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Tuesday  Nov 15, 2005   Volume 1655 - Filibuster Alito

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush in Osama's trap
Hagel: Bush 'destabilized'
Right Way in Iraq 
Monkey Mail
Santorum's behind
Where's My Country?
Imus & Andy 
Tequila, Straight Up! 
Heather Locklear crisis?


 Quote of the Day

"Bush defended prisoner interrogation 
  saying 'we do not torture.' He added,
  'We freedom electrocute.' "  
          --Amy Poehler,  SNL Weekend Update 


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"Well, I guess that settles that. ''We do not torture,'' Bush said Monday. 
Never mind all those torture pictures from Abu Ghraib. 
Never mind all those torture stories from Guantánamo Bay. 
Never mind the 2002 Justice Department memo that sought to justify torture. 
Never mind reports of U.S. officials sending detainees to other countries for torture. 
Never mind Dick Cheney lobbying to exempt the CIA from rules prohibiting torture. 
''We do not torture,'' said the president. And that's that, right? 
I mean, if you can't believe Bush, who can you believe? 
        --Leonard Pitts Jr.,  Link 



Did Bush fall into Osama's trap?
   by  William Rivers Pitt


The decision to invade Iraq has made the world less safe. Look at the wreckage left behind by the bombing 
of those hotels in Jordan last week. The perpetrators were not hardened al Qaeda veterans who learned to fight 
in the Hindu Kush by killing Russians on behalf of the Reagan administration. The perpetrators were all Iraqis. 
Mr. Bush's misbegotten adventure in Iraq has left the nest, and is spreading out into the wider world.

The decision by Bush to use wildly questionable sources in order to scare the American people into supporting 
the war has been a great aid and comfort to those who now kill American soldiers so far from home. 
In other words, did Bush do exactly, precisely what Osama bin Laden wanted him to?

There's no doubt that Bush handled all of this in exactly the wrong way.
After 9-11, love for America poured in from around the globe and Osama was universally hated.
Three years later, Osama and Al Qaeda are stronger than ever and America is universally despised.

Only one man had the power to make Osama a world player and Bush played his part perfectly,
this is if you're Osama trying to prove that America is a sex-obsessed land of Arab-hating torturers.

Thanks to Bush, this is Amerikka's image worldwide.

  "Thanks for the democracy,  Meester Bush!"


Bush made me lose my race


The Republican who lost New Jersey's bitter gubernatorial race said he would have won if Bush wasn't
hated from coast-to-coast.  Doug Forrester, who lost to Democrat Jon Corzine by about 9 points last week,
said dissatisfaction with Bush made it impossible for him to overcome the Democrats' advantages.

"If Bush's numbers were where they were a year ago, or even six months ago, I think we would have won on Tuesday,"
Forrester said.

Bush's approval rating is at the lowest of his presidency and he faces a host of difficulties, including the war in Iraq,
the no-show response to, soaring fuel prices, Traitor-gate and the inability to form coherent thoughts in his head.

RNC spinmeister Danny Diaz blamed Forrester, saying local races have always been about local issues.

Bush is poison - get used to that, Republicans.
Everybody hates that smug, smirking bastard and they're damn late getting to the party.



"It's not just that torture is morally repugnant and stains all who are involved with it. It does. 
The most amazingly thing about this torture regime is that it's specifically designed to extract false 
confessions for propaganda purposes. Dear gawd, can they really be so incompetent that they didn't 
understand the difference between creating propaganda and gaining intelligence? Sadly, yes. 
I keep forgetting that the GWOT is really a massive mind-fuck for these deluded neocon fabulists."
       --digby,      Link


Subject: religious insanity

I emailed awhile back about my experiences visiting my wife's church in Dallas, TX.

Here's the latest:

Yesterday ( SUN 11/13 ) the pastor was busy with building fund updates so he brought in a guest preacher.
This was the president of Dallas Theological Seminary - aka nutbag central.  His topic was prophecy.
Though he didn't go into details, I could tell he expected the congregation to all be on the same page re. Israel, eschatology, etc.

One bit that really didn't sit well with me was his statement that this old world really doesn't work so well anymore
and he would like to destroy it himself.  I think he might have been caught up in the moment. He caught himself quickly
and added that when is up to God of course, but could he please be allowed to push the button!

