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 BCR Show 93 is Up 
Tuesday  6-6-6   Volume 1777 - Tattoo You

Quote of the Day

"Iraq's a bigger mess than ever, 
  Iran's digging in its heals on nukes. 
  What's "the decider" focused on? 
  Same-sex marriage." 
       -- CW     Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Is O'Reilly a Nazi?
Punished for Speaking 
Stained Blue Pants 
Orwellian Consensus 
Helpless Democrats 
Chips in Mexicans? 
Kristin Kreuk 


Barry Crimmins, (Randi Rhodes's comedy writer)
has a downloadable, iPod-ready comedy album

Get it at


"Bush is strong, and he doesn't waver. I like that he is for the family, that marriage should
  only be between a man and woman. And the war, we need to finish what we started."
       -- Jaren Olsen, 18, so far unable to find time to join Der Monkey's hopeless quagmire, Link


Is O'Reilly a Nazi?   Just Asking
   by Robert Parry as seen on


Bill O'Reilly has accused US troops in WW II of murdering unarmed Nazi SS forces at Malmedy, Belgium,
and systematically burning alive surrendering Japanese soldiers at Iwo Jima.  But O'Reilly's historical smears
are no more accurate than many of his current ones. For instance, at Malmedy, SS troops murdered unarmed
Americans, not the other way around.  O'Reilly's bizarre sympathy for the Axis Powers might justify one of
those loaded Fox News questions: "Is Bill O'Reilly a Nazi?"   Just asking.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet




"I'm distrustful of news media portrayals of Dubya because they
  concentrate too much on the negative and certain small things."
    -- Ron Craft of Provo, calling Iraq, Katrina and the missing 20 trillion dollars "small things"  Link


Punished for Speaking Up


Since November, when John Murtha called for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, he has been under
fire from hard-core conservatives. Like every combat veteran before him who has come to question the
pretext for war or its prosecution, Murtha has been denounced as a traitor, a coward, a defeatist and a liar.

Scott McClellan called Murtha's stance a "surrender to the terrorists." And the 38-year Marine veteran
has been swiftboated: Critics have questioned his two Purple Hearts, on no grounds whatsoever.


Stained Blue Pants in Bush's Future?

 Link   then scroll down or search for "sanctity of marriage"

George W. Bush's marital problems have just taken another turn for the worse. Apparently, Bush
has not only engaged in an extra-marital affair with a member of the opposite sex who is also a senior
member of his Cabinet, (Condi) but also a member of the same sex.  WMR received the following
release this morning from Leola McConnell, Democratic candidate for Governor of Nevada. .


Lieberman Challenger Rising


After years of ardent support for the Iraq war, Lieberman could become that conflict's
first big political casualty in a Democratic primary race fueled by rising anti-war anger.

Lieberman faces a growing challenge from a political neophyte who has rallied Democrats angered
by the senator's enthusiastic backing of the war and willingness to support Bush on most issues.

Challenger Ned Lamont's underdog bid to unseat Lieberman could offer an early gauge of the
intensity of anti-war sentiment ahead of November's midterm elections, along with a measure of
the influence of the Internet activists and bloggers who have flocked to his cause.

"Lieberman has cheered Bush on every step of the way when it comes to the invasion of Iraq,
and he is too quick to compromise on core Democratic principles," Lamont told Reuters.



Subject: pot and cancer

Check out my post.

I called Stephen Sidney, MD, at the Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente
Medical Care Program, 3505 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611 on Jan. 4, and he
confirmed that they found lower levels of cancer among the marijuana smokers
when compared to their control group

I'm not sure of its providence or accuracy but it seems typical of what happens to facts that run contrary to accepted wisdom.
Do you think we'll ever see unbiased studies on this unpatentable and easily produced substance?
Not in our lifetime.
Corporate and law enforcement concerns have too much to lose.

Eff 'em all and keep swinging that hammer thingee.


Dude, religious insanity (along with Bush) is killing this country..


Seasonal Memory Lapses


Bush values Lieberman because he has been a crucial ally in efforts to free Enron-style corporate crooks 
from regulation, transfer wealth to the wealthy, hound gays, trample on the rights of government critics and 
sacrifice the lives of thousands of Americans and Iraqis to dishonest, dangerous military adventurism. 
Lieberman understands how, in campaigns, you can make people forget all that. You can change the subject 
by making fun of your opponent for being rich. Then, with millions of dollars from wealthy donors, you can 
reinvent your record. Watching Lieberman and Lamont these past few weeks, I had to wonder: 
Am I the one with amnesia?"



