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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Wednesday  Oct 25, 2006  Vol 1863 - Purely an act

Quote of the Day

"If I may be blatantly honest... 
   -- Rush, the vulgar junkie, 
       never honest a day in his ugly life

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
He stays the course 
Rush: MJ Fox faking 
Oct death toll hits 91 
Bush car fatality 
Economic Report 
Tenet Joins Carlyle 
Impeach the bastards 
Random thought... 
Clinton & Demi 


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"I don't know where Limbaugh got the idea that telling scurrilous lies about one of
  America's favorite celebrities -- and someone who enjoys a huge amount of public
  sympathy to boot -- was a shrewd political move. But the Dems should be damned
  glad he did.  Rush may have just booted away Missouri's Republican Senate seat."
      --billmon,    Link

Note: Missouri is the vulgar Pigboy's home state.

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He stays the course
  by Josh Marshall

It's worth remembering why Bush, short of being forced kicking and screaming, will never and
can never withdraw American forces from Iraq.  By 2004, it was depressingly clear the whole
matter was never going to come to a good end. But President Bush got the country to reinvest
and the country has kept on doing so since then with some factor of lives, money and time.

As long as that's the case Bush and his supporters can keep up the increasingly ludicrous pretense
that Iraq isn't a failure but simply a work in progress that hasn't been given the necessary time to work.

Bush's interests are not the same as the country's. He's maxed out, in for 100%.
If Iraq is a failure, a mistake, then the same words will be written right after his name in the
history books. A country, though, can take missteps and mistakes, course corrections and dead ends,
and move on. We've done it before and we'll do it again. But President Bush can't and won't withdraw
from Iraq because when he does, under the current conditions, he'll sign the epitaph, the historical
death warrant for his presidency. Unlike in the past there are no family friends to pawn the failure
off on and let them take the loss. It's all his.

Note: is a damn important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"The current support for Bush's impeachment is much, much higher than support for
  Clinton's impeachment ever was. Yet, the media refuses to talk about impeaching Bush...
  Clinton's 73% approval rating during impeachment is double that of Bush's - 35%."
      --flicknut, Link

The American whore media continue to protect this Fascist monster - at all costs.
And all the time, they whine about the media being "out to get him."

They won't ask the impeachment question because more than half want him gone,
while 3/4 wanted Clinton left alone to resume the peace and prosperity he brought us.


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Nazi with the funnest name?

He's a total Fascist thug.

Dick Mountjoy before
Mountjoy dicks you.

Why I hate people with Parkinson's
 Vulgar Pigboy says Michael J Fox is faking it


Rush Limbaugh attacked Michael J. Foxi, suggesting Fox was "acting" in a commercial
where he's shown shaking while endorsing the importance of stem cell research.

"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease," Limbaugh bellowed with hate.
"He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act."

"This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox," Limbaugh said.
"Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting."

Those Parkinsons disease people are always faking it.
Same for those with MS, always pretending they're disabled.
The people dying from cancer?  Same thing - they're all lying.

If only everyone could be as honest as the Oxycontin child molester.
Gee, Rush - if only you had Parkinsons.
Then you could show us how easy it is to control.

Wait, Muhammed Ali has Parkinson's, righty?
Maybe Ali would like to explain it to Rush, personally?


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"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He's moving all around and shaking
  and it's purely an act...This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't
  take his medication or he's acting."
     -- Rush the vulgar Pigboy, also known as "Ann Coulter with a penis", probably...

"When you see someone with those movements, it's not because they have not taken
  medication but because they probably have taken medication for some time.
  If you don't take the medication, then you freeze."
      --  the National Parkinson Foundation,  Link

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Subject: Obama isn't ready?

While Barack has only been in Politics for two years,
Bush has been an oxygen thief all his life.

Keep Swinging Bart
The Architect from Seattle

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Bush October death toll hits 91
 Those men aren't coming home - thanks to Bush's lies

U.S. officials said Tuesday Iraqi leaders have agreed to develop a timeline for progress
in stabilizing Iraq, and Iraqi forces should be able to take full control of security in the country
in the next 12 to 18 months with "some level" of American support.

Bush is cutting and running again.
He always said a "date certain" would help the terrorists.
Is a "timeline" any different from a "date certain?"

Even as October marked the deadliest month for U.S. forces in Iraq this year, General Casey
said he felt he should continue to focus on drawing down American forces in the country.
On Tuesday, four more U.S. troops died, raising the month's toll to 91.

Gen. Casey said he would not hesitate to ask for more troops if he felt they were necessary.

More horseshit.
Every general whose future is not in Bush's bloody hands says we need more troops.
Casey has been ordered to keep his mouth shut about more troops.

In a few years, Casey will write a book confirming this, but how many thousands
more soldiers must be pushed into the meat grinder make Bush look not-so-bad?


