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Weekend-Monday, Nov 25-27, 2006  Vol 1881 - Wrestling the Fools

Quote of the Day

"There will be no military victory 
   or military solution for Iraq." 
      -- Chuck Hagel, (R-wants to be president) Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Chertoff Chilling Vision
Paradise in Flames 
Waxman on the Attack 
Random thought... 
John Lennon Prefers 
Bush: al-Sadr's Puppet 
Impeachment Decision 
His Messianic Complex 
C.S.I. Rules Canada





"Advocating war is easier when you and your family are not endangered by it. 
  The one unifying characteristic that all of us men in make-up on political chat shows share 
  is fear of combat. Every one of us has done everything we can to avoid combat. 
  Just like George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Dick Cheney, we are all combat cowards." 
      -- Lawrence O'Donnell, forgetting that Clinton never sent men into a meat grinder  Link

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Chertoff's 'Chilling Vision'
 by Nat Parry

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff describes his "chilling vision" of a future in which the actions 
of the U.S. government are constrained by international law. To avert this danger, Chertoff urges 
right-wing legal activists at the Federalist Society to go on the offensive against the European Union 
and other governments trying to pressure the United States into operating within the Geneva 
Conventions and other human rights standards.

These thugs can't believe the world won't let their crimes spree continue.
They act insulted that everyone wants the invasions, tortures, rapes and murders to stop.

Perhaps the BFEE needs to worry more about Waxman, Dingell and Conyers because they
are going to put Fascist bastards under oath and ask them, "Do you want to die in prison?"

Gee, I like the sound of that...

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"It's a gimmick because it satisfies McCain, it satisfies the hardliners...My concern is that 
they'll do it slowly and then, in the end, inadvertently, they will imitate our bug-out from Vietnam. 
Namely, we'll blame the Iraqis and leave, thereby creating the worst of all situations." 
   -- Zbigniew Brzezinski, on whether Bush will boost the number of troops in Iraq,  Link

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New: Let's set each other on fire
 Another benefit of Bush's Iraqi Paradise


On Friday, revenge-seeking Shiite militiamen seized six Sunnis as they left prayers,
drenched them with kerosene and burned them alive, while Iraqi soldiers watched.

The fiery slayings in the Sunni neighborhood were a dramatic escalation of the brutality 
coursing through the Iraqi capital, after suspected Sunni insurgents killed 215 people in 
Baghdad's main Shiite district with a combination of bombs and mortars.

The attacks culminated Baghdad's deadliest week of sectarian fighting
since Bush's greedy, bloody invasion more than three years ago.

And McCain wants to send more troops?


McCain wants to be president in the worst way,
but he's got a ways to go to beat Bush at that.

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"Thank God for the leadership of President Bush...I know that Iraq 
  without Saddam is so much better for the security and safety of Israel." 
    -- Israeli PM Olmert,   Link

Wow - did he really say that?
He thinks Israel is safer now than it was before Bush ignited the suiciders?

That means I'm smarter than the PM of Israel and the president of the United States.

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Subject: Republicans

Funny how the Republicans use an elephant for their symbol. 
An elephant never forgets,...until it's under oath...

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"I expect real answers, or we'll have testimony under oath until we get them. 
  We're entitled to know these answers, and in many instances we don't get them 
  because people are hiding their mistakes. And that's no excuse." 
     -- Patrick Leahy (D-Rubber stamp) on Dems reviving demands for classified documents 
         that until now have been rebuffed or ignored by the Justice Department and other agencies,  Link

 It would be so cool to be able to say, "I'm proud to be a Democrat,"
 instead of always apologizing and running the pink tutu graphic.

 C'mon guys, can you do things right for once?

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Waxman prepares BFEE Attack


Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Pit bull) has spent the last six years waging a guerrilla campaign against
Bush and his thugs, launching searing investigations into everything from military contracts to
Medicare prices from his perch on the Government Reform Committee.

In January, Waxman becomes committee chairman ? and thus the lead congressional hound
of a criminal gang that blundered badly as it expanded the power of the executive branch.

Waxman's biggest challenge as he mulls what to probe?
"The most difficult thing will be to pick and choose," he said.
The choices he makes could help define Bush's legacy.

"Life is going to be different for the administration," said Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., current chairman.
"Henry is going to be tough. ... And he's been waiting a long time to be able to do this."

If Henry means what he says, we may have to send him some money.

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Subject: Steny's an OK guy

Bart -

Steny Hoyer's an OK guy.  He's one of the fairly liberal Democrats from Maryland. 
We're the ones who send people who vote the right way down to DC - like Barbara Mikulski 
and Paul Sarbanes in the Senate and Ben Cardin, Chris Van Hollen, Al Wynn, etc in the House. 

