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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Wednesday  Jan 3, 2007  Vol 1902 - Torture Island

Quote of the Day

"Go shopping."
  -- Bush's message to America Dec 31, when
      the body count in Iraq hit 3,000 dead soldiers 

 Is there not anything too retarded 
 and inappropriate for him to say?
 And did you hear the 3,000th soldier 
 to die was from Crawford, Texas?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Op: Save Bush's Legacy
Terrorist or terrorized? 
Bush's failed policy
Rudy's big screw-up 
Pelosi: To fund or not
Pat Rob: I'm crazy 
Where Ford went wrong 
America's Torture Island
Rachel Bilson dressed


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"McCain may still hear the applause of small crowds - he has somehow inured himself
to the hypocrisy, and the tragedy, of a man who considers himself the ultimate realist,
courting the votes of those who support the government telling visitors to the Grand Canyon
that it was caused by the Great Flood.

That McCain is selling himself off to the irrational right, parcel by parcel, like some
great landowner facing bankruptcy, seems to be obvious to everybody but himself.
   -- Keith Olbermann, on what a whore McCain has become,   Link

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Operation: Save Bush's Legacy
  by Robert Parry

If press reports are correct - that George W. Bush will approve a troop "surge" in Iraq of 17,000
to 20,000 soldiers - the follow-up question must be whether the escalation will do anything but get
more Americans and Iraqis killed while only forestalling the defeat of Bush's war policy.

Even top advocates for the "surge," such as retired Army Gen. Jack Keane and neocon activist
Frederick W. Kagan, have argued that U.S. troop levels must be increased by at least 30,000 for 18
months or more to bring security to Baghdad, what they call a "precondition" for any successful outcome.

"Any other option is likely to fail," Keane and Kagan wrote in the WaPost on Dec. 27, 2006.

So, the more modest escalation of up to 20,000 soldiers would appear to represent what might
be called "Operation: Save Bush's Legacy," with the goal of postponing the inevitable until 2009
when American defeat can be palmed off on a new President.

Note: is the most important site on the internet

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Used with permission


"As we portray ourselves as the champions of democracy and the rule of law - that began to
unravel with Abu Ghraib. The debate goes on here about Guantanamo and about access to
people's private records. And then to say that we are going to install in Iraq a judicial system
and a democratic form of government and have something that resembled the worst kind of
nightmare out of the old American West."
   -- Tom Brokaw, forgetting to praise Der Monkey as ordered,  Link

But wait - he no longers works for NBC so maybe he's free to speak the truth?

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Saddam - terrorist or terrorized?
 by Robert Scheer

The hanging of Saddam was an act of barbarism that makes a mockery of Bush's claim
that it was "an important milestone on Iraq's course to becoming a democracy."

Instead, the rushed, illegal and unruly execution of a former U.S. ally after his conviction in
a kangaroo court blurred the line between terrorist and terrorized as effectively as Hussein's
own evil propaganda ever did.

It would have been so easy to hand Saddam over to some rational, intelligent adult, but nooo.
Bush wanted his final hours to be a nightmare of sectarian hell just to punish Saddam.

Think - what if some superpower invaded backwards America, pulled the Little Dictator from his
throne and handed him over to some unruly mob from Code Pink to be executed. And as they were
putting the noose around his neck, the hall was chanting, "Clinton, Clinton, Clinton."

Would the world see that as anything but barbaric murder?

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Rudy loses secret '08 plan book
 Giant screw-up from a little man

It's clearly laid out in 140 pages: The top-secret plan for Rudy's bid for the White House.

The plan has budgets, schedules and fund-raising info that will underpin Rudy's '08 campaign,
as well as his aides' worries that personal and political baggage could scuttle his run.

One page concern potentially "insurmountable" personal and political vulnerabilities.
On the same page is a list of his central problems: his private sector business; disgraced former aide
Bernard Kerik; his third wife, Judith Nathan Giuliani; "social issues," on which is he is more liberal
than most Republicans, and his former wife Donna Hanover. No mention of the first wife.

This is potentially disastrous blunder for Giuliani in the early stages of his campaign.

No, this is Karl Rove's new job.

They intentionally mailed that "explosive secret book" to the NY Daily Whore as a trial balloon
to gauge reaction to see if Rudy can overcome his myriad of personal troubles - but the whore media
isn't saying much about it so the plan is failing.

