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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 102 is here

Weekend-Monday  Jan 20-22, 2007  Vol 1914 - Slow Failure

Quote of the Day

"I'm in, and I'm in to win."
     -- Clinton 44

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Show Me Intelligence 
Muqtada aide arrested 
Hillary joins '08 race 
Liberal Voting Pays Off 
Tough search for jurors
McCain's black baby 
Surging and Purging
Why I hate Hillary 
Jennifer Lamiraqui 



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"The longer Bush is in office, the more his psychology becomes clear.
  He's not a well-meaning doofus; he's a madman."
     -- Jane Smiley,     Link

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Show Me the Intelligence!
 by Ray McGovern

Have you noticed? Neither Bush nor Cheney have cited any U.S. intelligence assessments to
support their fateful decision to send 21,500 more troops to referee the civil war in Iraq.

This is a far cry from October 2002, when a formal National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) was
rushed through in order to trick Congress into giving its nihil obstat for the attack on Iraq.
Why no intelligence justification this time around? Because there is none.

Will congress let Bush sacrifice more soldiers for no damn reason?
If Pelosi and Reid would call for people to pour into the streets they could get away
with cutting funding for Bush's quagmire, but they seem to think they're stiill powerless.  is the most important site on the internet.

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January 9 - 28, 2007
59E59 Theatres at 59 East 59th Street
New York, NY
For tickets, call 212-279-4200

Used with permission


"The president does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran
  without first seeking congressional authorization."
     -- Harry Reid, who will express his disappointment when Bush does that   Link

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Muqtada aide arrested

"My father opened the first
  Krispy Kreme in Sadr City..."


U.S. and Iraqi forces swooped into a Baghdad mosque on Friday and detained a top aide to Muqtada
al-Sadr, the latest in a series of operations aimed at eviscerating the leadership of the Mahdi Army militia.

The raid drew immediate criticism from the Iraqi government, which complained it had not been consulted.
An aide to Maliki, who owes his job as Iraqi leader to al-Sadr's backing, said the operation was not part
of a coming joint U.S.- Iraq security drive.

Under the plan, to which Bush has gambled another 21,500 American troops, U.S. commanders have been
promised a freer hand against both Sunni insurgents and Shiite militiamen.

What a mess.
Muqtada is keeping Maliki in power, but he also runs the death squads.

If they piss him off, he pulls out of Maliki's government and then Iraq falls again.
Could the Little Dictator have made a bigger mess?

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Snow in Malibu

Snow fell briefly in normally sunny Malibu, and west Los Angeles saw hail
in the first sighting in 20 years of a white winter.

The mountains behind Malibu - a celebrity enclave that hugs the Pacific Ocean - got a dusting
of snow that brought traffic chaos to a region where rainfall is usually headline local news.
Snow plows were sent out to clear a major road through the Malibu mountains and at least
one car crashed, highway police said.

Handjob Quotes

"Global warming is most media-hyped environmental issue of all time."
      -- Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik)

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Subject: BCR Show 102 Feedback


I really like the weekly smaller show.
Topically fresh is gooder.
Now get back to work on 103!

Steve in Seattle

Not only that, but it's also a much easier mountain to climb.

Note: Marc Perkel has agreed to fund this snippet from BCR Show 102.

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Liberal Voting Pays Off 
 by Marc Perkel


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Subject: You still think...

...that this "war" was a good idea, but was just not done right?
 Ray in Canada

Are you talking to me?

If you can quote me saying Bush's bloody quagmire in Iraq was a good idea
there might be a car in it for you.

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BIG rally in DC on Jan 27th

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O'Reilly and Colbert get all kissyface
 Fireworks? Not at this lovefest

O'Reilly and Colbert traded gentle barbs - but no punches - on crossover appearances on each other's shows.
"Colbert - that is a French name, is it not?" O'Reilly, no fan of France, asked Colbert on his hate show.

On Report, Colbert asked O'Reilly, whom he called "Papa Bear," what the "culture war" is that he writes and
talks about. Said O'Reilly: "It's between secular progressives like yourself and traditionalists like me." But Colbert
held his ground: "I am not a secular progressive. I am a deep religious man who will do everything you say."

Held his ground?
Agreeing with everything the fascist says isn't "holding your ground."

Maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, but the joke was on me.
I was hoping we'd get some of that Correspondence Dinner Colbert, but nooooo.
Instead, we got "I will do everything you say."

