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BCR Show 107 is here! 

Friday  Feb 23, 2007  Vol 1932 - Raisin brain

Quote of the Day

"John said some nasty things about me 
  the other day and then apologized. 
  Maybe he'll apologize to Rumsfeld."  
   -- The Dick, on McCain saying Rummy was the W DS Ever,  Link

 What? You mean straight-talkin' McCain doesn't 
 mean what he says and doesn't say what he means?  
 Does America need another flip-flopper after Bush?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Clinton Truth Trouble
Albright - Bush is WPE
What Kissyface wants 
Regime change here 
Fox Slime Machine
Not sorry enough 
Bush Chided by Fitz  
PJessica Alba on Top 



"There are some who, uh, feel like that, you know, the conditions 
  are such that they can attack us there. My answer is: Bring 'em on. 
  We got the force necessary to deal with the security situation." 
     - - George W. Bush, July 2, 2003,


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The Clintons' Truth Trouble
  by  Robert Parry

After winning in 1992, however, Bill Clinton and the leaders of the Democratic majorities in Congress 
didn't care enough about the truth to fight for it. Heeding advice from influential fixers like Vernon Jordan, 
Clinton and the congressional Democrats turned their backs on those investigations.

Clinton agreed to let George H.W. Bush retreat gracefully into retirement despite Bush's brazen attempt 
to destroy Walsh's investigation by issuing six pardons to Iran-Contra defendants on Christmas Eve 1992.

On the Iran-Contra pardons, Clinton saw himself as magnanimously passing up this club that he could have 
wielded to bludgeon an adversary. He chose instead to join in a cover-up in the name of national unity, 
presumably with the hope of some reciprocity from the Republicans when his own secrets might need 
sweeping under the rug.

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"The non-binding resolution is only a sideshow. The coming battle over funding promises to be 
an epic struggle with constitutional implications. Whatever happens on the congressional scene,
there is a strong feeling inside the Bush Administration that the Iraq issue must be decided one 
way or another long before the end of the year. Republicans are determined not to go into the 
2008 election year with blood being spilled in Iraq." 
     --  Evans-Novak Political Report,

 So fine - declare victory and bring 'em home.

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Albright - Bush blunders 'worst ever'

Madeleine Albright said the war in Iraq would go down in history as the worst disaster in U.S. foreign policy.

Bush has squandered the moral authority established by Carter in his presidency when he pursued a foreign 
policy that promoted human rights as a central goal, Albright said in Atlanta.

"I think that Iraq is going to go down in history as the greatest disaster in American foreign policy 
because we have lost the element of the goodness of American power and we have lost our moral authority," she said.

"The job of the next president will be to restore the goodness of American power," she said.

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Please visit


"God knows, is there anybody more ambitious than Her?"  
    -- David Geffen,     Link

I'd say Gore is less ambitious than Her, and Kerry, too.

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Whatever Kissyface wants

Lieberman says leaving the Democratic Party is a "very remote possibility." But even that slight ambiguity
- and all his cross-aisle flirtation - has proved more than enough to position Lieberman as the Senate's 
one-man tipping point. If he were to jump ship, the ensuing shift of power to Republicans would scramble 
the politics of the war in Iraq, undercut the Democrats' national agenda and potentially weaken their hopes 
for the White House in 2008. Those stakes are high enough to give Lieberman leverage with both parties 
no matter how slim the chance of his crossing the aisle. Which means Senate leaders aren't worrying only 
about whether Joe Lieberman will switch parties. They're wondering what, if anything, he plans to do with
the power that comes from keeping that possibility alive.

Kissy will only have that power for another 19 months.
When we win 13 senate seats in 2008, his vote won't count for much.

We need to kick his Bush-loving ass out of the party and let his caucus with the losers.

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Subject: Colin Powell

He got what he deserved from the Bush Admin.....he's a war criminal..

Look up a Frontline report (2006) which aired on PBS about the 1st Iraq war & see what Powell did 
to the Kurdish minority after they revolted against Saddam when being told to do by Poppy Bush.   

