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Wed-Thursday  Jan 17-18, 2007  Vol 1912 - No, Non, Nyet

Quote of the Day

"No question, 2006 was a lousy year for Iraq." 
    -- America's Giggling Murderer, allowing
       a sliver of reality into his bubble, Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Scooter Libby's Trial 
Crony US Attorneys 
Senate & Bush's quagmire 
Bush's War with...
Bush stops US spying 
War Exposes GOP Divide
Cheney snubbed peace
Glenn Beck and ABC 
Supermodel Liya Kebede 



"I will have nothing to do with some
  political thing to embarrass the president."
   -- Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio  Link

Why is he more worried about Bush saving face
 than saving the lives of American soldiers?

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Scooter Libby's Time-Travel Trial
 by Robert Parry

The trial of  Scooter Libby is being billed by the Big Media as "Iit's not the crime but the coverup,"
a smugly delivered line suggesting that Libby committed no real offense beyond trimming a few facts
when questioned by overzealous investigators.

But the major U.S. news media is again missing the point. The real significance of the Libby trial is that
it could demonstrate how far Bush went in 2003 to shut down legitimate criticism of his Iraq War policies
as well as questions about his personal honesty.

In that sense, the trial could be a kind of time machine for transporting America back to that earlier era
when Bush and his team felt they controlled reality itself and were justified in tricking the American people
into bloody adventures overseas.

It was a time when Bush swaggered across the political landscape, a modern-day king fawned over by
courtiers in the government and the press - and protected by those who bullied citizens who dared to dissent.  is the most important site on the internet.

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January 9 - 28, 2007
59E59 Theatres at 59 East 59th Street
New York, NY
For tickets, call 212-279-4200

Used with permission


"I have seen nothing so far that
  would push me to think a surge."
   -- Senate Intel Committee Ranking Member
        Kit Bond (R-MO), before W's Iraq speech,

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 As Justice is closing in on his crooked ass...
Bush hires crony US Attorneys
 He's firing the ones interested in justice

Okay, so we already know that the White House has now taken the unprecedented step of firing at least
four and likely seven US Attorneys in the middle of their terms of office -- at least some of whom are in
the midst of corruption investigations of Bush administration officials and key Republican lawmakers.
We also know that they're taking advantage of a handy provision of the USA Patriot Act that allows
the White House to replace these fired USAs with cronies who don't need to be approved by the senate.

Given that these new USAs are being plopped into offices currently investigating Republicans,
there's certainly ample opportunity for mischief.

So we're looking into just how the White House is appointing.

The whore networks won't cover a serious story like this.
Did you see where America slipped from 24th to 53rd in rankings of having a free press?
With a crooked president and journalists on the take, I'm surprised we're still in the top 100.

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Senators agree on Bush's quagmire


A group of senators including Chuck Hagel announced agreement Wednesday on a resolution opposing
Bush's 21,500 troop build up in Iraq, setting their marker for a major clash between the White House and
Congress over the unpopular bloody quagmire.

The non-binding resolution, which was also gaining interest from a second key Republican, would
symbolically put the Senate on record as saying the U.S. commitment in Iraq "can only be sustained"
with popular support among the American public and in Congress.

"I will do everything I can to stop Bush's policy as he outlined it Wednesday night," said Hagel,
thought by many to be the last sane senate Republican. "I think it is dangerously irresponsible."

War Resolution Exposes GOP Divide


A resolution on Bush's bloody quagmire has attracted the support of at least two Republicans
and threatens to expose fissures within the GOP over the very unpopular war with voters.

Republicans are deeply divided on the war in Iraq and how Congress should react to Bush's plan
to send 21,500 more troops into the meat grinder.

Ten Republicans met behind closed doors late Wednesday with Mitch the Bitch McConnell in a bid to
generate consensus on Iraq. The senators emerged from the meeting to announce that no deal had been reached.

"This is a very fluid situation," said Sen. Jon Kyl, who was too scared to tell the truth.

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Subject: FYI

Bart, you wrote:

> "I never claimed to have much in the IQ department, but I can't understand how we
> have ANY chance to win because the puppet government Bush installed is loyal to Iran.
> They're so loyal to Iraq they don't mind dying for it. "

Gee...ya think so???

(Taken from CNN on November 22, 2006.  CNN ran video twice with no explanation
about these two meeting where or when.  Never ran again the rest of the day, and to my
knowledge, never mentioned these two meeting in US mainstream media.)


Our whore media doesn't want us to know that our soldiers are dying
so the Iranian Shiia can be victorious in Iraq.

It's gotta have something to do with Bush wanting to steal Iran's oil, too.
Too bad all those soldiers have to die to make our multi-billionaire Dictator richer.

