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Tuesday  Feb 28, 2006   Volume 1716 - Puddle in a Hat

Quote of the Day

"In the post 9/11 world, port security 
  is too important to be treated so cavalierly." 
     -- HRC, D-N.Y.,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Renew Democracy
Bush falls to 34% 
Autistic Sports Hero 
Veteran Budget Cuts 
Iraq = Poor Planning 
Professor Monkey
Carlyle & Bush Ports
Another $2.5B Bonus 
Courtney Friel at WPT



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"Bush believes in bumping chests. And when he finds somebody with a bigger chest then he will step back. 
  He did it on torture and he is doing it on the surveillance story. Bush, when people push back, gives in. 
  Social Security, you name it, he gives in. Bush's lines in the sand stay there only until the next tide comes in." 
       -- Brookings Institution scholar Ivo Daalder, an expert on Der Monkey and foreign policy,  Link

 He backed down on Harriett Meyers,
 He backed down on no 9-11 Commission,
 He's going to back down on this nutty UAE ports deal, too.

 ...but the networks tell us Bush's strong suit is his resolve
    and his "play it straight" style with the American people.

 Wouldn't it be great to live in a country with a free press?


Time to Renew Democracy
 by  Stephen Crockett as seen on  consortiumnews.com


Perry's Note: In our view, two interrelated factors largely explain how the Bush administration has 
managed to push the United States so far in surrendering its historic concepts of democracy and freedom. 
One has been the control of information; the other the manipulation of fear.

As a corollary, it's our judgment that the reversal of this dangerous process depends on two initiatives
- reaching the American people with important facts and replacing fear with courage. Though achieving 
these goals will not be easy, we believe truth can trump propaganda and courage can overcome fear.

In this guest essay, Stephen Crockett, co-host of Democratic Talk Radio, 
gives his assessment of what's gone wrong and what needs to be done. 


Bush falls to 34% approval
World hates him, Americans hate him, GOP hates him


Bush's approval has fallen to 34 percent, down from 42 percent last month. 
Fifty-nine percent disapprove of the job the president is doing. 

For the first time in this poll, most Americans say the president does not care. 
Fifty-one percent now think he doesn't care, compared to 47 percent last fall. 

Just 30 percent approve of how Mr. Bush is handling the Iraq war, another all-time low. 
By two to one, the poll finds Bush's quagmire is going badly - the worst Iraq assessment yet. 

Even on fighting terrorism, which has long been a strong suit for Mr. Bush, his ratings dropped lower than ever. 
Half of Americans say they disapprove of how he's handling the war on terror, while 43 percent approve. 

I must step-up my torturing of this unpopular bastard for the next 2-3 years.
I've been too easy on him, I'm tired of playing Mr. Nice Guy.

"Duh, Karl says they love me..."



"What Bush and Rove are hoping is that all of their missteps, which are now numbering 
  in the hundreds, are going to somehow be overlooked because people, instead of focusing 
  on the '06 election, will jump ahead and think about the next one..." 
      -- HRC, turning up the heat on the crooks in the White House,   Link


Hamas Barbie or Ann Coulter?

Subject: forward my mail...

...care of the Twilight Zone.

A few years ago, we had a booming economy complete with record surplus, relative world peace, 
and a president who was simultaneously being impeached AND beating Ronald Reagan's all-time 
approval rating with a big 73.   Even so, the Democrats managed to lose everything.

Now we have global total war, record deficits, a creeping economy for the wealthy and a rushing doom 
for the not wealthy, a president who has somehow managed to beat his own record-setting low approval 
rating of 34 with a new and sinking 32 with an anchor, and still the democrats can't put their collective 
thumbs up their asses.

Thank Koresh I'm politically apothetic or I'd be crazy.

Rev Jim

PS. "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. 
        Give a man religion, watch him starve to death praying for fish." 
            -- Scott Stockdale


 Autistic Sports Hero
  A Basketball story that doesn't suck


Jason McElwain finally got his big break - a chance to actually play with his team.
Just playing the "trash minutes" at the end of a basketball game would have been 
a banner night for the 5-foot-6 autistic senior at Greece Athena High School. 

The coach said the first shot, missing the basket by about 6 feet, made him worry about
the decision to put McElwain into his first game. Jim Johnson said he put his head in his 
hands and said, "Please Lord just give him a basket."

