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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 111 is Here 

Wed-Thurs  March 28-29, 2007  Vol 1951 - In for a Penny...

Quote of the Day

"My fantasy is to Web cast 
  Dick Cheney's deposition." 
   -- Joe Wilson talking about the civil suit
       he and his wife, Valerie Plame, have filed  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Rise of a Loyal Bushie 
Their Own Medicine 
Casualties of Conscience 
Let Rove Lie 
Peaches in the Air
Rudy plays dress up 
Kill Climate Research
Lindsay Lohan rehab


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"Congress could try to force Monica Lewinsk- or Monica Goodling rather - to testify..."
   -- NBC's Pete Williams, who's hiding some sex secrets of his own,   Link

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Rise of a Loyal Bushie
  by Tulsa's Richard Fricker

If you want to know what the career path of a "loyal Bushie" looks like, let me introduce you to J. Timothy Griffin,
a Karl Rove protégé who was slipped into the post of U.S. Attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas, and now is at the
center of the controversy over whether the Bush administration has sought to politicize federal prosecutions.

Since college, Griffin has been following the stations of the cross for a Republican legal/political operative with
ambitions to rise to a position of power and influence in a government like the one headed by George W. Bush.

Griffin has pretty much touched them all - the Federalist Society, work for a Clinton-era special prosecutor,
the Florida recount battle in 2000, opposition research and voter security duties for the RNC in Campaign 2004,
a brief tour as a military lawyer in Iraq, a deputy in Karl Rove's political shop at the White House.  is the most important site on the net.

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"If they had said, 'We fired those eight attorney's because we wanted to,'
  they might have avoided this whole problem. Instead, they lied.
  They lied because they always lie. It's the only thing they know how to do."
    -- Randi Rhodes, yesterday

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Tasting Their Own Medicine

I turned on C-Span the other morning, expecting to watch the latest chapter in the purification-by-fire
of Alberto Gonzales, and saw an amazing thing. It was so amazing and so hilarious that I coughed hot coffee
all over my new laptop. Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Republican of Florida, was howling on the House
floor about the lack of "openness" demonstrated by the new Democratic leadership. "In bill after bill after bill,"
he shouted, "the minority is closed out!" ...The Republicans ran Congress like a basement cock-fighting ring
for more than a decade, and two months or so after they're out of power, they're already transformed into
a bunch of squawking dissidents more pretentious than Rage Against the Machine.

It's odd about Rolling Stone... You can't trust them for music, 
("N-Sync is the best band in the world?") but you can trust them for politics.

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"The Attorney General and his key staff will testify before the relevant congressional
  committees to explain how the decision was made and for what reasons."
     -- Dubya, March 20, 2007,   Link

"Monica Goodling, a counsel to  Attorney General Gonzales, will invoke her constitutional right
  not to answer Senate questions about the firings, her lawyer John Dowd said."
      --Think Progress,    Link

 If they didn't commit any crimes, why can't they talk about it?

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"This bill should be named the Date Certain for Surrender Act.   A  West Point cadet
  could tell you that if you announce when the end will be, it's a recipe for defeat."
    -- former front-runner John McCain, promising an open-ended war for decades to come,   Link

"I'm going to be a hawk on
 Bush's bloody quagmire until
 I get to ten percent in the polls."

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Harmony Cedar Amish Furniture

A proud Bartcop advertiser for five years!

Harmony Cedar is in the business of selling beautiful amish furniture
Our dining room tables and cedar chests are handcrafted one at a time. 
Our furniture is quite solid, very well-made, and is built to last. 
Come check us out!

Casualties of Conscience


"John didn't start out a quitter. When he joined the military, he loved the idea of seeing the world.
Family members were thrilled by his choice. His stepfather works for an oil company, his uncle for
a weapons manufacturer. In training, though, he had serious qualms. From inside, the Army struck
John as brutal, controlling, "like a slavery contract." Iraq, his first war zone, did nothing to quiet his
doubts. The communications specialist was sent to a base near Baghdad to repair a phone and
Internet hookup that allowed communication between US facilities. John found himself holding a
faulty fiberoptic cable labeled "Abu Ghraib." "I really felt like part of something bad at that point,"
he says. 'I didn't directly have blood on my hands, but I was part of it.'"

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Subject: BCR 111 feedback

Hey Bart, I just listened to show 111 and it was another great one.

I wanted to comment a bit about the Hawaiian story.
I read a book last year titled Overthrow, America's century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq,
by Steven Kinzer.  The first chapter covers the plot to overthrow Hawaii's queen and bring her country
into the United States.  As a whole, I found the book pretty disgusting, to see how the US muscles its way
through all of the countries that don't bow to us.

