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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday   Oct 7-9, 2006  Vol 1851 - Bush falls to 33%

Quote of the Day

"Most people think 'GOP' 
  stands for Gay Old Pedophile." 
     -- Jay Leno

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Dereliction of Duty 
Rove Deputy Resigns 
Foley's Iceberg
Deliver Us From Evil
Hastert sinking fast
Foley's Teen Sex 
Losing Afghanistan 
Coverup Benny the Rat 
Playboy at the Palms




'The best news in the field.'


"Why does the government need a list of my phone calls?
  And what business does a democracy have running secret prisons?"
   -- Bob Schieffer, talking smack about his boss,     Link

 Hey Bob, why did you lie to help that catastro-fuck get (almost) elected?


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Dereliction of Duty
  by Brent Budowsky

The emerging question in Washington is, who still thinks the war in Iraq was a good idea? 
Even Bob Woodward, who was an important pillar holding up Washington's "conventional wisdom" 
about George W. Bush's brilliant war leadership, has suddenly discovered a very different reality
- one of presidential arrogance, military incompetence and widespread deception.

But Bush is continuing to pound away at those who doubt his judgment and a majority Congress is 
staying in line. In this essay, Brent Budowsky accuses the Washington Establishment of a dereliction 
of duty that has put comfortable careers back home ahead of the welfare of American troops overseas. 

Great point he makes - when Woodward sold his dignity for Monkey access to write his last 2 books, 
the right wingers praised his "honesty."  But when the Bushies denied Woodward Monkey access for
his third book, Woodward paid them back by telling the truth - a rarity in Washington these days.  is the most important site on the internet

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"It's simple. You drink, you forget things -- especially things that could endanger minors. 
  Condoleezza Rice claims she can't remember a July 2001 meeting with George Tenet 
  where he warned her an al Qaeda attack was likely, even though White House records 
  prove the meeting happened. She probably just blacked out. It was a drinking game. 
  Every time George Tenet says 'imminent,' you take a shot." 
     -- Stephen Colbert


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Subject: BCR 97

Bart, I think the Hastert beatdown in Part 2 was the
best 15 minutes of radio you've ever done.


Thanks for that.
Who knew smacking a sweaty wrestler could be so much fun?

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Used with permission


"The real battle now is how Hastert handled the Foley allegations. 
  My guess is with ...some sort of latex glove." 
     -- Jon Stewart

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Rove Deputy Resigns
 He's getting trouble for Fitzmas


While the House Republican Leadership is embroiled in a sex scandal, the White House is
now embroiled at the epicenter of the Jack Abramoff corruption scandal with the abrupt and
surprise resignation of Karl Rove's Deputy, on the eve of a national election.

Details are only now emerging about the resignation of Susan Ralston, Rove' deputy,
with long term ties to Abramoff and major questions now begin.

A Congressional Committee has already put the number of Abramoff contacts with the White House
at well above 400, at least. This means the Abramoff-White House relationship in this corruption scandal
are only beginning to come out and more breaking news is no doubt coming soon.

For Karl Rove's deputy to resign so close to a historic election is a shocker,
leaving the strong suggestion that more news is imminent on Ms. Ralston's situation.

Here's the List

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Subject: Debbie does Torture

No one is more pissed off at Debbie Stabenow than I am, no one, and I've expressed my views
to anyone who will listen to me.  But I'm going to vote for her.  I'm voting for the lesser of two evils
because it's necessary to take back the Senate and the republican handjob running against her is most
definitely the greater evil.

I think it's up to us, her constituency to let her know of our GREAT displeasure in her actions,
and if she doesn't change we will find someone else to run for her seat in the next state primary election.

Stabenow is leading Bouchard 48% to 35% with 15% undecided and 2% supporting 3rd party candidates.
I will NOT support Debbie Stabenow, but I WILL vote for her.
She is the Democratic candidate.


Joe, you didn't ask for my blessing but you got it :)

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Foley - Tip o' the Iceberg
 by Jackson Thoreau


In their campaign to defend Foley and Hastert, conservatives like Newt Gingrinch
are lying their asses off, as usual.

Republicans want everyone else to take responsibility for their actions, but when it comes to one of
their own, their motto is: Blame Democrats or anyone else. Foley blamed alcohol and a priest for his
predatory behavior. Hastert blamed "liberals" for his role in the Foley scandal cover-up. Gingrinch lied
that Democratic sex scandals are worse than Republicans molesting kids, then could not cite any such
Democratic scandals. The usual one conservatives cite - Monicagate - is old and boring and involved adults.

Fox News outright lied by labeling Foley as a Democrat. 
Sludge-master Matt Drudge blamed a victim.

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"Living like birds in magnolia trees
  Child on a roof top, mother on her knees,
  Her sign reads, "I AM AN AMERICAN!"
   -- Bono, socking it to Bush at the Superdome (audio closes BCR 98)

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Deliver Us From Evil
 A film about Catholics who rape


The Catholic Church has spent over a Billion dollars on settlements.
There have been over 100,000 victims just in America.
For the victims, there's no such thing as salvation.

