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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 113 is Here Links below

Friday  April 6, 2007   Vol 1956 - Eternally

Quote of the Day

"Assad's bad behavior is being rewarded. 
     --Dick Cheney, about Pelosi's visit,  Link

  Hey Dick, what about all that oil business 
  you did with Saddam in the Nineties?
  Why did you reward him, then murder him?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Cheney's Insanity 
America's Broken Army
12,000 more Troops 
Leahy: Answers, Please
Random thought... 
Media Whore Questions 
Bob Barr repents 
US aids Terrorists 
Paris Hilton surgery


"They don't believe you should speak your mind.
  They don't believe in dissent.
  They don't believe in human rights. 
  Their dark ideology is based upon hatred."
    -- Bush, on the differences between his administration and Osama's,   Link

 Butt Monkey, how are they different than you?

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Cheney: 'The War made me Insane'


Dick Cheney repeated his assertions of al-Qaida links to Saddam on Thursday as the Defense 
Department released a report citing more evidence that Saddam did not cooperate with al-Qaida. 

"That's my story and I'm sticking with it," said Cheney, as he strangled a puppy.
"Zarqawi took up residence there before we ever launched into Iraq, organized the al-Qaida operations 
inside Iraq before we even arrived on the scene and then, of course, led the charge for Iraq until we killed 
him last June," Cheney told the vulgar Pigboy. "As I say, they were present before we invaded Iraq."

However, a declassified Pentagon report released Thursday said that no matter how much they tortured
Saddam and his former aides, they and documents confirm that their was no collaberation before the invasion.
Even Lee Hamilton's Whitewash Commission admitted there was no connection.


Boy, wouldn't you hate to have the "Cheney is sane" side in a college debate class?
Wouldn't you hate to be Dennis Miller, James Woods, Dennis Hopper, Ron Silver etc, 
and try to have a career after betting your reputation that these Fascists were sane?

But Cheney has done the impossible - he's made Bush, who admitted years ago that
there was no connection between the al-Qaida and Saddam, look sane by comparison.

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3500 dead soldiers so Bush 
could maximize his oil profits


"The Democrats in Congress have done absolutely nothing to tell the president he is not a king 
 and we do not live in a monarchy. They are allowing him to trash the Constitution because most 
 of them know nothing about the Constitution and are concerned only with making headlines about 
 minor issues and getting themselves reelected." 
    -- Bruce Fein,   Link

...hard to argue with that.

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Beautiful Dining Room Tables

We are in the business of selling beautiful dining room tables.
They are made from 100% real midwestern hardwoods, in the old- fashioned style.
Our dining room furniture is build very solidly, is very well-made,
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We encourage you to check out our guide to dining room furniture,
a compendium of information on our dining tables, chairs and hutches.

Harmony Cedar has been a proud Bartcop advertiser for five years.
(Despite the freeper attempts to scare us off from advertising with Bart!)


"The latest massacre of Iraqi children came as 21 Shia market workers were ambushed, 
  bound and shot dead north of the capital. The victims came from the Baghdad market 
  visited the previous day by John McCain, the US presidential candidate, who said that 
  an American security plan in the capital was starting to show signs of progress." 
     --James Hider,  Link

 I am all over that phony market story in BCR 113 - up today for sure

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"Every child I saw was wearing the blue school uniform drenched with blood. Some of their 
  dresses were torn. I only saw fire. I heard teachers and students shouting. When we rushed 
  out of the school, we saw pupils on the ground, some of them burning." 
     -- Buthayna Mahmud, 10, on seeing Bush and McCain's "progress" in BaghdadLink

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12,000 more for Bush's Meat Grinder
  Will there be a third surge after the second?


The Defense Department is preparing to send another 12,000 troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, 
defense officials said Thursday.  The papers ordering the deployment, which would run for one 
year beginning in early 2008, were awaiting Defense Secretary Robert Gates' signature.

The deployment is sure to ignite a firestorm on Capitol Hill, where Democrats in Congress 
are maneuvering to scale back the U.S. commitment in Iraq. S

Sure, I'll bet Reid and Pelosi will write Bush a hot letter - but will they mail it?
Let me guess: They going to "call for" Bush not to do that.

