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Thursday  Nov 17, 2005   Volume 1657 - Hoard Gold

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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Rep Murtha: 'F' this war 
Bill: Bush's big mistake
Stupid or Lying? 
Random Thought... 
Bush Jab Pleases Kerry 
Woody is whining
Cindy Sheehan in Court 
Hadley told Woody?  
Miss America to Vegas


 Quote of the Day

"Bush says Dems are rewriting history. 
  You know what makes him really mad? 
  They're using big words."  
      -- Conan


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"Suppose Bush lied about everything. Suppose that there was no intelligence suggesting Saddam 
 was looking for WMDs or ever had them. Okay, let's say they win this. What then? Has anybody 
 heard a plan from them as to what to do next? If we get the world to admit, "Okay, Bush lied," then what? 
Well, you impeach Bush, but then what?
   -- The vulgar Pigboy, preparing his sheep for Bush's big crash

Pigboy, you ask, "Then what?"
"Then" we start saving lives by giving our UN allies a piece of the billions to be made in Iraq, thus giving them 
an incentive to take the risks of a peace-keeping mission, letting the hated Americams go home.

Why do you act like saving hundreds or thousands of soldiers' lives is nothing?


Rep. John Murtha: Screw this war - Let's get out 


A leading pro-defense Democrat in the House of Representatives on Thursday urged Bush 
to start the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from     Iraq. 

"We cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily. It is time to bring them home," said Rep. John Murtha 
of Pennsylvania, a senior Democrat on the subcommittee that oversees military spending.   Murtha's remarks followed 
attacks from Bush and Cheney on critics of its Iraq war policy and its handling of intelligence that led to the war.

Murtha urged the administration to "immediately redeploy U.S. troops consistent with the safety of U.S. forces."

So, the first guy has stood up and said the obvious - and he's not even running for president.
Who will be the second?  Who will be the tenth?

Who will be the last to say the obvious, choosing instead to go down with Bush?


Bill Clinton Calls Iraq 'Big Mistake'
 You wanted honesty from the Big Dog, right?


President Clinton told Arab students that Bush made a "big mistake" when it invaded Iraq, stoking the partisan debate
back home over the war.  He cited the lack of planning for what would happen after Saddam was overthrown.
"Saddam is gone. It's a good thing, but I don't agree with what was done," he said at the American University of Dubai.

"It was a big mistake. The American government made several errors ... one of which is how easy it would be
to get rid of Saddam and how hard it would be to unite the country."  The mistake that they made is that when they
kicked out Saddam, they decided to dismantle Iraq's authority structure. We never sent enough troops and didn't
have enough troops to control or seal the borders," Clinton said.

As always, his remarks drew cheers and a standing ovation at the end of the hour-long session.


Subject: Hillary

Before the BFEE lets Hillary  become prez they'll give her the JFK, Carnahan, Wellstone, JFKjr treatment.


Ray, I'll bet she's watching for that, taking extra precautions.

Or, maybe they're combing Arkansas trailer parks looking for loose women who will swear 
under oath they had a lesbian encounter with Hillary, and the whore Supreme Court will green-light 
their specious witchhunt claims every step of the way like they did for Paula Jones.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate whores?



"Marion Barry displayed a gasification machine, which can supposedly convert garbage into pollution-free 
energy and drinking water. However, he did not turn it on to prove that it works. And why would he? 
All I need to hear are the words 'Marion Barry' and 'gasification machine' and I'm ready to invest."  
      --Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live


Subject: Dennis Miller

Bart, last night, I saw Dennis Miller working at a Jack in the Box on N Highland in Hollywood.

Thought you'd want to know,

Damn, and I said he'd never work again in that town - another Bartcop error,


Stupid or Lying?
 by Molly Ivins


When it comes to this Congress, there is now a substantial track record of results. The evidence is in. For five years now, 
Republicans have promised us that business tax cuts would strengthen the economy, create new jobs, spur growth, foster
investment and bring beer and skittles for everyone. Over five fiscal years, the tax cuts have had a direct cost to the treasury 
of $860 billion with interest, $929 billion. Lee Price of the Economic Policy Institute points out: "If the last four years of 
tax cuts had worked as promised, the economy should have done better than in previous cycles, when taxes were either
not cut or cut much less."  