 "This is none of your concern, Bart!"

"This is none of your concern, Bart!"

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Hastert sinking fast


Hastert's chief of staff confronted Foley about stalking male pages well before Sweaty said aides
in his office took any action, says a current congressional staff member.

The staff member said Hastert's chief of staff, Scott Palmer, met with Foley to discuss Foley's stalking.
The alleged meeting occurred long before Hastert says he dispatched Rep. John M. Shimkus (R-Ill.)
and the clerk of the House in November 2005 to confront Foley about semen-stained e-mails.

The staff member's account buttresses the position of Foley's onetime chief of staff, Kirk Fordham,
who said earlier this week that he had appealed to Palmer in 2003 or earlier to intervene, after Fordham's
own efforts to stop Foley's behavior had failed. Fordham said Foley and Palmer, one of the most powerful
figures in the House of Representatives, met within days to discuss the allegations.

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Random thoughts...

Why didn't Bill Clinton do more to stop Mark Foley?

Clinton turned a blind eye- he was offered Foley several times, but it took the
leadership of Der Monkey and the Sweaty Wrestler to bring this creep to justice.

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Subject: Disgusting

Do you serve any purpose besides being a windbag website?

I entertain and educate dozens of people with every issue.
BTW, you make a lousy first impression.

I  served in Iraq and your divisive brand of vitriol is exactly what divides this country.

I'll bet you can't tell me why Bush sent you to Iraq.

I always knew that liberals were against the military.  

My mail says you're right.
The last time I debated, I couldn't get the judges to agree that our soldiers
were better than the al Qaeda handjobs who blew up New York.
I once considered myself a good debater, but I stopped after that.

How many soldiers do you want to kill?

We want the war to stop.
Apparently, you don't, so that makes you crazy.

You probably enjoy the daily deaths of soldiers and marines, huh?

I don't enjoy them, I track them.
Do you think their deaths should be ignored?

It validates whatever beef you have with the President and hey, those soldiers were 
out to kill someone anyways...its probably better they died, in you book, huh?

You disgust me.

I'll bet Clinton's peace and prosperity disgusted you, too.
Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.
Does that piss you off?

Meanwhile, Bush lied and now we have 2747 dead soldiers.
You're OK with that?

Your position is war is good and Bush is good.
I say war is bad and your president is a lying Monkey.

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"I had sex with Foley"
 Former page makes explosive charge


A former congressional page said he had sex with disgraced Republican Mark Foley,
according to a newspaper report, as an explosive Washington political scandal continued to unfold.

The unidentified former page told the Los Angeles Times Sunday that he was 21 when he and Foley
had sex, and that Foley's overtures began shortly after he left the program for high school students.
He said sex with Foley occured at Foley's Washington home in 2000, while he working as an intern.

The former page said he is uncertain how Foley knew his college instant-message name,
but assumed the lawmaker had access to a directory listing former pages' whereabouts.

That may be the next part of this scandal.
Who was feeding Foley the screen names of these victims?

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Losing Afghanistan
 Newest eufemism is "tipping point"


NATO's top commander in Afghanistan says the country is at a tipping point and warned Afghans 
would likely switch their allegiance to the Taliban if no big improvements in people's lives happens quick. 

Gen. David Richards warns that if life doesn't get better over the winter, most Afghans could switch sides.
They will say, 'We do not want the Taliban but then we would rather have that austere and unpleasant life 
that that might involve than another five years of fighting,'" Richards said.


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Subject: Cuba

Dear Bart,

The gitmo detainees - held for over four years with out trial are not proven killers/terrorists.  
But a guy in the US is proven to have killed 73 people goes free?

What will Bush do?  
And will the media pursue this as an issue of hypocrisy or let it slide?



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Saw it on

Macaca didn't disclose stock options

 "Taxes are too high, anyway!"


For the past five years, Sen. Macaca (R-Racist) has failed to tell Congress about stock options he got 
for his work as a director of a high-tech company. The racist bastard also asked the Army to help 
another business that gave him similar options.

Macaca did not have to look far to find corporate suitors, joining three Virginia high-tech companies 
he assisted as governor. He served on boards of directors for these companies, all government contractors.

Macaca twice failed to promptly alert the SEC of insider stock transactions as director. 
The SEC requires timely notification and can fine those who file late.

"I made a simple mistake..."

Macaca kept stock options provided to him for serving as a director of the companies, 
but steered other compensation from his board service to his law firm.

These raping Republicans - they're all guilty - lust, greed, envy etc.

Democrats could pick up a lot of power in November,
but it would be a Demo-landslide if they actually wanted to win.

 "If victory knocks, we miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight open the door - maybe."

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More GOP House seats at risk


At least five more Republican Congressional seats are now in serious contention, analysts say, 
an unwelcome development for Republicans sent reeling over their anal sex problems.