Colin Powell sold them down the river....he made a deal with Saddam's army officers who were in 
the mountains to shoot the Kurds from helicopters as they were fleeing into the, women, 
children, old men.....look it up....another moment of shame for the U.S. 

In my opinion, Colin Powell is no more than a butcher..

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$36, 3 for $100

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shot glass photo by  mariomorgado

We have a few shot glasses left.
$25 a pair - cheap for a collectors item.

Time for regime change here
  by Joe Conason

Nobody talks about the democratic way more fervently than Bush and Cheney, who have so often proclaimed 
that the historic mission of the United States is to expand liberty around the world. The Bush administration 
frequently denounces governments that suppress free speech, intimidate citizens and tamper with elections, 
expressing outrage over violations of human rights and self-determination in states such as Cuba, Iran, 
Myanmar and Zimbabwe. So what would our great advocates of democracy say about a regime that routinely 
deprives people of their livelihood for speaking out freely on public issues? What would they say about a place
where citizens are forced to listen to propaganda -- or where voters have to run a gantlet of armed police to 
enter a voting booth? How would they describe a system that distributes bribes, spies on dissidents and 
threatens everyone who dares to vote the "wrong" way with the direst possible consequences?

After Bush & Cheney give up power (if that happens) can we get the two of them
to show us how non-threatening waterboarding is?  I'd pay to see that.

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Subject:  Lie-berman

This guy is threatening to leave the Dems?  
Didn't he do this last year when Ned thumped him good?  

Hey Joe, leave already!!!  
You are a loser!!! 
California Dave 

...and I hope the door hits him in his GOP ass on his way out.

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One month after moving to Los Angeles from NYC, Jill landed an unimaginable position
working for Barbra Streisand. This colitis inducing, yet life-enhancing experience was enough of a
resume punch to assist her gradual ascension up the Hollywood ranks.  Historic civil rights activist
and former CNN entertainment journalist, Jill Abrams has drafted a humorous and revealing portrait
of one woman's odyssey through the complex and often times baffling world of Show Business.
From a rare behind the scenes glimpse into the lives of some of the Industry'smost revered stars,
comes an intimate collection of short stories, told from a candid gay Jewish East coast perspective.

Click to buy or for more info

Subject: I don't get it...

Mr. Scheer summarizes:

No, Congress failed to take seriously the obligation built into its constitutionally mandated exclusive power 
to declare war, and Sen. Clinton's refusal to admit that is not a minor issue. This paired with her strident 
support, ever since the invasion of Iraq, for a huge increase in the standing army to fight other wars,
including a possible confrontation with Iran, shows a fondness in Clinton for war and bullying adventurism 
that vastly overshadows her sensible stances on many domestic issues. As Barry Goldwater supporters 
stated in kicking off the Republican revolution, what we need is a choice, not an echo.

Can I interrupt?
Is there a new rule that if Robert Scheer says it, it's true?

Scheer is giving you his interpretation of what She's thinking - not facts.

Meanwhile, back at the treehouse I read the following:

> An apology is not going to change their minds - they just want to see her grovel.
> They wouldn't vote for the Democratic front-runner under any circumstances.
> They would rather have four more years of the hell we have now and that's puzzling to me.

And voting for Her would change this situation how?

I don't know how old you are, but do you remember the year 2001?

When Bush assumed power, America's biggest problems were:
Did Bill use his influence to get Monica Lewinky a job?
How do we best spend the Clinton budget surplus?

Clinton had Saddam contained.
Clinton had North Korea contained and Iran was not a threat.
We had one attack on the homeland and those people were caught and sent to prison.
Plus, Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home alive.

We also had the best economy in our history, but somehow, Robert Scheer has you
convinced that She'll make decisions stupidly, like a Bush instead of smart like a Clinton.

That seems crazy to me.

Under Clinton we had the best America ever. 
It'd be a shame if we lose the chance to get that back.

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A love story in pictures...




Subject:  Saying You are Sorry

Dear Bart:

Why is it that when Reagan said "mistakes were made" 
the whore media spent weeks telling us that he apologized.

But when a Clinton actually apologizes (Bill) or admits an error (Hillary),
the whore media spends weeks claiming they didn't apologize?

