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Thurs-Friday  Feb 2-3, 2006   Volume 1701 - Bush's goon squad

Quote of the Day

"When opportunity knocks, 
  the Democrats can't even find the door, 
  let alone answer it." 
     -- CNN's Jack Cafferty,  getting one right,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush & the Bullfight 
Bush Oil to go Higher 
Liberals Fight? 
Give 'em Hell, Monkey
Cops Fake Apology 
9-11 Questions 
Majority: No Wiretaps 
Half of Iraqis Hate Us
Britney vs Jesus 



"I own America..."

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"While we say goodbye to Mrs. King today, we must honor her life by
  working toward the shared vision of an American society that values
  individual freedom, equality and content of character above all else."
     -- Bill Frist, the racist bastard who refused to comdemn lynchings of black people     Link


Bush and the Bullfight
  by Robert Parry  as seen on consortiumnews.com


Instead of the donkey, the Democrats may want to adopt the fighting spirit demonstrated by a bull
named Pajarito when he disrupted a Mexico City bullfight by jumping into the stands and scattering
the spectators in the highest-priced seats. Pajarito was still killed but at least he gave his tormentors
some uncomfortable moments. In facing George W. Bush, many national Democrats act more like
a bull that thinks it can survive by cooperating with the matador.

Note: consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet.


Bush to Cheap Oil: Drop Dead


America's oil murderer defended the $36 billions in profits that Exxon gouged from American families,
saying that $36M is simply the result of the marketplace - and that consumers socked with soaring
energy costs  could move to Vene-f-ing-zula if they didn't like the monopoly oil prices his friends set.

Bush, a former Texas oilman, said of oil costs,
"The price is determined by the marketplace and that's the way it should be."

He doesn't even try to hide his crimes, anymore.
Whatever happens, they can Diedold the 2008 election and get a pardon from brother Jeb.


Tasting Victory, Liberals Fight, Instead


Elected Democrats and their liberal base are in one of their periodic splits between pragmatism and symbolism.
Under pressure from blogs and liberal groups, Kerry attempted an obviously doomed filibuster against Alito
-- and Kerry got only 25 votes. Likewise, the chance of a Republican Congress moving to impeach Bush is
close to zero. When one of the impeachment forum's sponsors posted an item on its Web site about news
coverage of the event, a reader responded that, without conservative support, 'this becomes a cartoon image
of the old pinko commie left, and fair game for the wingnuts at Fox.'



"Clinton tried to lie his way out of a blow job, failed, and you treat him as though he were the
  Second Coming of Lucifer.  Meanwhile, Bush lies about the reasons for going to war, killing
  2,240 US soldiers so far, destroying any ounce of credibility, respect, and most importantly,
  support that we had from our neighbors. So he's a hero? He's got backbone?  Doubtful.
  But let history judge his hubris, and may God forgive him in ways that I cannot."
         -- Mike Ely,    Link

 If only Democrats could remember that oral sex is not as bad as killing 2243 brave soldiers.
 But they can't muster the courage to speak the obvious - and they continue to lose.


Subject: Chimpy in Chief

Bart, thanks for the stickers!  I have already put the I Miss Clinton one on my car.
Thanks for the CD's too.

Usually I don't watch the Chimp in Chief for more than two seconds, but last night
I watched the speech with other Dems from here in Delray Beach, FL.
I thought it might be easier to stomach him in a group of like minded people.
It wasn't.

I thought that basically he crowned himself King of the World, then retreated
into his pathetic, delusional empire and shut the door.

I will not attend another Chimp event unless the host promises
to hand out vomit bags like they give you on airlines.



Give 'em Hell, Monkey


One of the great ironies beneath the hatred by Democrats of  Bush is that Bush most closely resembles Truman.
The similarities between Bush and Truman are so obvious that it is a wonder that they have not been highlighted earlier.

What a stupid goddamn thing to say - no wonder nobody else said it - it's not true.

Did Truman inherit peace and prosperity and turn it into war and depression?
Did Truman invade a country to make himself and his friends richer?
Did Truman send 2243 soldiers to their death for no reason?
Did Truman suspend the Constitution and break laws repeatedly?


