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Friday   Dec 30, 2005   Volume 1680  -  Common Ground 

Quote of the Day

"They tell us, "Trust us; we follow the law." 
  Give me a break."  
      --Ted Kennedy, on Dubya's law breaking,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Perry's Year-End Letter 
NSA tracking you  
Windy Oklahoma 
Clowntime is Over 
Butterfly vs Bazooka 
Presidents all the same 
Who leaked on Bush? 
Team Bush Rethinks 
Mystery Hottie 



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"Whatever I do to protect the American people -- I have an obligation to uphold the law."
        --Dubya, the law breaking presidentLink


Robert Parry's Year-End Letter
  as seen on  consortiumnews.com


As 2005 comes to a close, the American people have a much clearer view of what the Bush administration 
has done to the nation's democratic institutions. Now, the New Year -- 2006 -- beckons with both 
extraordinary challenges and opportunities. The nation faces either its consolidation as a modern authoritarian 
state or its reemergence as a traditional Republic with accountability enforced on corrupt and dishonest politicians. 
Editor Robert Parry discusses the role that his Web site has played and could play in the future


Fires Flare in Windy Oklahoma


Wildfires raced through grass dried out by the region's worst drought in 50 years,
charring nearly 200 homes and killing four people in Texas and Oklahoma.

Severe drought, wind gusts of 40 mph and temperatures reaching the low 80s set the stage.
Authorities believe they were mostly set by people ignoring fire bans and throwing out cigarettes.

Has Bush permanantly screwed Earf's climate?
The day after Thankgiving, I'm grilling backyard burgers in a t-shirt and shorts, no shoes.
The day after Christmas, it's in the seventies and my light jacket is still hanging in the damn closet.

Hey, I've lived here 29 loooong years, and I'm telling you it used to get cold in Oklahoma.
I lost the Hard Rock Island because every Friday brought another ice storm, but not anymore.
Besides that, the last sprinkle of rain we got was Halloween, and that lasted just a couple of hours.

In the eighties, Tulsa temperatures sometimes never rose above freezing for an entire month.
Right now, it looks like we won't drop to freezing this entire winter season.

And the wind...

Shirley you've heard the Show Tune, "Oklahoma?"
The first line is, "Oooooooklahoma where the wind comes screaming down the plain."
That's truer than true North.

When we had the Train Station, we had to chain the furniture to the outdoor deck because
the damn wind kept stealing it - tables, chairs, small children, salt & pepper shakers etc.

Chicago likes to think they're the "Windy City," and maybe for cold wind they are,
but for "Blow me down" wind, cain't nobody touch the Oklahoma Dust Bowl.

Jesus Lord, have ya gone nuts?
You refused to give us hot weather when Bixby corn needed heat to flourish.
This winter, you refuse to let it get cold enough to kill off the bugs, insects, flies, etc.

Have ya gone nuts, Lord, or should we blame Bush and his depleted fossil uranium fuels?


NSA Web Site Places 'Cookies' on Your Computer
 Bush bastards tracking everybody all the time


The National Security Agency's Internet site has been placing files on visitors' computers that can track their 
Web surfing activity despite strict federal rules banning most of them.  These files, known as "cookies," 
disappeared after they got caught, and agency officials acknowledged Wednesday they had made a mistake. 
Nonetheless, the issue raises questions about privacy at a spy agency already on the defensive amid reports 
of a secretive eavesdropping program in the United States. 

"Considering the surveillance power the NSA has, cookies are not exactly a major concern," said Ari Schwartz, 
of the Center for Democracy and Technology, a privacy advocacy group in Washington, D.C. "But it does show 
a disregard for privacy rules when they are not even following the government's very basic rules for Web privacy."


 Teen flies to Iraq for kicks

        "I get around..."


A 16-year-old from Florida who traveled to Iraq on his own without telling his parents was put on a flight home Friday, 

the U.S. Embassy said, while warning Americans of the dangers of undertaking similar journeys. Farris Hassan, of 
Fort Lauderdale, had been under the care of the U.S. Embassy after being on his own in Iraq for several days.

"The young American citizen who has been in Iraq the past few days has now safely departed Baghdad, 
and he is is now on his way back home to his family in the United States," Consul General Richard B. Hermann said.

Hermann reiterated warnings by the State Department and embassy against traveling to Iraq and said 
Americans in Iraq should register their presence.

Yeah, they can't have "unauthorized" people in Iraq because they might see that the oil pumps working.
Bush is stealing over $100M every day - at the cost of 2175 soldiers and our economy.


Subject: Yelling at Democrats

We should all be yelling at the Democrats.  

If they had been yelled out before Bush got elected we would not be in such a mess now.  
They let a lot of important things slide to show Americans how different they were from Republicans.  

