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Tuesday Dec 26, 2006  Vol 1897 - W for 'worst'

Quote of the Day

"Neo-conservatism has gone for a 
  generation, if in fact it ever returns." 
    -- David Rothkopf,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
'Surge' is a mistake  
Clearing The Field 
Everson Walls 
TIME is such a whore 
Larry Klayman has no 
2006 Most outrage 
Broken Femur Blues
FOX Ratings sag 
Courteney Cox Dirt 


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"President Bush chose to postpone, until after the holidays, his long-awaited speech on Iraq.
Why would anyone assume that anything Bush says is going to (a) break new strategic ground,
or (b) quell the sectarian chaos, or (c) lodge in the American memory.  He has delivered dozens
of speeches on Iraq over the past few years, most of them instantly forgotten, with nary a phrase
that can be invoked years from now as testaments to either his eloquence or prescience."
    --Dick Polman,    Link

I think Bush is going to "think" about things and then decide to "stay the course" with more troops.
Somebody needs to tell the Little Dictator that the real world doesn't change when he commands it.

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'Surge' is another mistake 
  by W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern

Despite the clear message from voters and the Iraq Study Group, Bush appears headed 
for an escalation of the Iraq War, rather than a deescalation.

Official Washington, including Senate Democrats, also seem to have missed the role that Robert Gates 
was likely to play, as Bush's helper in selling the escalation, not -- as Democrats had hoped -- as 
implementer of the disengagement favored by the Iraq Study Group and most Americans. 

In this guest essay, two former U.S. intelligence analysts -- W. Patrick Lang and Ray McGovern 
-- describe how the Bush-Gates team manufactured the consent of skeptical U.S. generals:

Note:  is the most important site on the internet..

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Used with permission


"Iraq is worth the investment, because once it emerges as a stabilizing factor you will
  have a very different kind of Middle East.  I know a lot has been sacrificed for Iraq,
  a lot has been invested in Iraq."
     --Condi, who still seems to think Iraq caused 9-11,   Link

Iraq was plenty stable on 9-11-01, and what good was that to us?
Are we going to sacrifice 3,000 soldiers to every country that didn't attack us?

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Clinton, Obama Clearing The Field


Hillary and Obama, trading on star power, the capacity to raise money with relative ease and an ability
to dominate media attention, are rewriting the 2008 Democratic campaign, driving potential rivals out
and casting a huge shadow over all others who may run.

What once shaped up as a sizable field of Democratic candidates is now shrinking.  Evan Bayh (Who?)
dropped out Dec. 16, a decision that surprised only the greenest of observers, after he witnessed Obama's
drawing power in New Hampshire. As Bayh drew small crowds on his seventh trip to the Granite State,
Obama enjoyed sold-out audiences and saturation coverage on his first.

Bayh became the third Democrat to quit. Mark Warner and Russ Feingold dropped out earlier.
All chose not to run for their own reasons, but the almost-certain loss to a girl weighed heavily.

Clinton and Obama are eclipsing Democratic heavyweights that include Kerry, John Edwards
Biden the Rubber stamp, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson and Tom Vilsack who lost everything
the night he appeared on The Daily Show and was mocked by, Jon Stewart.

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Subject: Cowboy Everson Walls


Good to see a mention of Everson Walls on your site, especially considering your Cowboy-envy. 
But this isn't the first case I know of Everson Walls going out of his way to show special kindness.

Back when he was at the top of his game & running back all those interceptions, my grandmother 
(a huge Cowboys fan) was dying of congestive heart failure in a Dallas hospital. Somehow, thru the 
hospital staff, Mr. Walls heard about her and came and spent some time visiting with her in her room.

He didn't bring a camera crew, there was never any mention of it in any papers, he just came alone 
and spent a couple of hours giving a dying old lady the thrill of her life. As far as I know no one ever 
heard of this outside of my family and the hospital staff, he didn't do it for publicity or image building.

So be sure to do that shot of Chinaco, few people deserve it more.
Thanx, and keep the hammer swinging
Rev Jim

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TIME is such a whore
  by Frank Rich

TIME's choice for 2006 Person of the Year - "You" - was a bountiful gift of mirth to America,
second only to the Trump-Rosie bout as a comic kickoff to the holiday season. Their cover stunt,
a computer screen of Mylar reflecting the reader's own image, was so hokey that Jon Stewart and
Stephen Colbert merely had to display it on camera to score laughs. The desperation of Time to
appear relevant and hip was embarrassing in its nakedness.

If "you" have a blog, you have more credibility than TIME Whore Magazine.

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Traci Lords Workout Video

Subject: surging to Iran

Each day we're being prepared for the fiasco of wars to come.

A "test of the draft system" coupled with " a show of force" (4 carrier groups with
minesweepers and anti-submarine craft) and now a surge of 30, 50, or 70,000 troops,
depending on whose mouth is moving at the time, and we're expected to believe this is
to shore up the Iraq Debacle.

The obvious goal is to start a third failed war.
It's a long road to Tehran.
It may well prove be a one way street.
 Sam in Alabama

I wonder if the can count on the military to NOT
follow the orders of this stupid and insane president.