Maybe there is a God, because McElwain turned into Lebron.

After missing his first shot, but then nailed six 3-pointers. A foot on the line made him 
settle for two on another shot. The crowd went wild.. He scored 20 points in four minutes.



"Bush is letting an Arab company run our ports. 
  That's like letting Robert Blake take your wife to dinner. 
  Bush said that the port deal is not a security threat. 
  Remember, this is the same guy who said 'Mission Accomplished.' " 
     --David Letterman

Last night, Colin the Murderer was on Jay Leno.
Leno gave him a soothing handjob, right on the TV.
You don't get softballs this easy in t-ball.

On the other hand, when a politiocal figure goes on Letterman, 
you usually get a sober, serious probing into the guest - it's not a picnic.

Leno kept gushing over Powell's upcoming Nobel Peace Prize.
Gee, did Zarqawi get nominated, too?


Veterans May Face Budget Cuts in 2008 
 Screw them - what'd they ever do for us, right George?


At least tens of thousands of veterans with non-critical medical issues could suffer delayed 
or even denied care in coming years to enable Bush to meet his promise of cutting the deficit
in half — if the White House is serious about its proposed budget. 

After an increase for next year, the Bush budget would turn current trends on their head. 
Even though the cost of providing medical care to veterans has been growing by leaps and bounds,
White House budget documents assume a cutback in 2008 and further cuts thereafter.



Familiar Quotes

"What the United States is doing in Vietnam is the most significant example of philanthropy 
   extended by one people to another that we have witnessed in our times." 
      -- David Lawrence, editor of US Whore & World Report, in 1966,   Link

"I'd like to see one other thing in Iraq, an outbreak of gratitude for the greatest 
  act of benevolence one country has ever done for another." 
       -- Fred Barnes, the dumbest chimp of the bunch, in 2004,    Link


Fuzzy Math

Subject: Der Monkey

Bart --

Found this Gematria site. I'm not sure what Gematria is (no entries @ dictionary.com), 
but if you click on the Hebrew translator and type in George Bush, it does a "transliteration" 
and produces a Hebrew word. 

Under Definition it says, "primate of low intellect but high social strata". 
I laughed my a** off.



-- lonestar


Iraq Chaos Blamed on Poor Planning 
  Duh, ...ya think?


Poor prewar planning by Bush, Cheney and Rummy left the United States without enough skilled 
workers to efficiently rebuild Iraq's economy and public works, according to a report issued Monday.

Thanks to inadequate planning, the report said, early occupation officials lacked enough reconstruction staffers 
who knew what they were doing.  While reconstruction has cost American taxpayers about $30 billion, Iraq
still lacks reliable electricity, water and other services. 

Don't forget the 2295 dead and the 23,000 wounded American soldiers.


impeach bush.org

Subject: how many lies can Bush tell in 30 seconds?

 Click  Here 


Be a part of Bartcop Radio

Bush lovers welcome


"Apparently, Bush did not know about this whole ports thing until the story broke in the newspapers. 
  You know, you could say Reagan was asleep at the switch. At least he knew there was a switch." 
     -- Bill Maher 


Subject: bird flu

Bart, yesterday you published:

> ...we can't stop birds from migrating.

Where's the "Big Dick" when you really need him? ;)



Professor Monkey
 Der Master of scare tactics


Bush turns out to be a great professor of politics. His lessons -- he teaches through example -- have become 
essential political wisdom. He taught Americans that all Arabs are alike by toppling Saddam, who had nothing 
to do with 9/11.  Bush taught us that in the pursuit of power, politics trumps principle. So you never risk alienating 
the part of your base that's loony and hateful -- the Ann Coulter chorus -- by publicly criticizing their xenophobia. 
And the president taught us that a War on Terror can cover a lot of ground. No programs, no policies, no answers? 
No problem. When it's a War on Terror, you don't have to make sense, and you don't have to explain yourself.


Subject: Parker / Stone quote

Hey Bart, did you notice that the quote comes from an episode of South Park? 
Wasn't your suspicion aroused in the least to see a 'quote' attributed to two people?
When's the last time you saw two people make one statement?

It happens every day.
Groups, duos and couples release statements all the time.

They didn't say this at a commencement speech somewhere. 

Yeah, like I'm going to take the time to investigate Parker / Stone quotes.

This is a line from their funny, often satirical cartoon. 
I would expect someone in your line of work to be familiar with satire.