I've known for some time that the religious crazies were dangerous.
Now they're not being so coy about their hatred of life.
Will the non-Koolaid folks notice in time?

Deep Undercover in Dallas


Why the Democrats Have to Filibuster Alito
  an essay by BartCop



Bush escalates bitter war debate
 Childish man-boy throws another tantrum

       "I am still the King and you will not forget that!"


The defective President escalated the bitter debate over his failed Iraqi quagmire on Monday,
hurling back at Democratic critics the worries they once expressed that Saddam was a grave threat.

Bush went on the attack after his davisors told him he had nothing left to lose.   Democrats accused the
Bush manipulating pre-war intelligence and misleading Americans about the rationale for war.

"Some Democrats who voted to authorize the use of force are now rewriting the past," Bush lied.
"They're playing politics with this issue and they are sending mixed signals and that is irresponsible."

Attacking when you're in trouble is a smart move,
but it only works if your opponents are weak and afraid.

The questions is: Are Democrats still afraid of Karl Rove?


Chapter Six
An elite Republican cabal conspires to fix the
2008 presidential election, but its plans to embezzle money
from the RNC are uncovered and lead to murder.
Democratic congressman Jack Stibik and his mentor,
Professor Gar Reynolds, reunite. Marty's, Jack's twin brother
and Delta Force veteran, visits Annapolis..

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"There is no greater breach of the public trust than knowingly misleading the country into war. 
In a democracy, we simply cannot tolerate the abuse of this trust by the government. To the extent 
this occurred in the lead up to the war in Iraq, those responsible must be held accountable."  
       --John Kerry,    Link

 ...eh?   ...what?       Oh, sorry - I feel asleep.

John, you can even make Bush's treason boring - how do you do that? 


Hagel: Bush has 'destabilized' Middle East
 Looks like someone wants to be president


"No question that much of the questioning that I've done about Iraq even before we went into Iraq
was conditioned by, tempered by, that experience in Vietnam," Hagel told C-Span's Brian Lamb.
"One of the things it does is it makes you less inclined to jump into war."   (If only Bush hadn't deserted!)

"It's easy to get into war, not very easy to get out," Hagel saidabout a taped conversation in which LBJ
said he'd be impeached if he withdrew U.S. troops even though they were bogged down in a similar quagmire,

But now, he said, "we can't just get up and leave Iraq."

"We've got to work our way out of this in a way that doesn't even 
further destabilize the Middle East, which I think our president has done.

Hagel is putting lots of room between him and Der Monkey President.
As of now, I'd say Hagel is the horse in front in the 2008 GOP Derby.


The Right Way in Iraq
   by John Edwards


I was wrong.

Almost three years ago we went into Iraq to remove what we were told - and what many of us believed and argued
- was a threat to America. But in fact we now know that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction when our 
forces invaded Iraq in 2003. The intelligence was deeply flawed and, in some cases, manipulated to fit a political agenda.

It was a mistake to vote for this war in 2002. I take responsibility for that mistake. It has been hard to say these words 
because those who didn't make a mistake - the men and women of our armed forces and their families - have performed 
heroically and paid a dear price.  The argument for going to war with Iraq was based on intelligence that we now know 
was inaccurate. The information the American people were hearing from the president - and that I was being given by 
our intelligence community - wasn't the whole story. Had I known this at the time, I never would have voted for this war.

Bush won't accept responsibility for his mistakes. Along with Cheney and Rumsfeld, he has made horrible mistakes at almost every step

This reads a lot like the speech Hillary will give - at the right time.
Something tell me you Hillary haters will accept Edwards's apology,
but when Hillary says it you'll scream, "Lying bitch!" and kick her in the teeth.

When you do that, expect a thank you card from Karl Rove.


Subject: Quislings

You and your flock have proven beyond any doubt that you are a gaggle of Quislings, 
but at least one of you is an armed Quisling.  

Thanks, that was nice of you...

How silly though, Muslims would never riot in the streets and destroy property, they are the religion of peace.  
The idiots in France "gave" them lives and opportunities they could never have dreamt of in Algeria.

Oh, I'll bet there are plenty of hopeless slums in Algeria, too.
They need to appreciate where they are because after all, in France, even the trashman speaks French.

Thanks, France, Nation of Quislings.
Ken in Houston

Dude, are you thinking I'm in France?
I'm right here in Oklahoma, a KKK-GOP red state if there ever was one.

