on our shoulder, so there's no need to adhere
to science and logic and we're paying the price for it with Bush, God's hand-picked Invader of Countries.


Subject: Miers has never been a judge

I'm concerned about Bush's pick of Harriet Ellan Miers for the Supreme Court because she
has never been a judge. Bush seems to want to pick his personal friends for high positions
instead of people who are experienced an competent.

Why pick someone to be a judge on the Supreme Court who has never been a judge?
That makes as much sense as Michael Brown being picked to be head of FEMA
- and we know how that turned out.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.



"That's right, I said I'm a hooker. I have to go up to total strangers,
  ask them for money and get them to expect me to be there when they need me.
  What does that sound like to you?"
      --Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL), flashing a little honest, for a Republican     Link


Subject: chiminea?

You need a Chiminea?  Go down the block and haul off an abandoned washing machine.
Hit it with a cinder block or lug wrench until the basket comes out.
The kind with holes in the sides.   Enamel over steel. Recycle it before it gets crushed.
Put the basket up on a few rocks and fill it with sticks, mill ends and pizza boxes.
Light and be happy.

If it sparks up, put a screen window over it and when that burns through get some
hardware cloth from a real hardware store.  That's a Chiminea, Arizona style.
We got 'em in California too.

Happy Harry


Miers dropped 9-11 ball


On its front page Tuesday, The New York Times published a photo Harriet Miers
going over a briefing paper with Bush at his fake ranch "in August 2001," the caption reads.

USA Today and the Boston Globe carried the photo labeled simply "2001," but many other
newspapers ran the picture in print or on the Web with a more precise date: Aug. 6, 2001.

The NYWTimes and the USAWhoreToday and the Boston Whore exist to protect Bush.
There are not news organizations - they are whores for sale.
Heidi Fliess had prettier rentals, but the por-Bush papers exist to protect his deserter ass.

Does that date sound familiar?
That was a month before 9/11, when Bush was briefed on the "PDB" that said Osama
was "determined" to attack inside the U.S., perhaps with hijacked planes. But does that
mean that Miers had anything to do with that briefing?

No, the press always gives the Bush co-conspirators the benifit of the doubt.

No way a women who said, "Dubya is the most brilliant man I've ever known,"
would ever try to cover up for his monkey-simpleton mistakes or his outright crimes,
just because he was appointing her to one of the most powerful positions on the planet.

With the BFEE, it's always "appointed by those with bad intent,"
and never "elected by the will of the majority of people."

Think about it.
Hillary has won more elections than Karl Rove, Karen Hughes, Condi Rice, John Roberts,
Harriet Miers, Clarence Thomas, Three Fingers Scalia, F-ing Brownie, Elliot Abrams,
Oliver North, Caspar Weinberger, John Poindexter, Ahmed Chalabi and Jesus combined.

Oh, ...Christ, ...I need a drink.


 While The Iron is Hot
   Is  bartcopism  spreading?


The Republican Party and the Bush Administration are reeling, enmeshed in corruption and failure,
and the ideology of the regressive right is in retreat. The iron is hot - now is the time to strike.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Democratic Party would prefer to throw cold water on the hot iron.
What in the name of God and the US Constitution has neutered the Democrats?"

Victory is ours for the taking - we just don't want it.
If victory knocks on a Democrat's door, they might let it in,
but they damn sure won't look for it or work for it or even entertain the thought of reaching for it.

Don't tell me "They're all on the same team."
The BFEE spends millions every year demonizing their "partners."

           "Stop it, Bart!  Fighting is wrong for America!"


Subject: Senator Sellout

Bart, you published:

> "Ms. Miers' views will be important for the Senate to examine."
>   -- Senator Sellout, also known as Pat Rubber-stamp Leahy,


I've been telling everyone in my political spam group any Democrat who votes for the chimp's
criminally incompetent cronies needs to get the VP's three word lecture.   (G  F Y)

Leahy has clearly followed Cheney's advice and is doing his best to give the rest of us the same treatment.
I wish I lived in Vermont so I could actively campaign against Leahy the traitor.


 Mystery Ocean Glow Confirmed
    Just like on that TV show, "Surface"


Mariners have long told of rare nighttime events in which the ocean glows intensely
as far as the eye can see in all directions.

Scientists don't have a good handle what's going on. But satellite sensors have now provided
the first pictures of a milky sea and given new hope to learning more about the elusive events.

The newly released images show a vast region of the Indian Ocean, about the size of Connecticut,
glowing three nights in a row. The luminescence was also spotted from a ship in the area.

Whatever it is, the BFEE will find a way to make millions from it.