Subject: what Bush hasn't done

I share Connie's sentiment -- I can't bring myself to listen to the man, much less look at him.

Add these...

He's never had to serve in combat (whether he served at all is obviously in question).
My 12 year old daughter had to watch the first half hour of the SOTU, and she said in response
to Bush's empathy for soldiers and their families, "but I don't think he ever had to go fight a war himself..."

He's never travelled
He's never been intellectually curious
He's never studied anything in depth
He's never had to worry about a passing grade
He's never appreciated art, poetry, theater or anything of larger cultural merit
He's never been chosen for anything based on his own merits

Given all this, I think the kind of America he represents is obvious, and I just can't stand to watch....


Half of Iraqis support attacking US Troops
 But Bush says we're winning, and that's good enough for the media


A new poll found that nearly half of Iraqis approve of attacks on U.S.-led forces, and most favor
setting a timetable for American troops to leave. The poll also found that 80 percent of Iraqis think
the United States plans to maintain permanent bases in the country even if the newly elected Iraqi
government asks American forces to leave. Researchers found a link between support for attacks
and the belief among Iraqis that the United States intends to keep a permanent military presence in the country."

Bush still thinks we were greated with flowers and chocolates.
Bush is told we're winning, so he repeats what he hears like a sloppy drunk monkey at a wedding.


Subject: What is it about conservatives' gay obsession?

They certainly can't debate, but they sure don't waste any time in
calling those they disagree with "queers" or "fags."  Simply amazing.


I have a theory:
They are so afraid that they might be a little bit gay, they chant, "Screw them faggots"
again and again to themselves to try to calm the inner-gay boogeyman inside of them.

Me?  If I was gay, I'd just be gay.
If they were gay, they'd want to kill themselves.


Police sorry for arresting Cindy Sheehan?
 Chief bullshits: "It was a mistaken effort,"


Less than 24 hours after anti-Bush peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested for "unlawful conduct"
at Bush's Liefest, the charge is being dropped and federal officials are apologizing.

"The officers made a good faith, but mistaken effort to enforce an old unwritten interpretation of the
prohibitions about demonstrating in the Capitol. The policy and procedures were too vague," said
Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer. "The failure to adequately prepare the officers is mine."

They knew they were breaking the law when they arrested her because they ALWAYS
drop the charges and claim it was all just a big mistake - THE NEXT DAMN DAY.
They are just flat-out f-ing lying and they'll do it again next time, too.

In the back issues, you'll find where I suggested the Democrats ask a federal judge
to order the government IN ADVANCE not to arrest peaceful protesters.

It's ten times easier to avoid a problem up-front that deal with it afterwards,
but each time, the Democrats step in that same damn whole and then.
they act all surprised when they break their ankle again - in the same damn hole!

But they don't listen to common sense suggestions.
They'd rather have Bush's goon squad rousting Gold Star Moms.


Subject: front-runner?

Bart, you wrote:

> Last poll I saw she was 29 points ahead of Kerry, who was second.
> She can also raise more money than any other candidate, plus she has that magic name.

So because she is that far ahead of Kerry - 2 years before Super Tuesday - that makes her the frontrunner?

Being ahead makes her the front runner, unless they changed things.

I think your statement, the one of her having that magic name is the only reason polls reflect that, *she has name recognition.
If she did not have that last name, she would just be another Democratic Senator.

Chicago Bryan

But she does have that magic name...


Top 50 Loathsome Americans


34. Scooter Libby

Charges: Known as "germ boy" within the administration for his obsession with creating panic over
biological warfare in order to facilitate huge government vaccine purchases and alter markets to the
benefit of big pharmaceutical industry stock holders like Rumsfeld, George Shultz and himself. Sound familiar?

A high-level fall guy, responsible for leaking what was in the interest of profit, not leaking what wasn't,
and barking on cue to produce the noise of governance without the drawbacks of actual governance.

Exhibit A: "The Aspens turn in clusters," or something.


