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Friday  March 16, 2006  Volume 1727 - Noxious

Quote of the Day

"Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) said he 
  won't rule out voting to censure Bush." 
    -- Wake-Up Call!,   Link

 I wish the Democrats were as willing to hold
 Bush accountable as some Republicans.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush & Nuremberg
So Far, No Good 
GOP: Legal Spying? 
WMD Merry-go-Round 
Baghdad Cops Krazy 
Battered by Reality 
Mexican Water Wars
Pancakes and WWII
Jennifer Aniston Icey 



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"He has time and time again taken on the side of the terrorists."
       --Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Bastard) accusing Feingold of siding with terrorists,

As long as Feingold stands alone, they can accuse him of these atrocities.
If some Democrats would stand up and endorse Feingold, he would have some protection.

How can the Democrats be so scared of doing the right thing?


Iraq & the Nuremberg Precedent
 by Peter Dyer as seen on  Consortiumnews.com


Editor's Note: As the United States approaches the third anniversary of the Iraq invasion, much of the
commentary is focusing on the Bush administration's "incompetence" in prosecuting the war -- the failure
to commit enough troops, the decision to disband the old Iraqi army without adequate plans for training
a new one, the highhandedness of the U.S. occupation.

But what about the legal and moral questions arising from the unprovoked invasion of Iraq? Should Bush
and his top aides be held accountable for violating the laws against aggressive war that the United States
and other Western nations promulgated in punishing senior Nazis after World War II?   Do the Nuremberg
precedents that prohibit one nation from invading another apply to Bush and American officials -- or are they
somehow immune? Put bluntly, should Bush and his inner circle face a war-crimes tribunal for the tens of
thousands of deaths in Iraq?

Despite the present-day conventional wisdom in Washington that these are frivolous questions, they actually
go to the heart of the American commitment to the rule of law and the concept that the law applies to everyone.
In this guest essay, Peter Dyer looks at this larger issue:

Note: Consortiumnews.com  is the most important site on the Internet


So Far, No Good
 Molly fails to trash Hillary today


According to the president, "Our goal in Iraq is victory." I personally did not find that a helpful clarification.
According to the president, we are doomed to stay in Iraq until we "leave behind a democracy that can govern itself,
sustain itself and defend itself."...Since the revisionist myth that we went to war to promote democracy keeps seeping
into rational discussion, it is worth reminding ourselves that there never were any WMDs in Iraq. We are inarguably
facing more terrorists now than there were when we started, so the Pentagon has decided to fight what it is now
calling "the Long War." Has anyone asked you about this? Me, neither. Nor has anyone asked Congress.
The administration -- mostly Donald Rumsfeld -- just decided we would have a long war and declared it,
and is now committing us to fight against a fuzzy ideology no one seems to be able to define.


GOP to legalize Bush Spying?


A new bill would allow the NSA to eavesdrop, without a warrant, for up to 45 days per case,
at which point the Justice Department would have three options. It could drop the surveillance,
seek a warrant from FISA's court, or convince a handful of House and Senate members that
although there is insufficient evidence for a warrant, continued surveillance "is necessary to
protect the United States," according to a summary the four sponsors provided yesterday.

Or they could just spy on anybody they wanted to for as long as they wanted to
and if they get caught, they'll just legalize that, too.


Mexican Water Wars


MEXICO CITY - Water is worth fighting for even to the death, activists holding an "alternate" forum
outside the world water summit said Friday. That attitude might seem strange in developed countries,
where water flows at the touch of a faucet. But it isn't nearly as accessible in the developing world.

And water wars aren't an apocalyptic vision of the future. They're already starting to happen, the protesters say.

"We've been beaten, we've been jailed, some of us have even been killed, but we're not going to give up,"
said Marco Suastegui, who marched alongside about 10,000 protesters Thursday outside a convention
center where the international Fourth World Water Forum is being held.

Suastegui is leading the battle against a dam being built to supply water for the Pacific coastal resort of Acapulco.
Opponents fear the dam will dry up the nearby Papagayo River.

We need to keep an eye on the fresh water issue.
Remember when Enron tried to buy the fresh water rights in Southern california?

When oil barrons start buying commodities, that means the price is going thru the roof.


Subject: the CIA and WMDs

Everyone else was saying iraq had no WMD

...like that means something?

Just the CIA was insisting, and colin powell & cheney & bush & condi giving very unconvincing performances...