Subject: Moon elder spills the beans and why TV won't do Moon

Here's a post on some information forwarded to me by Larry Zilliox.
If you read the quotes from the Kodiak article and the 1990 NBC transcript, I think you can
kind of add to the wonderment of why anyone would think that anything Moon does is not tied
to plans for the planet. Also, given that this was 1990, the transcript explains why TV won't do Moon.

Click  Here

They'd have to report they helped him.

MW, this is why I need a staff.
I know Bush is crooked, I know Moon is crooked.

I've seen pictures of Bush presiding at those 20,000 couple weddings in stadiums,
and what kind of American family values is having a religiously-insane Korean with
delusions of godhood marry you and 19,999 other couples at the same Moondamn time?

...with Moon holding Poppy Bush's prune-ass testicles in his hand during the wedding vows?

No doubt, if I had weeks to get into this, I'd have a stronger opinion.

But the truth is the BFEE runs a global crime syndicate and I'm just a dude in
Oklahoma with a modem and a shot of Chinaco in his hand and I just can't keep up.

The BFEE commits more crimes before sunrise than other criminal cartels commit all day.



 Subject: donation

Bart, send me stickers!
I will put them up all over the gulf coast.
These people are pissed already and this will go over great.

I am a flood adjuster and every day I see what were once homes and are now just slabs and pilings.
Flood coverage maxes out at $250,000 and many people who live close to the ocean are W's fan base.

When they ask me "what am I going to do?" I suggest they learn to live in $250000 home.
For most it is sort of an insult but the only way to 'insure' this doesn't happen again
Fred the adjuster

WPE stickers!    Free with any donation

Plus two bartcop.com ovals and "I Miss Clinton" bonus sticker.
Four stickers for one donation!

(If you don't miss Clinton, tell me and I'll leave that sticker out.)

You can donate with PayPal...or  snail mail.

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

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Wow!  My first time.
Doesn't anyone with a brain read this BLOG?

Sure they do - our side is plenty smart.
It's the blog's writer who needs the brain transplant.

You guys keep diggin' and we'll keep buying the shovels.

Fine, but pay cash for the shovels, would you?
Your president is over the limit on the taxpayer's Mastercard.


Random thought...

Will Farrell does the best Bush impression - no contest.

Jay Leno thinks his guy, with the heaving shoulders is best, ...but no.
Surprisingly, ...Jon Stewart does the second best Bush impression.

Koresh, if you go by pure soul, Stewie might win outright.
Farrell does a better "This is how Bush is when you meet him,"
but Stewie knows what's in Bush's black f-ing heart - like we do.

When Stewie does that mega-maniancal "I don't give a fuck" Bush laugh,
he's telling you that he sees the exact same monster I see when I watch Bush on the TV.

Stewie thinks he's a comedian, ...and he's right,
but he channels the Butcher of Baghdad like a Ghost Whisperer...


Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com   HERE

Derek Jeter gets GOP death threat
 "Stop dating white women or we'll set you on fire"


Derek Jeter, the prettiest Yankee, downplayed what he called the "stupid letter"
sent to him and others threatening violence if he continues to date white women.

The New York Daily Whore reported that the letter called Jeter a "traitor to his race"
and warned him "to stop or he'll be shot or set on fire."

Jeter, whose mother is white and father is black, said in an interview last week that he
did not feel threatened by the letter, which came to his attention 2-3 months ago.

I wish the GOP would just let Jeter play baseball.


Subject: so damn stupid

Bart, can we be so damn stupid all of the time?
He nominated her because she has NO written record.
She thinks that he is the most intelligent man she has ever met?

Call me stupid but, he is setting the pink tutu democrats up AGAIN.
When are these people going to get a clue?
What happened to dissent in this country?
She is as right wing as Bush it just can not be proven.
Get some guts Democrats and look at the facts.
When has this guy EVER done anything Bi-partisan?
Sheesh  Bart this calls for a shot.

Patrick D. G

Harry Reid loves this unqualified crony hack.
Harry Reid leades the Senate tutus.
The senate will confirm the unqualified crony hack.

Women lose, we lose, America loses - again.
Thanks, Harry.



"This guy will do what he wants. If he wants to pick a flunky, passing over dozens
  of more experienced jurists more acceptable to his base, that's what he'll do."
         --Andrew Sullivan, deeply hurt by his favorite Monkey  Link


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"Can anyone really imagine that she'd be the nominee if she weren't a woman
  and the president's friend? Cronyism and affirmative action: It's a nasty mix."
      --Emily Bazelon,  Link


Bush Court to 'Revisit' Assisted Suicide
  No, they're going to deny that option - to please God


The Bush Court will revisit the emotionally charged issue of physician-assisted suicide
in a test of how intrusive Bush's overbearing federal government can be in our daily lives.