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Subject: What my newspaper subscription pays for

Do you suppose the wing-nuts actually believe these things?
Or are just cynically trying to immunize themselves?

Bruce Tinsley was arrested twice within 3 weeks for drunken driving.
Another moral paragon.
 Doug the Gasman

Doug, I think they believe it 100%.
What else could explain the vulgar Pigboy ruling the airwaves?

Nobody's more full of shit than he is and his ditto-monkey's will tell you
Rush is documented as being right 98.3 percent of the time.

They enjoy lying to themselves - it saves all that thinking.

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saw it on

Pelosi: 3,000 dead with Bush's failed policy

The deaths of 3,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq is a sad reminder of the consequences of Bush's failed policy,"
Pelosi stated. "With December being the deadliest month of the year for our troops in Iraq, it has never
been more clear that the situation there continues to erode."

We urgently need an effective strategy that will bring peace to the region and allow the responsible
redeployment of U.S. forces," Pelosi's statement concluded.

So, will you vote to spend more money on Bush's bloody quagmire? If you want to cover your ass
and get immunized from the "She hates our troops" charge, why not call for a day of protest on a Saturday
and if hundreds of thousands of people fill the streets in our major cities - use that for cover.

But don't TALK against the war and then VOTE to finance it.

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Subject: Jeff Jacoby, house harlot for the Boston Globe,

Yes, you are correct about Jacoby -- and all GOPers and most Dems side with him on Castro.

But -- I ask -- why are we still boycotting Cuba???

We trade just fine with communist China, much of the Middle East ... why not Cuba?
Hell, Fidel even offered New Orleans help after the flood.
Of course, Bush said NO WAY, even though HE didn't help them.

Are a few Florida insane freaks running the US now?
Yes, Yes, I realize Castro kept them from keeping all their money.
Deal with it, imbeciles.

Be rich crooks in America, or return to Cuba.
Those are your choices.

I think you have it exactly.
Florida's Cuban minority votes as one bloc and you can't win that state
unless you say "Death to Castro" 500 times and then strangle a chicken.

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America's Torture Island


In October 2002, a Marine captain allegedly squatted over a copy of the Koran (as if to defecate
on it) during questioning of a Muslim prisoner, who was "incensed" by the tactic, according to an FBI agent.

In another incident that month, interrogators wrapped a bearded prisoner's head in duct tape "because he
would not stop quoting the Koran," according to an FBI agent, the documents show. The agent, whose
account was corroborated by a colleague, said that a civilian contractor laughed about the treatment and
was eager to show it off."

It took over four years for this news to get out.
For all we know, they're pulling out fingernails with pliers.

Will Pelosi vote to spend more money on Bush's private torture island?.

Please - don't TALK against Torture Island and then VOTE to finance it.

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Subject: The Bush-McCain war

Hey Bart,

I thought it was now known as the Bush-McCain-Lieberman War.
Or am I confused again?

Last week you asked why their guys die old and rich and our guys die with a bullet in their heads.

Let's not forget those of our guys who died in plane crashes, or those who died of character assassination,
or those who had their livelihood or their marriages or had their careers ruined because they either crossed
some Republican or got between his greedy ass and a $5 bill.

McCain is turning out to be the craziest whore in the GOP.
The nomination is his for the taking, but he's too busy telling the American voter to "fuck off"
with 20,000 more troops to the bloody quagmire because he's so far up Der Monkey's ass
that he's rubberstamping every bad idea that comes from the Little Dictator's abby-normal brain.

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Subject: Ford bullshit


Now the "Left wing media" has done it again.
Praising Ford day after day for healing a torn nation,
because he pardoned Nixon for breaking law after law.

Just sounds like a warm up for Bush and Cheney if the Dems have enough kahonas to do
a Bi-partisan investigation of events of the last six years.  I don't care if they go to jail,
but I would like the American People to know all of the unpublished facts about:

1)  911
2)  Iraq and the oil
3)  Katrina
4)  Cheney's energy meetings
5)  How the Republican party could be so stupid to pick such a pin head to be their figurehead

Keep Hammering
Ravingliberal in Peoria

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Schwarzenegger leaves Hospital
 I smell a rat...