Write back, maybe we could debate or something...



Please visit our longest running sponsor

Imus & Andy
by Margaret Kimberley at  blackcommentator.com


Despite Imus' race baiting, politicians and celebrities never turn down a chance for an interview with him. 
This particular conversation began with a reference to Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., who loves appearing with Imus. 
Ford loves many things that most black people do not. Rooney is so busy telling black people what to say 
about themselves that he apparently doesn't know much about his own group. 

His comment, "I mean, am I an 'Irish-American?,'" is just plain stupid. Millions of Americans use that term. 
The appeal of the words African-American began with the realization that identification with place of origin 
was more self-affirming for many people than a reference to skin color. Imus doesn't care one way or the other. 
He would use the word "nigger" if he could get away with it and be done with any other niceties."

Howard Stern has to love it that Imus is still around to lower the bar.
No matter how bad Stern gets, you know Imus is worse.

"Howard, can I borrow a cup of class?"


Subject: Hillary bashing

Bart, askin the hillary lovers...where does she stand on this war..? 

her supporters surely must know....well ?


Dwick, only she can say for sure, but I'll bet her position is ...in transition.
She's too smart to stick with a losing strategy.

She'll come out against this war at the right time.
I'll bet her political future on that.


Santorum 16 points behind Demo Bob Casey


Democrat Bob Casey has widened his lead over Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Insane).
The poll shows Casey, the state treasurer, capturing 52 percent versus Santorum's 36 percent.
Polls released by the same firm showed Santorum trailing by 14 points in September and nine points in August.

Democrats have cheered Casey's lead in the polls, saying it shows that Santorum is out of step with
Pennsylvanians and that voters are sick of the "culture of corruption" in Washington.

"There's no doubt about it: Rick Santorum is in trouble," Casey Campaign Manger Jay Reiff said.

 I'm one of Jeff Gannon's "Rough Riders,"
 'cept I'm more of an underbear than a top...



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


Subject: Re: And don't listen to Mary Beth Cahill or Bob Shrum..

...or that freaking Donna Brazile-Nut. How did the Dems get saddled with such losers?
Sometimes....sometimes I am sure they are moles for the dark side.
I know Dick More-Ass was.


JJ, good point about Donna - I like her, but dammit, we need a wartime consiglieri during war,



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I've been wanting and meaning to send money for some time now to contribute.
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Thanks, again.

Smalls, thanks.
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1100 lawyers leave Team Saddam


Some 1,100 Iraqi lawyers have withdrawn from Saddam Hussein's defense team, citing insufficient protection 
following the slayings of two peers representing co-defendants of the ousted Iraqi leader. The lawyers did not say 
whether Saddam's chief Iraqi attorney, Khalil al-Dulaimi, was among those who withdrew."

Saddam and seven co-defendants are on trial in a special Iraqi tribunal, charged with war crimes they 
allegedly committed before getting into bed with Reagan and Bush in the mid-eighties. When asked 
to explain why they were charging him with pre-buddy crimes. Scottie the Underbear said he couldn't 
comment, because the Saddam investigation was still ongoing.

The 1,100 lawyers repeated their call for canceling the trial in Iraq, which opened Oct. 19. 
The lawyers do not recognize the Nov. 28 date for its scheduled resumption..

"Oh, there goes my bad eye, again.
 If Saddam talks at his trial, we're in Big trouble.
 They could put Daddy and Unka Dick on trial for war crimes. 
 Damn, my eye has never twitched this bad before..."



"Getting suckered usually is not a sign of good judgment. Democrats are making the contention that they were 
told lies prior to the Iraq war, and believed them, central to their party's identity. They are caught between their 
base's conviction that Bush lied about Iraq and the fact that the cream of the party voted to authorize the war. 
If Bush lied, it stands to reason that they are all naifs, foolishly drawn to the seductions of a charlatan. 
They aren't statesmen; they're victims." 
    --National Review Editor Rich Lowry, doing his best to pretend while holding the losing hand    Link

Hey, Dickweed, if you run up to me and sceam, "The building's on fire," I'm "suckered" if I leave?
Leaving is the smart thing to do when presented with the assertaton that the building you're in is burning.
If you say, "Bring an umbrella because it's raining like crazy," I'm stupid if I bring an umbrella?

