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Friday  Jan 12, 2007  Vol 1909 - Fiery failure

Quote of the Day

"I'm no expert on Iraq." 
   -- Bush's Secretary of Defense
       Robert "Brownie" Gates  Link

  Why should gates be any different
  than Bush's other appointments?

  Shame on the Democrats for
  confirming this unqualified crony.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
The Coming Wider War
Bloody Negroponte 
W wants internet records 
Ford is new DLC Chief 
All agree: Bush is crazy 
Majority will rule
Bush lies like a rug
Pundits, No 
Posh Spice moves to LA


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"We are stuck in a hopeless war led by a clueless man who enjoys only a passing relationship
  with reality. Rather than admit his many, many errors, he prefers to kill many, many people.
  And he will continue to do so until someone finds a way to stop him. Our political system has
  broken down, and our soldiers, the Iraqis, quite possibly the Iranians, and many others must
  pay for our refusal to admit that with their lives."
       --  Eric Alterman,   Altercation

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The U.S.-Iran-Iraq-Israeli-Syrian War
 by Robert Parry

Some observers believe Bush's invasion of Iraq has proved counterproductive by spurring Iran
and other countries to speed up their development of nuclear and other unconventional weapons
in hopes of keeping the United States at bay.

The countries on Bush's "axis of evil" hit list saw that Iraq's WMD disarmament and acceptance
of United Nations inspections didn't stop the U.S.-led invasion.

Not only have possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died as a result, but U.S. forces killed
Hussein's two sons and turned the deposed dictator over to his enemies so he could hanged like
a common criminal on Dec. 30.

So there can be little incentive for Iranian or North Korean leaders to follow the Iraq model of
disarmament and inspections. Further, the explosion of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world
has increased risks to the pro-U.S. dictatorship in nuclear-armed Pakistan, where Islamic
militants with close ties to al-Qaeda are reported to be gaining strength.

He's insane and he's making a really bad situation worse.
Now he's going to bomb Iran and Syria.
When will the senior Republicans have their sit-down with the Giggling Murderer?

We can't wait much longer.

Note:  is the most important site on the internet.

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January 9 - 28, 2007
59E59 Theatres at 59 East 59th Street
New York, NY
For tickets, call 212-279-4200

Used with permission


"President should be given a chance to carry this out, rather than condemn it
  before it even starts. It would be appropriate to give it a chance to succeed."
   --Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Delusional    Link

 Hey Mitch, how many thousands of soldier's lives will it take
 for the Little Dictactor to finally realize he fucked up?

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Bloody Negroponte

In a staff makeover, Bush's moved John Negroponte, the current national intelligence director and
ambassador to Iraq from June 2004 to April 2005, is being tapped as the new deputy secretary of state.

Mike McConnell, an old friend of Cheney's, will succeed Negroponte as national intelligence director.
McConnell may prove more hawkish regarding Iran than Negroponte was.

Moving Negroponte to State comes as Bush's surge is coming up. Bush needs someone with experience
in managing escalations and Negroponte oversaw the implementation of the "Salvador Option" in Iraq.

Under the "Salvador Option", Negroponte and retired Colonel James Steele supervised the training of
a special forces group to target the leadership and support networks of a primarily Sunni resistance.
Planned or not, these death squads promptly spiraled out of control to become the leading cause
of death in Iraq.   Intentional or not, the scores of tortured, mutilated bodies that turn up on the streets
of Baghdad each day are generated by the death squads whose impetus was Negroponte.

And it is this US-backed sectarian violence that largely led to the hell-disaster that Iraq is today.

If it's "the leading cause of death," you can bet Negropointe was involved.

America has been taken over by the most insane group of criminals ever.

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No wonder he's crying - look at the price of oil
since Democrats took back Congress.

Bush wants your internet records

The federal government wants your Internet provider to keep track of every Web site you visit.

For more than a year, the U.S. Justice Department has been in discussions with Internet companies
and privacy rights advocates, trying to come up with a plan that would make it easier for investigators
to check records of Web traffic.

The idea is to help law enforcement track down child pornographers. But some see it as another step
toward total surveillance of citizens, joining warrantless wiretapping, secret scrutiny of library records
and unfettered access to e-mail as another power that could be abused.

Tortureboy Gonzales has made it clear that he'd like to see quick action.

They want to find out who's gay so they can blackmail them.
We can't trust this bastard with anything.

