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Bartcop Radio Show 94 is up w/ snippets

Tuesday  June 27, 2006 Vol 1789 - Whif-o-Sac

Quote of the Day

"Bush would have lost in 2004 
   if he was running against nobody."  
    -- Grover Norquist, asked how badly Democrats 
         need to hire someone with a whiff of sac   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Jews made him
Dying Motherboard
Pigboy Drug Bust II 
Safety is a Luxury 
Debunking Lies 
Can You Keep a Secret?
Truth about Okies 
His Limber Timber 
Paris-Nicole Wed


Top Ten Reasons to Purchase a BackwardsBush Keychain:

Unlike Bush, keychain has 100% approval 
Keychain hastens ID for Gitmo 



"I think - tide turning - see, as I remember, I was raised in the desert
  but tides kind of, it's easy to see a tide turn - did I say those words?"  
     -- the brainless killer when asked if the 'tide was turning' in Iraq,   Link

Have you ever been more afraid to be on this planet?
Who is more stupid, who is more greedy, who is more eager to kill?


Did the Jews cause Bush's Invasion?
  by Greg Palast,  not  Bartcop


Did the Jews do it? I mean, after killing Jesus, did the Elders of Zion manipulate the United States
into invading Babylon as part of a scheme to abet the expansion of Greater Israel?

The question was first posed to me in 2004 when I was speaking at a meeting of Mobilization for Peace
in San Jose. A member of the audience asked, "Put it together — Who's behind this war? Paul Wolfowitz
and Elliott Abrams and the Project for a "Jew" American Century and, and, why don't you talk about that, huh? And…"

But the questioner never had the full opportunity to complete his query because, flushed and red, he began to
charge the stage. The peace activists attempted to detain the gentleman — whose confederates then grabbed
some chairs to swing. As the Peace Center was taking on a somewhat warlike character, I chose to call in the
authorities and slip out the back.

Yes, this is how all debates about Israel end up - chairs flying,
...noses broken, ...women stampeded, ...cattle raped.
That's why I refuse to get sucked into it.

Show me someone who can keep their head on this topic and
I'll show you an Okie with an IQ of 64 who's too smart to be ensnatched in that.


Subject: Debunking Right Wing Lies

Let's hear it for the "Talking snake theory of evolution"!

I joined the Church of Reality.

From the CoR site:
The Church of Reality is a religion based on the practice of Realism, believing in everything that is real.
Our motto is, "If it's real, we believe in it." Since no one knows all of reality, the Church of Reality is
really a religious commitment to the pursuit of reality the way it really is. We are Explorers not followers.
The phrase "What is Real?" is our Sacred Question and the word "Reality" is our Sacred Message.

Most churches believe in horse hickey, and they demand you believe that crap, too.
I joined CoR because they don't insist you buy into some wacky lies.

The CoR is about facts, honesty and reality.
Fake religions are about scaring you and blackmailing you into giving up your money.

Shame on all those non-reality religions.


Pigboy's Latest Drug Bust


Rush Limbaugh (R-Vulgar) was detained Monday at Palm Beach Airport after 
Johnny Law found a bottle of Viagra in his possession without a prescription.
Apparently, fastasizing about what's in Clinton's zipper no longer does the trick.
Johnny a bottle of Viagra, a drug gay Republicans use to deceive their wives.

"The bottle itself was not his name, but the name of two Florida doctors," Miller said.

That's another drug crime for the felon.
He was on probation, right?
Will friend Jeb change the law for Rush like he did his Daughter?
Noelle Bush was caught with crack, so Jeb made it legal to possess crack while "in treatment."

If you're a rich Republican, and a friend to the Royal Family, laws don't apply to you.


Subject: elect


If anyone ever doubted that Cheney is dumber and crazier than W, this "one percent doctrine"
should wise them up.  Talk about putting a thermonuclear gun in the hands of a pair of
developmentally disabled, sociopathic children!

But I'm still stuck on the mystery of why all those well-informed Senators and Congress-persons
(one named Hilary) would have voted for the Iraq Attack -- which, for the reasons mentioned by
Ivan Eland, obviously was going to make America much less safe, not to mention, cause many
dead soldiers and squandered $billions even in the best case scenario.