The only way Bush can get away with his Iraqi lies is if the Democrats let him, and maybe, just maybe,
they're tired of kissing that idiot's ass and maybe they're about to a little frustration explode all over him.

Bush, Cheney and Runsfeld screamed, "We gotta go - right now, right now, right now."
That wasn't the Democrats, so stop lying, Lowry.

Also, they keep whining about this (close to) quote:
"I believe Saddam was WMDs and I think he's a menace who should vbe taken out."

Then they get all obnoxious and scream,
"You know who said that?
  You know who said that?
  You know who said that?
  You know who said that?"
  William Jefferson Clinton said that in 1998, so neener-neener-neener-neener on you!"

You can always reply:
"He may have thought that, but he didn't feel strongly enough about it
to send over two thousand brave soldiers to their graves, did he?

Get ready to duck, because they may throw a punch in frustration. 


Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?


"I have trouble remembering from one day to the next what 'blue' and 'red' mean. 
  They used to call us Democrats 'reds' because they thought we were too liberal, too pink.
  I'm glad the Republicans have assumed that label now." 
      --  George McGovern (D-Heroic WWII Fighter Pilot), interview with Jonathan Singer,  Link


Subject:  bartcop poster sighted in Kyoto




Mawmp, thanks - that was cool.


Maureen Dowd, Where's My Country?


The New York Whore Times Sunday magazine published an excerpt from Maureen Dowd's book, Are Men Necessary?. 
The excerpt itself was a long-winded lament over the current state of gender relations amongst a very specific group of 
people -- Dowd, her best friends and the powerful men they date. It contained a slew of complaints which you've probably 
heard before if you watch Sex and the City or spend a lot of time hanging out with movie stars, senators and CEOs: 
men like 'em young and adoring; smart women are intimidating; if you win a Pulitzer you'll never catch a husband; 
Botox and boob jobs are everywhere; and good lord, what is up with Jessica Simpson?

Media justice was swift and severe. 

The female blogosphere played slice and dice with Dowd's easy assertions (a particularly choice slam, from Wonkette's 
married and, arguably, rather successful Ana Marie Cox: "Thank God we aren't as smart as she is or else we'd never have 
found a husband") and the comments sections of any blog that dared mention her name buzzed with the raised hackles of men 
and women (but mostly women) who bristled at Dowd's apparent inability to see beyond her own very narrow world.

It seemed that the title should really have been: "Are Rich And Powerful Men Necessary To Rich And Powerful Women?" 
To which the only appropriate answer, for anyone outside Dowd's narrow niche is, who cares?

Maybe Dowd can't find a man because she hates everybody.
Who wants to spend time with someone like that?

Plus, with the world falling apart and America crashing, why would Ms. Pulitzer
spend a year writing a book whining about the reasons she can't get laid?


Subject: evidence

Hi, Bart,
On November 10 you asked Tack:

> "If Bush's CIA says, "Saddam can hit us in 45 minutes with WMDs," yeah, a good senator
> is going to have to trust that unless, like you said, there is, "convincing, countervailing evidence."

>  Are you aware of any convincing, countervailing evidence available at the time?"

In fact, there was plenty of evidence. There were the UN inspection reports (as you will recall, the only reason 
anyone gave for doubting them was that they doubted them). There was the evidence that Bush wanted to invade 
Iraq even though he claimed it could deploy WMDs against U. S. troops and against its neighbours in 45 minutes, 
and could deploy them against the U. S. with a little planning.

The only mystery in all this is why Bush hasn't planted some WMDs in Iraq to justify its claims. 
Another mystery is why important members of Congress never raised any of these issues.

John Fitz

Jean, when Ritter and Blix said they found nothing, that wasn't the same as, "There are no WMDs."
I can understand the senate not wanting to gamble 150M lives on a "probably."

The reports by Ritter and Blix should've been enough to slow Bush's rush to war, but the Democrats were 
too scared and the GOP Press was looking for more way to praise Bush's "greatness," so they went along.


Call the 

...listen for it on Bartcop Radio

Subject: Lies or not?

What lies did Bush intentionally tell the American public that 
deviated from the documentation provided to Congress? 

How was it that the international intelligence communities in Russia, France 
and Israel concurred with the assessments made relative to Iraq's purported WMD? 