Chapter Seven
An elite Republican cabal conspires to fix the
2008 presidential election, but its plans to embezzle money
from the RNC are uncovered and lead to murder.
Democratic congressman Jack Stibik and his mentor,
Professor Gar Reynolds, reunite. Marty's, Jack's twin brother
and Delta Force veteran, visits Annapolis.
  Congressional hearings begin on the disasterous Islamic war.

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Bush Jab Pleases Kerry Camp


Bush's Veterans Day broadside against John Kerry, delivered in a major speech on the war in Iraq, 

was greeted with quiet cheer by those in the senator's camp who are laying the groundwork for his 
possible run for the presidency in 2008. By singling out Kerry as the Democrats' leading Iraq war critic, 
kerry aides said Bush confirmed Kerry's continuing prominence in national politics, something the 
senator and his aides have fought hard to maintain.

No, it's a damn trick because the BFEE would love to run against the Quitter again.
Kerry couldn't inspire water to run downhill - of course they'd like to run against him again.


Subject: Destiny's Child at Wal-Mart

Bart, I know you don't get into Wal-Mart all that much, but a lot of progressive people hate 'em.

The girls of Destiny's Child, whose eternal "farewell tour" continues, are making a fortune by appearing in 
Wal-Mart ads this Christmas. Selling an "exclusive CD" from them. This seems to be part of Wal-Mart's 
"Let's pretend we're not greedy Bushites" PR streak. (They literally rented John Stossel last week to do a 
puff piece on "How Wal-Mart Is Not Evil, and Ignore Those Starving People Working For Us" on ABC's "20/20."

I don't like shopping at the place - knowing that the low prices come from working slaves in China and the US - 
but when you're working overnight and you sleep during most of the day, sometimes you have no choice. 
I do know that if I have a choice, I'll shop Target or other stores. 

As for Desitny's Child...well, they're cute and all that, but on "Showtime at the Apollo" they've got dozens of 
semi-pro black girl groups and singers, most of them are very good, and they haven't had the chance to sell 
their soul to the Bushites yet.




Please visit our longest running sponsor

Subject: How can I jerk around Der Monkey?


Matt, it's easy to jerk around Der Monkey.



Veterans and Victims Forging a Better Future


The war in Iraq is leaving thousands of children either orphaned or abandoned, with their numbers increasing
as conditions in the country remain unstable and uncertain. According to UNICEF, children under 18 constitute 
nearly 50 percent of Iraq's population of 24 million people.  One child out of four (under age five) is chronically 
malnourished and one out of eight dies before their fifth birthday. 

Because of the abysmal condition of the country's orphanage system, a low priority for a fledging government 
focused mostly on security concerns, many children are living in overcrowded and understaffed orphanages
- or worse, on the streets.

Orphans - While it has been estimated that there are about 5,000 orphans in Baghdad alone, current data on 
the actual number of orphans in the city are not available.  Many of these children have lost one or both parents, 
whom we refer to as "traditional" orphans.


Subject: Getting into Bartcop live chat

Hey Bart,

Tried to join your IRC server (I'm on a Mac OSX, using X-Chat Aqua as  my IRC client).
I followed the directions you provided (except  there's no place for me to enter name and email)
and couldn't  connect.  I got this error message:

    Looking up
    *    Connecting to 2.ctyme.com ( port 6667...
    *    Connected. Now logging in...
    *    *** Looking up your hostname...
    *    *** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead
    *    USER :Not enough parameters

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?  Thanks in advance.

R, I'll post this so smarter people can answer you.
We'll get you in...



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Random Thought...
Someone gave the order to all the Iraqi insurgents:

Do not capture an American soldier and threaten to kill him on camera.

Who gave that order, I wonder?
Why was that order given?