You're on record as saying that a certain secret and false briefing to Congress from the CIA made
a "yes" on the Iraq Attack vote the only reasonable choice for a congresscritter in Fall '02.  Can you
square this position with Ivan Eland's comments on the stupidity of the "one percent doctrine"?

neal in batavia

Neal, it's easy, and the answer helps the helpless Democrats.
Bush had the CIA tell the senate that Saddam had the weapons and delivery systems to attack.
My question is, "What senator in his (or her) right mind would vote to stand down?"
Perhaps Feingold has answered that question and I missed it?

By the way, why bring up the junior senator from New York?
She was in the beginnings of her freshman term, and people expect her to grab the reins of the
most exclusive "boys club" in the free world and start barking orders at those old codgers?

Some people (not you) are so eager to trash the frontrunning Democrat,
they give Bush a pass on his lies that started this bloody quagmire.

Now that's what I call suicidal Democrats.


When safety is a Luxury
 One-man train crew plan raises train fears


Freight trains hauling thousands of tons of toxic materials - including radioactive waste - are 
crisscrossing America every day, rolling past homes, schools and densely populated areas.

But now, railroad companies want to reduce the size of the crews that control those trains
from two or three people to as few as one person

Remember that ferry wreck in New York a few years ago?
The pilot fell asleep, and a dozen people died and 60 were injured (guess).
State law says there must be TWO pilots, in case what happened happens.
But just like with the coal mines, worker safety comes last to the super-rich.

Why, they can save the salary of one man,
and the only thing at risk is the safety of the community.

...and if the obvious happens?
They'll say, "Who could have predicted?" and the networks and papers will back them up.

The Invasion,
The Economy,
Consumer Confidence,

How many times do they get to say, "Who could have predicted?"



Subject: Retraction is needed!


You put a picture of the "pink tutu" dancing Democrats and a snarkline about how "he's our president
and we stand behind him" underneath the story.  The story was about an amendment to hold profiteering
contractors accountable, offered by DEMOCRAT Byron Dorgan and having seventeen DEMOCRATIC
senators co-sponsoring it, went down to defeat.

If you read the story in the link, the amendment was tabled by a 55-43 vote.
If you then go to the Senate website and look up the vote, by Senator, you'll find that

    * EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT VOTED FOR the amendment (plus Jeffers)
    * every single Republican voted against (but we expected that, didn't we?)

The story is that, by no stretch of the imagination, could anyone possibly say that the "Democrats rolled over again."
The Senate Dems were UNITED - but they were also outnumbered.

How DARE you assert that the Democrats in the Senate rolled over and supported Bush?
NOT EVEN LIEBERMAN voted against this amendment! NOT EVEN LIEBERMAN!!

I apologize for the rude caps, but it ticks me off when our Democratic Senators go down to the mat
and hang together against BushCheneyCo - and then you sneer that they sold out "again."

The Democrats in the Senate deserve a lot of credit for this one.
It would help if you'd offer a retraction and give it to them.

Here's the link to the vote (I can see that you'd want to check this out yourself.)

I just searched the Senate votes page for the Amendment listed in the article that you linked to.
There were a few false starts, but I eventually got there.

Aside from that, please keep up the good work.
Your site is unique in the quantity of high quality, satirical, amusing graphics, plus you do good work.

 -- ckh

When it was suspected that Clinton had a girlfriend, the GOP managed to turn the spotlight on that for years
and they never let up, not for a second. Every day, they'd line up in front of TV cameras and scream 
"Disgrace! The people have a right to know! We demand answers!"  ...and it worked great.

Now, Bush is killing thousands of soldiers and stealing billions daily, and what to the Dems do?
They meekly cast a vote and say, "We're powerless" and then go home and cry themselves to sleep.

It would be so easy for the Democrats to 
stage a walkout that would be the lead story on every broadcast that night.

They could notify all the networks to have their camera crews on the Capitol steps at high noon
and record the 200 Democrats leaving the Capitol and standing as one to demand
that Bush stop letting Halliburton steal billions - but no - they don't have the courage for that.

In the Halliburton contrracts, language is written in that they don't have to perform.
Do you understand what that means?

Say I own a bakery and you own a McDonald's.
We have a contract that says you must pay me $100,000 a day for hamburger buns,
but the contract also says I get paid even if no buns are delivered.

Why can't people see that's a blatant f-ing crime?

If Ol' Bart ran the DNC, that would be the top news story that day - and the next day.

That's what Bush is doing and the Democrats refuse to bring it up.
So, you still think I should retract my statements?