Some things never change.
 Grego in Colo

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Check outt

Let Rove Lie


Karl Rove should be permitted to testify to Congress in private, without taking any oath, and without any
record being kept of what he says. I had hoped we could avoid the indecency of having to spell out the
reason why, but apparently we can't. So please remember this and then never say it aloud again: he wants
to lie. Sssshhh. There, we said it. And you're making it very difficult for him, and that's not very nice or respectful.

Just think about what will happen if Leahy or Conyers insists on subpoenaing Rove to testify in public under oath.
Half the people in the country will know enough to jump up and down and point their fingers at Rove and yell:
"He's lying!" And then what a fine mess that will be! Lying under oath is a crime, for godsake.

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Subject: Let's Question Gonzales and Rove in secret foreign prisons

The Bush administration and Attorney General Gonzales don't want to testify to Congress under oath.
Congress is ready to subpoena them to force them to testify.
Bush threatens a constitutional showdown if they do.

Can a compromise be reached? Is there a way that Gonzales and Rove can be questioned
in a way that the Bush administration would approve of?

Bush and Gonzales have vigorously defended the use of secret prisons in foreign countries
as a way of getting to the truth. Both have stated to Congress that they are totally legal,
that they are not torture, and that they are effective.

So maybe we should send Gonzales and Rove to a secret foreign prison for questioning.
How could they object to that?
I bet the Democrats would go along with that.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA

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McCain's myspace page hacked

Subject: war with iran

Bart, your comment is entirely inappropriate and callous.  I'm surprised.
The recent diagnosis of Elizabeth Edwards is not good news in our family.
My wife had a mastectomy in January and has been in chemo since mid-February.

I hate the stuff that Tony Snow stands for and the stuff he does....
but I certainly do not wish for his death.

This is a perfect example of someone quoting me saying something I never said.

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Impeachment is in the Air

Pelosi made it clear after the Democrats won the House that she would tolerate no talk of impeachment,
even reportedly threatening John Conyers with the denial of his position as chair of the House Judiciary
Committee if he pushed ahead with or accepted bills of impeachment from other House members.

But the Democratic Party's efforts to tamp down impeachment efforts are coming unraveled, courtesy of
the ongoing criminality of the Bush administration, which seems hell-bent on aggrandizing as much executive
power as it possibly can before the clock runs out on Bush's second term of office.

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"Senator Hagel is saying the U.S. is not a monarchy. 
  Of course it's not a monarchy.  What an outrageous thing to say. 
 The president should confiscate Hagel's land and revoke his privilege."  
     -- Stephen Colbert

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Subject: Keeping Bart informed

Hey Bart, Just thought I'd drop you a line and give you a little insight on the military and a couple of  their leaders.
I served under LTG McChrystal when he was Battalion Commander (LTC) and later as a full bird Assistant
Division Commander for Operations.

He's equal to any great leader that served. He loved his men down to the newest private that served under him.
He cared about what they had to say and listened to his Sargeants at squad leader level for insight.
He liked when you "tell it like it is".   He reminded me of HenryV.

I served under Gen Wes Clark in Kosovo/Serbia.
He took us to war and brought ALL of us home with the soles of our boots on the ground.
Two leaders that truly have an "aura".
I say this as a senior level Sergeant and not a starry eyed private.

I just thought I'd keep the (good) info moving around

Stay in the zone

Sparky, thanks for that, but the point was if he lied about Tillman, to help "the military,"
doesn't that mean he might lie about Osama - and other matters, too?

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Lee Atwater - Former King of Dirty Politics


"The White House complains that the media never shows the good news coming out of Iraq. 
So tonight, it's my new feature 'Lewis Black's Iraq Good New Explosion.' ... Tattoos. 
For decades under Saddam, they were punishable by death. But now, the only tough part is 
picking out a design.  Should I get 'Mom' or 'Death to America'? I'd go with 'Death to America.' 
You never know how your feelings for your mom might change..."  
    -- Lewis Black on The Daily Show

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Rudy loves to dress up

Thanks to galahad

Subject: Novak

Robert Novak's nickname is "douchebag of liberty", per Jon Stewart.

Thank you.
Resume hammering,
Berkley, MI

I thought Novak was the Duke of Douchebaggery.

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Cruise Ship Caught In Cyclone

They almost had a Poseidon adventure

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BIG changes are coming to the Bart Blog

Did HBO Cover-Up 9-11 Bomb Evidence?

How Bush helped the GOP commit suicide

Democrats should give two cheers for Bush. He and Rove dreamed of a permanent Republican majority. 
Instead, his disastrous presidency has dealt a devastating blow to the GOP, one from which it may not 
recover for many years.