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McCain, the crazy bastard

Bush's War with Bigger Tits

Most shallow war-mongers would toss aside their old war like you toss out thousands of men and women
who have died in a wrongheaded President's pursuit of a disastrous foreign policy. I mean, what lame duck
President wouldn't rather have a trophy war to show to all his rich neocon friends? But President Bush is far
more isn't your run of the mill Republican skirt chaser. The man is loyal to his war. He doesn't leave a war
just because it's gotten a little crusty around the edges or a few more hairs are showing on the upper lip.
No, this president has refused to leave his longtime Iraqi war even though she now tends to put out a fetid
odor she once held back during their pre-war courtingship. But since he does have the extra billions that
for some reason don't affect the Federal budget, his thought is, why not spruce up the old battle and her ax?

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Subject: Opinion poll

I have polled myself,

Dude, it's more fun when you do it with a woman...

I find you obnoxious, semi-intelligent and a world-class liar.

Around here, semi-intelligent is taken as a compliment.
Obnoxious? Some people find me that way, but with more education,
you'd find me funny, insightful and goddman prescient about tomorrow's headlines.

You should immigrate to live with Chavez in Venezuela.

You should pull your head out of Bush's ass - you'd think better.
But congrats on spelling Venezuela right.

Please take your socialist friends with you.
You would be much in company with those of your ilk.

I can barely convince 30 friends to fly to Las Vegas.
Besides, it's probably hotter in Venezuela than it is in Oklahoma.

I sincerely hope you catch a virilent disease when
you are osculating the anus of your America-hating friends.
 Paul Skinner

Monkey, guess what?
WE are the majority now, and the majority decided that Bush is a fucking loser.
Even a majority of the military says that now - and they used to love him.
Bush is the most hated murderer on the planet - even more hated than bin Laden.

YOU are the weirdo on the fringes now.
Your beliefs have been rejected by 80 percent of mainstream America.

If that last election made your head spin, you're going to love 2008.
Even Republicans say Bush has put them in a 12-20 year hole.
Your boy's getting rolled.

...and you can osculate on that.

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Bush: No more domestic spying


Der Little Dictator has decided not to renew a program of domestic spying on Americans,
Tortureboy Gonzales said on Wednesday, ending a tactic criticized for infringing on civil liberties.

The illegal program allowed Bush to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mails of political foes without
a warrant, even after saying, "In America, you need a warrant before you eavesdrop oin people."

Tortureboy, still claiming the crimes were legal, said the government will now have the ability
to act with sufficient "speed and agility."

What a pile of manure.
Bush has been spying on Americans because the Democrats were too afraid to stop him.
Now that they have some clout, Bush is cutting back on his crime spree.

There was never any valid reason to spy on people without a warrant, because the judges
were green-lighting every request made, but Bush didn't want records kept because he was
abusing his alleged "right to protect America."

And Tortureboy wants us to buy the excuse that, with the Democrats in power, suddenly
the government will now have the ability to act with sufficient "speed and agility?"

That's pure horseshit.

The big question is, will the Democrats punish Bush for his crimes?
Or will they say, "That's old news" like they did after the Iran-Contra pardons?

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Subject: war profiteers


In yesterday's posting you included a quote about how the Defense Contractor's stocks.
It covered a seven year period in showing its gains.
A better presentation would be showing its gains since the Iraq invasion .
Here is one updated to include that:

United Technologies (UTX), up 11%;  up      116%
Northrop Grumman (NOC), up 12%;             57%
Raytheon (RTN) and Boeing Co. (BA) up      16%;
RTN                                                               73%
BA                                                                256%
Rockwell Collins Inc. (COL), up 18%;          240%
General Dynamics (GD), up 21%; and          186%
Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) up 25%.       106%
Haliburton is up 233%.
But just before the scandals hit, it was up 333%

By comparison, theDow Jones Index Fund is up 58%

"Lucky" for those stockholders Bush decided to steal Iraq's oil.
Not so lucky for these guys.


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If you're anti-right-wing,
and if you're pro Red-Wing,
you gotta visit Hockeytown Forever

Cheney snubbed peace offer

Iran offered the US a package of concessions in 2003, but it was rejected,
a senior former US official has told the BBC's Newsnight programme.

Tehran proposed ending support for Lebanese and Palestinian militant groups
and helping to stabilise Iraq following the US-led invasion.

Offers, including making its nuclear programme more transparent,
were conditional on the US ending hostility.
But Cheney rejected the plan, the official said.

The sons of bitches can't make any money with peace.
They can only make mega-millions during wars - so they start them.

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Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

Add your comments to today's page

Spocko, Glenn Beck, and ABC

Bush's popularity has fallen to new lows, Democrats have control of Congress, and a strong majority
opposes the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, but ABC has decided that the time is right to give
America more conservative pundits and to attack a liberal online critic who raised questions about the
network's policy of broadcasting hate radio.

