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Friday July 7, 2006  Vol 1795 - Republic of Fear

Quote of the Day

"Isn't it obvious that Ken Lay
  died of a broken heart?" 
    -- Peggy Noonan,   OpinionJournal

 Piggy stole that from
 "Oh sure, they'll say it was a heart attack, but when Bush said, 
 "I don't even know the man,"  that broke Kennyboy's heart
  and he just couldn't go on without his precious Georgie.  1793

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Woodward slam dunked? 
The Cunning Runts 
Joe LieberBush debate 
Jammer got W.H. OK
Massacre in Iraq 
Terror Plot Foiled?
W Rules by Fiat 
Lance Armstrong
Shannen Doherty 



Bush Blew a Guy

Plus he blew a guy for Skull & Bones,
plus he blew that Saudi Prince

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"Ann Coulter ...crosses the line of decency.  My problem is the popular presumption 
  that she represents the Republican Party. We all get painted with her tainted brush." 
    -- Republican B. Jay Cooper, former deputy press secretary to Reagan and Bush 41,  Link

But it's not a problem for the GOP because the Democrats let them off the hook - every time.

Everytime the C-word opens her mouth, the Democrats should say, "She's speaking for Bush,"
and then let it become their problem - but they refuse to fight back - so they lose.


Was Bob Woodward slam dunked?
  by Robert Parry as seen on


In the two years since publication of Plan of Attack, other evidence has emerged suggesting that 
Woodward was acting less as an objective journalist than as a stenographer taking down the 
preferred history of Bush's inner circle. 

A contrary version of that Oval Office meeting appears in Ron Suskind's The One Percent Doctrine
According to Suskind, the two CIA officials - Tenet and McLaughlin - have very different recollections 
of the Dec. 21, 2002, meeting. They remember it more as "a marketing meeting" about how to present 
the WMD case, not a review of the quality of the underlying intelligence.

Both Tenet and McLaughlin say they don't even recall Tenet exclaiming the words "slam dunk," 
although Tenet won't dispute the version from Bush and his top aides, Suskind wrote.

Is there a reporter left in this whole damn country who's not a stenographer for these fascist bastards?
They write Karl Rove spin as fact, all of them, and they'll swear they witnessed exactly that.

Woodward is as big a whore as anybody in Washington. If he writes Rove spin as fact, they invite him 
back to the next "secret meeting" for the big scoop, but only if he continues to play ball and flatter Bush's
heropic decision-making where he has only the country's best interests at heart.

This way, Woodward the whore can make more money by selling more books.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet



"Bush holds polluters accountable by taking action against those who knowingly risk
  public health for the sake of profit. These illegal asbestos removals exposed workers
  as well as children and the general public to unnecessary health risks."
    -- Granta Nakayama, Bush's EPA Enforcer, with a straight face,   Link


The Cunning Runts

Since I last used Bush's damnable war as the dominant theme of a column, it's been 15 weeks. 
Or 216 more dead American soldiers ... depending on how you're keeping track. Now, you'd think 
I'd be writing about nothing but the war, wouldn't you, seeing as how I consider it to be the most 
corrosive thing going on with my country at present, not to mention the single most durable screw-up 
made by any bunch of Americans in my lifetime and likely in the life of the nation. And Lord knows, 
there's been plenty to write about in those weeks. Bush's little Green Zone fly-by, for instance, where 
he proved if you're moving fast enough, Baghdad is as safe as the Baskin-Robbins on the corner.



"With Shia death squads torturing and executing Sunnis, Sunni insurgents killing Shia, 
  criminal gangs running rampant and a vicious civil war raging, people frequently ask me: 
  Are things worse for Iraqis now than they were under Saddam?  I don't have the answer,
  to that question, but the very fact that it can legitimately be asked is horrifying."
     -- Nir Rosen,      


Subject: my WPE t-shirt

The WpE shirt is a real morale booster!

Tellin' ya, guys, I ride the L.A. public transit and the number of attractive
young ladies who strike up supportive conversations is amazing!

