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Wednesday, Aug 9, 2006  Vol 1815 - Kissyface Loses

Quote of the Day

"The Republican lapdog lost." 
     -- bartcop 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush's 'Pretext' War 
LieberBush Loses 
Now watch this drive 
Anti-torture Dems
Swift-boating Murtha 
Dennis Miller home
Suitcases 4 Sale 
Fascists love Kissyface 
Fergie's close call


Bush Blew a Guy

Click  to visit


"Lieberman was willing to abandon ship when steady hands were most necessary
  -- he was always the first to compromise on judicial nominees, or flirt with Social
 Security privatization, or scold critics of the Iraq War. His [crushing loss] is evidence
 that such opportunistic betrayals will not, in the future, go unpunished."
      --Ezra Klein,   Link

In a sane world, every politician would get the message.
Support for Bush, support for this war is a career killer.

Democrats are being handed victory AGAINST THEIR WILL.
Can they summon the courage to go with the majority to victory?

Or will they continue to fuck up every opportunity that knocks?


A 'Pretext' War in Lebanon
   by Robert Parry

The American people have been sold the notion that Israel's bombardment of Lebanon was
justified by an unprovoked "kidnapping" of two Israeli soldiers on July 12. The reality now
appears to be quite different: that George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert 
signed off on the war almost two months earlier and then sought a pretext.

It's clearer than Lake Concha.
The BFEE can only make big money with war and death.
They can't make any money if America prospers in peace.

Note:  is the most important site in the Internet


LieberBush loses
 It's officially poison to be a Bush ally


Bush's second-favorite boyfriend fell to anti-war challenger Ned Lamont Tuesday,
sending a clear signal that America is tired of Bush not being accountable.

Lieberman, undaunted, vowed to run as an independent against Ned Lamont.
"For the sake of our state, our country and my party, I cannot and will not let the
voters decide that I'm not the best man for this job" he said of the election results.


Subject: Loserman is now toast

Kissyface lost his fanny, but he still says he will run as an "independent."

Independent WHAT?
Independent Bush ass-kisser?

But Lamont's republican challenger (har har) has a serious gambling problem.
Hello, Senator Lamont!


Lanny Davis - full-blown (cough) Bushie?
 I'm so old, I remember when he was on our side...


Vince Foster. Remember him, Lanny?   Remember how the WSJ
editorial page drove him to suicide, the place now more than willing to
run your slander on American voters and the good people of Connecticut?

Saw it on
Lanny Davis, it turns out, was a frat brother of George Bush's and was branded
with a burning cigarette by Bush when pledging DKE. He also sits with Ted Olson
(of the Arkansas Project) on Bush's b.s. "privacy board". So it's suddenly much clearer
why he's so desperately smearing Lieberman's opponents and lobbyist friends.

"Lanny is good people..."


Subject: Lo

Bart, as you no doubt know, kissyface lost.

I'm cautiously optimistic that the worm has indeed, finally turned!
Keep on swinging!


Fascists love Kissyface


The most enthusiastic supporters of Lieberman are not "moderate" Democrats, but are instead
the most extreme Bush "conservatives." It is Hannity, Michelle Malkin, the vulgar Pigboy and
Ann Coulter who consider Lieberman their ideological soulmate and who are most supportive
of his candidacy. Why is that? Isn't the obvious answer because the issues that are most important
to the country are (a) the endless, limitless "Global War of Civilizations" and (b) the radically
enhanced police powers which that "War" justifies at home? In those areas, Joe Lieberman is
as pure and reliable ally as it gets for the most extreme elements on the neoconservative Right.


Subject: Democrats send a Signal - No to War

Anti-war activist Ned Lamont, a political unknown has won over pro-war Joe Lieberman,
who just 6 years ago was almost elected vice president. Clearly the people are sending a
message that we are against the war, we are against Bush, and we are going to vote out
Democrat collaborators who support a right wing agenda.

 A shot of Chinaco for that

The time has come for the people to rise up against this failed congress and vote the bums out.
If you are a Democrat or a Republican it's time that you get the message.

No to war, no to Bush.

If you don't get it then we'll replace you with someone who does.

Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA


Subject: horrifying breasts

Only in "Red" China and the religiously insane Muslim world
would the sight of an exposed breast create controversy --
and in today's religiously insane USA, of course.

That's the cultural company we're keeping these days.  Nutso...

Jack Hughes



"Lanny Davis is a Bush fan, just like Lieberman. He's a frat brother who, just days
  after the recount was settled, wrote an opportunistic brown nosing op-ed in the
  NY Times attesting to Bush's good character. I'll never forgive him for that."
      --digby,   Link


Subject: President Pee Wee

He's been wetting all of our beds for over five years now.
It's about time to kick the little fella out, get us some clean sheets,
and throw open the windows wide.



