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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday, Dec 2-4, 2006  Vol 1885 - Rectifier

Quote of the Day

"The press, I think, was guilty of cheerleading. 
  We were waving the flags and it was almost 
  unpatriotic to question the war with Iraq."
      --David Gergen, telling the truth?   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Gates Hearing Urgency
Clinton 'electability' 
Bi-Polar Quotes 
He's The Worst Ever 
Losing Freedom of Speech 
Talking to the Walls 
Bong hits 4 Jesus
George Will: Scumbag 
The Asses of Evil



This Just In...

John Bolton (R-Temper Problems) resigns.


"In other words, the press is lying, and lying about 
  important things which don't involve fellatio." 
    --Atrios, on Gergen saying the press was cheerleading Bush's war, Link

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Gates Hearing Has New Urgency
  by Robert Parry

Bush's back-of-the-hand to the Baker-Hamilton troop drawdown plan - and the disclosure that 
Bush ousted Rumsfeld after he sought a major shift in war policy - has given new urgency to the 
Dec. 5 hearings on Robert Gates to be Bush's new Pentagon chief.

Senators, who were inclined to rubber-stamp Gates's nomination

may have reason to think twice. Indeed, the evidence now suggests that Washington's conventional 
wisdom about Gates as "a realist" clambering onboard to put Bush's war strategy on a new course 
was dead wrong. Rather than a sign of a new direction, Bush may have picked Gates as a yes man 
who will continue the war pretty much as is.   Bush may have enlisted someone to join him, Laura 
Bush and Barney, lashed to the mast of the Iraq War as it continues to founder.

Was Rummy fired because he mentioned a "new direction" for the war?
Was Rummy fired for being a "realist." compared to Bush?

Subpoena Robert Parry, get your facts together, and THEN vote.
And stop being a rubber stamp for the most hated politician in America!

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission

Bi-polar Quotes

"No one wants to end the war in Iraq more than I do." 
    --Joe Kissyface, in October,  Link

"Asking Iran and Syria to help us succeed in Iraq is like your local 
  fire department asking a couple of arsonists to help put out the fire."
    --Joe Kissyface, flip-flopper, rejecting the Baker-Whitewash plan,  Link

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Subject: George W. Bush, has he ever not lied? 

Bart, I just thought of one other time he didn't lie. 
Recently he said, "There will be no graceful exit from Iraq." 
That's a true fact. 

He screwed up Iraq so badly, that we can have no "graceful exit." 
Instead it will be another Bush disaster. 
Everything Bush has touched has turned to shit.

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Clinton dogged by 'electability' questions
 Don't believe the polls - big media says she can't win


Tho She tops every poll by a hueueueuge margin, Hillary is dogged by questions of "electability"
- political code for whether the GOP-loving corporate media gets to own the next president.

Some Democrats still believe the odds are against her actually being elected president. 
Dick Harpootlian, a former Carolina Demo Party chairman, is among the nay-sayers.

"She's a senator, she'd be the first woman running, and she's Hillary Clinton," he said. 
"All of that is almost insurmountable for a general election."

Well, that does it for me.

If Dick Harpootlian says she can't win - that's good enough for me.
He must be right. I mean, has Dick Harpootlian ever been wrong?
There's no bigger pundit in America than Dick Harpootlian.

I'll bet voters are eager to electe another Bush-clone Republican because if this last election
proved anything, it's that the voters want more of the Republican leadership.

So be a good robot and do whatever Dick Harpootlian and the mainstream 
corporate media tells you to do, because they are honest and sincere.

They only want what's good for the country - profits be damned.

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Talking to the Walls
 "Pray with me, Jew boy!"

It turns out we've been reading the wrong Bob Woodward book to understand what's going on 
with President Bush. The text we should be consulting instead is "The Final Days," the account of 
Nixon talking to the portraits on the White House walls while Watergate demolished his presidency. 
As Bush has ricocheted from Vietnam to Latvia to Jordan in recent weeks, we've witnessed the 
troubling behavior of a president who isn't merely in a state of denial but is completely untethered 
from reality. It's not that he can't handle the truth about Iraq. He doesn't know what the truth is.

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Did Der Fuhrer brand her ass with that "W" iron?


"There is a lot of battle fatigue among members, probably on both sides of the aisle. 
  Contrary to popular belief, members of Congress are human beings.  We're tired." 
    --Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), making excuses for the Do-nothing congress,  WaHoPo

"Operating most weeks on a Tuesday-through-Thursday schedule, Congress is poised to 
  finish this year with just 100 working days - two days a week for $165,000 a year salary." 
     --CNN Political Ticker

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Subject: snowbound

Bart, you wrote:

> Think climate change is real?