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"Bush faces some discouraging poll numbers. A majority, 55 %, no longer believe 
  Bush shares their values. In a CNN poll, 53 % say he is not honest and trustworthy, 
  and the same number believes he does not understand complex issues."  
    -- CNN Political Ticker,

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Subject: Hillary


No, my name is Bart, but thanks.

Are you and your readers morons.  

If that's a question, it needs one of these: ?

Hillary has been blowing Bush since the war started.  

That's what we call a gratuitous assertion.
She's going to slay whatever's left of the BFEE in 2009.

Kerry has been calling it wrong for the last four years.
Your lack of specificity saved you on that one.

You really are dumber then Bush.

No, nobody is more "dumber" than Bush.
Even you, with your monkey punctuation, seem smarter than Bush..

Do you ever look in the mirror and say, damn, I am a frickin liar.

You have failed to even make a gratuitous assertion about a specific lie.
How could anybody believe you?

You are the worlds biggest liar.

Would you like to buy an apostrophe?
Or don't they use those in Monkeyland?

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Frank Zappa - Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings


"Polls show the American people have turned against this war. The Republicans are 
  no longer in charge of the Congress because of this war. Those are the realities, 
  and I don't think the administration has quite accepted those realities yet." 
     -- Senator Chuck Hagel, who should be the GOP front runner,

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Subject: she's corrupt

Bart, you wrote

> When did Hillary lie?

Pick one!  According to Judicial Watch, she is #2 on the most corrupt politician list.

You must be too young to know what Judicial Watch is.

They report:

> 2.  Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) - In January 2006, Hillary's fundraising operation was fined
$35,000 by the Federal Election Commission for failing to accurately report more than $700,000
in contributions to Clinton's Senate 2000 campaign.

If there was evidence that she was personally involved, our whore media would make that
the top news story every day of the year. They haven't, so it's no big deal.

New information also surfaced in 2006 raising more questions about Hillary and her brother
Anthony Rodham's connection to the Clinton Pardongate scandal, where presidential pardons
were allegedly traded in exchange for cash and other favors.

Pure horseshit.
There was no "pardongate scandal."
They CLAIM "new info has surfaced," so why not say what it is?
They don't say because it doesn't exist.

That nutty list has every indicted and convicted Republican you can think of plus every
allegation ever made against any Democrat.   You can't trust Judicial Watch.

I am DAMN tired of holding my nose and voting!!!
D.C. is a cesspool and needs cleaning up!
If she's the best we can do in '08, then we've lost already. :-(

Dude, this is politics.
You have to separate the facts from the horseshit.

Obama made #5 on the Dishonerable Mention list too, so he's out!  Zero tolerance!!!
Bartcop for President?

Greg, read that list - allegations against Conyers, Kennedy, McKinney, Obama, Reid, Hillary
who are all people who can do great harm to the GOP in the coming year and they're on the list
with Abramoff (prison)
Cunningham (prison)
DeLay (indicted)
Foley (disgraced boy-toucher)
Ney (prison)
Safavian (indicted) etc.

Only a lying handjob would mix convicted criminals  with  baseless allegations.
Remember - Hillary is the most investigated women in the history of Planet Earth.
Nobody else comes close - not by a hundred miles.

Don't fall for Judicial Watch horseshit

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2006 Most outrageous comments

Vulgar Pigboy wannabe Neal Boortz on Rep. Cynthia McKinney's (D-GA) hairstyle: 
"She looks like a ghetto slut. ... It looks like an explosion in a Brillo pad factory. ... 
She looks like Tina Turner peeing on an electric fence. ... She looks like a shih tzu! 
She looked like a welfare drag queen trying to sneak into the House Office Building. 
That hairdo is ghetto trash. I don't blame them for stopping her." 

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Musclehead breaks femur while skiing


California Gov. Musclehead broke his leg while skiing Saturday in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Schwarzenegger, 59, was X-rayed and discharged with a fractured right femur.

He will have surgery to repair the bone when he returns to Los Angeles. He remained
at his Sun Valley home Saturday night and still planned to spend Christmas there.

I've had a pair of those and it's no fun.
The femur is the biggest, longest bone in your body.

(I get dizzy just looking at that)

Ortho has come a long way in 36 years, but when I had mine,
I was in a body cast for about 7 months and that's no picnic, either.
(That's where I learned to be patient with everyone and everything :)

The problem is - you can't move any bones connected to the femur so they freeze you
from your knee to your pelvis so you're in cement from your calf to your sternum.

I can't see Musclehead in a body cast so I expect a new diagnosis if a few days.
I predict they'll re-diagnose this as a "hairline" fracture and put him on crutches.

On the other hand, this was a "black diamond" ski run, so if Der Musclehead
was going 50-60 MPH he must've actually broke that biggest of all bones.

Trust me, Musclehead is not "restling comfortably."

If you get the leg in the right position and hold completely still, it doesn't hurt.
But if you do something "radical" like reach for a glass of water, you get a tazer shot
to the thigh and what comes out of your mouth isn't even a word.