Slick Obtuse Spinning
 Why can't she answer simple questions?

On Meet the Press Condoliar said, "Iraq is not akin to Iran", er, whatever that could mean,
and her favorite theme, "This president is determined to seize opportunities, to bring about a
different kind of Middle East." The rest of what she said was circular bullshit and she didn't
answer any of Timmy's stupid questions for which he apparently didn't want real answers.


Subject: topless in Vegas


My wife and I were at Caesars Palace two years ago. They didn't have our room ready yet,
so we walked out to the pool, which is restricted to guests.  We saw two women topless.
They call it the European pool.

It is surronded by trees and bushes, but anyone can easily see over there when heading to the
other pools. Every day we watched beautiful women bare their breasts. No big deal.

My daughter also told us that Mandalay Bay has a topless pool.
Good thing the Republicans don't run Vegas.
 Bob B. in Simi

Bob, where, exactly are those pools located?  :)

I think Vegas is the most honest city in America.
Men are going to pay for sex - might as well regulate it.



"Uttering the word 'Iraq' does to Bushies
  what a touch of tequila does to Mel Gibson."
      --Richard Cohen,   Link

  Comments? watch this drive

US soldiers, accused of raping and murdering a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, drank alcohol
and hit golf balls before the attack. One of them grilled chicken wings afterwards.

According to Specialist Barker's statement, Private Green not only raped the girl but also shot her
and her family after telling his comrades repeatedly he wanted to kill some Iraqis. Mr Bierce said
that on the day of the attack, Barker, Cortez, Spielman and Green had been playing drinking Iraqi
whisky mixed with an energy drink. They practised hitting golf balls, Barker's statement said.

Barker made it clear that Green was very persistent about killing some Iraqis.

<gruesome details>

The statement says Green grilled chicken wings back at their checkpoint.


Swift-boating Murtha

John Murtha is being smeared like Kerry was in 2004, but we saw this coming.
We have a new TV ad campaign to put Republican candidates on defense early
- making a win possible.  Can you help with a donation?


Dennis Miller comes home
 Fascist hired by fascist FOX News


Dennis Miller lost his career over his conservative political views.

The 52-year-old former comedian, who has had his lips on Bush's ass for years
will talk politics as a contributor on Fox News' "Hannity & Stooge."
Miller starts spewing his hatred Sept. 13.

When Miller turned into a fascist whore, HBO fired him after eight years.
Then he spewed his hate for a while on Hannity & Stooge in 2003.
Then he got the MNF gig when they passed on the vulgar Pigboy.
Then CGOP hired him to lose viewers over there.

Got a network that needs dying?
Call the former comedian.


Subject: Rove boomerang

Karl Rove has given away his 2006 game plan and vows to make the mid terms
about Iraq and security. If the Democrats grow a backbone, (stop it!) this would be
the best opportunity ever to win back both houses. With Bush's wars, the military is broken.

The Democrats need to echo Bush's 2000 campaign promise about fixing the military
because NOW the military REALLY is broken.
Jon S


Subject: Glory

One of the pink tutus just lost his primary.
Hopefully he realizes what a douchebag move it would be to run as an independent...

Either way, I'll bet you a bottle of Chinaco that Lieberman just lost his Senate seat.

Dude, pot odds prevent me from taking that bet.

I know this is wrong, but I feel better watching Bush's boyfriend lose
than the night Tom Delay had to resign.  I'm serious!

You expect your enemies to screw you.
Joe screwed his friends.


Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Recesssion on the way?
 Just in time for November - exxxxxxxcellent

These are the dog days of summer, but there's a chill in the air. Suddenly really just in
the last few weeks people have starting talking seriously about a possible recession.
And it's not just economists who seem worried. Goldman Sachs recently reported that
the confidence of chief executives at major corporations has plunged; a clear majority
of CEOs now say that conditions in the world economy, and the U.S. economy in
particular, are worsening rather than improving.


Subject: foreign policy poker

Bart, there were two reasons for us to invade Afghanistan.
One, to get the oil pipeline deal done, and it was within 6 months of our invasion.
Two, to test our new weaponry before we invaded Iraq.

There's a third reason, of course, and that was to fool the American people
into thinking that Al Qaeda was actually responsible for 911.


The net's best advertising deal

Reach over twenty people per penny.

 advertise on

Anti-torture Democrats
They want to reclaim their party


In 1998, Kissyface railed against the "premeditated" deception of President Clinton.
And he was hopping mad. "Such behaviour is not just inappropriate. It is immoral."