Gotta be the shirt, 'cause I'm an old geezer with hearing aids and glasses!
The guys give me a, "Got that right!", and NO ONE has so much as looked disdainfully.

Alvin in Los Angeles

Don't forget the free drinks people buy you...


Jammer got OK from WH?


'According to a recent court filing, indicted phone jammer Shaun Hansen may offer an affirmative defense
at his upcoming fall trial, arguing that the phone jamming scheme which his company carried out had the seal
of approval of both the RNC and the White House.

Apparently, Hansen's defense strategy is not going to focus on whether or not he jammed Demo phone lines
on Election Day in 2002. Rather, his defense strategy will be to persuade a jury that he may have been
persuaded not just that the phone jamming was legal, but that he would be carrying out the scheme on behalf
of the United States government.

Bush has made, "I'm gonna do whatever I need do to protect America," his mantra
and this is just an extension of that.  He can make the case, in his own mind, that Dems
will surrender to Osama so, "to save America," he rigged the elections.

The networks and talk radio will agree with him and the usual wimps will slither away.

       "Bart, you always assume Bush is up to something..."


Subject: patriots and traitors


How ironic that all those flag enwrapped neocons hail the patriots of the revolution for
rebelling against the despotism of England's King George III and then turn around and
condemn as traitors the modern day patriots who stand against the despotism of Amerika's King George I.

G.S. Wilson



"Nobody cares about Iraq except the poor kids being pushed through the
  meatgrinder, even their families don't do shit till the bodybag is dumped 
  on the doorstep with a thank you and good luck note taped to it."  


NY Terror Plot Foiled?
 Bush is making more wild-ass claims


US authorities have disrupted a plot by "foreign terrorists" to flood Manhattan, it was claimed today.

Someone didn't get the memo from Karl.
The media is supposed to print horseshit as fact.
They're not supposed to use words like, "claimed."

FBI agents monitoring handjobs in chatrooms used by extremists... 

Oh, please! 
What's the name of this chat room,  #extremists  at
Can we get factual news from anybody these days?)

...apparently uncovered planning to destroy vital transport networks in New York City.

Wait, Manhattan is above sea level.

How is some handjob in Lebanon going to flood Manhattan?
And are these guys related to that group of homeless people in Miami?

Whoops - looks like the FBI didn't get the memo, either.

"At this time, we have no indication of any imminent threat to the New York
transportation system or anywhere else in the United States," the FBI said in a statement.


Subject: voting third party

I knew the fix was in when John Kerry became the Dem. candidate. 
It's a mistake to let Iowa pick our presidents.

The Dems still have no one I would vote for. 
The Pubs still have no one I would vote for.
I will vote Third Party, again. 
The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Maybe, but voing for someone who can't win is a vote for Bush, guaranteed.

Mindless sloganeering and bumper-sticker philosophy is how Bush became president, remember?
Expect a Thank You card from Ralph and Karl.


LieberBush debates Lamont
 Maybe we'll be done with this Bush bastard soon...


Lieberman actually channeled Bush throughout the debate. He echoed the White House spin on Iraq, 
arguing the only "choice is between helping the Iraqis achieve a free and independent Iraq or abandoning 
them and letting the terrorists take over." He trotted out baseless flip-flop charges, accusing Lamont of 
taking five different positions on the war. And when all else failed, Lieberman deployed the classic 
Bush-Rove tactic: project your own weakness on to your opponent. So he accused Lamont of the top 
grievances voters have against Lieberman: voting too often with Republicans, acting out of touch and 
prioritizing power over principle. (He claimed Lamont's war position only changed when he decided 
there was an "opportunity to become a United States senator")."

Question: Once the damage is done, once Saddam is gone and Iraq becomes total chaos,
                  what is the third option after win or let the bad guys make the billion per week?

Can someone explain?
Don't send a dozen links, I'm asking if YOU can explain.