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Subject: Papantonio

Bart, make sure you and your readers know that the Papantonio with the all hat no cattle suit
and the radio leftie are one and the same before getting too riled up. i suspect it is not...

Marc, someone wrote and said RFK Jr is on the letterhead, as well.

Why would they help Scarborough the Scumbag go after a lefty site?

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"We go forward with trust that the Author of Liberty
  will guide us through these trying hours."
    -- Dubya, apparently listening to the Statue of Liberty for advice,

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They read it in Romania

Subject: Republican future tied to Bush

If you think Democrats hate Bush you might find that Republicans are starting to hate him more
because the future of the Republican party is linked to Bush's success in Iraq.

Bush wants to escalate the Iraq war and Republican are faced with the dilemma of siding with
Bush and hoping his plan works or joining the Democrats in opposing it. Those who join Bush
risk sharing the blame two years from now if Bush's plan fails.

So - will Bush succeed in sending in more troops? Not likely.
He made the decision in spite of the fact that it is the opposite of what the Iraq Study Group
and the military experts are advising him to do. He had to fire top generals who disagreed with him
and bring in a navy admiral with no Iraq experience to support his position.

Again, Bush makes up his mind and then finds "yes men" to support him.
So the Republicans who are betting on him being right are taking a really big gamble
by going all in on a proven loser.

So I think in the long run the Republicans are the ones who will hate Bush the most.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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Harold Ford is new DLC Chief

Young, black, and good-looking, Harold Ford is the kind of comer that the Democrats latch onto.
But last November, after losing a race war in racist Tennessee to Bob Corker, (R-KKK) Ford
suddenly found himself out of a job. So, many wondered, where would he end up?

Ford has been offered the chairmanship of the Democratic Leadership Council, the centrist think tank
founded by Al From and other New Democrats as a tool for cultivating like-minded candidates.

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Subject: Colin

Bart, Mark Perkel wrote:

> What kind of a nation are we that we will kill our children for political reasons?

This seems to tie in to the other question of why military families attack the Democrats.
Some people think it's OK to get their families slaughtered for political reasons.
Why this is is beyond me.
I doubt if a Democrat was sending people to war these self same families would think the same.

I blame religion.

People don't mind sacrificing their kids because, after all,
they'll all be together again someday in the Land of Clouds - right?

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Majority will have its way
 by Gene Lyons

Game definitely on. With Democrats assuming control of Congress, the pieces are in place for a struggle
that could redefine American politics for a generation or longer. Personally, I've always opposed
impeaching President Bush. After the Republicans' ludicrous attempts to remove Bill Clinton, for
Democrats to normalize the practice by appearing to retaliate in kind could only inflame partisanship,
boosting TV and radio shout-fest ratings at the expense of weakening the Constitution. Although polls
show slight majorities favoring impeachment, the votes just aren't there. Even so, it's not hard to imagine
how it could happen. Because to allow an arrogant, arguably delusional president and his shrinking band
of ideologically driven aides to double-down in Iraq, gambling the "lives and sacred honor" of American
soldiers to save face in a misbegotten war would do incalculable harm to the idea of self-government.

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Subject: The Terri Schiavo war

Iraq has now become the Terri-Schiavo war; the patient "died" a looooooooong time ago,
the patient is only technically "alive" due to artificial means. Bush's plan is to keep pumping
food and water and keep the machines running in the hope that one day the patient will
miraculously arise and walk and talk again. the dem's plan is to acknowledge reality and
pull the damn plug! No amount of intervention , at this point will save this patient who most
assuredly is already lost. Screeching about how the dems have no plan for "victory" is the
same as yelling at the doctors who had no plan to make Terri Schiavo sit up and talk again.
It is a shameful and sad thing to see how far the right-wing detachment from reality has taken
them. To them, acknowledging reality is weakness and admitting limitations within a reality
based context is "defeatism". How sad

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Click to watch Jon Stewart
mock the Little Dictator


"We've always needed more forces. We thought that those forces would be provided by the Iraqis.
  They are not quite ready yet to the task that they have to try to bring order to their capital."
     -- Kinda Sleazy. lying again,

Clumsy liar, you obviously didn't expect the just-conquered Iraqi army to join us immediately.
So why didn't you send enough troops to get the job done in the first place?

Or was your real goal to create chaos so nobody would ask
why Iraq's oil pumps have no meters on them?