Yeah, smart-ass, I know what satire is.
I also know that Parker and Stone are super-rich Republicans.



 I owe all Sex Pistols fans an apology.

You see, I had the bad manners to remember watching them say that when the band started, 
they couldn't even play their own instruments. One guy worked in a used clothing store, 
and they let him in the band so they would have colorful costumes if they ever got a gig.

My memory regrets the error.



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Another $2.5B Bonus for Halliburton


The Army has decided to reimburse Halliburton's KBR for nearly all of its disputed costs on a $2.41 billion 
no-bid contract to deliver fuel and repair oil equipment in Iraq, even though the Pentagon's own auditors had 
identified more than $250 million in charges as potentially excessive or unjustified. The Army said Friday that 
questionable business practices by KBR, had in some cases driven up the company's costs. But in the haste 
and peril of war, it had largely done as well as could be expected, the Army said, and aside from a few penalties, 
the government was compelled to reimburse the company for its costs. Under the type of contract awarded to the 
company, "the contractor is not required to perform perfectly to be entitled to reimbursement," said Rhonda James,
a spokeswoman for the southwestern division of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, based in Dallas, 
where the contract is administered."

So, Bush gives them a $2.4 billion, no-bid contract that says Halliburton has no expectation to deliver?
That's outright stealing, but hey - if you rob banks for a living, and the Bank Guard refuses to come to work,
then it's your duty to empty that bank and come back again ever day to empty it again and again.


Subject: running our own ports

Perkel asks if we have become a third world country unable to run our own ports.

The answer is: Yes. We have become a third world country. 
The process began with Ronald "Debt" Reagan who destroyed America's manufacturing industry 
and tuned us into a debtor nation. Clinton's recovery from the imbecilic Republican economic bilge 
was then destroyed by Bubya Douche II, who doesn't know anything about anything on top of being dumb.

We now have huge debt, a dictator, an overblown military and worst of all: no opposition. 
Just like Chile 1973.



If Bush has his way...



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Carlyle Group and Bush's Ports Giveaway


Remember these two names: John Snow and David Sanborn. 
Then remember these three companies: Carlyle Group, CSX, and Dubai Ports World.

PART OF CSX -- namely, CSX Lines -- was sold to ...drum roll, please.... 
The Carlyle Group, early in Feb. 2003, for $300 million. 
One of the biggest customers of CSX Lines is the US military. 
John Snow, the CEO of CSX, was appointed Treasury Secretary by Bush jr. on Feb. 7, 2003.

David Sanborn was an executive with CSX and, then, a senior Dubai Ports World executive whom Bush 
appointed last month to be the new administrator of the Maritime Administration of the Transportation Department. 
Sanborn worked as Dubai Ports World's director of operations for Europe and Latin America. 

Gee, d'ya think Sanborn greased the skids for Dubai Ports World to get Bushite approval 
to run operations at six of our nation's ports? 

D'ya think? 

Partly, I blame the Democrats.

Toddlers and oil crooks will take what they want unless somebody says, "Stop, that's bad!"
The Democrats have failed to discipline Der Monkey just like Barbara and Pickles have.
The President-the-Whole-World-Hates is an out-of-control three year old hellion.
He will continue to plunder the world's assests until someone gives him a reason to stop.

 "Bart, you're too suspicious!  Why don't you trust W like we do?"


Subject: Dubai ports

Isnt it weird that Bush claims not to have been in the loop 
but defends this viciously?

john in Chicago

John, Bush has promised this would be his first veto.
Did the Democrats jump on that?
Did they say, "Mr. President, are you SURE you want to do that?"which would 
cause Bush to say something incredibly stupid sych as, "Bring 'em on" or "Over my dead body,"
then the Democrats could have the bastard locked in to an indefensible position - then crush him.

It's so easy to do - Bush can be outwitted by third-graders.

But no, Mr. Rove would never give permission for the Democrats to speak up,

"Permission denied!"

and it wouldn't be nice, either, ...and we Democrats are all about being nice.
"Nice" comes first, then comes "fair," then "honest." 
Winning isn't even in the Top Ten for us.

I need a drink...


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $61.00 a barrel
makes $122,000,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2287  2295 have died for Halliburton


Subject: stickers

Bart, someone stopped me and asked where to get "I Miss Clinton" stickers. 
I gave her a BartCop sticker.