Well, Steny's right up there.
Plus, he was third in line in the Democratic hierarchy in the House. 
So he's had experience at trying to get all the Dems to go along with something.

Murtha had Iraq going for him, but I think that's about all. 
Give Steny a chance.
 Mary Beth

Mary Beth, I'm cool with Steny.
I didn't know Murtha had "ethics problems" until we won that election.

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Mortars set fire to U.S. base in Iraq
 Will voters punish the GOP again in '08?


Two mortar rounds hit a U.S. military post in Baghdad on Sunday, setting it on fire.
A large cloud of black smoke was seen rising above the post at about 3 p.m.

A U.S. military spokesman, confirmed that "indirect fire rounds" had landed in the base.
The strike was launched from Dadr City, the Shiite slum where over 200 people were killed
on Thursday in an attack by Sunni Arab insurgents using car bombs and mortars.


"That's what free people do..." 
  -- Rumsfeld, about lawbreaking Iraqis in late 2003

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Visit longtime, multi-year sponsor

Random thought...

 Was Frankenstein Jewish?

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Democrats pledge array of investigations
 Don't tease us if you're not going to do this...


The incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is promising an array
of oversight investigations that could provoke a bigg-ass fight with the bastards in the White House.

Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) pledged that Democrats would govern "in the middle" next year. But he has
a reputation as one who has never avoided a fight and he did not back away from that reputation on Sunday.
Among the investigations he said he wants the committee to undertake:

The new Medicare drug benefit. "There are lots and lots and lots of scandals," he said.

Halliburton's incestuous contracts that are really just a license to steal taxpayer money.

Cheney's secret energy task force. It "was carefully cooked to provide only participation
    by oil companies and energy companies," Dingell said.

A review of food and drug safety, particularly in the area of nutritional supplements.

 There will be so many investigations, will they have enough time to look at early crimes, too?
 How about the nuclear sub that killed those Japanese students because Bush told the Navy
 to let the Enron bastards play with the controls?.

 And what about that super spy-plane from the future that we gave to China?
 Remember how Bush handled that?
"I hope they have Bibles in their Chinese prisons."
 Bush ended that crisis by saying he was "very, very sorry" for flying in international airspace.

 Hell, everyone knew by the first debate that Bush didn't have even a small brain - yet they
(possibly) elected him anyway, and then America's future starting sliding down into the gutter.
 If it wasn't for Katrina, the Fascists might've picked up seats again this year.

 Too bad those thousands of people in Louisiana had to die to get peoples' attention.

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"We woke up the day after the election to a new world. 
  We're going to have tough days ahead of us." 
     -- Ken Johnson, spokesman for the Pharmaceutical whores that will have to lower prices
        now that the party of consumer protection is back to driving the bus,  Link

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Tim and Lesa in Indiana

Dude, be careful wearing that shirt in Indiana.
Indiana is so racist, when Okies have a Klan rally,
they import their racists from Indiana.

Subject: I've been a fan since '98

...and I agree with just about everything you have to say Bart. 
Also you're usually right about things of the political nature. 
So I have a plain and simple question. 

Do you think the Dems are actually going to go all out and put Smirk
through the same scrutiny that the Repugs put Clinton through?

Well, it'll be different because the Fascist bastards are actually guilty of serious crimes.
Their whole bubble could burst on the first day of hearings.

It could be real easy, too, if they just handle it right.
Subpoena the stupidest Monkey first, and when he refuses to testify, just keep asking, 
"Why can't you explain your actions to your bosses, the voters?
  What are you trying to hide?
  What did you do in our name with our money?
  We have a right to know!"

The poor Democrats have never figured out how to use the big hammer.

When your opponent is hurt, you turn tornadoe* on his ass.
You pound him until he crumbles into a bloody heap.

Watch some of boxing's masters, Ali, Duran, Hagler, etc.
When they saw their opponent wobble, they each turned into an octopus on speed.

But the BFEE is so guilty, all they gotta do is get the punks under oath and remind them
on live TV that they'll go to prison if they commit perjury about the lives they snuffed out.

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How Bush became al-Sadr's Puppet

Anti-U.S. Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's bloc is threatening to withdraw support from Iraq's shaky
government if next week's planned meeting in Jordan between Bush and Iraqi PM Maliki takes place.

Al-Sadr has been critical of U.S. actions in Iraq, and his faction blames Bush for creating the conditions 
that led to a bloodbath Thursday that killed more than 200 people in Baghdad's Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City. 

The cleric's movement holds significant power in the Iraqi government, and the threat of a walkout
could jeopardize the stability of al-Maliki's puppet administration, which has relied on the support
of both the United States and fellow Shiites. 