Last week spotlighted ABC and its trend toward irresponsible journalism, when it hired Glenn Beck
-- a chicken hawk and war cheerleader with a talent for name-calling -- to comment on the day's events
for Good Morning America.  ABC was also dealing with the fallout of its wrongheaded decision to send
a cease-and-desist letter to a blogger named Spocko.  ABC claimed copyright infringement when Spocko
posted audio clips from ABC's KSFO radio in San Francisco, where hosts have advocated violence
against progressives, Muslims, and Democratic members of Congress.

While Spocko's reports are allowed under fair use provisions of federal copyright law, ABC's concern
was that Spocko was informing advertisers about KFSO's hate-filled commentary and blue-chip
advertisers were fleeing the station in disgust.

Glenn Beck is the vulgar Pigboy with less talent.
ABC, being a whore network, would hire Tokyo Rose if she could makle them money.

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"I'm convinced liberals believe Martin Sheen was actually the president."
    -- Rush, the vulgar heroin junkie

No Rush, that was just wishful thinking.
Bartlet wouldn't have jerked off for five days while New Orleans drowned.

            "Lookie me, Pickles, I can play the gee-tar!!"

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Bush the crazed gambler


It was axiomatic during the Cold War that presidents should not gamble with matters of national security.
The stakes were too high.   Bush's Iraq policy has long suffered from a lack of that prudence -- and the
misplaced gambler's instinct is especially evident in the administration's plan to send more troops to Baghdad.

Bush's 'surge' is a mistake because it is piling more precious chips -- more human lives -- on what so far
has been a losing bet. The last election sent a clear message that we want to take some of those chips off the table.

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Look, it's a right-wing, lying handjob cartoon,
suggesting Bush has the "courage" to kill our soldiers
while the Demo congress is "afraid" to kill our soldiers.

Isn't the thought of Bush in combat hysterical?

But where is Kissyface?
He has "courage," too...

Subject: scrubbing the scum

Bart, I'm sorry but I have to agree that the Democrats are either having trouble
seeing reality or see it and choose to do nothing.

It is as if they are placing doilys in Washington instead of scrubbing the scum
that is the Bush Administration empowered by the Republican led Congress.

The first order of their agenda should have been to start impeachment hearings.
That is "off the table". Pelosi's biggest doily.

It is just going downhill from there.
 Mike Mac

I don't think impeachment is off the table.
It would be a mistake to say, "We intend to impeach."

They did say, "We intend to hold hearings," and if those hearings present evidence
that some bastards need to be impeached, I think impeachment is a "go" at that point.

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Subject: marijuana

You should not drive when smoking pot or stoned.

I don't know of anyone who advocates driving while impaired.
But every restaurant and bar in America serves people who then
get into their cars and drive - so in that respect, science and logic
says you'd rather ride with a stoned driver than one who's been drinking.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush's oil gouge, which is going to $100 a barrel
makes $350,000,000 Bush will steal every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $350,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,020....3,024 American victims

More death, while the Little Dictator stalls for time.

Who will be the 2008 nominee now that Rudy is pro-quagmire
and McCain has been rejected by the religio-wacko right?

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $100M - every day

Bush has killed more than Americans than Osama.

Subject: why they put meters on the pumps

Hey Bart,

It only figures they will put the meters on now.
The PSA's guarantee Big Oil gets 75% of the profits to pay for
the new infrastructure that our troops guarded and our taxes built.

Meters are the only way to make sure Iraq gets only 25%!!
 Lou K

I wonder how many cents per barrel Bush intends to "pay" for that stolen oil?

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Dems not allowed on Libby Jury
 Justice is always fixed when you're rich


Two potential jurors who were realists about Bush were dismissed on the opening day
of the perjury trial of former White House aide "Scooter" Libby.

The start of jury selection provided a potentially crucial victory for Libby's defense lawyers.
They were allowed to ask potential jurors their opinions about Bush and Cheney and whether
those bastards had lied to push the country into war with Iraq so they could steal Iraq's oil.

One young woman swiftly sealed her own disposition by saying she was "completely without
objectivity" and "there is nothing they could do that would make me think positive about them."
Libby smiled and shot a glance at his wife as his lawyer sent the woman home."

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"The American press corps has lost its way. There's no reason the media played along with
  the administration's shifting rationales, all untrue in the run-up to the catastrophic war in Iraq.
  Congress rolled over, as we did, no questions asked. But the result of our default has been
  devastating. We lost our halo as the visionaries for a better mankind."
    -- Helen Thomas, one of the few who tells the truth   Link

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Subject: two handjobs with nukes in a game of "chicken"

Well, you knew that after the monkey's bluster and not so veiled threats at Iran, Mahmoud had to up the ante:

Iran warns it's ready for nuke standoff


They're engaged in a global game of chicken...
Problem is when one of them blinks, it'll be innocent civilians dying, not these two handjobs.

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Supermodel Liya Kebede

 See more of  Liya Kebede  at  BC Hotties

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