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Fri-Monday  Dec 29-Jan 1, 2006  Vol 1900 - They said you was hung

Quote of the Day

"I know I will go to hell, 
  because I pardoned Nixon."
    -- Gerald Ford,    Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Ford's Mixed Legacy
Saddam's Bad Day 
Who Died in 2006 
Stampede the Herd 
Ignore the Generals 
His Iraq Kool-Aid 
The Losers of 2006 
Bush to bomb Iran 
Britney tops 2006

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"We find widespread agreement among Republicans that U.S. troops must 
   be leaving Iraq at the end of 2007 to avoid catastrophe in 2008." 
     -- Bob Novak, boy-toucher with blood on his fangs,   Link

Fine, Bob, but the Little Dictator says he's The Decider and he wants to stay the course.
Will Clinton 44 get a super-majority in both houses?

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Gerald Ford's Mixed Legacy
  by Robert Parry

The disclosure that Gerald Ford opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq but embargoed his objections
until after his death fits with his contradictory legacy as a national leader who opposed the imperial
presidency while laying the groundwork for its restoration.

Nixon had asserted broad powers to wage war overseas and acted secretly to sabotage his political
enemies at home. Nixon embodied the notion that if a President did it, it couldn't be illegal.

Given Ford's appointment of Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush to key jobs, one could argue that the Ford 
administration served as an incubator for the imperial presidency's rebirth - even if he personally opposed it.

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This Just In...

Saddam to be murdered in the next hours or days
because, as Bush has proven again and again, murder is always the answer.

Of course, that will set off a whole 'nother round of ethnic cleasing, 
but hey,
Bush is in the oil business and he's just doing what he needs to do to make a dollar.


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Used with permission


"Baghdad is the problem and while we debate what to do in Baghdad, the Shiites are 
  changing in Baghdad through rapid ethnic cleansing. So we may get a monochrome 
  Baghdad out of this which would be ahhh, sad, but perhaps tranquilizing." 
    -- George Will, Baathist sympathizer and dumber than a chimp,

Steven Brill's Content tracked the lies and false predictions of pop pundits.
Naturally, the top truth tellers were Democrats.

Chippy the Chimp, hitting random yes or no, and more or less buttons
Was right more than half the time, batting .517

But at the very bottom, the Republicans who were wrong more often than the chimp,
McLaughlin, Kondrake and the two dumbest slugs on TV - George Will & Fred Barnes

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Who Died in 2006

Coretta Scott King
Don Knotts
Darren McGavin
Dana Reeve (at 44)
Caspar Weinberger

Lloyd Bentsen "You're no Jack Kennedy"
Aaron Spelling
Patsy Ramsey 
Kenny Boy (probably)
Glenn Ford
Steve Irwin 
Ann Richards
Byron Nelson (11 in a row)
Ed Bradley
James Brown

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Subject: Bush vs Polar bears

My first reaction after hearing Dubya was going to pardon the polar bears
was that he must have found a way to sell polar bear shit. If they had any oil,
he'd figure out a way to kill them off quickly so as to steal said oil.

 Rude Rich

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Stampeding the herd Washington-style
 by Gene Lyons

In the end, the most significant aspect of the Iraq Study Group may be that none of its members
publicly doubted the wisdom of conquering Mesopotamia in the first place. President Petulant
appears determined to ignore its recommendations for dealing with the "grave and deteriorating"
crisis anyway. Why the hawks-only lineup? Because under the upside-down rules of Washington
discourse, dissenting from this crackpot scheme indicated an unseemly lack of interest in career
advancement, marking one as unsound. During a stampede, the safest place is the middle of the herd.
Recent polls show roughly 12 percent of Americans support the Bush's plans to "surge"by throwing
another 20,000 to 30,000 troops into the Iraqi meat grinder.

Shoot, you could get 12 percent to agree that Condi Rice is a space alien.


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Subject: Inconvenient Truth


I saw Gore's movie last night.  Don't you think that was a giant set up for his run in 2008?
He is much more personable and you can see how much he actually cares about America.