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Subject: Obama?


Am I the only one that still remembers that America has this territory called the South?
I don't think his short time span in politics is as much a problem as the color of his skin.

There is no way the Southern Gentry is going to let any black person run the country.
It won't happen!!!!
It took how many years to get the Dixie flag from flying over several Southern State Capitals?
Let's get real....sad to say, but true, that this is the current state of American Racism.

Love the WPE T-shirt out here in Sacramento.
Haven't gotten any free drinks yet, but maybe go to Nevada and get a free JOINT?

Keep Hammering,
 California Dave

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"The best news in the field.'

Subject: Nova M Radio Phoenix

Whoda ever thunk it!
A progressive radio network located in Phoenix!

Consider this however... W feel tremors in Phoenix from time to time...
We believe they are caused by Barry Goldwater rolling over in his grave
when he sees what Bush and his neocon buddies are up to.

Keep the Faith;

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"Yesterday, Bill O'Reilly said Afghanistan has been "successful" and that "there's no danger
  at all of the Taliban reclaiming that country." At the worst, he said, the Taliban will be "annoying."
        --Think Progress,    Link

"U.S. military officials say cross-border attacks by the Taliban are up "300 percent"  since
  Musharraf declared a "truce" with tribal leaders in the region that borders Afghanistan."
      --Gretchen Peters,    Link

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Another Bush car fatality
 As always, they failed to test for alcohol

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - A police officer died Saturday after being struck by an SUV driven
by a federal judge.  Officer Dan Picagli was hit while directing traffic in the rain Tuesday night.

The SUV was driven by John Walker, a judge on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
He was leaving work when the accident happened, police said.

Police Chief Francisco Ortiz said the accident remained under investigation, but officers did not
feel it was necessary to test Walker for drugs or alcohol. Walker was appointed to the court in
1989 by his cousin, George Herbert Herbert Bush.

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"One cannot win the Global War on Terror if one does not understand it."
    -- Dennis Hastert (R-Pedo), explaining why Bush is losing both wars, Link

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Economic Report

As working families consider whether the economy has been good or bad to them two weeks
before the elections they're not feeling as rosy about the economy as Wall Street or Bush.
According to the EPI, working family real income has dropped by $3,000 since 2000.
And while jobs are paying less in inflation-adjusted wages job creation for September was
the weakest since Hurricane Katrina. As EPI puts it, the pie being baked by U.S. workers
grows bigger each year while the slices they get grow smaller.

CNN keeps wetting themselves about new stock highs "every day."
Gosh, the economy is doing "great" under Der Fuhrer.

They never mention that it took Bush 6 years to break even with Clinton's high.
And Clinton TRIPLED Herbert Herbert's stock highs, but they never mention that.

As always, CNN is doing everything they can to help the Republicans.

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W.C. Fields

Best Juggler ever?

 Want to trade links?

The link page is bigger than ever,
thanks to Chicago Jim

Send e-mail to Bart

Put "Link me" in the subject header.
Maybe mention what section you belong in - news, humor, etc

Your link will be seen by dozens


"When you vote, you will determine the taxes you pay for years to come.
  You will feel the results every April 15."
    -- Dubya, on why we have to pay more - so the super-rich can pay less Link

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Subject: Bush spies on GOP congress

People are asking themselves if they reelect Republicans how they will be able to
solve the problem with gay Republicans wanting to have sex with underage pages.
But this isn't a problem for Republicans because in their wisdom they passed laws
that will protect the children from their sexual advances. Those who call this a
"do nothing Congress" don't appreciate the wisdom of the laws they passed.

You see, they gave Bush the authority spy on Congress. He can tap their phones
and email and Instant Message access and Bush will be watching over them to
make sure they keep their hands off the kids.

Could Congress object to Bush tapping their phones?  If there was anything wrong
with Bush spying on Congress then why would they have voted to let him do it?

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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Tenet joins Carlyle Group
 His reward for slam-dunking Bush's phony war


George Tenet has joined QinetiQ, a subsidiary of The Carlyle Group, the company said Tuesday.
Critics blamed Tenet during his CIA reign for sexing up the intelligence that allowed Bush to rape
and murder Iraq and possibly green-lighting the 9-11 attacks.

QinetiQ is partly owned by The Carlyle Group, whose criminal members included Poppy Bush,
arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, former Brit PM John Major and soon, Der Monkey's Poodle Blair.

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Subject: Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox

Is it safe to assume he just blew it for his wonderful party?

Then again, that's what Republinazis do best: Picking on teenaged girls
("Chelsea is the White House dog") and people with Parkinson's Disease
because they can't fight back.

This is a new low even for this drug addict.

That's why they call him the vulgar Pigboy.

