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Friday, Dec 15, 2006  Vol 1892 - Smirk-Snarl

Quote of the Day

"I'm sleeping a lot better 
  than people would assume." 
    -- America's no-conscience murderer, Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
A Way Forward 
McCain: More Troops 
Tears of rage and grief 
Johnson responsive 
Leahy & Bush damage
One lie for the road 
Dozens abducted in Iraq 
Government Checks 
Supermodel doctors 

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"The Iraq Study Group is a nice group of people...
  that doesn't mean it is now the policy of the U.S. government."
     --Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Warmonger),  Link

 For how many years can the GOP force an unpopular war on the voters?
 I can't wait for 2008.

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A Way Forward, a Look Back
  by Robert Parry

The abrupt resignation of the Saudi ambassador and the postponement of Bush's new Iraq speech
mark a troubling new chapter for his strategy for the Middle East that continues to spiral toward catastrophe.

Prince Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi ambassador and former chief of Saudi intelligence, informed the
State Department on Dec. 11 that he had resigned after only 15 months on the job and flew home.
The unceremonious departure was seen as another signal of Saudi anger over Bush's regional policies.

Two weeks earlier, Saudi King Abdullah summoned Cheney to express the kingdom's displeasure
with developments in Iraq, as the pro-Iranian Shiite majority gains the upper hand over the Sunni
minority that dominated the country under Saddam Hussein.

Cheney needs to please his Masters, the Saudis.

Randi Rhodes reminded her listeners Thursday that oil was $12 a barrel in 1998.
We were drowning in cheap oil when we had a president of the people..

Since these oil bastards stole power, the price went to $80 a barrel.

Think that's an accident?
Think that's a coincidence?

Note:  is the most important site on the internets

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published 10/23/06

Used with permission


"Explain to the mothers and fathers of American servicemen that may come home
  in body bags why their son or daughter have to give up their life?"
     -- Sean Hannity, (R-Whore) Fox News, 4/6/99

When Clinton was president, and the  p o s s i b i l i t y  existed of military deaths,
Hannity the Whore was very, very worried about the danger they might face.

But now, as we approach 3,000 military dead under Der Monkey,
Hannity is "Go, go, go" for Bush's never-ending bloody quagmire.

 "So? I'm a lying whore.  Sue me!"

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Subject: Do we side with the Sunni or Shiite Muslims?

Now that Iraq has degenerated into a civil war, we have to figure out which group to side with.
Most Iraqis are Shiite, the the elected president of Iraq is Shiite. Saddam and Osama are both Sunnis.
So I guess we side with the Shiites. But - our friends in Saudi Arabia, the guys Bush has been kissing,
they're Sunnis. The vast majority of Muslims are Sunnis. And our friends in Saudi Arabia made it clear
to Cheney the there were going to have to side with the Sunnis if we sided with the Shiites.

Iran is part of the Axis of Evil, but they are Shiites, just like Hezbollah, just like the Syrians, as well as the
leaders of the militias that we are trying to get rid of. So we're going to help the Iranians, Syrians, and
Hezbollah conquer Iraq. What would Reagan have done? When Reagan was president we are supporting
the other side. Saddam and Osama bin Laden were our best buddies. Wow - this is really confusing.
Maybe that's our problem. Maybe the reason we're not winning this war is because we haven't figured out
who the enemy is yet?

Fortunately we have a president who has the solution to the problem.
Let's double down. Send in more troops.
The one thing that brings Sunni and Shiites together is killing Americans.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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McCain: I'll raise you 30,000 Troops
 He wants to be another Bush in the worst way

John McCain, wearing his "Torture ain't so bad" t-shirt, said Thursday that Bush should deploy
15,000 to 30,000 more troops to Iraq to give Bush's approval ratings some much-needed stability.

Joe Kissyface, wearing his "I love Der Fuhrer" shirt, said the delegation had met with Maliki and
urged him to break his ties with Mustard al-Sadr, the most wildly popular bastard in Iraq.

Who wants to die trying to bring a pro-Iran democracy to Iraq?

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Tears of rage and grief
  by my good friend Chris Floyd

Mass death came again to the Iraqi town of Ishaqi last Friday. Nine months after an American raid
that killed 11 civilians, including five children under the age of five, another ground and air assault on
suspected insurgents in the area left behind a pile of corpses, including at least two children. As with
the earlier incident, Friday's attack has produced conflicting stories of what really happened, but the
end result is clear: a multitude of grieving, angry Iraqis further embittered against the American occupation.

