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BCR Show 106 is near! 

Tuesday  Feb 13, 2007  Vol 1925 - Wal-Nuts

Quote of the Day

"I made a name by being compassionate." 
   -- Dubya, who held the Western Hemisphere 
       record for killings, but then went to work
       on the rest of the world after stealing power  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
WaHoPo Stomps Chicks 
Reasons to Attack Iran
Is Peter Pace Lying? 
Monkey Mail 
W's Platoon of Lesbians 
Goldberg-ing on a Bet 
Leaking from the top? 
Defense Billions Wasted
Beyonce's Quickie




"So tax cuts work?  Since we cut taxes a second time in 2003, 
  we've added 7.4 million new jobs. Tax cuts equaled new jobs." 
    -- Dubya, who knows he's a lying whore   Link

Bush borrowed from the Saudis to cut taxes for the super rich.
He claims 7 million new jobs - over six years.

Clinton raised taxes on the super-rich and created 24 million new jobs.
Bush wants you to think 7is greater than 24.

Maybe for the faith-based, that's a fact. For the rest of us, 
24 beats 7 and Clinton didn't force us to repay the Saudis.


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WaHoPo Disses the Chicks
  by Robert Parry

The smug Washington Post smirked its way through an article about the Dixie Chicks winning five Grammys.

The Post, which has editorially supported Bush's Iraq War and joined in smear campaigns against war critics 
like Joseph Wilson, treated the Dixie Chicks with the usual disdain.

In the lead story of the Post's "Style" section, Bush's winking-and-nodding role in the boycott of the
Dixie Chicks music disappears. Instead the Post puts most of the blame for the troubles on the three-woman band.
The Dixie Chicks are "the polarizing group" whose lead singer Natalie Maines "popped off about Bush and the war."

The Post article portrayed the boycott dispute as one between the Dixie Chicks and their country-music fans, 
ignoring the extraordinary role played by Bush who in 2003 seemed to relish the punishments meted out by 
his supporters to Americans who dissented.

So, in recognition of the Dixie Chicks's five Grammy Awards - and in honor of the other brave Americans who
stood up and questioned the Iraq War when standing up meant paying a price - we are republishing a story
from May 16, 2006, entitled "Dixie Chicks, Valerie Plame & Bush."

       Buy for just $9.99

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Used with permission


"I feel like the same fellow who came up from, uh, Texas. I don't feel changed." 
     -- Dubya,     Link

 Don't we wish every American and Iraqi family could say that?

"I wish my Daddy was still alive..."

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Reasons to Attack Iran

The most lethal weapon directed against American troops in Iraq is an explosive-packed cylinder
Bush asserts is being supplied by Iran. 

In interviews, civilian and military officials from a broad range of government agencies provided specific 
details to support what until now has been a more generally worded claim, in a new National Intelligence 
Estimate, that Iran is providing "lethal support" to Shiite militants in Iraq. 

But Bush is also supplying "lethal support" to Maliki, al-Sadr and the Shiite militants.
It's America and Iran and the Iraqi Shia teaming up against the Iraqi Sunnis, who are
backed by Eqypt, Jordan, the Saudis, Kuwait, etc etc etc.

Why are we helping "Nuje us" Iran fight the Saudis, Bush partners for the last 30 years?

It makes no sense.

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"Ted Haggard says that he is now completely heterosexual after
  attending an intensive, three-week counseling program. 
  You hear that, gay people?  Three weeks!  Stop being so lazy." 
     -- Seth Meyers, SNL

 Be sure to catch the "Gay rehab" section of BCR 106,
 should be up late tonight.

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Why is Peter Pace Lying?


State Department liar Sean McCormack said, "The Iranians are up to their eyeballs in this activity." 
He called the Baghdad presentation a "very strong circumstantial case," saying that he was "not going to 
try to embellish that briefing" and that "any reasonable person . . . would draw the same conclusions." 
Tony Snow offered similar lies. "There's not a whole lot of freelancing in the Iranian government" 
Pressed repeatedly, Snow answered, 'Look, the Department of Defense is doing this. What I'm 
telling you is, you guys want to get those questions answered, you need to go to the Pentagon.'

So - you go to the Pentagon and what do you get?

Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said yesterday that
he has no information indicating the Iranian government is directing the supply of 
lethal weapons to Shiite insurgent groups in Iraq.

Looks like General Pace is about to want to spend more time with his family.

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Please visit

Subject: Shed more fucking blood for oil!!!


Your site is a piece of fucking garbage !!!

Actually, it's a non-organic collection of 1s and 0s on a server in San Bruno, CA.

(If you like Monkey Mail, this is one of the best!)

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Subject: Ted Haggard's "cure"

I heard that the first thing Ted did when he returned home 
from being "cured" was to have sex with his wife...

Of course, it was anal sex but it was a start!


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"Obama has announced his candidacy for president. Upon hearing the news, 
  Hillary Clinton punched a pillow so hard it turned into a diamond." 
     -- Amy Poehler

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Subject: Oh, how I hate Hillary


You can argue that Collin Powell presented a "slam dunk" presentation to the UN.
I remember laughing at it at the time, because it was no such thing.