Dave H

Dave, thanks for that.
I'll send replacements with your CDs.



"Somone discovered an al Qaeda employment contract, detailing the benefits of joining the group. 
  Membership does have its privileges. Married males receive 6500 rupees and a week's vacation 
  for every three weeks work. Wow, it sounds like there's no downside! Oh, wait, the retirement plan." 
       -- Jon Stewart, off this week to prepare for the Oscars


You might be Republican if...

You can't stand Hilary Clinton's hair 
 but you have no problem with Trent Lott's. 


Stones draw a small crowd in Rio

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"We're behind the president 100 percent. We believe the decision to turnover
   our ports to Arab countries in all likelihood is absolutely the right one." 
    -- Bill Frist, suddenly, solidly behind Bush's ports giveaway,  Link

If the Democrats had any brains or the will to win (should I bother to finish this sentence?)
they would be calling Bush a "caver" and "a quitter" to force him into sticking with this nutty ports giveaway.

I don't think America will buy it, and the more Bush sticks to this nutty idea, the lower his ratings will fall. 
Will we see Bush's approval in the twenties? If and when that happens, Republicans will desert 
the sinking ship and impeachment could possibly come earlier than 2007.

...if only the Democrats had an IQ of 64 or one ball between them.


Subject: nutsoh

I listened to a portion of your Bartcop radio today. 
The part about how Bush was "Coked up on whiskey and Mexican Hookers." 
Gawd, you guys are outrageous! 

Actually, the outrage is deserting your post during wartime 
because you're too full of cocaine to pass the NG physical.
As far as the Mexican hookers, how do you think he learned Spanish?

Where is your evidence about these charges? 
Other than your vivid, wishful Bush-hating imagination……………

The evidence is Bush's failure to take the physical.
The evidence is Bush's desertion to avoid a drug arrest.
The evidence is that Doonesbury sites put up a $10,000 reward for anyone
who could prove they served with Bush in the NG - nobody could claim it.

Let me ask you: Do you think Bush did hundreds of hours of
Community Service because he wanted to help poor, inner city black kids?

Get a life, for God's sake. 
He can't run again, you'll never impeach him and you'll 
probably have one of your democRATS as pres in 2008!

Well look here - you said something smart, but tell me:
Do you like this president?  If so, why?

Did you get a tax increase from Bush?
Do you know anyone who died in Iraq?
Are you in the casket sales business?
How many people do you know who are working for less money since 2001?
How many of your friends lost their health insurance the last five years? 
Do you know any black people who used to live in New Orleans?
Did you know Bush has spent more money than every other president combined?
I kinda liked the Bill of Rights, how about you?
Did you enjoy your personal privacy when you had it?
Does this sentence seem familiar?   "In all criminal prosecutions, 
the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial..." 
That's from the US Constitution - ever hear of it?
Did it say, "Unless Emporer Bush says otherwise?"

How about this line: 
"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."
Suspects no lonmger even get to see a lawyer.

Is your family from Dubai?

So get over it……………pleeeeease.
Tom, a conservative friend

You must be young - you must not remember how good we used to have it.
We had peace, we had prosperity like crazy and the biggest problems we had
was what to do about Monica and the budget surplus.

I'll tell you when I'll "get over it," the minute I see this:

        "I'm above the law because I'm president..."


TV Stuff

Late last night, I watched "High Stakes Poker" on the Game Show Channel.
The players were mostly the well-known greats, but you know what made it different?
They played with chips but they also played with cash - and tons of it.

Someone would bet $300K by putting bricks of cash into the pot.
A hundred $100 bills is $10K, so you needed thirty of those for a $300K bet.

On Idol, if they're ditching the cute one's first - who's next to go?

Just-married Denny Crain gets caught with a young woman on Boston Legal.
His new wife wants half of all his assets, but just weeks ago, she gave him permission
to have sex with whomever he wanted, wherever he wanted, at any time of his choosing.

Maybe we'll get a clip for BCR 90. 
Denny was pretty good in BCR 89.   (90 seconds, G-Rated)

On The Shield, Cavanaugh makes a prison deal with killer Antoine Mitchell to get Mackey.
Mitchell says he'll do it - IF Cavanaugh puts the cops in his cell block.
This is damn exciting TV.


World Poker Tour's Courtney Friel


Season Four starts March 8th with the Mirage Poker Showdown. 


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