Oregon voters chose that option, and now Bush's BIG federal nanny will overrule them.
Oregon voters have twice endorsed doctor-assisted suicide, but the religiously-insane
Bush administration thinks you need more government and more rules so they have
aggressively challenged the state law to keep you in pain to please their vengeful God.

In 1997 the court found that the terminally ill have no constitutional right to doctor-assisted suicide.
O'Connor provided a key fifth vote in that decision, which left room for state-by-state experimentation.

O'Connor is retiring, and Bush on Monday named his religiously-insane personal lawyer to replace her.
If Miers is confirmed before a ruling is announced, O'Connor's vote will not count.
A 4-4 tie would probably require the court to schedule a new argument session.

    "We do what Rove tells us - we're Bush boys thru-and-thru."

We're in trouble.
The sacless Dems are going to let Bush's insanity overrule our doctors.


 How good is DeLay's lawyer?
   by Molly Ivins


 Speaking of Dick DeGuerin, he is defending Tom DeLay. Want to know how good he is?
One of his recent clients was Robert Durst, heir to a New York real estate fortune, who
admitted killing and dismembering an unfortunate vic in Galveston. Durst was a suspect in
a California killing at the time and had moved to Galveston posing as a deaf-mute woman.

Durst jumped bail on the Galveston charge and was arrested in Pennsylvania for stealing a
chicken sandwich while carrying two guns and $38,000. DeGuerin got him acquitted on the
murder charge on the grounds of self-defense, but they nailed him for the guns and tampering
with evidence -- that would be dismembering the corpse. They let him slide on the chicken
sandwich charge. I swear, I'm not making up any of this. That's how good Dick DeGuerin is.

If I were fool enough to give DeGuerin advice, it would be, "Don't let DeLay on the stand."
The man just can't help himself -- he's just too mean, he always pushes it that step too far.


Subject: chiminea

I have a chiminea that stands 4.5' tall.
Ever notice if you turn it on it's side, it looks like a giant hash pipe?
Mine would be a bitch to fill.

This is the ONLY area where I'm conservative.
That shit is expensive.

Dissident Dexter


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


"Harriet Miers, as you know, has no experience.
  No experience is the main requirement to be a Bush appointee."
   -- Dave, forgetting that loyalty to Der Monkey is Number One


What's Jesus doing?

He's playing poker!
That's an outrage.

He knows what cards are next!
Jesus is cheating!

Call the

...as heard on BCR 82

Put your comments on the next radio show.

You have two minutes to record your message.

 Today's oil theft total

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $63.90 a barrel
makes $127,800,000  Bush stole just yesterday

Republicans and religio-crazies
say losing thousands of soldiers in
Bush's bloody war is acceptable.

1941 1942 have died for Bush greed,


Kanye and Mike Myers

  Click  Here  - turn your speakers on

 They were on SNL and reminisced about their Katrina telethon slot when Kanye said:

 "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

 It's a hoot.


 Subject: Bush's new toady

Check out a little history on George Bush's new toady.
Not only does she have a brown nose but she is apparently corrupt, too.

Just what we need a corrupt toady on the Supreem court.
Who will be next in line if she fails? Tony Soprano?

Click the link below and get a glimps of Miers link to corruption.

Miers Led Law Firm Repeatedly Forced to Pay Damages For Defrauding Investors


In case anyone thought Harriet Miers wasn't a corporate-shill-in-White-House-clothing,
take a gander at how Miers did her best Ken Lay impression while heading a major Texas
corporate law firm. That's right, according to the 5/1/00 Class Action Reporter, Miers headed
Locke, Liddell & Sapp at the time the firm was forced to pay $22 million to
settle a suit asserting that "it aided a client in defrauding investors."

No matter - she still has Harry Reid's vote.


 Bono Up For Nobel Peace Prize 
   Butcher of Baghdad a million-to-1 shot


Bono and Bob Geldof are considered contenders for this year's Nobel Peace Prize
which will be announced this Friday in Norway. They are being recognized for their
efforts in getting G8 leaders to increase aid to African countries.

In other Bono news, U2 are slated to appear on Conan O'Brien on Thursday.
It will be the first time the entire show is dedicated to one guest only.
They are set to perform at least three songs and may also be in some skits.

Bono, if you win that, I'll buy you a shot of Chinaco at the Pink Taco.


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 Lindsay Lohan crashes Herbie
   Talking car pisses her off

          "I drive like Der Monkey on a Beam jag."



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