Get your vocal wisdom on BartCop Radio

Bushies welcome



"I'm not sure of anything he's done, but I like that he's religious -  that's really important."
     -- Danielle Pulsipher, insane at Brigham Young,   Link

Danielle, guess who holds the Western Hemisphere record for murders in the 1990s.
Then guess who holds the record for most Iraqi murders in the 2000s.


Subject: Nixon's war on pot

Check out this link for all you need to know about the Shafer Commission
finding weed harmless and Nixon's 'War on Drugs'.


"We need, and I use the word 'all out war,' on all fronts . . . ."
That was Richard Nixon's reaction to his national commission's recommendation that marijuana
no longer be a criminal offense, according to Nixon's Oval Office tapes. The year after Nixon's
"all out war" marijuana arrests jumped by over 100,000 people.

That's how Republicans work.
They look at the facts and say, "I don't like those facts, let's pretend things are this way,"
and then they pass laws they know are wrong.

In one year, an extra 100,000 people had "druggie" put on their permanant record,
even tho Nixon's hand-picked commission said it should be legal.


Washington's Orwellian Consensus
   by Nat Parry as seen on


Disclosures of spying on Americans and George W. Bush's sinking poll numbers have surprisingly not
changed the political dynamic in Washington, as Bush continues to fend off serious oversight while
consolidating his imperial presidency. Bush's ultimate trump card in gaining this Orwellian consensus
has turned out to be his control of government secrets, with only the November elections looming
as a potential obstacle in his path

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet


War Profiteers

Saw it on A Liberal Dose

Subject: Del Castillo

Free concert in Pittsburgh
June 13, 6-7PM - Main Stage of the Art Festival.

Hey, I'm old/smart enough to know that music is subjective. I wouldn't pay $5
to see Billy Ray Cyrus, but if you're willing to pay $2500 to see him,
*I* wouldn't call you crazy, at least not to your face.

I may have an IQ of 64, but I can understand another man's opinion.

But Del Castillo is so good, even if you don't like this musicthey invented,
you will stand and applaud when they finish each blazing dual solo and each song.

If you see them, tell Rick the guitar player "Bart says hey," but don't shake his hand.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

US troops out of control


The wife of the unnamed staff sergeant claimed there had been a "total breakdown" in the unit's 
discipline after it was pulled out of Falluja in early 2005.

"There were problems in Kilo company with drugs, alcohol, hazing, you name it," she said. 
"I think it's more than possible that these guys were totally tweaked out on speed or something 
when they shot those civilians in Haditha."

The troops in Iraq have been ordered to take refresher courses on battlefield ethics, but a growing 
body of evidence from Haditha suggests the strain of repeated deployments in Iraq is beginning to 
unravel the cohesion and discipline of the combat troops.

"We are in trouble in Iraq," Barry McCaffrey, a partially sane retired army general told Time magazine. 
"Our forces can't sustain this pace, and I'm afraid the American people are walking away from this war." 


Helpless Democrats

Is there a limit to how helpless a Democrat can be?

Every two years we have elections, which are like report cards.
Basically an election is the government asking, "How are we doing?"

Each time an election rolls around, the fascists trot out the same old nonsense
and each time, the Democrats couldn't seew that coming and they spend the
entire campaign responding to nonsensical non-issues - and then they lose.

How do you stop that?  You open and close every speech with:

"Don't fall for their tricks again. They want to talk about men kissing, burning the flag,
 English is our official language and the atrocity of seeing Janet Jackson's naked breast.
 We want to talk about ending Bush's failed war, the loss of New Orleans, the bad economy,
 losing health care and the trillions missing from the Treasury.  Don't let them fool you again.
 Vote your self interests and let's get America back on track."

It's so damn easy, but they just refuse to listen.

And then there's the Diebold problem that they absolutely refuse to address.

Don't they want to win?


Subject: Tequila wars


BartCop, you young Brat,
I usually don't like to challenge someone's religious preferences, but...

Dude, you have come to the right place.

I bought a bottle of Chinaco Anejo a few months ago in Dallas,
and compared it to Don Felipe's El Tesoro Reposado several times since.