He says he is not interested but I think that is a tactic to keep FOX NEWS from pulling out
the old "internet" jokes and keeping him close to Bill Clinton.  If I had it my way Al Gore
would be the next president with Wesley Clark or Hillary Clinton the vice president.
  California Dave

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2008 Predictions
Saw this on some dude's web site

Candidate        Odds of winning the White House

Biden       10-1
Biden has charisma and name recognition. 
His plan for Iraq makes sense. 
He is not an ultra liberal wack job.

Clinton     15-1
Hillary is running for Hillary and not the people. 
She comes off as dry and phoney.

I guess facts are facts...

Kerry       25-1
He's dropping like a meteor.

Bayh        25-1
He's a virtual unknown.

Clark       50-1
A ton of complaints with few solutions.

Gore       75-1
A man who can't win his own state

Obama   100-1
Obama is a "media concoction" much like the Monkees in the 1960s.

 ha ha
Glad I didn't say that.

Edwards  200-1
Got rich putting honest doctors & hospitals out of business using "junk science".

Clearly, he loves Biden and nobody else has a chance.

I wonder if this guy's a gambler?
Biden has the best chance of being president?  Of what country?
Gore is three times the longshot Bayh is?  That's goofy talk.
Bayh is a "virtual unknown" but has 4 times better odds than Obama?

If this guy's trying to get noticed, instead of publishing not-gonna-happen predictions,
he'd be better off buying a banner ad on

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Subject: BCR 100

Hi Bart,

Just listened to BCR Show 100.  Love parts I & V - your commentary on 
news clips & the sabbath gasbags is always a great listen.  Around the house, 
all we have to say is, "Nooo" with your particular inflection to start a conversation.

You know, I found you via Howard Dean. 
His campaign's blogroll somehow led me to your page, and you're one of the folks I read regularly. 
However you feel about Dean, he got a bunch of very disgruntled Democratic-leaning middle-aged 
fence-sitters all over the country to get off the fence and at least start typing and talking. 
And in my husband's case, taking to the streets, just like the kids.  I don't agree with you 100% on stuff. 
That would be scary plus pathetic, but boy I support you and your show and thank whoever for the internets.

Happy New Year to you, Mrs. Bart & the kitties.
If you ever come to Brooklyn, NY, we'll show you around!
 Jennifer R

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Subject: killing Saddam helps cover-up


The US government wants Saddam executed, and quickly, so that he can never reveal all 
of the collusion that the USA had had with his regime?  So, we hang Saddam this weekend; 
then we never have to worry about the potential scandal of all the assistance we had given him 
in his killing of Iranians, Shiites, and Kurds.  Republicans once again get off easily.

I would much have preferred that Saddam be tried at the Hague for all his crimes, not just those 
for which he was recently convicted.  And I would have liked to hear what he had to say about 
all the help he had from Rumsfeld and Cheney over the years.

But, no, the US government assures his silence by killing him after a Stalinist show trial.
 Marc in PA

If Saddam's going to say something he'd better talk quick.
Did you hear about that goofy letter he allegedly wrote?
"Don't hate Americans because Bush invaded.
  Hate only blinds you to yada, yada, yada..."

Saddam - going out not like a man, but like Dr Phil.

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Press Ignores Generals
 Pro-war whores can't tell the truth

The Joint Chiefs and practically every active General strongly opposes Bush's proposed "Surge,"
but you've probably not heard too much about the Generals discontent. The average American
probably hasn't heard about it, because the media only barely reported on the Generals' mutiny.
In the event that the Generals decide to disagree with Bush - he doesn't care, because he's "The Decider."

The press' ignoring of the Generals even continued when Robert Gates, went to Iraq and was told
by the "commanders" on the ground that they too, disagreed with Bush's plan. Indeed, these were
very dark days for "The Decider" and his dream of escalating the Iraq War. Fortunately for Bush,
the press was mostly ignoring the Generals' collective revolt.

But don't worry, in 2-3 years, the New York Whore Times will apologize again for refusing
to cover the truth like they refused to cover the truth about Bush's bloody invasion

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Subject: Gerald Ford

His name was not Jerry. 
His name was Gerald and he didn't appoint Rockefeller. 

ha ha
Yeah, we all remember that special VP election that was held in 1974.
You still getting your facts from Rush?