Maybe Colbert had to promise to play nice to get his special guest but I
wasn't entertained by the Report segment, which seemed like 5-6 minutes.

Since it was snowing, my TIVO of O'Reilly froze.

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Subject: Tortureboy Gonzales

Bart, I suppose with his logic you could argue that the First Amendment doesn't guarantee
free speech rights to ALL citizens, or the 13th Amendment doesn't mean you can't have
slavery AT ALL, or that not ALL women can vote, or not ALL presidents are limited to two terms.

Wait a minute. Oh, crap.
You see where they're  headed?
 J in Santa Cruz

Since 2001, Bush has been, by leaps and bounds, the most powerful human being in history.
Nobody has ever given up that much power before because nobody's ever had it.

Does anybody think he'll just walk away from unlimited money and unlimited power?

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Bush bastards advising McCain
 Former war hero now just a Monkey's puppet

John McCain (R-Loves Torture) has enlisted strategists from Bush's slurring team to work on
the senator's doomed run at the presidential nomination, aides with his slurring committee said Friday.

Mr. McCain's aides said he was hiring slur masters Russ Schriefer, Stuart Stevens and Fred Davis
as part of a continuing accumulation of campaign advisers.   Schriefer and Stevens helped produce
some of the most bitter attacks of Mr. Bush's 2000 and 2004 campaigns.

Can we assume these are the same guys who mocked McCain in South Carolina in 2000?

How did McCain end up with a black baby?
Was he screwing around with "those people?"
Who could blame him, since his wife is always passed out from the pills.
Did you know he stabbed his fellow POWs in the back?
Then he went crazy - you know he has temper problems.

 "I'm so mad I could shit!"

I'm so old, I remember when McCain was thought to be sane.
But then he fell in love with Bush, then he fell in love with Jerry Falwell,
now he's dating the thugs who raped his family seven years ago and he thinks
the Grand Canyon was carved out by Noah's Great Flood.

Guess what, John.
America is tireed of their torture-happy, excalate the war moron.
We don't need his Little Buddy carrying on his madness.

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Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

Add your comments to today's page

Tough search for jurors

On the third day of the Scooter Libby trial, the job of finding Washington jurors who do not hate Bush
Cheney and their bloody quagmire became harder. Out of the first ten potential jurors screened by the
judge and the lawyers, nine were dismissed--most because they said they believe Bush and Cheney are
not to be believed. The day began with Juror No. 0420, a woman who is an information technology
consultant. She called the war "a tremendous mistake" and "quite a horrendous thing." She noted she
would have a difficult time fairly evaluating testimony from Cheney, explaining there was the "potential"
that her bias would "leak" into her subconscious. She was gone.

It's true - everybody hates those murdering, torturing criminals.
To be tried by their peers, they'd need to locate vampires and werewolves, says Conan O'Brien.

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"Only 39% of Americans view the GOP favorably, and 49% view them unfavorably.
  Meanwhile,  51% have a favorable view of Dems, compared to only 35% who have
  an unfavorable view of what Fox likes to call the 'Democrat Party'."
     -- Eric Kleefeld,   Link

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Seen on Interstate 17

Why I hate Hillary
 by Bob Harris


Let's look at the basic math.

Everybody must surely realize that 30 to 40 percent of this country -- the lunatics who support Bush
-- will simply never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton.

You gotta love a guy who can see into the future.
I wonder if Ol' Bob is a gambler?

Of the remainder who might vote for Hillary, at least half were opposed to the war from the outset.
Remember, the Iraq War was never particularly popular; Zogby figured 42% of the US was opposed
before the first bomb ever fell; most of these, obviously, were Democrats.  And Hillary, these early war
opponents will remember, was an active, enthusiastic accomplice to the crime.

Pure horse hockey.

If these numbers are even close, then Hillary has a maximum of roughly 35% of the electorate
who could conceivably support her with gusto.

In short: if Hillary wins the nomination, the Democrats just ain't likely to win the White House in 2008.

Bob has managed to forget that if she wins the nomination, she'll be running against Republicans
who have a very, very bad reputation with voters these days, and McCain and Guiliani are both
super-gung-ho on Bush's bloody quagmire TODAY, not reluctant about it at best.

Last issue has a quote from The Daily Howler saying she was clearly against the war in 2004,
but the Hillary haters continue to lie to themselves for a variety of nutty reasons.