Recently, Lieberman has been struggling with some infidelity issues of his own.
Last year, he was caught in a tender embrace with another man - George Bush.

Lieberman's real crime was to give explicit voice to Demo spinelessness. Only a handful had
expressed anything but token opposition to the war for fear of being branded unpatriotic.
They were mad because Lieberman blew their cover..


Subject: Del Castillo band

A beautiful Michigan summer night in Ann Arbor.
Me and four of the boys took our back row seats in a 400 seat club with a nice bar and
an even cooler atmosphere. Between us we have 260 years and we've seen everyone from
Atkins to Zevon. Four of us fancy ourselves as musicians that know everything!

What a show. Upbeat, happy and positive. I could close my eyes and focus on the congas
and float right on back to Santana or The Allman Bros. The drummer is as steady and sharp
as I've ever heard, and that includes Keith Moon and Ginger Baker. The bass player is a master.
He was a class act with a sense of humor as cool as The Great Lakes. The lead singer is a
class act showman that can keep the crowd goin all night long.

Guitar players?
When I closed my eyes and tuned into them I think I may have been in Heaven.
My personal highlight was the Marvin Gaye Mercy, Mercy Me intro into the great title track
of their new CD. I liked these Brothers so much that I am going to buy 10 copies of their new
CD to give to some friends for Christmas gifts.

If you have a chance to see these guys, do it.
 Danny Detroit


Subject: Hezbollah rocket launchers

Bart, I'm with you buddy.
A rocket launcher pulls up in my neighborhood, fires one off
and then vamooses, I'm outta there lickety-split as fast as I can go.

What I don't get is what's so hard to understand about that.
How much mail are you getting saying that's crazy or impossible?

Hoppy, people who agree with me tend not to write.
I was serious about only 20% agreeing that the sun is bright and hot.
Democrats get a bad reputation because they refuse to speak up.

Geez, if the majority ruled, wouldn't a Democrat be president?


WPE talk

Print out this wpe-card.pdf then cut them up.

Or print out this one,

by a SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

If you bought a WPE shirt, it might save you a lot of trouble to download that PDF
or the SMSgt card and print out 2-3 pages and cut them into little pieces.
Saves time, and sane Americans who stop you on the street will thank you for it.

Subject: my WPE shirt

Hi Bart,

 Here's my picture, Bart!

 Get WPE t-shirts HereWe take credit cards

Of course, PayPal still works too. 

Mindless in Iraq


On the evening of March 19, 2003, Lt. "Shane" Childers was part of the first American
contingent to invade. His battalion's mission was to secure the key oil installations.

Well of course it was, and that's Bush's top priority today three years later.
He doesn't care how many thousands of soldiers die, just protect that oil!

Rumsfeld's Pentagon had no plan to secure any part of Baghdad. It allowed looters to
destroy Iraq's governmental infrastructure and to steal thousands of tons of high explosives,
weapons, and radioactive materials.

...because they can't steal without chaos and to ensure a long, bloody battle, the underdog
had to be given tons of explosives or order might break out, and that might lead to meters
on the oil wells and that would cost them billions of dollars so chaos was the plan.

     "...and the problem is?     You're always so critical, Bart!"


Subject: your page

I can see why you didn't to use you name.
Your a weak person with a lot of bs in your troubled mind.

If you think your govt. is soo corrupt,  why don't you move
to the middle east where all the worlds nuts live  You sound just like them.

As an engineer myself,  I' never heard such drivvle from an educated person.
Your not just an engineer, your just another nut. I'm ashamed your part of my profession.

Your (You got one right!) angry mind doesn't seem to work too good outside the engineering field.
You are truly an idiot.

 Mark Beausoleil

Dude, we over-educated engineers need to stick together.


Shocker! Suitcases selling well in Iraq
 Why would they leave Bush's Paradise?


The only store open last weekend at a shopping district this Baghdad
neighborhood was the one selling suitcases. And business was brisk.

It seems like every Iraqi either knows someone who has left or is planning to leave. 
Better-off Iraqis head for Jordan, Syria or the United Arab Emirates.

Those without cash head for areas within Iraq where their religious sect is in the
majority.  With sectarian death squads lurking, there is safety in numbers. 
Those who stay put in places where they are in the minority are not necessarily 
the bravest: they just don't have enough money to leave..

"Thank you, Meeester Booosh!"


Subject: young adults hate Bush

Bart, sometimes you're like Tom Tomorrow - so accurate it hurts.
Your assessment of the Republican Party is dead perfect.
Hate is the only thing they have going, and young people do intermingle today.