Youre definition of monkey is someone who disagrees with you. 

Dude, were you never hugged as a child?

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Mike Malloy - 9PM ET
Nova M Radio Network

Got  passion?

Bush's Iraq Kool-Aid

    All props to   Marvin Potts

"You wouldn't believe the mood in the White House and in many of the other departments.
It's doom and gloom. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of crooks and liars. I walk around
the corridors of power wearing a large grin inside.

Their days are numbered. And they know it, too. They've read the election returns and see
the handwriting on the wall. Rumsfeld is gone (perhaps to face civil lawsuits), and Bush and
Cheney and Rove and Rice and Hadley and Gonzales and the rest of the bunker crew are
going down and the only question is when.

The citizens in November delivered their No Confidence verdict on this crew of incompetent,
corrupt, arrogant powermongers. Not surprisingly, the Democrats, so locked into their timid
victim mode, seem unsure what to do with their victory."

For about $7250 we could give every elected Democrat 90 days of Bartcop Radio.
Maybe then they'd locate some sac.

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"In this decisive year, you and I will make choices that 
  determine both the future and the character of our country." 
    -- Bush, lying on Jan. 31, 2006  Link

 But what did The Little Dictator decide?
 To stay on the same bloody, losing course.

 Last NYE we had 2175 dead.
 We've lost another 820 this year.
 For what? 

 Iraq is worse than it was last NYE.
 Next NYE, if Bush is still president, it'll be worse, still.

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Subject: Sandy Berger

I am so sick of still worrying about Sandy Berger when the crimes going on with the Bush are so many,
people can't keep up.  Why don't we get the Reagan papers released?  Bush is breaking the law not 
releasing them, because it would reveal the crimes going on then including his father. 

President Clinton had a thousand subpeonas and Dumbya has had none.  When a subpeona was sent 
to White House gates for Cheney for papers on his energy meeting, they were told to leave or be arrested. 

The Republicans can make a mountain out of a molehill with the Dems, 
but make a molehill out of a mountain when it comes to Republican crimes.
 Mary in Iowa City

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"Liberals have been using the exact same talking points about how we're losing
  in Iraq since before we invaded. It seems they've finally succeeded in exhausting 
  Americans and, thereby, handing a victory to al-Qaida." 
      -- Ann Coulter, who loves Bush's bloody quagmire,

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Winners and losers of 2006
 Saw it in the Chicago Sun-Times

 Loser - Rush Limbaugh

Imagine if a Democratic candidate for office had a past that included three failed marriages,
a dubious reason for avoiding the draft during the ViestNam war, a voting record that didn't
commence until he was 35, addiction to painkillers, questionable public remarks about women
and minorities, and an incident in which he was detained by customs because of a "mislabled"
bottle of viagra that he brought along on a "boys only" vacation.

Think the Sean Hannitys of the world would be having fun with this guy?

Not if it's Rush Limbaugh, voice of the moral majority.

The low point for Limbaugh this year came in October when he accused Michael J. Fox of
"exaggerating the effects of his disease" in a political ad. "he's moving all around and shaking,
and it's purely acting", said Limbaugh. "This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox".

You should know from shameless, sir.

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Subject: Pigboy and Hannity

Rush is on vacation this week and so is Sean Hannity. 
They both took the same week off about eight months ago 
and again at the same time a year ago this week.
Anyone see a pattern developing here? 

The media is mum, yet let Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton
spend a night on the town together and watch the tongues start wagging.

They're probably off to some undisclosed location burning up 
some of that surplus Viagra Rush carrys around with him.

They're probably boy-fishing in the Dominican Republic.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Random Thought...

Isn't it odd than Americans captured video before audio?
Not being a tech man, I'd guess audio would be easier to grab than video 140 years ago.

Think about it - there are pictures of Lincoln, but no audio of Lincoln.

Wouldn't it be cool to actually hear his Gettysburg Address?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

2989....2993 American victims

Bush got  4  more soldiers killed since yesterday.

Four more final rides as baggage.