Subject: the return of "Dan"


I would appreciate it if you would remove my name and address from your site.
This was done out of spite from someone else that was on my computer living in my house
being unprofessional because I am indeed a big fan of your site and they do not like it.

I would like to apologize to you and your viewers for the situation.
I assure you that proper punishment will be dealt.

Sorry for the problem.
Keep up the great work!!!!


Dan, you said the right things.
Thanks for the note.


9/11: Avoiding Hard Questions


How did a fire fed by jet fuel, which at most burns at 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, cause the collapse
  of the Twin Towers, built of steel that melts at 2,800 degrees? (Most experts agree that the impact of
  airliners, made mostly of lightweight aluminum, should not have been enough alone to cause structural failure.)
  How could a single planeload of burning jet fuel -- most of which flared off in the initial fireball -- cause the
  South World Trade Center tower to collapse in just 56 minutes?

Why did building WTC-7 fall, though no aircraft struck it?
   Fire alone had never before caused a steel skyscraper to collapse.

Why did all three buildings collapse largely into their own footprints -- in the style of a controlled demolition?

Why did no U.S. military jet intercept the wayward aircraft?

Why has there been no investigation of BBC reports that five of the alleged 9/11 hijackers
   were alive and accounted for after the event?

The BFEE has a history of committing incredibly crazy and risky crimes, only to yell,
"The conspiracy kooks are at it again," when they get caught red-handed,
then getting help from the friends in the American whore media.

Arming bin Laden,
Arming Saddam,
Running cocaine to Oakland, running guns to Nicaragua,

Remember Eugene Hosenfus?
That plane crash was the BFEE's stained, blue dress - the certain proof that would sink them,
but Lee Hamilton (D-Traitor) decided to let the criminals skate free.

Note: Hamilton went on to co-chair the 9-11 Commission, the crooked bastard.
What kind of son of a bitch helps Bush cover up 3,000 American murders?

Noriega's crimes were mixed in there, somewhere.
Arming Hezzbolla and arming the Ayatollah with - get this - Israeli weapons.
The October Surprise, where Poppy Bush, just weeks from the 1980,
couldn't account for his whereabouts for 36 hours or so.

Where were you, George?
Making a secret illegal deal in Paris to give terrorists Stinger Missles if they would 
agree to hold our hostages longer?  What a terrible thing to do to those captives.

And we're sure this happened because Bush pardoned everyone BEFORE the trial.

Just think - if Clinton pardoned the McDougals and Julie Steele and everyone else
that could possible tell a story that could get him in trouble - BEFORE the trial.

There are different rules for the BFEE.
Their "Get Out of Jail Free" card never expires,
and they use that mother every day of their lives..


Subject: Mr. Attorney


You said "Jonathan Alterman doesn't know anything about the law.
Sexual relations is legally defined as sexual intercourse."

OK, Mr. Attorney, in precisely which U.S. state is "sexual relations"
legally defined as sexual intercourse?  Arkansas?  Oklahoma?

Or are you claiming that this is the legal definition under federal law?
Can you cite a specific statute or appellate decision to prove your point?

Jon in L.A.

Jon, did we not get our cereal this morning?

I didn't write down the "Section Two, Paragraph Six" part.
As Kinda Sleazy might say, "Nobody could have predicted I'd be asked that question."

Since we're talking about  the "Crime of the Century", I cited District of Columbia statutes,
That's where the "crimes" took place, remember?

Next time - come heavy.


You can be in BCR Show 88

Subject: Ickes smacks Don Nichols, 1997

Love the site!
Just a quick comment on the Harold Ickes story.



Ickes was left with feisty Senator Don Nickles who sees himself as a junior G-Man
and part of a tag team with Pete Domenici of New Mexico.

Nickles asked Ickes if the president's political friends were invited to ride on Air Force One.

"No, we basically invited people we didn't like," Ickes snapped.

 ha ha

Here's another one, same link

Nichols: I'm upset when you try to equate Reagan's White House (with Clinton's)...Is it fair?"

Ickes: "Give me $4.5 million and a 100 investigators and let me go through the Reagan record."