But don't underestimate Satan.
They'll find their Pepsi Generation bigot.
You can smell their souls rotting.
 John F


 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels a day,
(and that was before the 2003 Halliburton Upgrade)

 Iraq oil output up to 2.5M barrels per day
 times today's oil price which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $250,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

You heard it here first.
Oil is going to $100 a barrel, then to $200

No wonder they were so eager to start a war

"I plan for victory!"

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2588....2592 American victims


By Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bush will have killed
more Americans than his old partner Osama.

Crazy bitch boils husband in oil
 Or, maybe he deserved it - who knows?


Police believe she heated about two quarts of cooking oil on the stove
before pouring it over her sleeping husband's head, chest, and arms.
Sherman Sanders died Friday after a week in the local burn center.
His widow, Edna Mae Sanders, is wanted by the FBI.


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Betty Bowers Hollywood Report
 Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson - repent!

Well, it hasn't been a good week for movie stars wishing to keep their ravenous substance abuses
a secret from people they don't work with, has it?  First, Lindsay Lohan (the only gal in Hollywood
who makes Paris Hilton look like a shut-in) was called on the red carpet for trying to, literally,
blow her career.  Was this urgent warning sent out of concern for an underage girl ruining her health
with booze and drugs?  (Come now, you didn't really think that, did you?  How quaint.)  No, after
innumerable late night key bumps of "prescription pain medication" that preceded her calling the
studio from a cold bathroom floor to say she would  miss her call time, Lindsay was doing the only
thing people don't like in this town: costing them money.  I have a hunch that her stinging reproof
had something to do with this.

"Cocaine can ruin your mind!"


What Kissyface failed to understand.

Subject: Dennis Miller

Bart, when I saw the news that Dennis Miller is joining Hannity & Stooge,
my first thought was "Must go to Bartcop for clever commentary."
But, alas, none to be found.

I will give you 'til tomorrow before I send a pissantty, whiny letter.
Fair warning,

Frank, that came in after I published Tuesday.
I'll get back to work on my time-bending experiments.
They say it'll work, but the power costs are enormous.

Help Bart with his time bending costs.


Rummy vs She
 by Maureen the off-and-on liar


She was trying to bring Rummy to heel, and Rummy was trying to exert manly control over her.
During the hearing, she unmanned Rummy, as Shakespeare would say, accusing him of
incompetence, impotence and improbity.

"You did not go into Iraq with enough troops to establish law and order,'' she said. "You disbanded
the entire Iraqi Army. Now we're trying to recreate it. You did not do enough planning for what is
called phase four and rejected all the planning that had been done previously to maintain stability after
the regime was overthrown. You underestimated the nature and strength of the insurgency, the sectarian
violence and the spread of Iranian influence."


Subject: "Targeted Military force"

A US attack on Iran would unite the Iranian people behind their government,
anger every Shia in the world, cause the overthrow of the Pakistani and Saudi regimes
and maybe cause the destruction of the US military on the ground in Iraq.  Kristol is that dumb.


Dude, you don't understand.
Jesus is preparing to ride in any day now on that sacred cloud - so it doesn't matter!

If shit blows up, then shit blows up.
God saved Bush from that plane wreck, ...that proved God was real to Der Monkey.

God saved George for "a reason,"
because the weak-minded grasp that concept of "reality."

Chirst! ...I need a drink.


 Call the all new, toll-free


Get your opinion on BartCop Radio

 GOP callers Welcome (snicker)

60% oppose Bush's bloody quagmire
 If the Democrats understood the value of numbers...


Sixty percent of Americans oppose Bush's war in Iraq and 61 percent would support
a partial withdrawal of troops by year's end, a CNN poll said on Wednesday.

It was the highest number opposing the war since fighting began, a figure that
has risen steadily since then, according to the Opinion Research Corp. survey.

The poll showed 36 percent of respondents said they were in favor of the war
-- half the peak 72 percent who supported the war as it began.

Will the Democrats side with the majority?
Will they take the power that is being offered to them?
Or will they stand with Bush and remain sac-less losers?


Subject: Lieberman

While listening to my father every morning describe the pitfalls of the Democratic party
and how the end of times are near, I have decided to register to vote.  The election in
Connecticut is a huge win for the Democratic party.  I have gained a sliver of hope for
the up coming elections and feel responsible to be educated, and informed on all matters
concerning our country.

I hope this message gets passed on.
The "L" word should stand for love, hope and grace.
Bless the troops, who should not even be in Iraq.


Party at the Palms, Sept 16

 Updates - Info

 Some details about the plan:


Fergie of Black Eyed Peas OK
 Almost injured in avacado explosion


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a compliment when you throw some our way each month.

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