How will Bush and Maliki get out of this one?
Al Sadr has barked his orders at Maliki - and so has Bush.

If Bush travels all the way to Jordan just to get snubbed by his own puppet,
he'll be seen as even more powerless than he is already.

If Maliki agrees to meet with the Butcher of Baghdad, al Sadr could explode
and make the present quagmire of daily violence look like the good old days.

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Calls for justice in fatal NYPD shooting 
 Crazy cops go Fallujah on unarmed men


An angry crowd shouted "No justice, no peace!" Some called for the ouster of the city's police 
commissioner. Many counted off to 50, the number of rounds that are estimated to have been fired 
by police at three unarmed men, killing one on his wedding day. 

Several hundred people gathered Sunday for a vigil and rally to demand answers about why officers 
let fly a flurry of bullets at 23-year-old Sean Bell early Saturday, hours before he was supposed to 
marry the mother of his two young children.

The five officers were placed on paid administrative leave and stripped of their guns. 
Police and prosecutors promised a full handjob cover-up.

So, the cops were trying to protect New Yorkers from drugs and blowjobs with 9mm Glocks 
that can fire up to 31 bullets with a quick re-load. The black (of course) victims weren't even armed.

Call me crazy, but drugs and blowjobs seem less dangerous than racist cops with PMS. 

Did Giuliani become Mayor again?

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"SurveyUSA released its latest approval ratings for all 100 U.S. Senators. 
  Of current Republican-held seats up for re-election in 2008, five senators have 
  approval ratings below 50%: Wayne Allard (R-CO), 44% - John Cornyn (R-TX), 45% 
  James Inhofe (R-Pissquik), 46% - John Sununu (R-NH), 47% - Norm Coleman (R-Bastard, 48% . 
  Of the Democrats, just two have below 50% ratings: Lautenberg and John Kerry." 
        --Political Wire, "Ranking the Senators",   Link

Kerry needs to retire.
That seat should be taken by somebody whose mouth is connected to his brain. 

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Subject: Chinaco Anejo

I am a tequila fan, and am fond of several types, but usually opt for Patron (I know, it's over-hyped, 
hence its omnipresence) or Cabo Wabo (don't say it!) but for a party I threw last night, I got Chinaco
Normally I like Reposado, but the little store I go to here in DE had Anejo for....$33!

 Get out!

The guy said they sell more Patron, and dropped the price! 
I discovered what you were talking about, and so did all my friends. 
One who is not a drinker, but a Bartcop fan had a LARGE shot and didn't blink! 
He was amazed. So was I. 
It is as smooth as can be...some thought it was fine congac or something. 
(Aged tequila confuses most folks, it seems.)

Well, just letting ya know I finally saw the light. 
I'll buy up wot's left, and hope for the return of it in the store. 
There is actually lots of this stuff in Delaware, just lucky, I guess.

Jon, that means you could get a year of Bartcop radio for $33 plus postage.

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The net's best advertising deal

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Saw a thing on VH-1. Imagine: John Lennon

Much of it was John debating the Fascist Pigboys and Fascist O'Reillys of the time.
They kept calling him "a wanker scumbag" for suggesting peace might be an alternative to Vietnam.
One tramp mocked him when Lennon said he thought their efforts might incite change.

Then they asked him about Revolution, and what did me mean with the line,
"But when you talk about destruction,
  Don't you know that you can count me out - IN!"

My man John Lennon said,


"I'd prefer non-violence."

A lying Nazi whore popularized the phrase, "Words mean things."
When John said "I prefer non-violence," he means he'll go either way.
For years I've been making the case that Lennon, MLK and Bono prefer
non-violence with the mess-with-my-kids-in-the-park parable.

Bono, MLK or Lennon enjoying a summer day with their kids in Central Park,
and some boy-touching Republicans show up and start f-ing with their kids?

Some say they'd turn the other cheek towards the attackers.
I say they'd kill to protect their families because that's the right answer.

So after all these years of gambling with speaking for what John might've done,
in his own words he reminds us of the importance of winning the big battles.

That's a difference between us and them.

We'd prefer non-violence.
They go with whatever's cheaper.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Saw it on

Laura Bush is an insult as a "first lady". She's as much use as a sack of cement. 
She waves, smiles, makes small talk, lies for her spouse-from-hell. 
She travels at our expense but stays inside a bubble with Lieboy. 
She claims she meets throngs of people who agree with idiot boy. 
In the insulated world of the elites life looks grand. 
She needs an earful from some REAL Americans. 
She's protected from truth. She's a zombie P.R. tool. 
This family doesn't have a clue what it's like outside their castles.

Woman faces fines for wreath peace sign 
 How dare she? Doesn't she know how much Bush loves war?