That's probably the biggest load-of-crap sentence you've ever sent me.
Jimmy the Sausolito lawyer knows so much about aluminum nuclear-launch tubes,
that one look at Powell's proof told you the 100M lives gamble was a sure bet?
Like I said, you hate her much more than I like her.

You don't come here for the hunting.
You come here because you like the feel of my Size 11 boot.

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$36, 3 for $100

Click for details

shot glass photo by  mariomorgado

We have a few shot glasses left.
$25 a pair - cheap for a collectors item.

Smirkingly Shirking on an Iraq War Bet
  by my good friend Jeff Cohen

Jonah Goldberg made a swaggering bet two years ago -- that by this time Iraqis and Americans
would agree the war was worth it. Is it time for Goldberg to pay up?

With arrogance seemingly matched only by his ignorance, Goldberg was just being Goldberg
when he offered this wager two years ago:

"Let's make a bet. I predict that Iraq won't have a civil war, that it will have a viable constitution,
and that a majority of Iraqis and Americans will, in two years time, agree that the war was worth it.
I'll bet $1,000 (which I can hardly spare right now)."

The two-year period came due this Thursday. Even Goldberg now realizes his prediction was totally wrong
-- with poll after poll showing most Americans do not "agree that the war was worth it." (Not to mention
what Iraqis think of the war or Goldberg's boast that "Iraq won't have a civil war.")

So shouldn't Goldberg -- or somebody -- pay off the $1,000?

First of all, $1000 to a right-wing whore journalist is like $5 to you or me.
But why would anyone expect Jonah Goldberg, born of bad seed, to be honest?

Second, he CAN'T admit he was wrong, because that makes Bush wrong,
and this crowd will never face the facts, no matter what the consequences are.


Third, buy Jeff's book.

   Click  to  Order

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Can Rudy win the GOP nomination?

Subject: A call from the DNC

I just had a call from DNC.  They wanted money, of course.
I listened to the little gal's speech ('bout 3 minutes) and then told her
I would contribute when the Democrats voted to de-fund the escalation.

She hung up on me.
Did I say a bad word?


Maybe it was a faked call from the GOP.
In 2006, they were caught calling the same Demo homes with the same Demo message
so many times that the househoild declared they'd never vote for that Democrat because of it.

Or, it could've been some Demo idiot - no telling.

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Whore Reporter Got Iraqi WMDs Wrong
Now he Highlights Lies against Iran


Saturday's New York Times features an article, posted at the top of its Web site late Friday, that suggests
very strongly that Iran is supplying the "deadliest weapon aimed at American troops" in Iraq. The author notes,
"Any assertion of an Iranian contribution to attacks on Americans in Iraq is both politically and diplomatically volatile."

Sound pretty convincing? Well, almost all the sources in the story are unnamed.

It also may be worth noting that the author is Michael R. Gordon, the same Times reporter who, on his own,
or with Judith Miller, wrote some lies about Iraqi WMDs in the run-up to the 2003 invasion.

Fool me once, (stumble) we, ...won't be fooled again.


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Subject: The Dixie Chicks at the Grammys

There are two or three sides to every story.
Let me give you one on why the Dixie chicks won five Grammys.

Fist of all, Hollywood votes on the Grammys.
Hollywood is very Liberal.

No, Hollywood is sometimes liberal.
They've been AWOL for six long years.

They are all liberal Democrats.
The Grammy's are mostly fixed already.

No doubt the Dixie CD is good, but really,
how many people do you know that have in their collection?

I know of no one.

I think you have a point, but we probably saw Hollywood's collective guilt Sunday.
They've been as sacless as the Democrats, quietly whispering their disgust for Bush
and his bloody quagmire behind closed doors.

The Dixie Chicks bet their careers when it would've been much easier to grovel
and apologize because Natalie told the truth about our Giggling Murderer.

The rest of Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves.

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Random thought...

If the Sears Tower was leveled on 9-11,
and thousands of Chicagoans were killed,
how would the anti-war senator from Illinois have voted? 

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"Obama answered doubts about his inexperience by saying he has gained tremendous insight
  from his work as a community organizer, civil rights attorney, constitutional law professor,
  key club president, 4H treasurer, lunch room monitor, two years of jazz, and four years of tap."
     -- Amy Poehler

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Bush fears "platoon of lesbians"


A congressman suggested the Bush administration may fear a "platoon of lesbians" more than
terrorists in Baghdad, given the military's resistance to letting gays openly serve.

Rep. Gary Ackerman's criticism of Pentagon policy came as Sleazy Rice testified before the House Foreign
Affairs Committee. Ackerman, a New York City Democrat, complained to Rice that the military had fired
Arabic and Farsi translators after learning the translators were gay.

"For some reason, the military seems more afraid of gay people than they are against terrorists. 
They're verybrave with the terrorists, and if the terrorists ever got ahold of this information, they'd get 
a platoon of lesbians to chase us out of Baghdad," said Ackerman, prompting laughter in the room.

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Have you ever seen so many men WANTING to claim paternity?