The latest Ishaqi attack - with "only" 20 fatalities - is of course a mere sideshow in the garish carnival
of death that is Iraq today.     So what happened on December 9 in the village of Taima?

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Dick thinks it's funny

Subject: Padilla

Bart, Jose Padilla was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Bush and Ashcroft needed a precedent setting case, showing
Americans that if they can do it to him, they can do it to you.

When they arrest the next citizen, they will point to Padilla
and say no one stopped us from doing it to him!

Who will be next?
 Bob B in Simi

I figure I'm safe as long as Buzzflash and Robert Parry are still publishing.

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Sen. Johnson responsive after surgery


Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson was recovering without complications from
emergency brain surgery to repair bleeding in his brain.

Family and colleagues were encouraged by his progress Thursday, yet doctors said
it was too early to say whether further surgery would be required.

Johnson's brain hemorrhage was caused by a rare and sometimes fatal condition.
His illness came just weeks before Democrats are to take control of the Senate by a one-seat margin

I heard someone on CNN say the law reads, "If a senator dies or leaves the senate,"
he shall be replaced, but if he's too sick to come to work, he retains the seat.

That's good news.
Get well, Tim.

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Subject: hyper theoreticals

Hey Bart, Frontrunner Logic is a bit pointless when most agree that the DEM gets their vote in 08.

Not sure what you're saying.  I get crazy mail saying,
"Ever heard of Mena Airport?   I'll vote for GOP before I vote for Her!"
That's what I call crazy talk.

I have a hypothetical and i wonder if you'll take it.

I so love a challenge.

I feel that Wesley Clark needs to be in there to undo Iraq in a proper manner.
otherwise we're screwed with the threat of rouge insurgents for decades to come.

I like Clark.

So my question then is, would you rather see HER get the (White?) House
for 4 maybe 8 and lose the congress and or senate?
or ride that seat in NY for while with DEMs in the White House, same for obama.

I'm reading in tongues, but if you're asking what I think you're asking,
I'd rather have a Dem pres and a Dem congress than Pres Hillary and
a congress full of Nazi bastards.

A young cat who could hold a life long seat or a brief stint at the top.

More tongues, there...

One thing that Clark and Fiengold in the white house would do
is keep her and obama in line (waiting not order).

Why do Hillary and Obama need to be "kept in line?"
Plus, Russ has already said, "Count me out."

In other words the DEMS now have a serious pitching threat, if used correctly,
and a train wreck if egos take precedent over country.

Pitching? I don't get it.
And what makes you think Clark and Feingold don't have egos?

I am feeling this obama deal as a big media push.
Rove is betting he can get enough votes to beat a girl or a black, and especially the combo.

They say Rove is days/weeks from being fired.
I don't think they want any more of his "genius."

I for one think he is right. Americans are subconsously opposed to it.
They have too many "what if" fears and worry of retaliation.

From whom?
About what?

hammer on
- Miller

Here's what's up:
Every day that Bush screws up increases the chances that America will want a Democrat,
any Democrat, to replace his crooked, bungling, thieving ass after 8 years of rape, torture,
invasions, Halliburton, Katrina and murder just for the fun of it.

Plus, it would be GREAT if a Demo candidate came along who could beat Hillary.
Somebody with more money, more name recog, more drive, more passion, more brains, etc.

Think that'll happen?

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cost of two bike boxes: 0
cost of paint: about ten cents.
Finally getting the right slogan for the war: priceless.


"There is an opportunity here, also, for Democrats and Republicans to work together;
  whatever the discontent may be with the President, (Discontent?  Really?) the level of
  confidence in Congress is even lower. (He means the good-for-noithing, no-oversight
  GOP congress) And what you have is a sense of crisis of confidence in government.
  (NO, people can't stand Bush or the lying bastard Republicans)   And this is an
  opportunity for the legislative branch and executive branch to work together."
     -- Tony Snow,   Link

 Tony, I need two things from you:
 Go to hell, and go fuck yourself.
 Your boy's getting rolled, BIG time.

 You were crazy to take this Bush-apologist job.
 More people believe Baghdad Bob than you.