Soon, maybe later today, we'll hit 3,000 dead and
Bush's whore media will moan and groan
about how awful it is that somebody is
keeping track of Bush's lifeless victims.

But don't worry about BIG OIL.
Exxon makes $100M every day
and they are one of five.

How much profit?

$500M a day?

That's not enough.
Bush wants a "surge" of profits

Bush has killed more
Americans than Osama.

President Gore, Lame Duck

As Al Gore faces his final years in the White House, history will view his two terms as disappointing.
After a razor-thin victory over George Bush in 2000, the new President was ultra-cautious.

Republicans labeled him "Al Bore" for failing to pursue a muscular foreign policy and for endless 
consultations with UN members, NATO allies, even potential adversaries such as North Korea and Iran.

Then he overreacted to such criticism, using an intelligence report in August, 2001, as pretext for striking 
defenseless camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, arousing protests throughout the Middle East over the 
death of a populist leader, Osama bin Laden, and his followers.

Even more controversial was Gore's expulsion of fifteen visitors from our ally, Saudi Arabia,
for what Rush Limbaugh sarcastically termed "the heinous crime of taking flying lessons."

The furor drove oil prices to $30 a barrel, with public protest 
bringing the President's approval ratings down to 50 percent.

The vulgar Pigboy's wrote a book called, "The Way Things Ought to Be."

President Gore, Lame Duck is how things should've been - but we didn't want it bad enough,
so now we have The Way Things Are.

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Subject: Rude Rich does Vegas 


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Do you have a business that ships overseas?

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Bolivia, Iruruqui
Chile, Santiago
Macedonia, Skopje
Switzerland, Oberriet
Trinidad and Tobago, Couva
Romania, Bucharest
Spain, Teguise,
Czech Republic,
Brazil, Porto Alegre
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Subject: Impugning the character of South Carolinians

How dare you, Bart! 
Kinston is in North Carolina, dammit.

Here in South Cackalackee we got our brand of ignorant son's of bitches...
We don't need no damn tarheel giving us a bad name.

There's plenty here that can do that for us.
 Palmetto Yankee

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Bush will appoint John Bolton to 
a new, high-level position in 2007.


"There is public disenchantment with McCain's aggressive advocacy of a "surge" of up to 
  30,000 additional U.S. troops to Iraq. Unless thsee troops show immediate benefits, Bush's 
  determination to "surge" is feared by Republicans as another political burden to bear.' 
     -- Bob Novak, boy-toucher with blood on his fangs,   Link

So what does McCain do?

Voters don't want a surge.
McCain and Bush want a surge.
McCain wants to be president.

What does McCain do?
Gamble his chances for the White House that Iraq will calm down real soon?

What does McCain do?
Seems like his options are "lose big now" and "lose bigger later."
Taking the Iraq loss as a given, why not put time between our escape and the 2008 elections?

What will McCain say when...

Bush is going to bomb Iran

Bush is going to bomb Iran. This is the purpose of the "surge". No amount of troops is going to fix Iraq; 
they couldn't if they tried. If Bush wanted to fix Iraq, he'd give them jobs. People who are employed in 
decent jobs can figure out how to live with their neighbors. More American troops in the Persian Gulf 
are not going to quell violence in Iraq any more than the ones already there are.

Bush is going to bomb Iran. And there may be almost nothing we can do to stop it.

Iran has a single trump card - their nuclear program. I doubt Bush can destroy the whole thing. 
There will be no repeat of Israel's surgical removal of the nuclear ambitions of Saddam Hussein. 
But Bush can take out enough of Iran's nuclear facilities to knock them back a few more years in 
the development of a feasible weapon. That is all he needs to bomb - that is, until Iran makes its move.

...and if there nuke program is buried too deep for our bunker-buster bombs to reach?

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Britney Spears top 2006 Search topic
 For all the wrong reasons

     See more tasteful pictures of her at BC Hotties


What explains this?
In 2004, she was the hottest woman of the year in one of those mens magazines.
Then in 2005, she dropped out of the top 100 completely.
In 2006, she's the most searched topic on Yahoo.

Was everyone searching for those pictures?

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