 I'm not bothered, Bart - and here's why

Click  to  Hear


Subject: Bush didn't support the 52 American hostages in Iran

Bart. Bush has long been threatening Iran, labeling them as part of the "axis of evil" etc., 
and he says he considers them a terrorist entity.

So why is it that NOBODY brings up how the Bush Administration blocked a $33 BILLION 
judgement against Iran for the 52 American hostages that were held in 1979?

Because the Democrats are scared little weenies who are afraid to list the facts.

The American hostages won that jugdement after years of attempting compensation. 
The judgement was awarded in 2001 and BLOCKED by Bush's State Department in 2002.

This is on par with Bush family crony Jim Baker representing the Saudi Royals as defendants
from the American victims' families of 9/11.

Here is a Bush-enabling WaHoPo link to one article on the subject written in 2006.
The hypocrite is long overdue for impeachment.
 Andy P.

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"As an extra bonus, the Iranian president said he's 
  going to throw in a case of marshmallow peeps." 
    -- Conan O'Brien, on the hostage release being 'an Easter gift' 

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Subject: military men were sent to their deaths by President Clinton

You claim that no soldiers were sent to their deaths under Clinton.  That simply is not true. 
I know you are going to claim that these don't count because the operations may have commenced 
under the first President Bush, that the soldiers sent under Clinton were replacements for one's 
previously sent by Bush.   But the fact is that soldiers were sent in under Clinton and came back in a box. 

Somalia-Operation Restore Hope 1992-93  deaths = 35  wounded = 153
Haiti: Operations  Uphold Democracy 1993-95  deaths = 2  wounded  = 3
Intervention Force  in Bosnia Operation Joint Endeavor 1995-96  deaths = 1   wounded = 4

You can still truthfully claim that less than 50 soldiers were sent to their deaths under Clinton 
but to claim that none were is to belie your claim to never lie.
 Dave Pittman

Somalia was dumped in Clinton's lap - it wasn't his idea, it wasn't his operation. His options
were to ride out Bush's bad idea or "snatch the food from the poor, starving people's mouths."

Bush sent those men into an Al-Qaida stronghold on a "Meals on Wheels" operation without 
they armor they needed to fight the warlords who were stealing the food in the first damn place.

Plus, Bush the Smarter didn't begin that mission until after he'd lost the election,
which certainly makes a fair man wonder what his motives really were.

The Haiti and Bosnia deaths weren't combat related.

You forgot to add: "You don't have the courage to print this."

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Leahy to Gonzales: Answers, Please

In a letter today to Tortureboy Gonzales, Pat Leahy (D-Former (?) Rubberstamp) scolded Gonzales 
for failing to respond to prior questions from the committee and requested that Gonzales prepare a written 
statement in advance of his April 17 hearing. Leahy said the statement should include "a full and complete 
account of the development of the plan to replace United States Attorneys, and all the specifics of your role 
in connection with this matter." 

The matter is Gonzales sending a Canadian to Syria to be tortured.
Bush scolded Pelosi for going to Syria, but it's OK for Bush to have a Torture Treaty with them?

Back in February, Gonzales peomised Leahy an answer about the tortures "by next week."
But Leahy, always wanting to be fair, has given him eight weeks and they still haven't delivered.

Will Leahy gove him another eight weeks?
Or will the Democrats finnaly get enough sac to issue the goddamn subpoenas?

Hey Pat, I have a suggestion:

Stop begging for answers like a schoolgirl!
Play a little hard ball - serve the damn subpoenas!

Can't you pretend to be a man - just this once?

Help me retire this graphic, Pat.

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"I appreciate those of you who are about to deploy in an important theater in this war on terror. 
  I analyzed all the situation here this fall...
     --Dubya, giving the troops confidence with his mastery of the English language,  Link

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Subject: Hillary/Buzzflash

Is Buzzflash anti-Hillary, like Arianna? 

I'd been thinking about donating to them because they seem so "democratic" but, in view of 
the fact they're constantly belittling Hillary, I'll just keep my donations for Hillary's campaign instead. 