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Subject: the anti-Hillary poll on Kos

my answer: perhaps *some* people who are not so myopic as you dislike having a "front runner"
thrust upon them through name recognition and media-exposure and then having you pile on
saying that her "front-runner" status justifies itself.

"Some people" yes, but 98.5 percent of 11,000 democrats?
Not a chance.

Repeat: If you asked 11,000 kids who their favorite superhero was,
and Superman only got 1.5 percent, would you think the poll was rigged?

Of course it would be rigged.
Superman would get 35 percent at a Marvel Comics Convention.

You are saying that because she is the front runner she deserves to be the front runner.

I'll bet you can't find where I said that.
I'm only asking for the left to stop stabbing their front runner in the back. That's all.

I personally hope that Al Gore declares.
I am unable to forgive Hillary her vascillation and her willingness
to work with Republicans on certain issues.

So, you want a president who will not work with the other party on anything?
Isn't that what we have now?

Polls be damned I will not be voting for Hillary.

That should make Kos proud.

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"Bush opened a round of 'consultations' on Iraq today. Bush, accompanied by Cheney,
met for more than an hour at the State Department with Sleazy Rice, th San Fransisco treat.
He was also scheduled to confer with a group analysts described as "outside experts on Iraq." (Oil men.)
     --From the WaHoPo,  Link

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Subject: our bumbling, stumbling president

Hi Bart:

Listen, I have been looking for a single word that would describe the situation Bush got us into in Iraq.
Then I remembered a word we enlisted men used the US Army (1970's).    Clusterfuck.
But in Bush's case, maybe Custerfuck would be better

Custerfuck: very badly organized!

Let me use it in a couple of sentences so people can get a better sense of its meaning.
1. The republicans have created a custerfuck in Iraq.
2. George Bush is a walking custerfuck!
3.  John McCain's plan for Iraq will create a bigger custerfuck than the existing custerfuck.
4.  Therefore John McCain is a bigger custerfuck than George Bush!

Iraq is nine times as bad a Vietnam.
Keep the Faith

Gary, custerfuck should be the word of the year.
Thanks for sending that.

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Whore CNN slurs Obama
 When you think Osama, think Obama

         Two peas in a pod, right CNN?

     Obama is the same as Saddam, right CNN?

It turns out that Jeff Greenfield isn't the only one at CNN connecting Obama to terrorists on the
basis of his name. Jeanne Moos is doing it, too, and she has some handy split-screen effects:
She's displayed Obama in split screens with Bin Laden and Saddam.

CNN, thy name is whore.
Your motto is "How can we please you, Mr. Rove?"
And you know how I feel about the Jeane Moos whore.

There are some really, really naive Democrats that think the whore fucking press
and the GOP will "play fair" if we nominate someone besides Hillary in 2008.

Yeah, "fair" like the way they treated Gore and Kerry?

If CNN is doing this handjob, hatchet job two years out, think how hateful
the network news slurs will get as we approach the election.

That's the Number One reason why we need somebody with resolve,
somebody with the fires of payback burning hot and deep inside them.

Otherwise we end up with a wind-surfing loser who says,
"I don't want any attacks on the president during my convention."

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Subject: Rush Limbaugh - the child sexual predator?


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Leahy vows to repair Bush damage
 Will Mr. Rove grant him permission?


"As a Democratic majority prepares to take the lead on the Judiciary Committee, we do not have
the luxury of starting with a completely clean slate. We begin knowing that we have a duty to repair
real damage done to our system of government over the last few years. We need to rein in Bush's
program of wiretapping without warrants, rewrite the policy for handling terrorism detainees and
more closely scrutinize nominees that I've rubber-stamped for the last six years."

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Swift Boating Obama

The newest Republican smear gang has already set out to hunt down their next prey: Obama. 
The basis of the gang attack? Repeat Obama's middle name "Hussein" as a tactic for convincing 
Americans that Barack Obama is a covert terrorist. No matter what your view on Obama as a 
presidential candidate, Americans simply cannot allow these immoral Republican smear gangs 
to ride roughshod over our electoral system--threatening and intimidating as they go.

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Subject: the anti-Hillary poll on Kos


The power of good polling is not in the number of people you ask. Rather, it all depends on
HOW you SELECT the people you survey. If you were to ask 11,000 people at the Republican
National Convention who they think was the greatest president ever - you will NOT get an accurate
reflection of who the entire US population thinks was the greatest president. Similarly,the same
error would occur if you only asked folks at the Democratic convention.