Every time I found the lower-grade El Tesoro to be superior as to taste and subtlety.
Of course. if you prefer throat-ripping harsh taste, Chinaco wins hands down.

ha ha

Dude, let's talk ball parks.
Even if you're talking Cuervo, Reposado isn't qualified to carry Anejo's jockstrap.
Perhaps you left the cork off the Chinaco one night?

I hate to challenge you on a fundamental religious issue, but El Tesoro is better.

El Tesoro Reposado isn't "better," it's simply the tequila you prefer.
It's the years in the barrels that gives tequila the great flavor.
If you like drinking un-aged tequila, go for it.

Check my site at:



Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

             Dan at Yellowstone's Old Faithful Geyser

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Subject: Election year stunts

You can tell it's an election year because the Republicans are doing their election year stunt
trying to show conservatives that they are more anti-gay than the Democrats are.

I remember the good old days when Republicans used to try to pass a balanced budget
amendment as an election year stunt. But you don't see that anymore.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is $72.60 a barrel
makes $145,200,000 Bush stole justyesterday

...add to that, Iran pumps FOUR M barrels a day.

Once the sick bastard invades, that's 6 M barrels a day
times today's oil price which is  $72.60 a barrel
makes $435,600,000 dollars Bush will steal daily

No wonder they were so eager to start a war


...and what did it cost us?

Not much, just the lives of...

2475 2476 soldiers

Subject: pot causing cancer


I would argue that pot DOES cause cancer, if taken in quantities similar to heavy smokers.

Why would you argue that?
Have you ever seen evidence of that?

Although they smoke it unfiltered, users of pot don't smoke more than a couple of joints a day,
and casual users far less than that.  And there's often a lot of sharing going on.

Cigarette addicts, on the other hand, smoke constantly - two, sometimes three packs a day.
That's 40 to 60 cigarettes.  If you smoked 40 to 60 complete joints a day, assuming you could function,
you'd probably be at risk for cancer too.


Tab, is there any evidence that tobacco causes cancer?
There might be, but I'm not aware of it.

My guess is that tobacco isn't very harmful, but those 4,000 chemical the bastards add to hook you
faster and stronger are the real cause of cancers. Smoking a lot of formaldahyde and ammonia has
to be more harmful than straight tobacco out of the ground, it just has to be.

It's a crime that congress allows those butchers to remain in business while spending billions to stop
regular Americans from enjoying a relatively safe plant that doesn't come from Bush's contributors.


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"God wrote the Bible in English for a reason: So it could be taught in our public schools."
       -- Stephen Colbert, in his commencement speech at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill.,  Link


Subject: Richard Pryor

June 8th at exactly noon Pacific, send some positive thoughts to Richard and Jennifer.

You're welcome and encouraged to post a little something on the forum, too.

  by SeeJay

Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana's death.

An English princess with an Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a French tunnel,
driving a German car with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian who was drunk
on Scottish whisky, followed by Italian Paparazzi, on Japanese motorcycles,
treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines.

This is sent to you by an Englishman, using Bill Gates's technology, and you're
probably reading this on a computer that uses Taiwanese chips, and a Korean monitor,
assembled by Bangladeshi workers in a Singapore plant, transported by Indian lorry-drivers,
hijacked by Indonesians, unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen, trucked to you by Mexican illegals.....

That is Globalization!

Read while sipping Mexican tequila.


Implant Tracking Chips in Mexicans?
 Why not tattoo numbers on their arms?


Scott Silverman, Chairman of VeriChip Corp, has proposed implanting RFID tracking tags in
immigrant and guest workers. He made the statement May 16.  Silverman was being interviewed
on "Fox & Friends."   Responding to Bush's fascistic need to control "thosde people,"  he proposed
using VeriChip RFID implants to register workers at the border, and then verify their identities in the
workplace. He added, "We have talked to many people in Washington about using it...."

If we show no outrage, Bush could order every American to be tagged so he can track us "for our safety."

If only there was an opposition party to stop Hitler's disciple.

       "Hey, you can't talk about our president that way..."


Subject: Pot and driving

Hey Bartcop,

Didja hear about the US/Holland study from a few years ago that found that the only 'drawback' to
driving under the influence of herb was "you drive slower". All other measurements to response time etc.
showed no effect. Of course the study was never released in the good old USA.

And don't forget the entire original criminalization was based on racism. The Congressional record shows
the debate 70 years ago centered on "if white women smoke it they want to sleep with negroes."

Midnight Dread


Kristin Kreuk on 'Smallville'



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