It would be bad enough if Bush was stealing small amounts from a rich nation, but no.
He's stealing billions a day from a nation that has to borrow to stay aflaot.

Oh, and then there's that small matter of the 2525 dead soldiers that nobody cares about.



The Truth about Okies
 Musings From Tom Joad Country


In fact, there's not much movement of any kind in Tom Joad Country. Maybe that's because Oklahoma has
always been, or at least has had the reputation of being, not only poor but backwards both intellectually and
culturally. If I were so inclined, I could probably debunk this fallacy, but I'd have to start in Tulsa and move east...

People west of Tulsa aren't too concerned with politics. We get involved and come alive for only a couple of things
-- A six-pack of Bud Light and OU football. Tulsa denizens like to think of themselves as "cosmopolitan" and
politically hip, but they have a tendency to look at issues through an oil prism. That's why we always end up
with Stupid White Men like Don Nickles, Jim Inhofe, and Tom Cole.


Subject: You want my comment?

What's to comment on?
Just more last ditch efforts to slander Bush.
We've seen this all before.  Who cares?


Chuck, can one slander the guilty?
Why is Bush the most hidden president ever?
Why can't we have a Constitution under Bush?
Why did he fight testifying about 9-11 so hard?

Innocent people have nothing to cover up.



"The difference between Democrats and Republicans? They both steal.
  But the Republicans steal everything for themselves.  The Democrats steal too,
  but they always make sure to leave a tiny bit left over for the little guy.
  The Republicans just take it all."
    -- Vic's dad, many years ago


Okie Judge got off in Court
 He used a penis pump during murder trials


Nine former jurors in two murder trials presided over by former judge Donald Thompson said they
heard that peculiar "sh-sh" sound frequently while they were in the jury box in the summer of 2003.

The jurors all testified they heard a swooshing sound a number of times during the trials.


Subject: Yet another straw man

Bart, you said,

> "It's like, why did Nicole marry O.J. knowing he was going to kill her?"

That is disingenuous as hell, Bart, and it isn't what Jim W was trying to say.
He said Clinton was dumb to try and make nice with the GOP,
because he should have known what type of people he was dealing with.

Intrepid Journalist with a sore ass

Show me the evidence from 1993 that Clinton would be impeached.
If you can't then you have to eat your words.

That's what makes the O.J. quote a good fit.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

Subject: right-wing talk radio listeners

Now hold on Bart, I love Rush, Hannity, Savage and all the RightWingers
but I also listen to Bartcop Radio.  Shall we say I'm only half Stupid??!!


Dude, you can "love" whoever you want, as long as you understand that
those guys are either lying or "kidding" when they give you "the facts."

Maybe someday, a right-winger with a gambling streak will challenge me
to debunk ten lies from each of these bastards on Bartcop Radio.

I'll play a clip of their words, then afterwards I'll give you the true facts.
I dare anybody to try that with Bartcop Radio.

I don't have to lie because the facts are on my side.


Pigboy's Limber Timber

Bart Dude,
You can't make this up . . .

Chattahoochee Dave 

Seriously, if he's on probabtion for illegal prescriptions, it could be trouble.

And remember, the vulgar Pigboy THIS WEEK was whining about how the Democrats
refuse to let law enforcement do their jobs, now watch the vulgar Pigboy worm turn.

After a decade of, "Druggies need to do hard time," we got, "Sometimes good people 
get ensnatched with a prescription medication malfunction..."

Suddenly Monday night, we're back to, "The government needs to back off!"
then next week, we'll be back to, "and the Democrats try to shackle the police!"

And the idiot dittoheads call themselves "free thinkers?"

What would it take?


Subject: her vote

Bart, Say it ain't so!

In one of those pesky Kerry e-mails, it said 13 Senators voted for that proposed
referendum to set Iraq pull out date for next summer, and She wasn't one of them.

Wonder if that pisses you off too.

Jackie, the situation pisses me off.

Bush steals $140M a day from Iraq.
If we leave, someone else will get that $140M a day - who should that be?
The guy who beheaded our two soldiers last week?

$140M a day is a billion dollars a week.
Do we want a gang of anti-American, suicidal handjobs to have $1 billion per week?

People will say, "Bart will rationalize anything for 'his girl,' "
but to say that with any credibility, one has to answer the green question.

Note within a Sidebar: 
Give yourself an extra 10 points if you call that, "a straw man" and then refuse to answer it.