Or do you want to claim it's a "coincidence" that not one soldier has been grabbed?
That's not possible, is it?

A bomb goes off, killing three of four soldiers in a Humvee, and no insurgent thinks
to grab the wounded and disoriented soldier to make themselves a propaganda movie?
That idea never crossed their minds - not even once?

You wouldn't agree with that any more than you'd agree it;s impossible for Al Qaeda
to strike at us here in the states a dozen times a day - if they wanted to.

This war is following a script - doesn't anybody care who's writing that script?

It's so damn obvious - somebody please explain to me - give me a scenario where
Al-Qaeda is UNABLE to attack us in America and HASN'T THOUGHT to grab a soldier.

I'd really like someone to answer those questions. 



Subject: donation

Keep hammering, buddy:
I don't get the chance to donate as much as I'd like, but DAMN
do I feel the urge as often as I read the site.  And when Hillary wins
in 2008 and appoints you Press Secretary, don't forget us little people, okay?

Paul in Dallas

Dude, she's way too smart to hire a loose cannon like Ol' Bart.
Every time the press asked a probing question about The President's hairdo, I'd be all,
"Where were you sons of bitches when Bush was raping the Treasury?"

Get your WPE sticker!    Free with your donation,

Plus two bartcop.com ovals and"I Miss Clinton" bonus sticker.
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Woodward: I want in the Plame story!
  Reporter-turned-whore runs to Bush's rescue


The newspaper reported that Bob "Peek-a-Boo" Woodward told Fitzmas that a high White House official
talked to him about Plame in mid-June 2003. Woodward and editors at the Post refused to identify the official
to reporters because Bobby likes to play little guessing games with the always-wagging Beltway tongues.

Hey Bob, if you've got nothing to say, just shut the hell up.
Once again, you've run into the national spotlight screaming "Everybody, everybody - look at me,"
but when we ask why, you say, "It's a secret and I can't tell," like some damn second grader.

If your source wasn't Rove or Libby, who else could the criminal leaker be?

"Unka Dick says 'Woody' is on the team,
 but I wonder - can he keep quiet?
 Oh, shit - there goes my bad eye, again.
 It only twitches when I'm in real trouble.
 It's never twitched this bad before..."

This Just In...

Raw Story says Hadley told Woodward
 Fine - let's throw him in jail with the other traitors



Six More Die in Iraq


Five U.S. Marines were killed in fighting near the Syrian border and a soldier died of wounds
suffered in Baghdad, making Wednesday the second deadliest day for American armed forces in
Bush's Bloody Quagmire this month.  At least 51 U.S. service members have died in Iraq this month.
Eleven other Marines were wounded Wednesday

We can decide to start the withdrawal now, and lose another 150 men in the next year,


we could wait a year, and lose another thousand before we start that 150-men lost wind down.



Is your  bartcop.com  subscription up to date?


"On Election Day Tuesday, Democrats won the governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey. 
 Democrats everywhere got together to celebrate before they realized they don't remember how."  
     --Amy Poehler on "Saturday Night Live"


Subject: RE: Robert Parry

Bart and Friends,
You and your friends have got to take off the ideological blinders and see what is going on in this world.

ha ha
For a second, I thought you were going to "straighten out" Robert Parry.
I'd sure pay to watch that fight.

The recent attacks in Amman demonstrate what a group of extremist Muslims want to do to other Muslims and 
to anybody else that disagrees with their philosophy. Their philosophy, in case you are unaware, is convert or die. 

I'll stipulate to the craziness of the religiously insane to save time.

I, for one, do not want to be subject to either choice. 
Their goal is to disrupt the way of life for everyone. 
You and your friends just do not get it. 

Can terrorism be defeated? Probably not in its entirety, but if nations would wake up 
and understand the threat to the entire world, we would put a big dent in it.

You and your friends can spin the war in Iraq any way you want, but the reality is the war is 
a battle front on the war on terror and there may be others in the near future. The tide is changing.

Get over it.

Dick, I think you're half-sane, and that's a compliment.