You don't have to like her, but if your case rests on fuzzy math, like Bob Harris,
you're not doing yourself any favors by pretending to live in a world that doesn't exist.
You can say, "She's a hawkish Bush-clone" 1,000 times, but it still won't be true.

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Subject: pot and Canada

Hi Bart:

I caught the lecture at this link by Professor Michael Persinger, on psychotropic drugs.

It was damned interesting; I hope the video link works for you. One thing he talks about is, 
you guessed it, the marijuana high vs. the ethanol drunk. Impairment from liquor is far more 
debilitating than a pot high. Who knew?

And did you know that you can get strong psychedelic effects by stimulating the temporal lobes 
with a weak magnetic field, after about 15 minutes? I had no idea, and probably would have 
dismissed it as pseudoscience if I hadn't learned about it from an academic. 
Where can I get me one o' them helmets?

I liked the article on the last page about the blue states joining Canada. LET the mouth-breathing 
southerners secede this time; they fuck up everything for everyone, and it's better than another civil war. 
Hell, let them call themselves the USA if they want. The joke will be on them, as the entire world will be 
laughing at them! In a few decades they'll be so backward, they'll probably BEG to be let back in. 
The only downside might be -- Johnny Peckerwood with nukes...

Then all we have to do is stop the Canadian reflexive, "Eek! A Yankee!"
Your friend,

It's downright crazy that the South won't vote for a Yankee 
because of something that happened 140 years ago.

...and if you find one of those helmets, let me know :)

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Surging and Purging
 by Paul Krugman

The Bush administration is trying to protect itself by purging independent-minded prosecutors.
Last month, Bud Cummins, the U.S. attorney (federal prosecutor) for the Eastern District of Arkansas,
was informed that he had just been replaced by Tim Griffin, a Republican political operative who
has spent the last few years working as an opposition researcher for Karl Rove.

Mr. Cummins's case isn't unique. Since the middle of last month, Bush has pushed out at least four
U.S. attorneys, and possibly as many as seven, without explanation. The list includes Carol Lam,
the U.S. attorney who prosecuted Duke Cunningham on major corruption charges. The top F.B.I.
official in San Diego says Lam's dismissal would undermine multiple continuing investigations.

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Subject: Rich Little

The White House Correspondents Dinner crowd has forbidden Rich Little 
from pointing out any of Bush's mistakes or mentioning the President's unpopularity.

It's only fair that Rich Little has to work under the same restrictions the Press 
has been working under for the last six years.
 Damon In Detroit

Damon, well put.
The American whore press has blood on their hands.
They love this war and the Giggling Murderer and they refuse to do their jobs.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $300,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $300,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,024....3,055 American victims

We lost  over the weekend,
while the Little Dictator stonewalls the inevitable.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $100M - every day

Bush has killed more than Americans than Osama.

Redford demands apology over Iraq

Hollywood legend Robert Redford has called on US leaders to apologise for the war in Iraq.

The actor was speaking at the start of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where the opening movie
recalled protests over the Vietnam war in 1968.

Redford said he had a "spirit of unity" with the US government after 9-11.

"We put all our concerns on hold to let the leaders lead," he said.
"I think we're owed a big, massive apology."

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Subject: humbled into pragmatism

Bart,  I humbly stand corrected in my negative opinion about Hillary Clinton after reading the Hillary bio link
from Josh Marshall's talking points memo. Hillary is a phenomenally smart pragmatist who knows how to dink 
and dunk her way to touchdowns. I think she's gonna be America's next president. But dammit, I still don't 
understand why in Koresh's name she voted to give frat boy Bush the keys to the Ferrari (war power vote). 

I'm not nearly as smart and clever as Hillary but I had the frat boy liar pegged for who he is the moment 
his head popped up on the national radar. Why didn't Hillary?

As the Stones say "You can't always get what you want, but if your lucky you'll get what you need".
Hillary Clinton is what America needs and I'm preparing to give her my support. 
  DFG in Blue PA

I think you're looking at the war vote the wrong way.

When a cop graduates from the local police academy, they give him or her a gun.
This is "authorization to use force," if necessary.   The city is not authorizing the cop 
to murder anyone he wants to rob, wouldn't you agree?

Bush lied to congress to get them to vote to "defend" America.
Then that crazy bastard pulled the trigger for personal greed.

You can say congress should have known Bush lied about the threat,
but when was the last time a president lied to get us into war?