At the time, Powell's UN speech was seen as convincing.
When Powell said, "Right there, that white building is a weapons whatever,"
I don't remember anybody saying, "Bullshit. That's a damn warehouse."

then there was the problem of iraqi economix: how many years of sanctions?
sure there was a lot made on the black market, but saddam put all of that into his palaces

You have a breakdown on how much money Saddam had?
What he spent it on?
Who he met, who he e-mailed and called?
What they talked about and what he purchased?
Your crystal ball is f-ing amazing.

how could he have afforded to run WMD research, too?

How much did the Anthrax killer of 2001 spend on research?

then the question of finding a delivery system...
iraq didn't have any ICBMs...

How about a ship just outside the 12-mile limit with drone airplanes?  Doesn't Radio Shack sell them?
Saddam, HAD some WMDs, he bought them from Rummy and Poppy, remember?
He used them on Iran and killed what, 100,000 people with it?

it was laughable from start to finish
how could anyone be so gullible?


Withheld, if only I was as smart as you.
If only I had the courage to see things like you do.
If only I had your abilities to see into the future.



"The Republicans in charge of Congress have been partners with Bush every bloody, stupid,
  costly step along the way. You may as well ask them to impeach themselves. For that matter,
  you may as well call on Bush and Dick Cheney to recognize their disastrous mistakes and resign.
  Let's remember that politics is about gaining and using power - and that gravity does apply."
      -- David Corn,   Link


Subject: I'm no fool, are you still glad I'm not your father?


So you'd hate to have a father who "risked everything" before the war?
Sorry Bart, that's a very Republican false choice.

When someone disagrees with me, it's always because I'm "too stupid" or "Bush's clone."
Why can't people admit that we can't agree on every issue?

Some of us were willing to literally risk everything, but...

That's why I'm glad you're not my Dad.
I'd rather grow up and live my life than have Dad gamble my ass away in a poker game.

I've been reading your site since August of 2002.
I know that because it's when I started yelling to the world that the upcoming war was based on lies.

How could you possibly know that for a fact?
Right now, I'm thinking of a number between 220 and 993 - can you tell me what it is?
If you can guess the right number, I'll conceed that you can read minds and see into the future.

I have pre-war photographic proof and have published letters to the editor that I can provide.

Too bad you didn't send that "photographic proof" with this e-mail.
Perhaps you were in a hurry?

In Indianapolis there was an anti-war rally October 7, 2002.
I have a picture of one sign one of the other organizers made that says, "You are being lied to."
It doesn't get any more accurate than that, eh Bart?

Peaceful Pete

Pete, that means the sign holder had an opinion and felt strongly about it.
If I held a sign that said, "Cardinals win World Series," would that make it so?

What "photographic proof"  could you have that proves Saddam had no WMDs?

We can't keep arguing the same "facts" until the end of time - so the easiest way
out of this mess would be for everyone to just agree that I'm right.


Random Thought

Talked to Chicago Jim recently.
I asked him how his weather was, because I'm so pissed that we missed winter here in Oklahoma.
He said Chicago was expecting 3-4 inches of snow, and that he was looking forward to firing up his
lil' outdoor fireplace and enjoying the winter wonderland - I'm so jealous!

My electric bill was over $200 - because I've had to run the AC non-stop for the 85-degree days.
Koresh, it's f-ing February and I'm paying $200 to air condition Casa de Bart?

I'm so old, I remember paying to HEAT the house during February, but thanks to Bush,
we all live in Brownsville now, and it won't be long before we're all living in hell.

Having said that, let me say, ...Chicago Jim is a cruel, cruel man.
He sent me this picture...

Notice the cardinal - stealing time in Chicago Jim's back yard.

Jim, can we come stay with you for a few weeks?
I miss winter.


Baghdad Cops Killing, Kidnapping


A U.S. general says Iraqi investigators have broken up a ring of police officers
who were kidnapping people, extorting ransoms and sometimes killing their victims.
Allegations of Iraqi police death squads have circulated widely in recent weeks.

Hundreds of bodies - many of them showing signs of torture - have turned up since
the February 22 bombing of a major Shi'ite shrine near Baghdad.


Check out   liquiddaddy.com

Subject: ha ha, you are so funny...

Bart, you wrote:

> To the left-wall huggers, I'm Bush's twin, because they're sooooooooooooooo far left.

Yes, I wrote that - and your comment is...?