You say we don't get it?   
Don't you think it would've been better if Bush had gone after Osama, after he swore 
he would do that. while standing on the dismembered bodies of the dead in New York City?

...but then he changed his mind and went after Saddam's oil fields, instead.

And you say we don't get it?

Maybe Osama wouldn't be a problem if Bush hadn't created him in the 90's.

Maybe handjobs from all over the world wouldn't be pouring into Iraq if we 
weren't raping that country of their nartional wealth while killing those who resist?

Maybe we'd still have the WTC if Bush the Smarter hadn't created Gulf War I.

There's a reason why the whole world hates us, Dick, and it's not because we're the victims.
It's because we're the bullies, the aggressors, killing at will and taking whatever catches our eye.

By the way, if you own a computer or a TV, turn it on.
Learn that America is finally catching up to what the whole world has known for years:
Bush is a power-hungry fool with a whisp of a grasp on reality.   
He's poison.

He's crashing before our eyes, I hope you don't get hurt too much in the fall.


Allawi Tells Bush White House He Will Not Work With Chalabi


Bush asked Iyad Allawi, his leading candidate to become the next prime minister of Iraq, if he would be willing
to work with Chalabi, the back-stabbing mother-rapist and current deputy prime minister Bush's Iraq.

Allawi, the former prime minister of Iraq, told Bush he will not cooperate with Chalabi under any circumstances.
Recently, he referred to Chalabi as "that BFEE, slut-whore snake", according to unnamed U.S. officials.

Bush favors Allawi to become his next handjob-puppet/prime minister of Iraq,
even though Unka Dick is sweet on his old girlfriend Chalabi.

The man the president calls "Unka Chubby," has been elated by the cordial reception he has received in Washington D.C.
during the past week. Chalabi, for example, bragged to close friends that he spent 45 minutes with Der Cheney last Tuesday
and that Dick wanted to spend more time with him but it could not be arranged.

ha ha

Because dick means nothing to this bunch?
Nobody does what dick wants in this mal-administration?

Wait, what's more fun that a nasty-ass, life-and-death cat-fight between Smirk & Snarl?

"Really?   Is that right, Unka Dick?
 You can guarantee my safety ...cause it's on your turf?"

ha ha

Think about it.
The BFEE is about stealing trillions thru murder, global force and intimidation.
They make $120M each day before they even get out of fucking bed.

Plus, there's $11 trillion missing from the Treasury.
Right now, they're trading approval points for billions of dollars.

If you're an evil oil man, do you want America's respect and $100M?
Or would you rather have $100B and an approval rating of 37%?

In the coming years, they'll say, "Bush stole everything - who knew?"
But maybe someone will send an e-mail:  Some of us knew.


Subject: Molly's point

Ya know, I think Ivans is right.  Her point is that torture doesn't produce EFFECTIVE results.   Under torture,
I am likely to admit that I went to church today (which I didn't),  that I like sardines stuffed up my nose (which I don't)...
In short, pain will make anyone admit to anything required to make the pain stop.

Dude, I get that - seriously, but you're talking about torturing the innocent.
Odds are you'll never be accused of sardine-stuffing.

Of course Molly's right, ...in 99 percent of all cases.

Keep hammerin.'  Thanks for the stickers for my guitar case.


Call the 

...listen for it on Bartcop Radio

'Born to Run' Reborn 30 Years Later


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This set has a two hour, 1975 concert of Bruce in London.


Subject: "torture does not work"

I understand what you are saying. However, when we say that "Torture does not work", 
the point that needs to be taken is the fact that intelligence gained from torture is highly questionable.

Many people bring that up, but it's kinda obvious. I said that I couldn't explain Einstein's theory
no matter how much you tortured me - it's kind of a given, don't you think?

In the same issue of the Tequila Tree House that you made you above comments, you also had an excerpt
from a story where a man was nearly fed to the lions and his captors were demanding to know where Saddom was.
I am willing to bet that that dude made up all sorts of interesting answers and told some pretty fantastic tales.