You can't fight the Republicans unless you are as mean as they are.  
Kindness does not work with greedy, uncaring, manipulative scum bags.  
Did you ever try kindness to a school yard bully and have it be effective.  
I tried during school times and got beat up.





"In one speech, Bush mentioned "victory" 15 times, against a background embossed with the slogan 
"Plan for Victory," and the White House issued a document entitled "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq."
 As his horrible year draws to a close, Bush appears to have expended the turning points. Welcome to victory."  
         --Sidney Blumenthal,  Link


Clowntime is Over
 America's Last Stand


So now, at last, the crisis is upon us. Now the cards are finally on the table, laid out so starkly that even 
the Big Media sycophants and Beltway bootlickers can no longer ignore them. Now the choice for the 
American Establishment is clear, and inescapable: do you hold for the Republic, or for autocracy?  

There is no third way here, no other option, no wiggle room, no ambiguity. The much-belated exposure 
of George W. Bush's warrantless spy program has forced the Bush-Cheney Regime to openly declare 
what they have long implied -- and enacted -- in secret: that the president is above the law, a military 
autocrat with unlimited powers, beyond the restraint or supervision of any other institution or branch 
of government. Outed as rank deceivers, perverters of the law and rapists of the Constitution, the Bush gang 
has decided that their best defense -- their only defense, really -- is a belligerent offense. "Yeah, we broke 
the law," they now say; "so what? We'll break it again whenever we want to, because law don't stick to 
our Big Boss Man. What are you going to do about it, chump?"  


 Chapter Twelve

Today: Gar's Take on Women

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"My son, Casey, was recruited out of college. His recruiter promised him 
  the sun and moon to enlist. But he delivered only an early grave."  
      --Cindy Sheehan,  Link


Random Thought...

I have sympathy for stroke victims, but should they be hosting live TV shows?

Dick Clark isn't doing interviews for his big return to TV on New Years Eve.
He hasn't been seen in public since his stroke, and apparently he's not quite back.
Co-host Ryan Seacrest says, "He sounds different, but you can tell it's him."

It seems like a mistake.


Presidents all the same when scandal strikes
  by Bob Barr, passing for white


Bush responded to a question at a White House news conference about what now appears to be a clear violation 
of federal electronic monitoring laws by trying to argue that he had not ordered the National Security Agency to 
"monitor" phone and e-mail communications of American citizens without court order; he had merely ordered them 
to "detect" improper communications.  This example of presidential phrase parsing was followed quickly by the 
Scott McLellan, dead-panning to reporters that when Bush said a couple of years ago that he would never allow 
the NSA to monitor Americans without a court order, what he really meant was something different than what he 
actually said. If McLellan's last name had been McCurry, and the topic an illicit relationship with a White House intern 
rather than illegal spying on American citizens, I could have easily been listening to a White House news conference 
at the height of the Clinton impeachment scandal."

Excuse me, Mr. Barr, but scandal did not "strike" Der Monkey.
If I was caught robbing a bank, would you say, "Bank robbery charges strike Bartcop?"
No, you'd say, "Bart was caught robbing a bank."

Why can't you be honest, Bob?

They made a decision to break the law and then they did it.
Criminals belong behind bars.


Subject: Why is Bush still in office?

I would just like to know, WHY this man is still in office? 
Hasnt he already committed an IMPEACHABLE offense?? 
And isnt he doing so even now with all this wiretapping?

And why does John Q Public allow him to remain in office??
Does no-one have enough backing to rid this country of this man?? 
Just wanted to know.


Mostly, it's because the Democrats are paralyzed with fear.
Second reason, "It wouldn't be polite."
Third reason, "We'd be just like them if we removed Bush."

The public is scared, too.
Their choces seem to be crooked, warmongering bastards and
scared-bunny Democrats who are too dovish to defend America.



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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Butterfly Meets Bazooka
  by my good friend Johnny Angel in the LAWeekly


Brian Robin like to peruse the hilariously irreferant, progressive Web site Bartcop.com.
One Sunday night in July, in the privacy of his Lancaster home, Robin came upon an item about Bill Thomas
(R-Bakersfield) on CNN, where he repeated the GOP mantra that blamed 2002's corporate criminality on Clinton.

Robin couldn't let Thomas get away with it.   Robin put together an e-mail, with the opening salvo
"Surely you can't be that stupid," and went on to compare Clinton's achievements to Bush's and Cheney's
various business failures and wrongdoings. Along the way, he took a swipe at Thomas himself:
"I'm not a morally bankrupt Republican congressman who opts for partisanship ahead of truth."