I see, but what if you asked 11,000 Republicans and Reagan only got 1.5 percent of the vote.

Would you think the poll was rigged?  

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Dozens abducted in Iraq
 Just another day in Bush's Paradise


Gunmen in military uniforms kidnapped dozens of people Thursday from a market in Baghdad,
the second mass abduction there in a month, and nearly 30 people were killed or found dead
showing signs of Gonzales elsewhere in Iraq.

The attackers drove up in about 10 SUVs and rounded up shop owners and bystanders.
Police said 50 to 70 people were abducted. The Interior Ministry is investigating.

Elsewhere in Baghdad, a suicide car bomber slammed into an Iraqi army check point,
killing a soldier and a civilian and wounding nine other people, police said.

You might think this is the same story, over and over, but it's not.
Seems like every day they round up 50-80 men and drive them to some location
where they can be Gonzalezed with electric drills before being murdered.
Then their bodies are thrown from moving trucks in all parts of the city.

Why do they agree to be taken?

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Subject: dailykos

The reason dailykos is anti-Hillary is simple.
It's a liberal website, and Hillary's not a liberal.

Her husband was the best Republican president we ever had,
and she'll be the second best we ever had.

But if she wins the nomination, the kossacks will fall into place. Promise.
 Paul in NC

Paul, I think I see where you're coming from.
You're so far to the left that the middle looks Republican to you - am I right?

But doesn't that mean, using your definitions, that a "liberal" can't get elected in America?

Put another way, who was the last liberal elected president?  FDR?

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 Have you been to the ALL NEW

 It's where you can reply to the big stories.

Add your comments to today's page

Click for subscription info, FAQs and Options


"We have made a conscious effort not to be a body-count team." 
      -- Dubya,


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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Government Checks Naughty or Nice
  by Ivan Eland

Besides endless warfare abroad, the interminable "war on terror" requires the steady erosion of
freedoms at home. Already, many Americans, who are frightened by terrorism, have acquiesced
to George W. Bush's assertion of "plenary" -- or unlimited -- power for himself, which means by
definition that the old American notion of "unalienable rights" for citizens no longer exists.

Under this theory of "plenary"powers, American citizens have only the rights that President Bush
grants and that he can rescind. He can lock up indefinitely anyone he deems an "enemy combatant";
he can spy on whomever he wishes; he can order "cruel and unusual" punishments; he can take the
nation to war without congressional consent; he can ignore laws -- via his "signing statements"
-- and override the Constitution.

Note:  is the most important site on the internets

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2937....2940 American victims

3  more died since yesterday.

Exxon has made $1.5B profit
so far in December.

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

It pays to advertise on

Click to get more Hits

One Last Lie for the Road

What the heck, I'll pop over to Iraq one last time for a meet-and-greet with the kids I've sent to war. 

Thank goodness I'm not going to have to do this again, though; I was born an upbeat guy, but it does 
get to you knowing that the thing is such a bloody mess and yet more of them are going to be sacrificed.

Did I write a secret memo saying that I don't believe in this thing anymore? You bet! But you can't
let the public in on that and just cut-and-run. Jeez, how would that look for the Rummy Legacy? 

I went over there back in 1984 to kiss Saddam's derriere in order to get him to take on Iran, 
and now I leave Iraq in the hands of those Iraqi Shiites who were trained in a decade of exile in Iran.
Those are the insurgents I'm worried about, not those Sunni guys who used to be with us. 
Should I have tried to convince young Bush that Hussein could be brought over to our side? Probably.

 Send e-mail to Bart

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Subject: question

Dear Bart, I enjoy your site

Nevertheless, I'm a little confused.  Maybe you can clarify a point for me.

You say "the people in Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida should stand up and take
responsibility for voting in the Bush Disasters."  What about people like me who live in these states and
voted for Kerry?  Do I have to stand up and take responsibility even though I gave money to the Dean
and Kerry campaigns, attended Democratic Party rallies and meetings, and voted against Bush?

Aren't you from Oklahoma?
Are you going to stand up and take responsibility for voting in the Bush Disasters?