The fury over Foley's sexually charged messages sent to male teenage pages is undercutting 
Republican support among elderly voters, suburbanites and women, analysts from both parties said.
More immediately, the furor is sapping the enthusiasm of religious conservatives.

"Social conservatives are frustrated," said Saulius Anuzis, GOP chairman in Michigan.
"We have heard disappointment and disenchantment." 

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Subject: BCR 98

Bart, your shows are getting awfully good.
I have always liked them but they seem to be ratcheted up in the last year.
The more rage from you the better the show!

Thanks for being the Hammermiester-General.
Robert the Artist

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The net's best advertising deal

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See Del Castillo LIVE this Tuesday

1708 Vine Street
Hollywood, CA

Doors:  8:00pm
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Tickets $10 in advance
Call 323-493-3988
or online at

$12 at the door.

Tell Rick, "Bart says hey"

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The second most important site on the internet?

It's Richard Clarke's site.

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Subject: North Korea tested a nuke

Bush was wrong about Iraq having WMD. And it's not clear that Iran has WMD. 
But we know that North Korea does in fact possess WMD. 

The funny little man in North Korea just tested a nuke, but Bush doesn't care, 
because they don't have oil like Iran. Isn't it odd though? 

Bush wants to nuke Iran for maybe having a bomb in ten years, 
but he's barely said a word about North Korea, a bit odd, huh?
Doug in Warren, M

Doug, North Korea doesn't have any oil Bush can steal.

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Benny the Rat - King of the Cover-ups?



The Vatican Sex Crimes Division (Crimen Sollicitationis) was enforced for 20 years by 
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became the Pope.  He was the Vatican's Karl Rove.

Crimen Sollicitationis was written in 1962 in Latin and given to Catholic bishops worldwide 
who are ordered to keep it locked away in the church safe. 

It instructs them how to deal with priests who solicit sex from the confessional. 
It also deals with "any obscene external act ... with youths of either sex." 

It imposes an oath of secrecy on the child victim, 
the priest dealing with the allegation and any witnesses.  
Breaking that oath means excommunication from the Catholic Church

If you tell what the priest did to you - you will burn for eternity.
That's how they scare those little kids into silence.

This is the definition of "organized crime."
They only difference is their crimes are covered by omerta even after you die.

Are you still giving money to these organized, worldwide, serial rapists?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2736....2747 American victims

We lost 11  over the weekend.

 "Bush's war costs $2 billion a week."
   -- so by all means, stay the course?

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.


"[Bush's torture bill] puts in place protections that do not exist today for detainees and is a better 
  system than the one proposed by the President.  I strongly opposed the President's attempts to 
  undermine the Geneva Convention.  This bill does not amend the Geneva Convention in any way.   
  This proposal puts in place specific protections against torture, providing needed clarification on 
  what constitutes war crimes and criminalizing specific interrogation techniques."
     -- letter from Debbie Stabenow (D-Torture)   

I haven't read the bill but I don't believe her.

The only way she's telling the truth is if her point is that a 9 on the torture scale
is better than a 10 on the torture scale, the one Bush wanted to have.

Besides, Bush surely added a signing statement that he had no intention of 
following this new law, so why did Stabenow legitimize his torture actions?

Bush is going to torture whoever he wants in whatever ways he wants.
Stabenow thinks she solved something by joining Bush's Torture Team?

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Eagles spank Dallas 38-24


Oh, it was a great weekend.

The temperature in K-Drag was under 100 degrees,
we grilled some chicken on the patio, 
the Razorbacks beat No 2 Auburn, 
the Cardinals advanced in the baseball playoffs
but what made it special was watching Eagles QB Donovan McNabb (354 yards passing)
prove that the vulgar, racist Pigboy was just being a Fascist neo-prick when he said black 
quarterbacks weren't smart enough or good enough to lead a winning football team.

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TV Stuff

Tonight - Dave has Robin Williams, Conan has Lewis Black,

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Subject: Moyers special on PBS

Hey Bart,
Did you happen to catch the Bill Moyers Special on PBS? 
Absolutely great piece (especially right before the elections). 

Anyway, besides presenting a concise, AWA easy-to-understand history of K-Street and Abramoff, 
he also showed the consistent involvement of Tom Delay in all of this vote-buying, bribery, and theft 
(from the various Native American Tribes). He showed the threads which linked Rove and other 
behind-the-scenes guys to the filthy picture of who is really pulling the strings in DC nowadays. 

It is an absolute must to see - Moyers still has it, for sure!
My question is: Why ain't Delay behind bars too? 
If Delay walks, than so will Foley - seems nothing is too vile for THIS While House!

 Sally P

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New Playboy Club opens at The Palms



With bunnies, booze and blackjack, the first Playboy Club in nearly two decades 

opened at The Palms in Las Vegas on Saturday night with high hopes that its 
time-tested combination of sex and celebrity will attract a new generation of high rollers.

With a distinctly vintage feel, Playboy bunnies wearing the distinctive ears and cottontail 
delivered drinks and dealt cards to a mostly male crowd at the Palms Casino Resort.

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