A homeowners association in southwestern Colorado has threatened to fine 
a resident $25 a day until she removes a Christmas wreath with a peace sign 
that some say is an anti-war protest or a symbol of Satan. 

Gee, what if some say the color red is Satanic - do we outlaw red?

Some residents who have complained have children serving in Iraq, said Bob Kearns, 
president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association in Pagosa Springs. He said some
residents have also believed it was a symbol of Satan. Three or four residents complained.

Colorado is beautiful, but that state is run by Nazi dogs.
Did you read what they did to  Nathan Ybanez?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days 
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2872....2880 American victims

Bush killed another 8 soldiers over the holiday.

While our soldiers died, 
while we ate turkey,
Exxon made $400M in profit.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Not on their lives.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.


"Among 41 House Democratic newcomers, at least half back repealing 
  tax breaks for highest-income earners ahead of scheduled 2010 expiration." 
      --Washington Wire,    Link that's a bad thing?

Clinton raised taxes on the super-rich and we prospered like never before.

How crazy are the Democrats that they can't even get the poor and the middle class,
which is about 98 percent of America, to vote for their own best interests?

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Impeachment: America Must Decide
 by Peter Dyer

We Americans need to decide: are we a nation of laws or not? 
Is our Constitution still the foundation on which the United States rests or not?

On Jan. 3, 2007, the Democrats will be in control of Congress. New members will be sworn in, 
taking the oath to "support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic..."

Few things would seem more fundamental to the support and defense of the Constitution than 
sanctioning those who have abused it -- as a matter of simple justice as well as a deterrent against future abuse. 

Yet just before the Nov. 7 elections, Nancy Pelosi said that if the Democrats gained control 
of the House the impeachment of President Bush would be "off the table.".

But public support for impeachment has been growing. According to a Newsweek poll taken
just before Pelosi took impeachment off the table, a majority of Americans may now favor it.

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Random thought...

What Michael Richards said was triple stupid and offensive,
but how many apologies will it take before people get over it?

Somebody, maybe Sharpton, said it was no good for Richards
to apologize on a "white show" like David Letterman's. That's stupid.

He can't take back what he said, so now that he has apologized, it makes me think
the people who want more are probably in this for the money and the publicity.

But then, I'm not black so I can only guess...

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Subject: t-shirts

Hey Bart - the Nov t-shirt special; 2 for $40

....can I get a long sleeve and a short sleeve for $45?


Mike, yes - if they go to the same address.

 I'm a small time gambler, Bart
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Iraq in fragments

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Trip report


We know that's why you read...

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Subject: Bartcop is Billy - let me explain


I'm the guy who posted that blurb on The Nation web site. 
(I continue to be a huge fan and promoter of Bartcop.)

Nice to see it pop up again. 

Let me explain "Billy."  By Billy, I mean Billy Carter. 
We have Jimmy Carter --  smart, refined, diplomatic good-guy liberal
-- a personification, almost, of the genteel lefty magazine The Nation. 

Then we have Bartcop.... coarse, unrefined, likes to drink.
Just like I'd imagine good ole boy Billy Carter to be. Billy had his own brand of beer. 
And I bet he had a gun, too, and would not hesitate to use it during a home invasion.

I see BC fans leave the site over the slightest differences -- like the golfer, the gun thing, pin up girls. 
That's why we lose, because too many of us insist on ideological purity. 
We need to be like the Carters... some of us get Ph.D.s in economics and get
the Nobel Peace Prize, others drink beer, eat red meat and work hard everyday. 

Keep Hammering,

Dave, thanks - I think...

 I'm a small time gambler, Bart
 Discuss it on the BartBlog

Christmas Gift Suggestions

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Bush's Messianic Complex

Bush's irrational refusal to ease the nuclear tension and negotiate one-on-one with North Korea 
until Jong Il caves into his demands is a result of Bush's deep-seated need to prove his manhood
- escalating, not lessening, the world?s danger.

An absolute proof that Bush's mental illness has put him out of touch with reality, including the 
real danger of North Korea having nuclear bombs, is Bush appointing Bolton, one of the most 
mentally ill, fascist authors of The Bush Doctrine, to the UN.  He has viciously vilified the UN 
and authored of the extreme hard line Bush has taken against North Korea which has caused 
Jong Il to race to develop nuclear weapons.

Jong Il refers to Bolton as "blood sucking scum." 
This is supposed to defuse the nuclear crisis with North Korea? 

Hey, you can't argue with Billy Jack.

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C.S.I. top show in Canada



Top Ten shows in Canada
Grey Cup Sunday 
C.S.I. Miami 
Criminal Minds
Desperate Housewives 
C.S.I. New York 
Law and Order: SUV 
Survivor: Cook Islands 

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It sucks when kids have cancer


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