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Bush lies like a Persian rug


Winning support among Middle Eastern countries is part of Bush's strategy for Iraq. But he pitched
the new plan by leaving out a pertinent fact: Anti-U.S. rhetoric in those nations has grown increasingly
hostile since Bush murdered Saddam. Opinion leaders in the Middle East used Saddam's execution
in recent days to rail against Bush.

Bush promised stepped-up local reconstruction efforts, but he ignored the facts on the ground.
Iraq's minister of electricity: "Every day I send repair teams, but they can't get to the area;
there are too many insurgents. ... No one can help."

Bush said he told Maliki and other Iraqi leaders "that America's commitment is not open-ended."
In the past he said, "We will stay until the job is done."

Bush said on Wednesday, "The situation in Iraq is unacceptable."

In past statements Bush said that the U.S. was "on the brink of success,"
and "we have broken the back of the insurgency."

How is Bush ever going to make a sane decision when McCain, Guiliani, McConnell
and Graham keep telling him what a great job he's doing with the current plan?

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"I do not believe that a surge in troops is going to solve the fundamental problem we have.
  Iraqis have to decide they're going to stop killing themselves."
     -- Norm Coleman, (R-Handjob) who's going to get his ass kicked by Al Franken

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Monkey approval hits new low


Public approval of Congress has edged up a bit now that Democrats are back in control, but it's still
nothing to write home about. Approval for the way Congress is handling its job rose to 32 percent in
the latest poll, up from a meager 27 percent a month earlier. That puts Congress on par with Bush,
whose 32 percent approval rating represents a new low for him in AP-Ipsos polling.

The softening of attitudes toward Congress suggests legislators may have an opportunity to improve
their standing in the new year, but there appears to be little opening for Bush to move up similarly,
because he can't stop lying about Iraq, public opinion experts believe.

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Subject: troops in the meat grinder

Bart, you wrote:

> But since he has no brain and no conscience, Bush has chosen to lose $300M and 2-5 soldiers
> every day until January 20, 2009 or the day he's forced to resign, whichever comes first.

We watched the Democrats use a strategy of  "do nothing and wait on Bush and the GOP to self-destruct"
prior to the 06 elections. Would the Dems sit by and let Bush extend the bloody quagmire, to ensure chances
of taking back the White House?

The poor Democrats are scared stiff, so they might.
Freezing up and crawling under a table and wetting themselves worked so well in 2006,
they just might try the same trick in 2007 and 2008.

Too bad those soldiers have to die from Bush's insanity and Dems lack-o-sac.

Republicans often accuse us of wanting the US to lose to make the GOP look bad.
If that was really true, we could let King George do whatever he wants until 2008.

Wouldn't be my strategy, but I'm cynical enough to believe it could happen.
Thanks for all you do!

PS - BartCop is read in Birmingham, Alabama too!

Koresh forbid, what we need is another "Katrina" to wake people up.
I predict a major disaster in Iraq, such as 50-75 soldiers killed in one day.
One RPG in the right spot will do that.

When Kathy Griffin went to Iraq, she talked to a lady whose best friend was killed by a RPG
while waiting in line to see a movie inside the Green Zone.  If that RPG had hit a few yards over,
we could've lost most of the soldiers in that theater - it's just a matter of time till it happens.

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All agree: Bush is crazy

The notion that the "surge" in U.S. troops amounts to a new policy is laughable.
  -- LA Times

The president now is going to change strategy but that had better include a recognition that
the American people want more than vague promises and goals that sound good but remain out of reach.
   -- Raleigh News & Observer

There is nothing novel, and certainly nothing magical, about Bush's plan to surge.
It has been tried twice, and it failed.
   -- San Francisco Chronicle

Americans are tired of sacrificing blood and treasure for vague, moving goalposts. They want results.
  -- Wichita Eagle

Bush's last-ditrch effort is a futile gesture, a vain attempt to salvage what is already lost.
  -- Atlanta Journal Constitution

There is no reason to believe that throwing more troops and more dollars will do any good.
The time for surge of U.S. troops has passed.
   -- Dallas Morning Whore

We'd like to believe such a strategy could reverse Bush's debacle in Baghdad,
but nothing we've heard so far has convinced us that is the case.
   -- Rocky Mountain News

There was a time when a surge made sense. But that was nearly four years ago,
  -- Albany Times Union

The public is weary of seeing young Americans killed or maimed for no discernible purpose
in a land that many deem unredeemable.
  -- New York Daily Whore

Any proposal that says "surge" but means whatever it takes for however long it takes
will similarly fall with a serious thud.
  -- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

Bush has often said that he gives his commanders what they need to get the job done.
That means he gives them early retirement when what they think differs from his thinking.
  -- Albuquerque Journal

So, everybody agrees Bush is insane and lying, so how do we stop him?
How do we save the lives and limbs Bush is willing to throw away so easily?