That's how you fight these pricks.
You come right back and slap them harder than they slapped you.

That's what Clinton's War Room did in 1992 and 1996.
It's easy when you fight back and have the facts and the truth on your side.


 Chapter Sixteen - The Holy Trinity Amendments

An elite Republican cabal, led by the Vice President, conspires
to steal the 2008 presidential election. Confronted with devastating
poll numbers from the disasterous Islamic War, it sets in motion
the ultimate October Surprise, a terrorist attack upon the nation.

Click to Enter


"The lobbyists got their way on an energy bill that gave oil companies more subsidies
  while doing nothing about high gas prices and home heating; a prescription drug bill
  that helped the drug companies but gave seniors higher prices and confused plans;
  and in Iraq, no-bid contracts for Halliburton, fined millions for overcharging the military,
  costing billions in wasted spending. The Republicans are at the center of a lobbying
  scandal in Washington that has hurt average Americans."
      -- talking points in a memo from James Carville that the Dems will ignore/forget,  Link


Subject: from one Okie to another


I read your sight daily.  I agree and I disagree daily.
I support what Molly said with every ounce of my being.
I am sick to death of people who are playing the odds.

Amber, perhaps you were upset when you wrote this?
Isn't it illogical to not play the odds?

Hillary Clinton is not a leader. I will never vote or support her candidacy.
While I can agree with many of the things she espouses, I don't trust her.
I don't trust her to not manipulate, not triangulate, not be politically expedient.
Does that make me a Hillary-Hater?  Why do you need to discuss it in those terms?

Amber, you and I have no problem unless you say,
"I would rather a Republican win than Hillary."

You should pull for your candidate and in the end, vote for our candidate.
Any other action would be helping Bush and we don't want that, right?.

Amber in OKC

ps: Malloy gave you a very big promotion that went on for a while last night.
     Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.

Amber, that was nice - thanks.

Mike may dislike Hillary, but I know he hates the Bush Crime Family
far more than he could possibly dislike Hillary.

Mike's too much of a patriot to allow those bastards to destroy our country.


Cindy's Unequal Treatment
  And Bush's Hatred of the Constitution


Sheehan was arrested for wearing the shirt she'd worn all day.

Later, during the speech -- after Sheehan had already been arrested -- the wife of a Republican Congressman
from Florida, Bill Young, was politely asked to leave the chamber for wearing a T-shirt in support of our troops.
Her shirt said "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom."

She was not arrested for wearing the shirt, she was not held for hours in detention, nor roughed up. She does not
face any legal charges or legal fees in connection with the incident that we know about. And, as far as we know,
did not also make the ultimate sacrifice of giving the life of her child for this country.

Bush claims, "Debate is healthy, we welcome all points of view,"
but he only arrests the voices who disagree with him.



Subject: Hillary

I would vote for her in a second because she is smart enough for the job
and also because I know who would be standing behind her right shoulder.


If President Clinton has a tough decision to make, who better to give
her advice than a man who sat in the big chair for eight successful years.



"If the president broke the law, that's unacceptable.
  But I think it's debateable whether he did."
     -- Democratic Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, doing all he can to help Bush, Link

Why does our side always play for the other team?
Each time we hike the ball, our offensive line turns around and tackles our quarterback.

We'll continue to lose until we start going after the other team.


Subject: Utah town loves Bush

I read the story: they're ignorant and want to stay that way.

But wasn't it interesting that the Washington Post ran a Bush-loving story
on its front page on the day of the State of the Union address?

Wouldn't it have been better journalism to have TWO stories-- one about
a town that loves Bushie, and another about a town that can't stand him?

I know they could find a few.

Gayle, it's WaHoPo's job to protect Bush and lie for Bush.
They can make more money slanting the news than reporting it.

How do you think FOX got to be Number One in cable news?