Sooooooo far left!  ROFLMAO!  In Oklahoma, and maybe the south.  But not in the rest of the country.
And on the coasts (sanity), we know we are not "far left."  We are middle of the road.

Middle of the road?

That bluff might work on some isolated handjob at the WaHoPo or the NY Whore Times,
but I get hundreds of e-mails a day, and have for many, many years and trust me,
you are a certified, bed-wetting, far-left-wing, wall-hugging fringer.

Oh, and your attempt to put "left-wall huggers" as pro-Bush is funny.

Not sure what that grab-ass of non-intelligencia was, but if your goal in life is to stop Hillary
from being president, then yes, I will accuse you of doing exactly what Karl Rove wants.


The net's best advertising deal

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Subject: Frank Zappa

I have seen a lot of guitarists mentioned in this thread, but I cannot help but wonder...
Doesn't Frank Zappa deserve an honorable mention at the very least?

The man was a fucking genius!

Give it some thought for a minute.  He was a true, bona-fide musician and a top-notch satirist.
(anybody ever heard "Dickie's Such An Asshole"?)  Some of the greatest stuff I have ever heard,
he wrote. [recommended listening: 'Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar' featuring the tune 'Heavy Duty Judy']

He was also politically involved; He helped get kids to register and vote.  He fought the PMRC.
Not many of our 'guitar gods' did that, did they?

I'm guessing he passed away before you started this web thing, and if so, that is unfortunate.
I believe if he were alive today, he would be singing praises to your work.
He would sure as hell be railing against the current administration and their follies.

So, how 'bout it?
Pour a shot for FZ.
If I still drank, I would.

Roy in Coffeyville KS



Be a part of Bartcop Radio

Bush lovers welcome


"The president has, with almost 3 years left in his final term, a 33% approval rating.
This is cause for concern. When it comes to international affairs...we're in dangerous territory.
Our army is locked up in Iraq, our good-will is gone and we've outsourced the heavy lifting to others.
Bush, barring some unforseen change, has literally been castrated internationally. Our enemies can
do anything they want and there really isn't a whole lot we can do about it because a.) most of our army
is tied up in Iraq and b.) the American public, even if we had to do something, wouldn't stand for it.
That's what happens when you squander global good-will for a preventive war that you bungle."
      -- Sean-Paul Kelley,    Link


Subject: Iraq

Well, it's wag the dog Friday, as the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld cabal bombs Iraq to smithereens to try and
lift Bush in the polls. It's just a shame that all those civilians, including children, are getting blown to bits.

Does anyone even remember why we went to war with Iraq?

Wasn't it to remove Saddam and capture the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Well Saddam was removed and there were no WMDs. So, why are we still there?

Oh, we forgot, with the Bush administration, war, death and hundreds of billions dollars
spent on contracts with Halliburton and other war profiteers doesn't have to make sense.
It just has to make GOP contributors lots of money and give Bush some partisan political advantage.

(lost the name of the sender)



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How did Pancakes Delay the end of WWII?


No excerpt, you gotta read it:


Subject: Hillary's knife

I've been hoping Hillary would not run for President.
I felt she was earning seniority in the Senate and would be more powerful there for the Democrats.

But perhaps the statement about her knifing the bastard who gets between her and the office
implies enough guts and  gumption and hits me just right today that I will change my  thinking.

Thanks to Mike in WA.
Thanks to you.


Actually, Hillary's signature is two bullets to the brain...


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Bush Battered by Reality


Deep doubts about the Iraq war and pessimism about America's future have shattered public confidence
in that Monkey in a man suit and helped drive his approval ratings to their lowest level ever. As Bush launched
a series of speeches to drum up support for the war, a new round of opinion polls found growing skepticism
about Iraq and distrust of his lying, Nazi ass. His image declined sharply, with one poll finding "incompetent"
to be the most frequent description of his leadership. Bush's approval rating dipped as low as 33 percent after
a string of bad news for the White House, including uproars over a now-dead Arab port deal, Bush's spying,
a series of ethics scandals involving high-profile Republicans and a bungled response to Katrina.



"We don't fear the future. We welcome it. We have delivered results
  for the American people, and we've got an agenda to continue to do so."
    -- Dubya, bragging about alll his successes at the Nazi Committee dinner on Thursday, Link


Subject: Sandy let Bush in


If one more judge would have let the votes be counted, President Gore would have kept
all the shit from repeatedly hitting the fan that we have witnessed over the last 5 years.