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Subject: how do we stop him?

It tells me all I need to know when I read, over and over again, "How do we stop him?"
Do you need any more to tell you we're living in a dictatorship?

Since when does a president have this kind of power? Not legally, not constitutionally.
How do we stop him? We impeach his yellow ass, and Cheney's, and his whole Nazi cabinet.

What's everyone afraid of?
Gene Lyons says he's afraid the talk show hosts will scream.
Ooooooh, scary. Unbelievable.

It's obvious the politicians are afraid of everything BUT the American people, who supposedly run this country.
Yeah, this is a democracy.

Liz Mc

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,017....3,019 American victims

We lost 2 more since yesterday while the Little Dictator stalls for time.
He made up his mind to excalate the bloody quagmire months ago!

Who will be the 2008 nominee now that Rudy & McCain
have pissed away their chances to become president?

...and don't worry about BIG OIL.
Exxon makes $100M every day

Bush has killed more than Americans than Osama.

Subject: protest signs for the upcoming rally

I'm In For Another Reprint Of The Protest Signs...

I can bump in for a few hundred bucks for that.
If it's gonna happen, it'll have to be soon.

PS. Support Moose & Squirrel's Information One Stop

Monkeyfister, thanks for that, but there's not enough time.
I wish those event organizers would alert the bloggers that a rally is coming up.

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Defiance and delusion

Bush's announcement last night that he is going to pour more troops into Iraq was the last throw of the dice
in a misconceived enterprise that has dragged his country, this country and the Middle East into a nightmare.
Over $1bn will be spent in economic aid. In return the Iraqis are to promise to crackdown on insurgents,
regardless of sect or religion.

In opting for a troop surge, Bush has ignored the message of the mid-term elections, the Iraq Study Group,
Congress, his own top generals and most world opinion. US generals have difficulty enough maintaining
current levels of combat-ready troops and are not convinced that more troops will make any difference.
Rather than listen to them, Mr Bush has turned to the right, to those who argue that honour and the
America's national interests require fighting on. One senses that "honour" is the more important of the two.

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Pundits No, Everyday Citizens Yes
 by Mary MacElveen

One columnist I know who writes for several major newspapers stated in an e-mail to me that
Time Magazine was "pandering to its readers" because of "sluggish sales".  While at first I was
disturbed at hearing that opinion, one only has to look within their magazine and others to see
that the same old pundits and writers are speaking out and not everyday Americans.

Maybe the great majority of Americans do not know how to write, but hey, that is what editors
and proof readers are for.  Come on, Time Magazine; let ordinary Americans have their own columns.
I for one would like to hear of their interesting stories.

The same can be said of every single news program in which pundits are put in front of the camera
as if they are speaking for the American people.  I suppose there must be some central green room
in which they sit and told what show they will be interviewed on.  No, in reality there is no central
green room, but it sure seems that way, doesn't it?

Note:  is the most important site on the internet.

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Subject: Re: Bush May Doom GOP Candidates in '08

Hey Bart,

With McCain and Giuliani both backing the horrific Iraq troop 'surge',
it seems obvious to me that they are being set up to take a fall.

Which would clear the way conveniently for..... Jeb Bush. Satan's puppy, v2.0.
Notice how he's very carefully avoided the spotlight recently.
Perhaps he's holidaying with Pigboy and Ted Haggard.

Jeb has more experience than anyone else of fixing presidential elections,
so I can't see what could possibly stop his '08 run. The whore media certainly
won't ask him any meaningful questions, and those good ol' votin' machines
just love the name 'Bush' - especially in minority precincts.

He's gotta be smeared - and smeared fast.
With Iraqi blood, oil, vote fraud and 9/11 complicity.

We can stop him, but we have to start ASAP.
Go get him, Bart.
 Rich H

Rich, no way any Bush will ever be "elected" again.
The dynasty is dead - forever.

That's why Poppy was crying so hard recently.

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Victoria Beckham moves to LA
 She brought her short-pants husband with her, too

       See more of Victoria at BC Hotties


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