The State of the Union Contest



"Bush went before a disaffected nation Tuesday to reassert his leadership --
  by insisting repeatedly that he's a leader with an obligation to lead at a time
  that requires leadership."
      -- Dan Froomkin,    Link


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"In a system of two parties, two chambers, and two elected branches, there will always
  be differences and debate. But even tough debates can be conducted in a civil tone,
  and our differences cannot be allowed to harden into anger. To confront the great issues
  before us, we must act in a spirit of good will and respect - and I will do my part.
  And if you don't agree with me, you can go fuck yourself."
     -- Dubya, in the SOTU,   Link


Subject: The idiot speaks

Dear Bart,

  Believe it or not I took the time to watch the State of the Union Address last night.
Needless to say I was as taken back as you will be when you hear that I found Adolph's
- I mean George's speech mildly impressive compared to what I usually see from Der Monkey.

However I found his speech to be what it always is, a famous collection of redundant irrelevancies.
I might actually be impressed with his speech, that is if I bought into right wing propaganda and if I
wasn't already aware that it was a neatly written speech of lies and b.s. as everything from his throat is.

I also noticed that he managed for the most part to conquer his speech impediments!
He must have taken an extra dose of Ritalin just before making his appearance.

  I noticed on the news today that not only Sheehan, but also another madame had been escorted out of
the Address for trying to advertise "Support Our Troops" on her shirt. Damn her and her ideals of free speech.
I must have my facts mixed up because I could have sworn hauling opposers out of the room while they
preached was a favorite tradition of Sadam in the Baath party. Obviously I'm confused.

An enlightening response would be most appreciated.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
The new boss just has a better military.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.


Palestinians: Hey, George Buush. We had a free and fair, democratic election. We chose Hamas!

George Bush: We hate your freedoms!



Bush bullies hiding  bartcop.com  from you?

Surf anonymously
by entering bartcop.com at

Subject: giving me sanity since 1999


Just want to say thank you for making the Internet and especially your web site one of my
only sources of political commentary. I've been a long time reader of your page and can
especially remember the 2000 election on your web site.

I was just as outraged as you when Bush stole the Florida votes or Jeb just gave them to him
along with the Supreme Court. I wrote you once before the election, when I was 15 years old,
asking your thoughts on who would win and you replied "hopefully Gore will" or something like that.

Too bad that dream never came true and 6 years later we have to deal with this political torture
under King George II and his empire of greed and corruption helped along with his low life,
bottom-feeding henchmen. I only hope these defeatist Democrats don't torpedo us with all
their "we hate Hillary" talk because we need a winner like her to save our country.

And it wouldn't be too bad to see Bill as first man!
Keep exposing the lies of the Conservative mainstream/cable media
and especially keep swinging that hammer Bart!!!!

 John in the Cuse

 John, thanks for that.


"I trade futures for fossil fuels."

 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $66.56 a barrel
makes $132,120,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2243   2248 have died for Bush's oil greed

They got five more yesterday.
If these were real people, with real families,
this would be, ...like, ...a tragedy.

How many more, Murder Monkey?

Bush's gusher of blood.

What date will oil hit $100 a barrel?

Two weeks?
Christmas Day?
March 4, 2008?


Solid Majority Opposes Wiretaps


According to Chris Matthews, warrantless soying is "a winning issue politically" for Bush.
A new poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal further undermines Matthew's argument:



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In First Case, Alito Leans Left

ha ha


Today is one of the most sacred days of the year for Mrs. Bart.
It's the day CBS premiers the newest Survivor: Panama -- Exile Island.

Why do I mention this?
As a reminder to God that if my heart attack is scheduled for today, please make it
happen after 8PM Central because I won't be able to get Mrs. Bart's attention until then.
Wait, Lord, make that 9PM Central, there's a new C.S.I. on tonight, too.

Plus, I have earmarked (my new word of the day) Friday for recording BCR 88.
New issue late Sunday or Monday,


Britney Spears to Molest Jesus!

 "This woman must be stopped
  before she molests Jesus!"


On the April 13th Will and Grace, Britney Spears will appear as a Christian conservative sidekick
 to Sean Hayes' homosexual character, Jack, who hosts his own talk show.

 Jack's fictional network, Out TV, is bought by a Christian TV network,
 leading to Spears contributing a cooking segment called "Cruci-fixin's."


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