Warm regards,
 Jim W

That's why they're called "the whore media."

They go with whatever story makes them more money
and the truth rarely enters into their editorial decision.

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Open threads - anybody got anything they want to say?

Add your comments to today's page

Subject: Her war vote


Isn't saying you wouldn't have voted that way if you'd had all the facts saying you regret the vote? 

The only thing anyone could accuse her of is having trusted the "President" to use the war power as a last resort.
I guess the frothers won't be satisfied until, like the mean, weak, lazy and stupid, coward-monkey with 
China and the spy plane, she says she is "very, VERY sorry."

Bush's approval ratings at the time were in the mid to high 60s. 
Looks like others trusted him too. Time to move on to today's reality, kids.


Good name -  "The Frothers."
They seem to see the war as Her idea, with Bush & Cheney just going along for the ride.

The Frothers could spend the next 20-30 years mumbling, 
"Dammit, she never apologized, not really..."

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I think I'm finally getting better at it.

Hear the smart mouth.

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"Dick Cheney? Right now he's in Australia. 
  And just for fun, he shot a koala bear."  
      -- David Letterman

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Subject: Re: CIA Never Said Iraq Has WMD's

Bart, you wrote,

> Rob, one snarky letter doesn't change the facts.

What facts bart? The fact that your analysis leaves out the truth?
The fact that many in the CIA wrote, at the time, that they were
being manipulated into WMD claims?

You should name your site, DisinformationCop.

I'd rather be "snarky", than spreading lies.

Why do you spread lies?

Best Regards,

Best regards?

ha ha
Reminds me of the old lady in Blazing Saddles.
"Of course you'll have the decency not to mention I spoke to you..."

If you're going to accuse me of lying, shouldn't you mention the lie?

Bush said Iraq had WMDs and then had the CIA brief the senators.
Are you suggesting the CIA briefing guy was ambiguous?
Do you think he said, "We might be right, we might be wrong?"

And just for the sake of argument, send me a link on the "fact" that "many"
CIA agents wrote at the time that they were being manipulated into WMD claims.

Maybe it happened like you say, but I'm calling your bluff.

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The Fox Propaganda Machine

The "Sliming Bowl" is well under way. No candidate has been smeared more than Barack Obama, 
and no smearer more relentless than Fox News, as the short video (they have link) demonstrates.

"Sliming" is the rabid, rapid, media barrage of persistently repeated lies and innuendo mastered by 
the right-wing media machine, which aims to tar candidates with negative associations before their 
campaigns get rolling. Or alternatively, to bruise them enough so that they will suffer under the burden 
of damaged goods as they try to gain footing.

The conservatives usually put out a speculative story through Fox News or Drudge. Then the right-wing 
echo reverberates as the lies make their way to talk radio and the right-wing blogosphere. Eventually, it gets 
picked up and carried by the mainstream media, with few understanding where the story originated.

Why don't the Democrats out their own network together?
Oh, that's right - Gore did just that, but he wants to be "fair" and "neutral."

Why can't our side get up the will to win?

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Subject: attacking her

Bart, you asked:

> Will Arianna and Kos and the others attack her every day as she runs against the Bush war machine?

My answer:  YES!

I am already so sick of the bickering and name-calling.
I like John Edwards myself, but will support whoever becomes the Dem candidate 1000%.

Suzanne, me too.

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Why I hate Her
 by William Saletan

Five years ago, She supported a Senate resolution authorizing Bush to use force in Iraq. So did I. 
It took me four years to admit this was a mistake. I've been wondering when She would admit it. 
As she told voters a few days ago: "If the most important thing to any of you is choosing someone 
who did not cast that vote or has said his vote was a mistake, then there are others to choose from."

This is an amazingly stupid and arrogant position. 
If she sticks to it, it will probably kill her candidacy. And it should.

Well then you have nothing to worry about, right?
What will columnists have to bitch about if she drops out of the race?.

Arianna and MoDo and others will probably have to change careers.

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Subject: the apology

All she has to say is: "I'm sorry I voted the way I did, but it was based on
cooked intelligence and deliberate lies from the White House."