Sure do.  In Philly, it was a balmy 73 degrees at 6 this evening.
I'm running my air conditioning on Dec. 1st.

Enjoy the blizzard; I'm jealous!
I love getting snowed in but it won't be happening here any time soon.
Ann B.

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"Even with Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant's vision of rock tended to roll like a square-wheeled tank,
  and as a vocalist, he's never had the showbiz smirk that made David Lee Roth's similar,
  contemporaneous Crazy From the Heat work so well. (Indeed, Roth succeeded by adding
  the Jimmy Durante influence Plant apparently doesn't know he's missing.)
     -- Phil Freeman, trying to get attention, I suppose,  Link

 Sure, I'm prejudiced, but I've never before seen a list of allllll the things Plant needed  to be
 a good performer when he was at his prime. I'd also never consider David Lee Roth for
 a source of what Plant didn't have, but needed.

 Plus, I'm probably more familiar with Jimmy Durante than 80-90 percent of you and
 I have no clues what "Durante's infuence" would've made Plant or Zeppelin any better.

 What the hell - it's the weekend, we're still snowed in, so I'm going to do a shot
 and wish this Phil Freeman and his crush on David Lee Roth a great life.

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Now that America agrees with us...

WPE long sleve shirts $25
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WPE long sleeve sweat shirts $25
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He's The Worst Ever
 Why is the WaHoPo telling the truth?


Nixon is mostly associated today with disdain for the Constitution and abuse of presidential power.
Obsessed with secrecy and media leaks, he viewed every critic as a threat to national security and
illegally spied on U.S. citizens. Nixon considered himself above the law.

Bush has taken this disdain for law even further. He has sought to strip people accused of crimes
of rights that date as far back as the Magna Carta in Anglo-American jurisprudence: trial by impartial jury,
access to lawyers and knowledge of evidence against them. In dozens of statements when signing
legislation, he has asserted the right to ignore the parts of laws with which he disagrees. He has
adopted policies regarding the treatment of prisoners of war that have disgraced the nation and
alienated virtually the entire world.

After six years of "Bush is the greatest ever," the Whore Post starts telling the truth? Did that election 
force the whore media to stop their constant cheerleading for the worst president in history? 
What took them so long, and what's their excuse for shunning the truth for so many years?

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Subject: BuCheney overseas

You ought to hear what the people in Europe are saying! At least they are over their anger at us, 
the people, for losing the 2004 election, thanks to RFK Jr. and his article in Rolling Stone about 
the stolen election.. Most Europeans still love the Kennedys, even if they were born years after 
Bobby's murder,so if a Kenndy says something they believe it.

They are delighted that the Democrats won back the Congress. Now they are waiting to see if
there will be any difference and if any of the Bushites will, actually, be held accountable for 
war crrimes and crimes aganst humanity. They are equally angry with their own governments, 
where it applies, for helping Bush and Cheney with the "sepecial rendiions' by the CIA.

People I talk to in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris believe that Bush has gone totally 
over the edge, but are even more frightened by Cheney, whom they believe it quite psycholtic.
They are all bracing for the possibility of the Bushites doing something really off-the-wall and 
bombing the hell out of Iran, if only to change the subject.

Can't tell you how many times I heard that 2007 is going to be a rough year for everyone. 
World-wife economic collapse and a Depression, far worse than the last one, is possible.

Glad you are still fighting the good fight, Bart!

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He was in Elvis's band?

Subject: BCR 99

Hey Bart-

Looks like we got the winter.  Its 20F here and 12" of snow on the streets. 2 ft on my deck.
Streets aren't plowed and the kid across the street hasn't showed up to dig me out.
Missouri is waaaaayyy less prepared than WI or IL.

Show #99 was great and worth the wait.
Hope the floor is back in the hall.

Robert in Hannibal

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Losing Freedom of Speech

If people were asked about actor Michael Richards' epithet-laced outburst at a Los Angeles nightclub,
there would be a lot of focus on the verbal assault but very little on an assault on freedom of speech.
In truth, however, if there's anything at all relating to this story that rises above gossip-column fodder,
it's that it's also fuel for demagogues who seek control over discourse in America.

He's right, but Christ, that's bad writing.