His personal e-mail server wasn't working, so he sent his critical message on his company's e-mail system.
Two days later, he got a phone call from Thomas' office asking him to confirm that he worked at the Times.
He did so.
Later that day, he was suspended; a week later, he was terminated.


Subject: Marc Perkel

Hi Bart, et al

Ah, Marc hits it on the head again.
He's such a good writer, I always enjoy reading his insights.

Keep on truckin
Sally P

Perkel is so cool.

He's to my left on guns, (I think) and maybe Hillary (?) and maybe several other topics.
But he has the balls to let my words go out unmolested.

He seriously believes in Free Speech, where others just claim they do.
Like a lot of people - Marc Perkel has more balls than I.

He founded the Church of Reality.
I founded a Tequila Treehouse.

When he & I get to Heaven, who will St. Peter like more?



"If we're deep in Wales -- and there's gonna be a bar fight 
if you're an American -- we've been using that trick for a while."  
      --Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, on having had to resort to "I'm Canadian" to avoid bar fights, Link


Subject: Hillary


I'm still on the fence here.
You make a good point about her (and her husband's) political skill.
However, I thought only Governors get elected President nowadays.

Isn't she making things more difficult by being a Senator, and from a Northern state?
Seems she'd have a better shot as a Southern Governor.
 Mike from Washington State


The reason senators can't win is because their past votes always sink them.
The GOP is good at twisting a past vote into, "He hates our soldiers in the field."
On which vote will they "Gotcha" Hillary?

Hillary's people are soooooo much better than anything I can dream up.
Bragging, ...I think Hillary's people might call me if she needed me - but they don't.
She has the sharpest political mind of the last sixty years managing her campaign.

Until things change, this race is Hillary's to lose.
In Sept/Oct 1992, they said, "This is Clinton's election to lose."
Meaning, he'll win, unless he screws up BIG-time.

Hillary was a Chicago Goldwater Girl.
Hillary was a Wesleyan (whatever) College N.O.W. member.
Hillary was the First Lady of Arkansas.
Hillary is the distinguished senator from New York.

Seems to me, once you represent Arkansas and New York,
it'll be more than a little tough to pigeonhole her into being, "That woman from..."

... I fail to understand the "Doubt the Clintons" movement.

How many more liberal-progressive, winning Democratic administrations in a row would it take
to convince some Democrats that another Clinton Admin is better than 4 more years of Bush?



"Only Dakota Fanning could steal the thunder from Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds." 
   -- USA Whore Today

Oh please!
Dakota fanning is a great actress, sure, but the pickup truck Cruise was driving
had a wider emotional range than the worst rich actor in Hollywood.


Subject: a Bartcop Christmas

Hey Bart,
Just got back from Wisconsin, visiting my sister.

We had a very Bartcop Christmas and laughed over the Christmas show together.
Even my brother-in-law got it and he isn't very political.
Keep hammering and have a happy new year!

Your good friend,
Robert the Artist


Dude, thanks for that.
But it's important to remember,

all I have is a modem, a smart mouth and the truth.

Everyone has a modem and the truth.
Enjoy some fine tequila, and everyone can achieve "smart mouth.".


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Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com at

Hezbollah set to be key in Lebanon politics
 What percent is owned by their partners in the B.F.E.E.?


The BFEE has done business with Hezbollah since they got Reagan elected in 1980.
Meanwhile, the current BFEE (The U.S. government) blames Hezbollah for a litany of acts that nearly
defined Middle East terrorism in the mid-'80s, including: the Beirut truck bombings in October 1983
that killed 241 U.S. Marines; the April 1983 U.S. Embassy bombing in Beirut which killed 63 people
and a second bombing of the U.S. Embassy that killed 22 people in September 1984; and the 1985
hijacking of Rome-to-Athens TWA Flight 847 in which a U.S. Navy diver was killed.

As instructed by Karl Rove, Hezbollah denies involvement in any of these attacks.

You want the facts?
Poppy Bush made a deal with Hezbollah to hold the US embassy hostages until Reagan got in.
You want verification?  Check the most inmportant site on the Internet -  corsortiumnews.com

The BFEE did business with Hitler, Khomenie, Saddam, Osama, Noriega, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc.
Is there's a buck to be made my killing American soldiers, the Bush Family finds common ground.


Subject: Delta

I don't want to fly with a pilot who just had his third pay cut in 24 months! 
How do you think a guy like that lets you know he is pissed off at twenty thousand feet?


Dat, it's worse than you think.
Did you read the story about the major airlines out-sourcing maintenance and repairs
to backwards, undeveloped countries (compared to ours) where they can get it done cheaper?

How many years has it been since we saw a TV commercial for Delta, United or American Airlines?