Dude, that's why you don't torture the innocent :)
I think we're finding out our disagreement IS semantics.
Nobody but a sexually-repressed Republican gets off torturing people for no reason.

Like McCain said, if that one-in-a-million happens, it's wrong, and the president would
probably issue a pardon because the greater good was done and we all agree on that.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $57.88 a barrel
makes $115,760,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2072 2082 have died for Halliburton

They got TEN yesterday

 Bush's 2082 dead for-profit is met with silence.

Does Bush care?  Does Exxon care? No, because...
They make over $100M profit each day!

"...that's why we stole the White House!
Heh heh..."

Bush brought in a gusher of blood.


Think Tom Cruise Can't Act on the Big Screen?
 Wait till you see him can't act in your living room

    Click  to  Order


Is this a Christmas ad?

No, it's too early for Christmas ads.



"If you're still giving money to Zarqawi's Kids...You should stop."  
       --Jon Stewart, after Bush said "radicals depend on corrupt" charities,    Link


Subject: Bart and Hillary, Sitting in a Tree

Dear Mr. Bart,


You are Grade A-dicted to love, my Man. Wake up, Bart. 
She is no good for you; and you're too good for her. Whassamatterwidyou??

Dude, you can't blame me for backing a winner.
Plus, I missed the part where you named a better candidate...

You are either hopelessly love struck, or you are kidding with all of us to get our pet goat. 
Either way, please stop ... please!!

ha ha
Your Pet Goat.

Exhibit A: The world saw through Bush's lies long before we invaded Iraq. But Hillary was fooled.

Bush lied and got caught.
Maybe, just maybe, the senators who voted to let Saddam launch should explain their vote?

Exhibit B: No WMD's. Hillary marched on.
Exhibit C: Abu Ghraib. Hillary adjusted her blinders and plowed on.
Exhibit D: Downing Street memos. Hillary wants 80,000 more troops on the ground.
Exhibit E: 2000 dead American soldiers. Where's Hillary? Still waiting for the right time?

You're wanting Hillary to "Dean herself" and peak too early? 
The object is to make the White House BFEE-free, right?
I'll settle for any Democrat besides Lieberman.
Hell, President Leahy, even President Biden is better than Bush - right?

Really, I'm not worried because she will never be nominated for President. 
I am worried about you, though, dear Bart. Does Mrs. Bart know?

Matt from Wisconsin

Dude, hate the facts if you must, but right now, the nomination is Hillary's to lose.
I'm backing a winner.


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Cindy Sheehan in DC Court

Cindy Sheehan and several others return to court Thursday for the second day of trials 
on charges of being Americans who don't like Bush's murder spree. 

The protesters, who are being tried separately in one proceeding, took turns questioning police
and arguing their cases Wednesday afternoon in front of U.S. Magistrate Alan Kay. 

"If we stick together as an American people we can bring down the war criminals that are
running our country right now," Sheehan told reporters at the end of the first day of the trial.

ha ha

Bush has so many troubles right now, and Cindy is piling on.
Good for her - you GO, Cindy.


Subject: Bush's numbers

I think this really sucks.
I can't even get into a decent argument at the Legion bar anymore.

The guys who used to praise the guy won't even have a good fight with me anymore.
They all hate Bush now.  It sucks.
We used to stand on our stools screaming across the bar at each other.
Now they're all "I'm not standing up for him." and the fight is over.
They still hate Clinton, so I can get them going by mentioning him, but Dubya is a non-starter.

You know the crappy poll numbers he's getting are real when
I can't a good argument going in a friggin' military themed bar.

Rude Rich


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TV Stuff

Saw Michelle Branch do a song with Carlos Santana this morning on CBS.
I could listen to those two on an endless loop until somebody hit the off buttom.

Part 2 of that exciting C.S.I., two planes crash mid-air on jumped-my-shark ER,
Howard Stern, just before his BIG explosion, is on Dave tonight. Will he be crazy?
Sarah Silverman, who they call the dirtiest woman in comedy, is on Conan.

Miss America Pageant Moves to Vegas

      Casey Preslar, Okie Miss America



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