Note: They say LBJ didn't know the Gulf of Tonkin incident was fake.

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Order today.
They'll ship it Feb 20th

Random Thought...

"Mistakes were made," Bush says, borrowing a line from Nixon,
when it comes to the massive failure that is Bush's bloody quagmire in Iraq.


So explain why the quagmire's architects got medals for doing a good job.

Truth is, Bush has always lived in a world where success is wired for him to win,
where everything a brain-dead Fascist Monkey tries is a success, and he's puzzled
why things haven't been wired for him to win like it has been for him all of his life.

In his head, the Little Dictator is still living at home, where there are no responsibilities,
where "the help" takes care of the chores, so you don't have to. matter how many thousands of soldiers die.

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Hillary joins presidential race 

Those who don't like her should welcome this move.
This changes her status from what it was to "contender."

She can't get away with "I don't have an opinion on that," anymore.
She's no longer the newbie who needs to listen more than speak.
It's also her place - now - to attack the Giggling Murderer.

BTW, it seems that the Daily Howler and Talking Points Memo each missed 
the memo that says trashing Hillary is what all the cool lefty sites must do.

Excerpt from today's Howler:

SPINNING HILLARY: Poor boy! Yesterday, Hillary Clinton dared to appear at a New York City 
health clinic. But Patrick Healy, forced to attend the event, could see right through it! Try to believe 
that he wrote this for the New York Times - and that an "editor" put it in print: 

HEALY (1/22/07): The visit to Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center, which is just blocks 
west of Broadway (and is named after two neighborhoods it serves), was highly scripted political theater.
The Clinton event was "highly scripted!" But then, Healy should know a "script" when he sees one! 
Readers, every time major candidates do public events, the events are, in some sense, "highly scripted." 
It's only a question of when a journalist chooses to put such a phrase into print. And in the case of 
Hillary Clinton, Healy knows his cohort's prize narratives. When Clinton does it, it's "highly scripted." 
Those are the rules of this game.

So yes, readers, here we go again, with hacks like Healy disgorging their scripts. And Healy's the lesser 
offender today; at the Post, the hapless Anne Kornblut - their newest hire -typed a worse piece about 
this event. It would be hard to convey how daft the piece was; Kornblut tells us, again and again, how 
the Clinton event  "seemed" and "felt" and what the occasion "suggested" and "signaled."

They can't attack her on the facts, so they tell you how things "felt" and "seemed."
Even if you plan to vote GOP, you should be pissed at the whore media for lying to you.

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Bart, here is a marcher from
this year's King Mango Strut
dressed as Bush in full regalia.

Subject: The Howler vs. the whore script


One of Bob Somerby's ongoing points is that the whores in the media are too lazy (stupid, corrupt...) 
to do anything but mindlessly read the same script over and over. Since the mainstream media is now 
made up mostly of pampered millionaires, this script routinely favors those who defend the interests 
of the "upper" class. That's the Republicans to you and me.

The day after I read this post at The Daily Howler, there was John Roberts on Blitzer's barf-fest claiming 
that Hillary was trying to transition from a "staunch supporter" of the war to one of it's biggest critics. 

There is, of course, no evidence suggesting that she was ever a "staunch supporter" of the war, 
but once something gets in the script, the whores won't let it go.

That's real true.
Just think of "Gore claims he invented the internet" crap.
It never happened, but the American whore media will swear it did.

Also, Somerby is regularly all over the "cool lefty sites" for straying from the facts and getting caught up 
in the same kind of bs the other side uses. I've been reading his posts as long as I've been reading yours, 
and I never miss them. He's a bit of a hard-ass, and sometimes a buzz-kill, but he keeps it real. 

Every Dem should read the Howler every day. As well as the Tequila Treehouse.
Dan Leahy, (no relation)

I hope the Howler and Talking Points memo can survive,
because sometimes telling the truth can make some people very angry.

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Random Thought...

I remember hearing, "The NFL doesn't have any black coaches because
the black man can't grasp the complicated business of coaching at that level."

The 2007 Superbowl will have Black coach vs Black coach.

I was pulling for New Orleans, but I also like the Bears.
I'm damn tired of New England, New England, New England all the time
so this will be a nice change - Chicago Bears against the best quarterback in the league.

Plus, Payton Manning finally won a big game.

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Jennifer Lamiraqui

 See more of Jennifer Lamiraqui at  BC Hotties

  With dozens of new pages.

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