By the way, I get those pesky Kerry e-mails, too.
They're addresses to icavedin at
Each week, Kerry tells me to "Keep fighting, don't let up."

What a joke.


Subject: the cut and run option

Bart, You wrote:

> Hmmm, that sounds like our choices for president.
> Do you vote for someone you WISH could win?
> Or do you vote for the person most likely to get rid of Bush?

> Sadly, I know the answer to that one.

Sadly, so do I.
We will have (and I will bet you on this) another right wing puppet for our next resident.

There can be no doubt.
The fascists have the machine rolling right now, the dems don't have a clue.

When the Merde hits the fan they'll say.
"How could we have known that the repugs would play hardball?"


Paul, I agree.
The Democrats are Nicole's ghost.

Even after the fact, they'll continue to say, "Who could have known?"

By the way, has one Democrat brought up the Diebold problem?
Or are they going to do like they did in 2004, and wait until late October to mention it?


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

BushTonight's TV listings (Turner Classic Movies
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Excerpt from an e-mail


I have a friend that I've been arguing this with for a while, and while I try to keep the discussion
on the facts of the collapse, he constantly leaps forward with a _political_ argument, that demolition
[of WTC Building 7] would imply a conspiracy, and that would imply too many people involved,
and that would be impossible to pull off,

I think that theory is dead.

Bush was bugging our phone calls for years - hundreds or thousands of people knew that Bush
was committing a flagrant series of crimes, but they all kept quiet and the program continued.

There are a dozen other examples - the secret torture bases Bush had Halliburton build in Eastern Europe
- that came out after years of secrecy and think how many hundreds (or thousands) of people knew.
(If I had a brain or a staff, I could list another dozen examples.)

Then there are the as-yet-still-secret but ongoing Bush crimes and abuses that will be revealed in the
coming months and years. Somebody's doing a great job of keeping big secrets and in many cases,
the press whores loyal to Bush are sitting on these secrets, so I don't want to hear that excuse again,
that "a secret like that would be impossible to keep."


Subject: Bush & friends stealing billions

I've given a great deal of thought to that issue.
They have stripped our U.S. treasury.

Why do you suppose Bush sent Wolfowitz to run the World Bank?

Alaska Blue

Dude, after you rob Chase Manhattan blind,
and nobody says anything,
you spread out the operation and rob banks in Tulsa, Topeka and Tucson.

          "Bart, you always look at the glass as half empty!"


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is about $71 a barrel
makes $142,000,000 Bush stole just yesterday

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's 'Bring 'em on' death taunt is up to...

2510....2517 American victims

We lost seven since late Thursday.

Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Fourth of July!


By Christmas, Bush will have killed
more Americans than Osama

Merry Christmas!

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Subject: Rove's military experience

Jane spent more time in a war zone than the Bush administration.


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Subject: Rather and JFK

Dear Bart, these claims are misleading.

When Rather first saw the film, the day of the assassination, he correctly described the fatal shot
coming from the front.  His description was the same as every other eye witness.  Later, after LIFE
Magazine and its CIA sponsors had custody of the film and altered it, he was shown the film again.

It was after this viewing that Rather described the fatal shot as coming from behind.
He also said that he didn't know how he could have been so wrong after his first viewing.

Rather's description on the day of the assassination compared to his subsequent description
is a useful roadmap for determining what was altered in the film.

These points are well documented by Edward Harrison Livingston in his book "The Hoax of the Century."

 Jim W

And there's (my version of) the story of how LIFE got the film.
Zapruder showed it to the CBS rep (Rather) and the LIFE rep (dunno.)
Zapruder said, "I'll take $500,000 for it."

Dan Rather said, "I'll go call my bosses at CBS," and left the room.
The LIFE rep said, "Sold" and history was forever altered to cover up JFK's murder.


 Call the all new, toll-free


Get your opinion on BartCop Radio

 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

Pokerfest/Tequilafest 2006 Vegas


Pokerfest Question

Hey Bart, Sept 16th sounds good to me but do you really need a room
with a stripper pole? thanx for the good work


Dude, I didn't request the pole, we just need a room.
And since we're getting a room, might as well get one with plasma TVs,
a sound system, a light system, a dance floor and a great view of the city.

Last time we did this, the room was $5000.
This is better and less expensive.


Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie - Lesbian Wedding 
 Buzzwords bring ratings in show business, and politics




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