'Living Things' Disrespect Monkey


The Living Things are a band with a flamboyant style that's really missing from American rock right now.
But don't be fooled by their neo-glitter veneer. They're out to make a statement and it ain't about fashion.
Take the gig that got 'em banned from The Viper Room in 2003.

"We had these three life-size papier-m'ché dolls of George W., Barbara Bush and George Bush Sr., and we
filled them with a bunch of raw meat, trash and anything we could throw in there," recalls Lillian, the mastermind
of most of the band's wild stage antics. "After the second song, we smacked them open with a bat, and the shit
just exploded everywhere. It was awesome. I also had a little George Bush doll, and I lit him on fire."

Before he knew it, Berlin says, "I was on the curb outside. Security threw me out, they broke my arm, and I
took off running. They said if I ever came back I'd be arrested. To this day they still have our gear, too."

The band was banned from the Viper and as they found out recently, the ban is still in effect.

Rockers with an anti-governemt attitude?
Why, I never heard of such a thing.


Subject: page vs radio

And oh yeah, as far as the "Page vs. Web-cast" goes I'd have to selfishly go for the page.
The reason being is that while I can read the page at work the radio show is blocked.
Since my computer at home is archaic I can barely get the page to open much less down load the radio version.

But as for what I'd advise? I would do pages more often and work on shows at about half the pace you are now.
I mean your stress level has to be right up at the roof.

That would be true for most people, but I don't do stress.
I tell stress to "Blow me," but occasionally, I do run short on time.

I remember doing ENORMO as being fun but we did maybe 2 - 3 new bits a month.
And that was amateur stuff compared to what you are trying to accomplish every time.

My suggestion is do what makes you happy.
You fan base, subscribers and listeners will be there.
I'm sure of it. "for I heard a voice in the wilderness calling out the truth and I listened."

Take care


Blair Runs from Tortured Past
  Bush's Poodle pretends the past never happened


The first document is a series of Telegrams that Craig sent to the Foreign Office, outlining his growing
concern and disgust at our use of intelligence passed to the UK by the Uzbek security services.

The second document is a copy of legal advice the Foreign Office sought, to see if they were operating
within the Law in accepting torture intelligence, and according to Michael Wood the FCO legal adviser;
it is fine, as long as it is not used as evidence.

Faced with this heavy handed censorship by the FCO, in an attempt to cover up our use of and complicity
in torture, Craig has decided to fight back, and has asked us all to publish this information, so it cannot be suppressed.


Subject: Casualty sign

I don't live in Duluth, but I did manage to cop a picture of the body-count sign.

The guy who put this up, btw, is a Viet Nam vet who did it not as a protest, but as a way of honoring the fallen. 
It even says "Honor Our Fallen Heroes." Of course, I can understand why the recruiters don't want it there. 
They go to great lengths to make no mention of the fact that you might get maimed or killed in their service.



"I'm rich, bitch!"

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $60.32 a barrel
makes $120,640,000  Bush stole just yesterday

2173 2175 have died for Halliburton

Two more  'cargo shipments'  since last issue.

Bush's gusher of blood.


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Bush: Who leaked my crimes?

"It's illegal to expose the King's crimes..."


Bush's Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of classified information about
Bush's secret domestic spying crimes. The officials, who requested anonymity because of their guilt,
said the inquiry will focus on Bush's good friends at The New York Whore Times about illegal spying
conducted by the Bush's National Security Agency.

The Times revealed the existence of the program two weeks ago in a front-page story that acknowledged 
they withheld evidence of Bush's crimes to protect him for a year. The whore newspaper made the claim
that they wanted more time to confirm various aspects of the crimes, which is absurd in its face.

The illegal spying, which Bush says he ordered, bypassed the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.


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"I was sick of the idea that any sort of dissent would be considered unpatriotic. 
To me, the most patriotic thing you could do was question your government. 
We're a whole country based on dissent. It's actually your duty to question authority."  
     --George Clooney, on being citicized from the right,    Link


Team Bush Rethinks Plans


The lessons drawn by a variety of Bush advisers as they map a road to recovery in 2006 include these: 
Overarching initiatives such as restructuring Social Security are unworkable in a time of war. 
The public wants a balanced appraisal of what is happening on the battlefield as well as pledges of victory. 
And Iraq trumps all. "I don't think they realized that Iraq is the totality of their legacy until fairly recently," 
said GOP harchetman Vin Weber.  'There is not much of a market for other issues.'"

Decades from now, Bush will be remembered as the moron who lied us into World War III 
and the theiving bastard who turned Clinton's $11 trillion surplus into an ocean of red ink.


Mystery Hottie

                 Who can she be?

  Bart, I know who that is!

"Thank you" to bartcop.com  subscribers.
Because of you, I get to light a fire under Whistleass full-time.

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 It had  everything.

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