The Pew Research Center finds that voters have turned dramatically away from the GOP under Bush. 
Iraq is the biggest reason for this. But even more troubling for them is the underlying attitudes and beliefs 
are trending against them. The study says the GOP was facing serious long-term problems anyway, 
and that Bush delivered the coup de gr'ce. 

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Subject: donation

Bart, I NEED the radio.
Damn shows just getting better all the time....
Keep it up.

Tim from Red State Indiana....

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Bush Killing Climate Research

Loyal Bushies have engaged in efforts to stifle, delay or dampen the release of climate change research that 
casts the White House or its policies in a bad light, says a new report.

G.A.P Researchers reviewed thousands of e-mails, memos and other documents obtained through 
FOI requests and from government whistle-blowers and dozens of interviews.

The group says it has identified hundreds of instances where White House-appointed officials interfered 
with scientists' efforts to convey their research findings to the public at the behest of Loyal Bushies.

We're stuck with a president who can make more money with pollution than with polution prevention
He can also make more money with a never-ending bloody quagmire than he can with peace.

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Subject: Gonzales Sex Scandal WTF?!?

I'm almost too livid to write...

"guards and Adminstrators sexually abusing" the teen-age boys in a juvenile facility?
And all Seedy Gonzales has to say is "they weren't coerced-so no harm done"? WTF?????

Dude, I'm with you - it's called "corruption."

These were men in a position of authority over a group of teen-age boys-fer [gosh] sakes!
Excuse me-I thought it was AGAINST THE F##KING LAW to do that?
When did it become open season on young boys?

In 1998, when the GOP decided that sex between a man and a woman was a "high crime."
These days, the GOP sticks to misdemeanors like "boy touching" for a lad who's not yet 13.

Why don't we just freakin' GIVE texass BACK to the Mexicans-let them deal with the mess.....
 Frank, Mason  MI

I agree Texas has been a Florida-like pimple on the ass of progress,
but Texas is so big, they also have room for good things like

Del Castillo,
done right Tex-Mex,
SXSW Music Festival, starring my good friends Del Castillo.
probably a nice tequila selection at the spirit's store.
(Isn't it cool how the chemical that 'takes you there' is called "a spirit" by the state?
There's that "Eat a 40oz steak and it's free" steakhouse in Amarillo.
There's that place where all the Cadillacs are buried...

I'd guess that Texas is 40% cool, and 60% Bush nuggets.
Unless we're talking Dallas Cowboys, their ain't nothing wrong in Texas that isn't wrong in every state.

 'cept Texas has been forever stained by the Bloody Butcher Bush.
We're thinking about seeing DelCastillo live on Cinco de Mayo.
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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Tennessee Tuxedo in Top Tier
 Everybody likes Fred Thompson

He's not even a candidate yet, but Fred Thompson already has risen to third among possible 
Fascist presidential candidates, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll released Tuesday.
The former senator and star of  Law and Order only recently said he would consider a presidential bid.

He was chosen by 12 percent of those polled, trailing pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani at 31 percent and 
John "I-can't get enough-of-Bush's-quagmire" McCain at 22 percent.

The Tux has a good shot.
He's the only conservative in the race.

Tennessee Tuxedo has no chance
 Everybody hates Fred Thompson

Focus on the Handjob founder James Dobson has dealt a potentially devastating blow to 
Fred Thompson's presidential aspirations.

"Everyone knows he's conservative but I don't think he's a Christian. At least that's my impression."

Thompson's spokesman Mark Corallo took issue with the statement.

"Thompson is indeed a Christian," he said. 
"He was baptized into the Church of  George W. Christ."

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,242....3,244 American victims

We lost  2 more since last issue
while the Little Dictator force-feeds the meatgrinder.

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

(And that's just ONE oil company)

2 more soldiers dead, but that's OK because
Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.


Bloomberg News says Iraq is currently pumping 2M barrels a day. (Lies)
 But even 2M barrels is $120M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

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Sanjaya win could destroy "Idol" credibility
 Like in the Middle East, we vote for the worst guys


Why does Sanjaya never get voted off the Island?
He should've been gone weeks ago, but he has two secret weapons.

Howard Stern and  is making a mockery of the contest.

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Where do they read ?

They read it in Cupertino, CA
They read it in Esneux, Liege, Belgium 
They read it in Nashua, NH 
They read it in Buenos Aires, Distrito, Argentina. 
They read it in Conneaut. OH

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Lindsay Lohan finds boyfriend in rehab 



 See more of  Lindsay Lohan  in our  BC Hotties section

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