Massacre in Iraq
 The US military tried to cover it up


Never could I have imagined such a gruesome sight,"  Janabi said of the day in March when his cousin, 
Fakhriya; her husband, Kasim; and their two daughters were slain and their farmhouse set ablaze. 
"Kasim's corpse was in the corner of the room, and his head was smashed into pieces," he said. 
The 5-year-old daughter, Hadel, was beside her father, and Janabi said he could see that Fakhriya's 
arms had been broken. In another room, he found 15-year-old Abeer, naked and burned, with her head 
smashed in "by a concrete block or a piece of iron." "There were burns from the bottom of her stomach 
to the end of her body, except for her feet," he said.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click  The  E!

Subject: my WPE shirt

Bart, here I am at  headquarters.


Send in a picture of you in your WPE t-shirt!

 Here's my picture, Bart!


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David in Bowling Green, you sent me some CDs, thanks for that, but the one I wanted to hear 
the most, the Garbage re-mixes had no CD inside.  Could you re-send just the Garbage?  Thanks.


Subject: Kennyboy dead?

I don't believe it either.  A guy supposedly in perfect health, no history of heart problems.  
Right.... Is this, by chance, the same medical examiner who said that Clausitis girl who died 
in Congressman Scarborough's (R-TV) office had suffered a heart attack?
And how conveeeeenient that the law is all ready to drop charges, convictions, fines, rumors, 
innuendos and bad vibes if he dies, so the estate gets to keep the $45 million seized to pay back his victims....
This guy could make one phone call and disappear forever, probably ditching Aspen for the nice gated
Caribeann home where he's been spending the last few years.
This all just adds up too neatly, saves Lay maybe 25 years in prison and $45,000,000, drops the charges 
(I suppose it would be double jeopardy to ever charge him again, if he turned out to be alive, wouldn't it?), 
avoids the sentencing (and its stigma) and simply makes the whole problem go away for him and his family.
It comes down to your simple question about how far evil men would go for billions of dollars.


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2002 Halliburton Upgrade)
 times today's oil price which is OVER $74 a barrel
makes $148,000,000 Bush stole just yesterday

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2539....2540 American victims


By Christmas, Bush will have killed
more Americans than Osama

Rule by Fiat
  by Helen Thomas

Bush is learning that there are limits to presidential power. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he has
expanded his imperial reach beyond what the Constitution has prescribed. He has wiretapped 
Americans without court permission; he has grabbed Iraqis and Afghans in their own countries 
and shipped them to Gitmo, where some have been held for more than four years.


Lance Armstrong

 Yahoo Sports

Armstrong dropped defamation lawsuits in France after winning three legal battles elsewhere over doping accusations.
Armstrong's lawyers in France, said Thursday he had instructed them to "dismiss all pending actions."

That means a trial set to start in October against the authors of the book "Secrets of Lance" will not proceed.
The book accused Armstrong of using banned substances, a claim he has always denied.

We don't need an amendment to the Constitution,
but we should have a New Rule.

When it comes to Lance Armstrong,
if you want to make an accusation,
you gotta have guaranteed,
stands-up in court,
lab results out the wazoo,
passed the Polygraph video,
certified by somebody not on the BFEE payroll,

...if there's anyone left.

If not, shut the fuck up.


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Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Marty, you know I love ya, but...
Denis Leary, Rescue Me

When you talk to God, nothing happens.
When Leary talks to God, Christ's blood drips into his whiskey.
That's what I call drama.

Lead Actress In A Comedy Series
No opinion. If pressed, I'd give it to Stockard Channing on principle.

Lead Actress In A Drama Series
I'd give it to Kristen Bell  for Veronica Mars.
Have you ever seen anything like that rooftop finale?

Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Can't vote against William Shatner.
He's the purest form of Republican.
Gun-firing, racist, rich prick without a brain.

Writing For A Drama Series
Should be, won't be Veronica Mars.
A single episode of VM has more good writing than a whole season of 24.


Subject: Kennyboy 

Curious. Is it just me, or was that autopsy completed in record time? 
I know they do things like that on CSI, but wasn't that unbelievably quick?
 John P

They did the autopsy that fast so they could "cremate" his body.


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The View hires Shannen Doherty
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   and I don't have a temper, either."

  Yahoo News


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