Someone once wrote, "Brevity is wit."
Someone else wrote, "Never use a big word when a small word will do."
Someone else wrote, "I'm a busy man - I got shit to do."
Writers need to stop being cute and get to the damn meat of the argument.

Representing the two targets of Mr. Richards' bile, Frank McBride and Kyle Doss,
"civil rights" attorney Gloria Allred appeared on Hannity and Colmes Thanksgiving eve.
Allred opened by proclaiming, "This is not free speech, this is hate speech!"

Gloria Allred (R-ambulance chaser) has the most consistent political compass ever.
It always points the wrong damn way.

Michael Richard's "victims" are due an apology, but Allred can't make money
by getting one third of a verbal apology made by Michael Richards.

Gloria Allred - seriously...

In the last 20 years, has any lawyer in America been more naked than you?

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Saw it on


Subject: [U] Scumbag

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED

Yeah I got a comment for you mother fucker.

I always like hearing from my fans in the military.

You don't like how Mr. Bush is running things, to bad. He is the boss.

It's my understanding that you have to say that, since you're on active duty.
When will you be free to express thoughts of your own?

Its reasons like you that I don't believe the U.S. should have freedom of speech amendments.

You're a soldier who don't believe in the US Constitution?
Isn't that like a nun who doesn't believe in God?

The Military oath is just once sentence and it includes the words:

"I will support and defend
 the Constitution of the United States
 against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

When you took that oath, were your fingers crossed?

You are a Scumbag.

You have assumed "facts" not in evidence.
You have engaged in gratuitous name-calling with no regard to accuracy.
If I said you were an braindead hump with a defective cranial gene - would that make it true?

You don't deserve the freedoms that my brothers in arms have fought for.
 Sgt. Sadler

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED

If this e-mail is marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY it may be exempt from mandatory disclosure
under FOIA. DoD 5400.7R, "DoD Freedom of Information Act Program", DoD Directive 5230.9,
"Clearance of DoD Information for Public Release", and DoD Instruction 5230.29, "Security and
Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release" apply.

Oh, so you're fighting for a system of government where the bully with the gun 
gets to stand up to declare which Americans can enjoy their inalienable rights?

I don't think you have any idea what you're fighting for, other than you're doing your duty to follow the 
orders of the president, no matter how crazy the orders are, no matter how many tens of millions of dollars 
he steals from this war every day, no matter how many soldiers die for reasons you can't name.

America wants to end Bush's senseless war.
Who are you fighting for?

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Subject: Britney Spears

Hey Bartcop if Ms.Spears is hanging with Ms.Hilton
how long do you think it will be before Britney will do a sex video??

I would like to see that one and just think how it would help restart her career!!
with respect and best wishes to all

I think a Britney Spears sex tape would help Bush's struggling economy.

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Yes, that's Pickles.
Saw it on

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"You're a whore and a slut!
  How could you humiliate our relationship like that?"
    -- Kid Osama to Pamela Anderson, explaining why they divorced,  Link

That Kid Osama is a classy guy!

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Old Business...

We must award the pound of The South's Finest Chocolate
to winner of the November 7th election contest.

 chocolatelovers  Click

They're still counting a few ballots, but we have judged P Coffman the winner
with a prediction of Democrats picking up 28 House seats and 6 in the senate.

Watch your mailbox, P.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

George Will: Scumbag


The press has tried to cover up W's nasty streak for six years, but it does slip out from time to time
- often with the people whose children are fighting his war. But whether you agree with my assessment 
of the President and Webb or not, quote-doctoring is a journalistic lie.

George Will has been a disgrace to his once-honorable profession for a long time. 
His sleazy behavior in years past helped pave the way for the debased media of today.

The Carter/Reagan debate, and Will's role in it, changed journalism forever. Will went on national TV
that year to comment live and "objectively" on Reagan's debate performance - without disclosing that 
he was working for Reagan and had helped him prepare for that very debate - using stolen property.

He's right about the press covering up Bush's nasty streak for all these years.
Remember early in the 2000 primaries, Bush gave an interview to some Northeast reporter
and when the reporter asked Der Fuhrer if he knew the president of Pakistan, Bush shot back,
"No, do you?" as if the reporter was running for the position of leader of the Free World.

The press acted like that was acceptable behavior.
FOX and the NYWTimes and the WaWhorePost and the others jumped on the reporter for 
being a smart-ass, when all the reporter did was allow Bush's 9-year old bully to come out.