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Subject: war on drugs

We're winning the war on drugs 
like we're winning the  war in Iraq...

Tim in Indiana 

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Mike Malloy - 9PM ET
Nova M Radio Network

Got  passion?

Fox News drops out of Top Ten
 While Keith Olbermann is 'surging'

What a month it has been for the right wing religious conservative cabal attempting to subvert the
very meaning of America. First voters reject their God-anointed leader George W(orst) Bush.
Then The Nativity Story is rejected not only by pagans, Jews and Muslims but most Christians.
Now comes word that not only has Fox News dropped out of the top ten most watched cable
channels but Keith Olbermann's nightly reminder that Bush was anointed by the Supreme Court
is single-handedly responsible for increasing the viewership of MSNBC 25% over a year ago.

Bush is now seen as a lying bastard and it follows that FOX News, who praise everything
the liar says, must also suffer in the ratings because people know they can't be trusted.

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Subject: Cheney's lesbian daughter

Shit, I didn't even HAVE a Mom, growing upů

I would have considered myself pretty fuggin' lucky to have 2.

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"You're chasing para-masturbatorial delusions."
     -- Ed Asner, to Fox Mulder Christmas night on TNT, 
         but it also applies to the Little Dictator and his para-masturbatorial Iraq delusions

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Random thought...

It's less than six months before that juicy Bixby corn comes in.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"You have seen the Democrats consistently batter these programs and argue against them,
  and I think that it's not probably in the nation's interest. And I'm sure it is not on the 
  president's agenda or the vice president's to let any group in this country strip those tools, 
  the way they have kept us safe."  
      -- Lynne Cheney, on the Dems liking the Constitution,  Link

I have a question.
After 9-11, if Bush ordered that every American wore a blue shirt every day,
would that not be definitive proof that blue shirts keep us safe?

After all, we haven't had another attack since 9-11, so that must be true - right?


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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2964....2979 American victims

15  more died since Friday.

But don't worry,
Exxon had a Happy Christmas.
They make $100M every day

Think The BFEE is ready for this war to end?
Don't bet a soldier's life on that.

I read that our military needs $26B in new trucks & tanks.
Guess who's ready to sell them to us?


Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

Lies and Obfuscations
 by Eleanor Clift

Bush has shifted his rhetoric in deference to the grim reality in Iraq.
Asked on Oct. 25 if we are winning, Bush said, "Absolutely, we're winning."
Bush now says, "We're not winning, but we're not losing."
That sounds like the definition of a quagmire.

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Subject: Virgil Goode the Moron


I live in Keith Ellison's district, and believe me, it's pretty damn white,
second and third generation Minnesotans. Keith was born in Detroit...

He won because he out-worked the other Democrats, 
and the Republicans ran a foul-mouthed wife-beater.

Immigration's got zip to do with it.

But, ...I thought all Republicans were foul-mouthed wife beaters...

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Subject: where will we get more soldiers?

Where are the troops going to come from next year for the "surge" in Iraq?
One possible area would be Young Republicans. 

With school starting up again soon it would be a great idea to ask the YR's 
at every possible opportunity why they don't drop out and enlist.

Personally, I'll think about sending my kids to war when Bush sends his. 
With Republicans it's not just that their policies are so bad, it's also that e
verything they do is accompanied by the rotten stench of hypocrisy. 

The big hammer makes a great sound when it hits. Keep swinging!
Robert in Riverside,Ca

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Saddam to hang in next 30 days
  Then we'll all be sooo much safer


Iraq's highest appeals court (Bush's kangaroo) on Tuesday upheld Saddam's death sentence 
and said he must be hanged within 30 days for whatever crimes Bush fabricated. 

The sentence "must be implemented within 30 days," chief judge Aref Shahin said. 
"From tomorrow, any day could be the day of implementation."

Remember: He's dying for crimes he committed before the BFEE got in bed with him.


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James Brown Dies on Chrismas

James Brown, the dynamic "Godfather of Soul" who was one of the biggest influences
on American music in the last 50 years, has died. He was 73.
Brown died Monday in Atlanta, according to his agent, Frank Copsidas of Intrigue Music.

Brown's "Say It Loud -- I'm Black And I'm Proud," energized a generation during the Civil Rights Era.
With a raspy voice and revolutionary rhythms, Brown's stage antics -- which included dancing on his toes,
sliding across the stage and calling for his cape after falling to his knees -- inspired performers such as
Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger and others.

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Was it a great Christmas?

It sure was - and how can you tell?
I got everything I wanted for Christmas.

The Dallas Cowboys lost - BIG time.

Thanks, Santa.

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Courtney Cox stars in 'Dirt'
 It's about how whorish the media are



The stars and executives who publicly scorn her include those who also use her. 
She rubs that in a producer's face in the debut episode, 10 p.m. EST Tuesday, Jan. 2.

"You and all your Hollywood pals read my magazines and secretly love them," she purrs.
"And as much as you all hate to admit it, you need me."

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