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
It's disheartening to see how many Democratic websites are whipping Hillary's butt for voting for the war, 
and giving the others a pass. Obama couldn't vote for or against it, so he has an advantage in that area.

Anyone attacking Her for her vote must be able to explain why they gave Kerry a pass.
So far, nobody's been able to explain their selective accountability.

You're absolutely right; it's the left who has this un-warranted vendetta against Hillary; or they're 
pretending to be lefties, just to bring Hillary down.  I'm almost certain that much of Obama's money's 
coming from the Right wing; simply because they know what a threat she is to their side. 

I'll vote for Obama if he wins the nomination, but l will continue to support Hillary.
I'm a Harry Truman Democrat.
 Marian in Missouri

Obama is the Republicans's dream come true.
If Gore couldn't carry Tennessee, how can Obama?

But, maybe my good friend Mr. Buzzflash is just trying to save

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$36, 3 for $100

Dr. Babs 

T-shirts, $23 each, 5 for $100
(Must be sent to same address)

Click for details

Questions for media whores
 Great article, try to read it all if you can

"As the White House tries to limit testimony by Karl Rove, are the media openly siding 
 with the Democrats?" That was the question asked by Howard Kurtz of CNN's Reliable Sources.

I don't recall him asking if the White House press was siding with Republicans during the Monica scandal.
Even now, Chris Matthews badgers his guests with questions such as "Can Bill Clinton behave himself?"

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Wow!  There's tons of good/new stuff on the BartBlog

Volt is doing a heckuva job :)

America's Broken-Down Army


Matt Zeimer enlisted last June at age 17, three weeks after graduating from high school in Montana. 
After nine weeks of basic training and additional preparation in infantry tactics in Oklahoma, he arrived 
at Fort Stewart, Ga., in early December. But Zeimer had missed the intense four-week pre-Iraq training,
a taste of what troops will face in combat - that his 1st Brigade comrades got at their home post in October. 
Instead, Zeimer got a cut-rate, 10-day course on weapon use, first aid and Iraqi culture. That's the same length 
as the course that teaches soldiers assigned to generals' household staffs the finer points of table service.

On Feb. 2, seven months out of high school, he scrambled to the roof of an outpost in central Ramadi. 
Sunni insurgents were attacking. Amid the smoke, noise and confusion, a blast ripped through the wall 
shielding Zeimer and a fellow soldier, killing them both. Zeimer had been in Iraq for a week. 
He had been at his first combat post for two hours.

Dead at 18.
This reminds me of the worst moment I ever had on Bartcop Radio.
It's from BCR Show 68 which came out Christmas Eve, 2004.

 soldiers-die-young.mp3  to listen

 soldiers-die-young.mp3  to download

There's only one bad word in this, but trust me,
you'll want to be alone when you hear this.

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Subject: I'm not bothered

...because the same racists that wouldn't vote for Obama aren't going to vote for Hillary, either. 
They are lost votes. Neither candidate is going to get them. Seriously - from what group does 
Hillary gather more votes than Barack?

Me? I'm an Edwards guy. He's the only one who seems to notice the middle class has gotten 
SCREWED over the last 25 years, including the 8 when Bill was president.
 Bill D

Bill, I get that, but America is still a horribly racist country.

Bart, although I'm not too enthused about Obama, I still can't imagine a better way 
to assure he doesn't succeed than to have Fox creatures promoting him.

Matt v 

I like Obama.
I think with a few year's experience, he could reach greatness.

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Snoop Dog unloads on O'Reilly

He sounds like Ol' Bart on a serious vodka jag.
Wish we could talk like this on American TV.

 Want to trade links?

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A few radio shows back, Tommy & I talked about
Raquel Welch at 65 and I forgot to run the picture.


"Mitt Romney announced he's raised $23 million, Rudy Giuliani said he's
  raised $15 million, and Tom Tancredo announced he's raised two children." 
    -- Conan O'Brien

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Subject: you asked...

Bart, you asked,

> Why don't the Democrats call him on this?
> Why are they always so helpless and clueless and too scared to speak the truth?

Do you think we would hear about it if they had?

Sure we would, because that would be real news.
That's man-bites-dog news, if the Democrats ever fought back.