Apart from rampant claims of lies, vagaries or rabid statements of presidential malfeasance, 
I would appreciate your take on the matter---with documented proof that·.
Bush said 'this' and the documentation leading us to war says 'that'.

Thank you,
CC in FL

The biggest lie Bush told was, "We can't wait another hour - we must attack right now."

Bush said the evidence was so clear and so strong that Saddam was about to launch,
we didn't have time to equip the soldiers with the tools they needed, tools like body armor,
water, sufficient weapons and ammo, night-vision goggles and all the rest of that stuff.

Like his dady with Mogadishu, Bush sent men into harm's way naked, all the while bragging 
about how the soldiers could depend on him because he, too, was a man in unofirm - once.
Remember during the campaign, hundreds of times Bush promsied, "Help is on the way."

As bad as it is to lie us into a war we're going to win, it's so much worse to lie us into a war
before we're ready, so hundreds of men are killed without gaining and holding enemy ground.
He didn't send enough troops to gain and hold ground, so we fight the same battles over and over.

Bottom line - Bush is too stupid to be a war president. He used to brag, "I make decisions by
the seat of my pants," which actually meant, "I'm not bothered by facts or circumstances, 
I do what I want and if it fails, Daddy bails me out."

He doesn't say that much these days, because he's poison - he's King Midas in reverse.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $57.69 a barrel
makes $115,380,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2067 2069 have died for Halliburton

Two more families destroyed since yesterday - for what?
Does Exxon care? No, because...
They make $75,000 profit per minute!

"...that's why we stole the White House!
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.



"Calling Ahmad Chalabi by his latest official title -- 'deputy prime minister'
-- without a nod to the key role he played in the bogus intel the White House used 
tosell the war is like describing Ken Lay as 'a prominent Houston businessman.'"  
    --Arianna Huffington,   Link


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Tequila - Straight Up!


Francisco Javier Rivera planted 50 acres of blue agave here four years ago in tequila country, 
and he has no idea if anyone will buy his crop when it matures four years from now.

"It's like the lottery," Mr. Rivera said. "We don't know if we'll have good or bad luck. 
We know we can't guess the price. But it's a chance we take." 

It matters little to him that tequila is having a banner year. Tequila has been transformed in recent years into that of a spirit 
for refined palates. Tequila production in Mexico has doubled since 1995 and will reach 55 million gallons this year, with 
exports of 32 million gallons, mostly to the United States. But the farmers here will share little of that success. Prices for 
blue agave are collapsing and will drop even further as oversupply mounts in the next few years - the mirror image of a 
blue agave shortage five years ago that sent prices soaring and farmers rushing to plant more agave.

"In Jalisco, we don't have oil, we have tequila," said Francisco Guzmán, a protesting farmer, saying prices that have 
dropped from a peak of 72 cents a pound in 2000 to 6 cents a pound. "We just want a piece of this wealth."

Oil, even at Bush prices, is $60-70 for 55 gallons.
Great tequila can cost $40 a ounce.

Say a prayer for our agave-growing brothers in Mexico.


Subject:  Iraq War blame


The Republicans are slowly but surely pinning the responsibility for the Iraq war on the Democrats and 
the Democrats are doing nothing about it. Check out the RNC website: http://www.rnc.org/ .  They are 
hammering this issue hard, and the Democrats refuse to come up with a strategy to fight it.

There is a video showing Madeline Albright, John Dean, and Bill Clinton among others, giving speeches 
about the vileness of Saddam Hussein. What they don't show is that even though the Democrats vilified Saddam, 
they did not have enough evidence to commit thousands of American lives and billions of dollars. 
What they don't show is that the Clinton White House initiated THOUSANDS of attacks on Saddam without 
risking a single American Life. Clinton had the same intelligence as Bush, but Clinton wasn't trigger happy.  

Why won't the Democrats you see on the Sunday news shows stand up to this
attack? I don't think it would be real hard. 

You are correct when you say that it is going to take a moderate Republican to defeat Bush and the NeoCons. 
The Democrats just don't have the will to win. 

John L. W

John, the Democrats are scared, bless their poor little yellow hearts.
Slowly, they're gaining some confidence back, now that Bush is hated by 2/3 of America.

Like you, I hope they wake up in time.


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Heather Locklear marriage crisis?



Heather Locklear's marriage to Richie Sambora has trouble?
Her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, is back!


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