Musclehead was released from a hospital Saturday, four days after undergoing surgery
to repair a broken leg suffered while skiing.  He expects to [return to work] with crutches.

It doesn't add up.
Maybe an orthopede could write and explain?

I obtained an actual full-legnth x-ray of Musclehead before the broken thigh bone.

See the broken part that I added?
IF his femur is actually broken and repaired, what is supporting the weight of the leg?
His leg must weigh forty pounds, and if that's pulling on the biggest broken in his body,
which happens to be "broke" that's gotts hurt like crazy.

Plus, how can the bone heal if it's constantly being jostled about by his pelvis?
That's why they out you in a cast - to lock the bones together so they can't move.

Can anyone explain?


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That was from Neil in Vt.  He used to be normal, but I think he got stuck in
a political argument with someone about something and he can't get out.

Get well soon, Neil.

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"Guiliani, as the twice-divorced, pro-choice, pro-gay rights,pro-gun control mayor
  of New York, was a spectacularly strange ally for the virulently antichoice, antigay,
 "family values" candidate, Ralph Reed.  Indeed, some at the time described Guiliani
  as "a blatant, adutering cousin-fucker."
     -- Frederick Clarkson,          Link

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Random Thought...

Was Ted Koppel fired from ABC for reading the names of soldiers who died in Iraq?

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Subject: Dallas and the Cowboys

You like to deride Texas and Dallas in particular but did you know that in the recent midterm
election EVERY single Republican on the ballot was voted out of office in DALLAS?

That's right, yesterday an entire slate of new Democrats were sworn in right here in Dallas,
which I think makes Dallas the most Democratic city in TX, LA, OK and New Mexico.

 ha ha

It's now far and away the most liberal city in TX and OK combined.
The midterm elections did my tired old heart a world of good!


Scott, that's great news.

A shot of Chinaco for Dallas Demo voters!

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Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

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"This idea of surging troops, escalating the war,
  what I would call now the McCain doctrine is dead wrong."
     -- John Edwards    Link

If that wasn't so bartcopian, I'd call that a stroke of genius!

Did you see what he did?
He put the entire "surge" idea on McCain's back - that's perfecto!

Bush is a lame (and dead) duck, so no sense in putting this fiasco on him.
But McCain has a future that Edwards has now yoked to the "surge."

Is John Edwards reading
(He advertised with us - he knows where to spend his campaign dollars. Thanks, John)

If the surge goes great and we win the war with no more dead, it's President McCain,
but I'll bet my last bottle of Chinaco that's NOT going to happen and Edwards knows it.

Edwards is a genius!

Iraq is NOT going to end in victory so Edwards has made this McCain's War!
The McCain Doctrine is what got those last 2,500 young men killed for no goddamn reason.

Edwards is a genius!

It's not America's surge or Bush's surge - it's McCain's surge and McCain is in trouble.

Edwards is a genius!

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BBC: Bush to reveal troop surge plan
 Comment by Keith Olbermann


If in your presence an individual tried to sacrifice an American serviceman or woman,
would you intervene?  Would you at least protest?

What if he had already sacrificed 3,003 of them?
What if he had already sacrificed 3,003 of them - and was then to announce
his intention to sacrifice hundreds, maybe thousands, more?

The BBC reports that Bush's "new Iraq strategy," will be about troop increases and "sacrifice."
The president has delayed, dawdled and deferred for the month since the release of the Iraq Study Group.
He has seemingly heard out everybody, and listened to none of them.

This has now become "human sacrifice."
And it must stop.

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Subject: sick of the Ford eulogies


These bastards like Cheney and Bush senior have been going on and on 
about how Ford saved the country from so much pain re: Nixongate.

If these bastards really care so much about sparing the country pain why did
they impeach Clinton for a blowjob? Are Clinton's crimes equal to Nixon's?

What about Bush's crimes? 
Should he resign to save the country the "pain " of impeachment?

Thank Koresh for Bartcop in a crazy world,
 Robert LC

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Subject: Hussein Lover

Why do you love Hussein so much?

There's something about his smile... and the twinkle in his eyes - his laugh - it's hard to explain.

I bet you cried when he got executed.

No, I felt shame that America had stooped so low.
Pretty much the entire world condemned that murder by Bush's kangaroo court.