Every weekend they're on Meet the Whore, Face the Whore, This Whore etc
and they always have lealy-mouth "suggestions" for Bush instead of demanding
that this crooked bunch of thugs give the people what we voted for in 2006.

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Subject: misplaced blame. Please familiarize with

please stop the madness.
media millionaires f screwed our futures.

JR, you were terriblt unclear, so I'll have to guess:
We should all get behind Nader's 2 percent and pray for a miracle?

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Bob Barr repents


During the Clinton  administration, Bob Barr of Georgia was one of the most visible Republicans in America. 
In 1998, the arch-conservative was a House manager of Clinton's impeachment trial. But since leaving Congress 
in 2003, Barr has become a vocal critic of the constitutionally questionable policies of  George W. Bush. In 2004, 
he declined to support Bush's reelection, and in late 2006 he formally left the GOP to take a leadership position in 
the Libertarian Party. Two weeks ago, Barr and several other conservative heavyweights announced the founding 
of the American Freedom Agenda, a group opposed to what it sees as assaults on civil liberties in post-9/11 America.

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Subject: I'll answer your question

Bart, you asked:

> Doesn't it bother you that FOX News, Rush, and the rest want Obama to be the Demo nominee?

Answer:  Who cares what the right-wing loons do? 

"Who acres what the enemy does in a life-and-death fight?"
Did you really mean to start your rebuttal that way?

I am sure it is harder in Oklahoma, but try. 

What is harder in Oklahoma?
You're not making any sense.

The same ones also said YOU were a fascist.  True? 

What? I've never been attacked by FOX, Rush or any of them.
You're not making any sense.

The same ones also say Hillary is a murderer.  True?  On and on. 
Why would you pay any attention to anything they said?

If they were telling lies about Obama, you'd have a point.
But they're talking about how great he is, how "he's another RFK" 
and that he's "a breath of fresh air" to the Democratic Party.

When a Republican tells the truth, you have to wonder what their motives are.

You are going to give yourself a stroke -- you get so hysterical, defending Hillary.
Now -- go ahead and say no "hard lefter" answered you, like last time.
 Elizabeth the hard-lefter

I'm not defending her - a Hillary victory will kill my only source of income,
but the facts are the facts,
and I can't change the facts by wishing they weren't true.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

US aids Terrorists in Iraq
  by Michael Ware, the best reporter in Iraq

An Iranian opposition group based in Iraq, labeled a terrorist organization by the United States,
gets protection (and funding) from the U.S. military despite Iraqi pressure to leave the country.
The U.S. considers the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, or MEK, a source of valuable intelligence on Iran.

The group also is credited with helping expose Iran's secret nuclear program through spying on Tehran for decades.
Iranian officials tied the MEK to an explosion in February at a girls school in Zahedan, Iran. (Full story)

Bush's State Department considers the MEK a terrorist organization -- meaning no American can deal with it; 
U.S. banks must freeze its assets; and any American giving support to its members is committing a crime.

Bush is funneling money to these beheading bastards.
They are kidnapping Iranian diplomats who've been invited to Iraq by the government.

I'm all over this in BCR Show 113, out today for sure.

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Subject: Yesterday's Monkey mail

haha, that's what I wanted, I knew you would do something like that, haha
but what you don't know is you have no consent to publish that and I have a paid lawyer. 

You may ask me if can post it though.
Good Day,
Dan Taylor 

Dan, tell your lawyer I chew up and spit out two-bit chislers like him every day.
If you've got the balls, tell him I'll pay your filing fees.
I've been begging for for somebody to sue me for over a decade.

So, you feel lucky, punk?

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

stealing  $220,000,000 every day.

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Bush's "Bring 'em on" death taunt is up to...

3,265....3,267 American victims

We lost  2 more strolling around McCain's "Paradise,"
while the Little Dictator tells us "The surge is working."

...and how much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

(And that's just ONE oil company)

2 more soldiers dead, but that's OK because
Exxon makes $75,000 profit per minute

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.


Bloomberg News says Iraq is currently pumping 2M barrels a day. (Lies)
 But even 2M barrels is $120M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

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The new Paris Hilton?
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