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The net's best advertising deal

 advertise on

Mike Malloy Returns Monday  has more details.

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Just a thought about Barak Obama
 The Ranting of an aged Hippy


In order to get the meat animals to slaughter, you must round them up, herd them, brand them,
push them into trucks or train cars, push them into pens and stockades, trap them in Feed lots
or concentration camps, and then drive them up the chute to the actual slaughtering process.
This first part takes some brutality, some absolute control, and a whole lot of pushing and shoving.

The second part though is different. By the time you get meat animals to slaughter, you want them
calm and accepting.  Obama is a slick boy who radiates good will and intelligence.  He wouldn't
be a setup to get us to calmly accept the axe, would he?

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Subject: Bart is right

A couple days ago you wrote that the repugnantcans could not
afford to lose and that Rove would not let it happen.

Didya hear that arrogant SOB today on NPR?
When asked by Robert Seigle about bad repuke poll numbers he blew him off.
He said: "You use you math and I'll use THE math."

The US is a de-facto dictatorship.
Time to start the revolution.
Dave in Michigana

"We want it all, and we're going to get it!"

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 Minor Flood at Casa de Bart

 Click  Here  to sponsor a $4 square foot of the floor of Casa be Bart

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 Thanks, you can send that to

 I didn't think we'd have a page today,
 but it didn't take long to tear up Mrs. Bart's wood floor.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


Impeach the bastards

These weak-kneed sissies are worse than simply political cowards--they are violators of their
own oaths of office, which commit them to upholding and defending the US Constitution - a
document which even they have to admit is under grave attack by this president and his thugs.
If Pelosi&Co. will not stand up and defend that document and the institution of Congress that
Bush has so defiled with his signing statements, We the People must make them do it.

The first step, of course, is to throw out the Republican majority in Congress.

Then we have to turn our political sights and our righteous rage on the Democrats who,
through their decade of habitual cowering, have enabled and are now protecting this
criminal regime from the aggressive investigation that it so richly deserves.

Impeachment in 2007!

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I always liked Suzanna Hoffs

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2803....2804 American victims

Bush killed another soldier yesterday.
Why are the military families silent?

Do they still think their loved ones died for a reason?
Are they willing to doante more sons & daughters?

 "Bush's war costs $2.3 billion a week."

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.


"As long as I don't call her a lesbian, I'm OK... "
     -- Sen. Clinton's Fascist bastard Republican (I repeat myself) challenger, Link

 Hey, don't laugh.
 That's how Bush beat Ann Richards in Texas - he kept calling her a lesbo.

 Voters are super-stupid, Limbaugh-esque attacks work.

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Random thought...

Want to get together in the live chat room election night?

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TV Stuff

Cardinals take 2-1 lead in World Series
Game Four tonight - Suppan (12-7) vs. Bonderman (14-8)

Have you ever seen a show crazier than Lost?
They never do anything, the storyline never moves along,
but each week they discover more "clues."

Clues to what?

After three years on the island, they've really only been there 60 days.
They have more guest stars on this deserted island than Gilligan ever did.
All we need now is the Harlem Globetrotters.

The only show that makes less sense than Lost is The Nine.
Something happened in that bank on Episode One, and if you watch all season,
our cliff-hanger miiiiight drop a hint at next year's re-telling of what might've happened.

David Lynch on magic mushrooms would seem grounded next to these guys.
Bring back the backwards-talking midget - at least he made sense.

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Subject: Obama

The newly constructed 'bandwagon' for Obama is the MSM vehicle to
come up with a Democrat candidate who they know is un-electable.

I have reservations on Obama's war views and his 'Democrat' tendency
of lacking the testerone to really fight for Democrat ideas.

And I have serious reservations about Hillary for the same reasons.
She soft-pedals criticism of the war because of her large Jewish constituency
but, at some point, the obvious must be accepted by her and everyone else:

The Iraq war is a failed bamboozlement.

Kinda disagree,
Kinda agree,
She's waaaaaay ahead of you,
I agree.

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Vote for Del Castillo as the best act
 at this year's Austin City Limits festival.


Note: Not sure why, but Rick DC is currently in Slovakia recording with a choir and an orchestra.

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Katie Hubbard Contest

Click  for Rules - (bottom of the page) Ends Oct 31

Win a pound of the South's Finest  milk chocolate!

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'Clinton talked to my wife'
  Fuming Kutcher wants a piece of Bill


 Punky told Leno that Clinton made eyes at his wife at a recent function.
 Punky said he felt like ''the invisible man.''

  ha ha

"I don't think he looked at me the whole time,'' Kutcher fumed.
"I was like the guy that wasn't there.''

 ha ha

Hey Punky - maybe if you acted like you were a man?
Instead of a pathetic whiner?

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