Johny Rojo

Johny, that won't make them happy.  Any apology will be answered with, 
"She wasn't sincere," or "She didn't go far enough" or something else.

They don't want an apology - they want her to beg.

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Tiger streak ends in shocking fashion 


A winning streak that carried an asterisk ended because of a ball mark. 
Tiger Woo   stared only at the 4-foot path from his ball to the cup, a birdie putt
on the first extra hole that would allow him to escape with an improbable comeback 
Friday and take another step toward his eighth consecutive PGA Tour victory.

O'Hern figured the match was over.

Didn't everyone?

"I wasn't watching, to be honest with you" O'Hern said. 
"I was just waiting for the sound of ball going into hole."

Only after Woods struck his putt did he notice the ball mark he neglected to repair, 
which he said caused the ball to bump slightly off line to the right and slide by the cup. 
One hole later, O'Hern made a 12-foot par putt that sent Woods home without a trophy 
on the PGA Tour for the first in more than seven months.

...I didn't say a word... 

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always has good stuff.

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Bush Chided by Fitz
  by  Josh Gerstein

Fitz asserted that Libby violated a request from investigators by discussing his recollections about the case 
with Cheney, while the probe was under way. "He's not supposed to be talking to other people," Fitz said. 
"The only person he told is the vice president. Think about that."

Broadening his attack on the White House, Mr. Fitzgerald took a shot at Bush, indirectly criticizing him for 
not firing officials implicated in the Plame leaks. The prosecutor noted that in 2003 Scott McClellan, (R-Underbear)
said Bush would immediately dismiss anyone involved in the Plame leak. "Any sane person would think, based on 
what McClellan said in October 2003, that any person involved in this would be fired," Mr. Fitzgerald said.

Bush has never told the truth or kept his word, about anything.
Hey Fitz, why didn't you charge the two who ORDERED the leaks?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,145....3,149 American victims

We lost 8 more since last issue
while the Little Dictator plays with himself.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

(And that's just ONE oil company)

8 more soldiers dead,
but Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters.

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Poker Talk

Poker After Dark on NBC has turned out to be a great TV show.

I've watched every episode, and they do poker proud.
They mostly get the hell out of the way and let the game play.

This week, they had Gus Hansen, who is the most entertaining poker player on the planet.
They had Jesus Ferguson, who wins a lot but he's as exciting as drying paint..
Sam Farha played, but he was first out.

They had Tony G, who we talked about before, and I made a prediction.
Tony is from Australia, and he used to shoot his mouth off in the worst way.

Some dude would bet $50,000, and Tony G would raise $200,000, then say,
"Do your little yellow girlie balls have the courage to call me?"

You don't say that to someone who just realized they've lost $50K

When you're sitting at a table full of gamblers who each have $200K cash  in their hand,
and you royally piss them off night after night, soon, one of those millionaires gets angry.

My guess is Tony G got beat up, or he was made to fellate a gun barrel - something happened,
because he's 80% less a prick than he was when America met him in ..2004?

Lastly, if Heidi Klum could play poker, her name would be Clonie Gowen.

It's nice to have poker on five nights a week.

Note: No poker game this Saturday.
           Let's shoot for next Saturday.    

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Subject: swiftboat bastards

Dear Bart,

They are a bunch of pricks, no matter what, ready to spread lies about anyone.
They have no political color, really.
They are after it for a buck, because they know people will be ready to pay.
Believe me, it's like that.


If they can make Kerry into a war coward then they can make anyone into anything.
That's why I'm hoping we get a nominee who's a fighter.

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Subject: The Nigerian scam...

Heck Bart, the feller that sent you the Nigerian scam must be a reader of your website.
He must figure that if you'd fall for Her line of bullshit, you'd fall for anything.

Lots of us knew Bush was full of shit, too bad She didn't.
It'll cost her the Presidency in 08, mark my word.

Your Friend,
Mark in the Philippines

Mark, so you have nothing to froth about - right?
Her mistakes will do her in, like you say, so you should be happy, right?

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Jessica Alba - The Good Flood


  See more of  Jessica Alba  at  BC Hotties

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