O'Conner has the nads to say that the country is in trouble now is a disgrace.
It is your fault, Sandy!

By the way, I think your 'Hillary has the only chance of winning' thing is a bit premature. 

You mean I have to say it again?
As of today, Hillary seems to have the best chance of winning,
but I'm going to back whoever wins the Democratic nomination.

You won't hear that from Molly Ivins or Arianna Huffington.

If all Democrats agreed with that, we wouldn't even have this conversation.
But some ultra-lefties hate Hillary more than Bush - and that's insanity.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is  $64.20 a barrel
makes $128,400,000 Bush stole just yesterday

2309  2314 have died for Halliburton




"The real debate in Democratic circles would be whether to pass articles of impeachment.
Whether such an inevitable attempt succeeds would depend on Bush's approval rating,
and especially on whether Democrats could use their subpoena power as committee chairs
to conjure up something they could flog to a receptive media as an 'impeachable' offense.
Censure and impeachment are so far the only parts of the left's agenda for the next Congress.
Not only do Democrats want to block his policies, they also plan to rebuke and embarrass him
in front of the world and America's enemies."
    --The Whore Street Journal, pretending Bush didn't lie 2314 soldiers into their graves,
       while forgetting they impeached Clinton for having a girlfriend.   Link

Republicans will continue to say that oral sex is worse than killing 2314 soldiers
until the pink tutu Democrats get the backbone to rub their nose in that dog shit of a lie.

    "But we're scared, Bart.  ...and Mr Rove wouldn't like that..."


Subject: Feingold

Agree - Where was Feingold's progressive conscience when  he voted to confirm
John Ashcroft and John Roberts?  It's great to try to censure Bush when he knows
damn well it won't go anywhere but on the front pages.

Where's he been for the past five years?


Can Democrats Play this Game?


Feingold tossed a political grenade at Bush this week, but it fell into the middle of the Senate Democratic Caucus.
Many Democratic senators ran away...For two decades, Republicans have used their idealists, their ideologues
and their loudmouths to push the boundaries of discussion to the right. . In the best of all worlds, Feingold's strong
stand would redefine what's "moderate" and make clear that those challenging the legality of the wiretapping are
neither extreme nor soft on terrorism.

Reminder: Not a dime for the Democrats until AFTER they start fighting back. (Wes Clark excluded)


Subject: WMDs

You are a dumb fuck who now gets to witness the penalty
for being wrong and willing to stay wrong.

Fucking missile head.
Chris from Boca

Chris, it's always great to hear from a logical, level-headed friend.


Random Thought

I wonder, all the crap I'm taking for my "love affair with Hillary,"
I wonder, will I get any credit if I'm 100 percent right and on-target?

Hillary can't do squat until after she wins re-election this November.
Once she's got that behind her,

...what if she comes out, guns-a-blazing against Monkeyboy and lays down a frontal assault
that sends the Fascist White House reeling, condemns the war, condemns Bush's lies and greed
and no-bid contracts to Halliburton and grinds out a ground campaign that kicks BFEE ass
and puts her in a position on January 20th 2009 to start reversing eight years of costly insanity...

Will I get any credit for seeing what so many can't see today?
Will I get any credit for not caving to the vocal, anti-Hillary bandwagon?


Subject: Gore

Bart, you published:

> Gore lost this country for three reasons:
> He didn't fight, He didn't use the Clinton name and
> He chose Liberman the Loser as his running mate.

> You are correct!

I thought Ralph Nader cost Gore the election.

He did, assuming one believes in mathematics.
Gore "lost" by fewer votes than Nader siphoned off.


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TV Stuff

The Shield left us in a dark, dark place.
Vic's enemy, Kavanaugh, went to Vic's house, apparently, to rape his wife.

Tuesday is the season finale, not the series finale.
TV Guide says they'll be back next year - that's news to me.

...and a shot of Cuervo in a dirty glass to the whore networks who've gone to repeats
because they're so afraid of that obnoxious sqeaking noise on CBS, the yellow bastards.

For sure, 3/4 of America hates basketball, but the networks still punt.


Subject: The only way I can think of that is legal



Jennifer Aniston Ices her Nipples?


Her roommate said she iced her breasts before auditions and put chicken cutlets in her bra.
She got liposuction, a nose job and a hairline adjustment after moving to Los Angeles.


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