                   "Guilty, on all counts!"

Hussein was nothing more than a modern-day Hitler.

Sure he was - keep telling yourself that, over and over.
The world disagrees with you.


I mean, do you really like rape rooms, torture chambers and mass graves?

No, that's why I vote Democrat.

And the notion that Bush is somehow worse than Hussein is crazy.
He may be one of our worst presidents, but there's no way Bush is as bad as Hussein was.

Saddam killed more Iraqis in the 80s than Bush did. (with Bush-supplied poison gas)
Saddam killed more Iranians in the 80's than Bush did. (with Bush-supplied poison gas)
Bush killed more Iraqis in the 21st century than Saddam did.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Where Gerald Ford went wrong
  by Robert Parry

Ford has been showered with near universal praise for helping to bring the nation together
in the wake of Nixon's Watergate scandal and the U.S. military defeat in Vietnam.

But this praise focuses on the first months of his 2 ½-year presidency. By late 1975 and
early 1976, Ford began shifting direction when he found himself threatened by Ronald
Reagan's insurgent campaign for the Republican nomination.

To stave off Reagan's challenge from the Right, Ford made a series of critical concessions,
such as backpedaling on CIA reforms, forsaking détente, and compromising the integrity
of the CIA's analytical division to pacify hard-line Cold Warriors.

With George H.W. Bush as the new CIA director in 1976, Ford joined in blocking the
release of a congressional report on past CIA abuses and went along with Bush's cover-up
of new CIA scandals, including a Chilean-sponsored terrorist attack in Washington, D.C.,
that killed a Chilean dissident and an American woman.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,003....3,004 American victims

Another soldier killed while Bush pretends he's listening to all sides
when we all know he made up his mind months ago - SURGE!

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iraqi surge?

How many thousands more will die in
the upcoming McCain Iranian surge?

Will Bloomberg be their last, best hope after
McCain pisses away his chance to make history?

...and don't worry about BIG OIL.
Exxon makes $100M every day

"George W. Bush has been our best president ever."
-- Exxon-Mobil mobsters

Bush has killed more than 3,000 soldiers.

Do I hear 4,000?

Pat Robertson: More proof that I'm insane
 He's hearing God's voice in his head again

Pat Robertson says God has told him that a US terrorist attack would cause a "mass killing" late in 2007.
"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said on his "700 Club" money snatch.
"The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

God also said, he claims, that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack.
In 2005, Robertson predicted that Bush would have victory after victory in his second term.
In May, he said God told him that a tsunami might crash into America's coastline in 2006.
Recently, he predicted Rosie O'Donnell would marry a swarthy Iranian man.

Why does God keep lying to Pat Robertson?
Or is God a prankster, just having a little fun?

 Send e-mail to Bart

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President Sociopath

There are many explanations for Dick Cheney's character.
He can be understood through characteristics like greed, evil, and cunning.

But Bush is the more psychologically complicated one. Bush's behavior is far more
understandable when seen through the filter of psychiatric analysis than through the
analysis of foreign policy or political perspective.

Bush turns everybody who disagrees with him into his father. It doesn't matter whether
it's actually the concrete representation of his father, like Baker, or the voters who vote
against staying in Iraq. We have become his father. We are the people he is now defying.
He will turn anybody who disagrees with him, into a father figure who he'd have to defy.

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Brit Hume and the comely young staffer?
 Hey, at least she's not a teenage boy...

 Hume-erous rumors about Lieboy

For months, a rumor has been circulating among TV news insiders that Brit Hume, Fox Whore News's
senior whore now that Tony Snow left, has been sexually harrassing a younger (female) colleague.

His victim is Megyn Kendall, a "general-assignment correspondent" with the network since 2004.
The whispers are so loud that Hume and Kendall have denied everything to curious colleagues.

They hire babes like that and call them "general-assignment correspondents?"
Sounds like she accompanies Mr Hume on out-of-town trips, to help him with
"general-assignment correspondent-type stuff," is that right Brit?

But, she's a woman and not a teenage buy - dammit.

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Rachel Bilson named Best Dressed Celeb
 She's best dressed 'teen' celeb but she's 25 or so...

      See more of her at BC Hotties  (15 new pages)


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