Subject: Dems and Hardball

I'll have to see it to believe it.
I'm REALLY beginning to believe there's not much difference between the two parties.

I thought that way for a while, then, before this last election, I thought....Well, let's just wait a see.
OK, I've waited, and I'm still seeing a lot of political posturing and not much substance.

Just once, I'd like to see ANY democrat take a position they REALLY believe in, and NOT apologize for it.
These people don't seem to realize that some positions are important enough to really fight for.

Just like Edwards, bending to the right wing noise machine on the two bloggers he hired for his campaign.
That's a typical Democratic response.

God, how I hunger for someone to take a position on something important and care enough about it
to tell the right wing to get fucked when they disagree.

I think there are a lot of people in the Liberal camp who feel just like I do.
When that guy, or girl comes along, they'll get my vote, along with many others.

Molly, I feel the same way, but I also see this as a game of chess.
The object isn't to win in February '07, it's to win in November of '08.

IF in 2009, the Dems control congress with a super-majority and the White House
wouldn't we have to say they did something right?

I can understand Her not wanting to make a major gaffe at this point.
What's the excuse of the 5-6 term senators who have no chance to be president?

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Bartcop Cap for all occasions

Let them know you read
Then they will fear you.

Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Random thought...

You can tell Libby is lying about Valerie Plame.

First, he testified that Cheney was "real keen" (He said that twice) on ruining Plame's husband,
and now he wants us to believe he forgot where he heard the news he was using to ruin Plame's husband?

He's not that stupid - he's lying and he's going to be found guilty.
I wish the Dems would warn Bush not to pardon his guilty thugs until after the truth comes out.

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,124....3,125 American victims

We lost 1 more since last issue
while the Little Dictator plays with himself.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

(And that's just ONE oil company)

1 more soldier dead,
but Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters.

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.


"We are in a position in this country today, we all need to be on Prozac, we are all so depressed." 
     -- Sen. Tom Coburn, (R-0Jesus twin) on rebuilding America's confidence,   Link

There ain't nothin' crazier than an Okie politician.

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John Amato on the 'Republic Party' 

 You gotta hear this guy 


Jack Cafferty: Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead, Wolf?

Wolf Blitzer: Yes, We're going to be updating our viewers shortly...

Cafferty: Can't wait for that.

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Leaking from the top?
Why Ari Fleischer needed immunity


It's finally becoming clear why Ari Fleischer (R-Forked Tongue) took the fifth and had to be granted 
immunity from prosecution in the case: WaHoPo reporter Walter Pincus testified that Fleischer leaked 
Plame's identity in a July 12, 2003, phone call.

"It was Ari Fleischer," Pincus testified as the first witness called by the defense. Pincus recalled that Fleischer
wondered in that phone call why Pincus was writing about Plame's husband Joe Wilson: 
"Don't you know his wife works for the CIA as an analyst?" barked Fleischer.

Meanwhile lawyers for NBC are scurrying to keep Andrea Mitchell (R-Whore) from testifying in the case, 
but the defense team won't budge. They want her on the stand, under oath and singing like a canary. 
Mitchell had said that it was common knowledge that Plame worked at CIA, but has since recanted.

In Iraq, the rules of engagement are "Kill 'em all, let's God sort 'em out."

If that works in Iraq, why wouldn't it work with this gang of traitors?

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Subject: yesterday's Monkey, Steve Popiel

So Bart,
How long did it take you to "molify" (or mollify) this letter? 
Probably not too long, seeing how well Mr P writes... (See corrections, gasp, below)

Hey Shothead, (?) "Shithead" perhaps?

I was doing a vanity search of my name on the Google, and one of the hits was a 
pevious (previous) letter I had writen (written) to you. 

Its (It's) petty sad that you had to molify (mollify) my letter to inclkude (include) mispellings
(misspellings).   I went back and looked at it and everyting (everything) was spelled correktly 
(correctly). Typical liberal through (though). When you guys cant (can't) win an argument or
refeate (refute) a point logically, you retort (resort) to simply making the massengil (messenger)
look bad.   Your (you're) all totally pathatic (pathetic). 

Heil Rush, Heil Hannity, Heil Bush
.....and you will ultimately fail just like Air America did. 

What a joke!
Steve Popiel (Popeil), the Pocket Fisherman Bart,

Bet you had a good laugh, huh?
Sally P

It's true - I get a kick out on Monkey Mail.

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Billions Wasted on Defense
  by  Ivan Eland

The Bush administration justifies a hefty increase in defense spending because of the "war on terror."
But is that the real reason for the high costs or is it just an excuse to fill the troughs for the contractors
of the military-industrial complex?

The administration has wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on everything from expanding benefits in
an insolvent Medicare program to massive increases in the defense and homeland security budgets.
Like LBJ, Bush has spent taxpayer dollars on both guns and butter simultaneously.

Of course, if foreign investors and lenders lose confidence in the American economy,
this source of funds could quickly dry up.

If that happens, from what country would Bush
borrow money to give away to the super-rich?

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Beyonce - Quick Change artist


 See more of  Beyonce  at  BC Hotties

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