I guess I could challenge you to put this message up on your site, since you always seem to fall for
that hoary trick, but I'm not going to.  I just wonder who you think you're talking to.

Tim in Miami

I was talking (in jest) to people like you, and I was ridiculing the brain-dead red states.

I think every state should have two electoral votes subtracted.

Right now, the Virginias, the Carolinas and Georgia (29 million people)
have more political clout than California, with 34 million people.
"One man, one vote" is a joke as long as 29 is greater than 34.

The brain-dead red states (the minority) are picking presidents for the majority.

If you're a racist bastard, you almost win the red states without trying.

That's why Reagan announced his candidacy in 1980 from Philadelphia, Mississippi.
To send the signal that he hated black people - and he won twice.

Trent Lott urged Reagan to deliver his first major campaign speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi,
where three civil rights workers were murdered in one of the 1960s' ugliest cases of racist violence.
It was a ringing declaration of his support for "states' rights" - a code word for resistance to
black advances clearly understood by white Southern voters.

Besides religious insanity, racial prejudice is America's biggest problem.

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Rackjite vs the Pigboy

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Will Hillzilla Crush Obambi?
  by MoDo the whore - she hates everybody

Despite her desire to seem far more experienced than her rival, Hillary's role in high-level politics
has been mostly that of a spouse - a first lady who felt that she got elected too. The Yale-trained
lawyer had one foot in the "The West Wing" and one in "Desperate Housewives," one foot in the
world of hotshot alphas ruling the globe, and one in the world of middle-age women humiliated by
their husbands' dallying with office cupcakes.

I have never written such total f-ing horseshit in my life.
I guess that's why I've never won a Pulitzer.

She won her Senate seat only after becoming sympathetic as a victim.

Yeah, because New York voters are easily-fooled Okie rubes.

And she still struggles with the balance between her Mars and Venus sides,
sometimes showing her political steel and other times fetching coffee for male colleagues.

I'm just asking, this doesn't mean anything, ...but...
Is it always wrong to slap a whorish slut?
I told you for years and years that MoDo the Dragon lady hated Hillary more than Bush.

MoDo is like the others.
She'd rather see 3000 dead soldiers allow a Democrat to have have sex.

One could almost build a case that Ann Couletr is more honest than Her Dragoness.
Ann Coulter doesn't run to the enemy's bed every time the wind blows.

Koresh as my witness, Maureen Dowd is less honest than Ann Coulter.
Coulter is insane - we can forgive that.

Dowd hates everybody.

 Send e-mail to Bart

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Subject: the anti-Hillary poll on Kos

Bart, you said:

>Last time I checked it has 11,000 voters, which is kind of scientific.
>If you ask 5 people who they're voting for - that's not science.
>The major polls only ask about 1200 people, and they have a margin of error of about 3 %.
>But when you ask 11,000, that's pretty damn scientific.
>Of course, if the voting's rigged, Kos should mention that.

I know your IQ is 64, but your profession is political commentary.
Please don't act like you don't know how to do an accurate poll.

Dude, I was raised Catholic.
You want to run some math at me?

When 11,000 people vote, and they all say the same thing, I get suspicious.

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We want EVERYBODY to sign up for this.
We need all the Pokerfesters to join in - and help the bald kids who got screwed by life.

If you've ever been to a Tequilafest or a Pokerfest, you should be in this game.

If you're a subscriber, you should be in this game.
If you're a pillar, you should be in this game.

If you know someone with Cancer, you should be in this game.
If you don't know someone with Cancer, you should thank your lucky stars and be in this game.

If you've every played Poker or been to Vegas, you should be in this game.

If you're a Democrat, you should be in this game.
If you're a rich Republican, you should be in this game.

We're even going to try to guilt the winner into giving the kids half the winnings!

Even if you don't play poker, you can win - trust me.
You've been feeling some guilt about not helping the poor this Christmas, right?
Let's raise a few bucks for some kids 100 times less lucky than you and me.

And since you have all that good luck - why not play some poker with it?

The game is Wednesday night, Dec 20th, at 8PM Central.

If you do this, Santa will find out and bring you something nice on the 25th.

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Katherine Heigl gets Globe Nomination


"At first I thought something was wrong... My mom called and she was crying."
  - Katherine Heigl on getting the news that she was nominated for "Supermodel Doctors."

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It sucks when kids have cancer

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