Remember when citizen Bush screamed "mother effer" at Al Hunt and his kid in a restaurant?
Bush has always been an out-of-control, snot-nosed little bastard.

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Visit longtime, multi-year sponsor

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2888....2901 American victims

Bush killed another 13 soldiers over the weekend.

Since then,
Exxon made another $300M in profit.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

What do Fascists 
get for Christmas?



The Poinsettia Bowl?
The New Orleans Bowl?
The Papa John' Bowl
The New Mexico Bowl?
The Armed Forces Bowl?  (Tulsa vs Utah?)
The Motor City Bowl?
The Emerald Bowl
The Texas Bowl?
The Music City Bowl?
The Insight Bowl?
The Champs Sports Bowl?
The Meineke Bowl?
The Chick-fil-A Bowl?
The MPC Computers Bowl
The Capital One Bowl?
The International Bowl?
The GMAC Bowl? (Are they still in business?)

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Subject: Bart Blog

Hey, Bart.
I like the idea of being able to comment on your page.

When I saw the "civil war" picture, I nearly laughed myself silly.

I don't know how you find them, but your collections of pic and quotes
are a big reason why I have to visit your site!

 Send e-mail to Bart

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Subject: new to your site

Bart, I wasn't familiar with your site.  I just read through it.
Does the lack of intellectual fairness, reason and debate bother you too?

I object to your inaccurate characterization.
Nobody is more fair or more reasonable than Ol' Bart.

No, I guess it wouldn't.
Hatred isn't discourse; it's just blind emotion that's supposed to be fleeting.
You can hate things about the President and that's fair.  They are public figures
and they take on the public's ire willingly (it comes with the territory).

That said, all Presidents accomplish good things too.
When was the last time you devoted coverage to the President's Africa AIDS initiative?
The program is saving lives and the monies allocated are more than any U.S. President
combined has requested and achieved for this cause since the disease first surfaced.

You're profiteering off of hatred.
Whether that is done from the left or the right it is repugnant.
 Tom the Republican

Tom, you're missing the point.
This is a comedy site for the already-know-the-news trench-fighters.

I'm sorry that your president is the worst president in America's history.
Do you think he can survive his term?

Oh, and that AIDS thing? He got shamed into doing that by Bono.
Do you think Bush cares any more about Africa than he did New Orleans?

As far as fairness, I'm the only place on the web where a guy like you
can get your letter printed and read by dozens of intelligent people. 

Lastly, if I was "profiteering on hatred" I'd be a Republican and make ten times the money.
Wish I had a dime for every letter that started off,
"Thanks, I love your page - wish I could contribute something."

If I was a braindead, fascist Monkeyfan I'd be driving this.

Feel free to write a rebuttal to anything I've written.
Keep it clean and short and I'll print it.

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Christmas Gift Suggestions

Thanks to Marty Higgins
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Robert Plant 9 CD Box Set

Click  Here for the
Christmas Gift List 2006

Bong Hits 4 Jesus
 Whore Court agrees to hear the case


The Whore Supreme Court will hear a case known as the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" dispute, 
in which a high-school principal suspended a student for displaying that phrase on a banner.
The case hinges on the extent free-speech rights are afforded to students.

The 9th Circuit ruled in favor of the student, saying he has First Amendment rights. 
The case turns on the fuzzy line separating students' free-speech rights and school 
officials' authority to enforce anti-drug policies.

Anti-drug policy?  The student didn't have drugs, he had words.
Are words harmful to Der Fuhrer's Kingdom?

That kid needs to be sent to Gitmo so he can learn about Amerikkka's new Constitution.

Sieg Heil, all praise to Der Fuhrer!


 Send e-mail to Bart
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Lindsay Lohan's diamond handcuffs
 Does she need those to party with Britney and Paris?


Lindsay Lohan bought herself a pair of diamond handcuffs. 
Lohan sexy diamond encrusted handcuffs in Beverly Hills for $820. 

Lindsay has put the key of the handcuffs on a gold chain around her neck. 
So, only a certain someone has to get the permission to bondage her up. 

Also in Asses of Evil news...

Paris Hilton pulls out
Was to host Billboard Awards tonight with Britney


She who must be hated canceled an appearance at tonight's Billboard Music Awards 
because she didn't like the jokes written for her, according to a spokesman. Stay tuned.

"It is my understanding that some satirical references ridiculed some of her peers," a 
spokesman said in a statement. "Paris did not want to say anything that could appear
hurtful or embarassing about people she knows."

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It sucks when kids have cancer

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