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"Hillary and Obama cast a vote that singularly defines their lack of leadership and serves as 
  a glaring example of an unrealistic and inexperienced worldview on national security that is 
  regrettably shared by too many of their fellow Capitol Hill Democrats. Voting against our troops 
  during a time of war shows the American people that the leaders of the Democrat Party will 
  abandon principle in favor of political positioning. Their votes render them undependable in 
  the eyes of the men and women of the United States military and the American people." 
      -- Mitt Romney, while masturbating with a Brillo pad,

"I was very disappointed to see Obama and Hillary embrace the policy of surrender by voting 
  against funds to support our troops. This vote may win favor with MoveOn and liberal primary voters, 
  but it's the equivalent of waving a white flag to al Qaeda." 
       -- John McCain, bitter because he fell in love with the wrong man, 

"This country is united in our support for our troops, but we also owe them a plan to relieve them 
  of the burden of policing someone else's civil war.  Romney and McCain clearly believe the course 
  we are on in Iraq is working, but I do not. And if there ever was a reflection of that it's the fact that 
  McCain required a flack jacket, 10 armored Humvees, two Apache attack helicopters, and 100 soldiers 
  with rifles by his side to stroll through a market in Baghdad just a few weeks ago." 
      -- Barack Obama, slapping Monkey ass like a pro,

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Why I Hate the Clintons
 ...and why you should hate them, too

According to Justice Department filings, Colombia agreed this month to pay $300,000 to 
Burson-Marsteller - whose president, Mark Penn, is a senior advisor to Sen. Clinton - to help 
"educate members of the U.S. Congress and other audiences" about the trade deal and secure 
continued U.S. funding for the $5 billion anti-narcotics program Plan Colombia.The filings also 
show that last month Uribe's government put The Glover Park Group, a Washington D.C.-based 
lobbying firm that includes former Clinton spokesman Joe Lockhart, on a $40,000 a month retainer.

Damn, I wish I was smart enough to jump on the I-Hate-Her-Too bandwagon.
I'll bet my mortage would be paid off - if I only had the courage...

Can't Dave Sirota find anything about the Bush thugs to rail against?
Is the Bush aministration so perfect that Sirota can only attack Democrats?

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Subject: If the Democrats only had a Brain...

Hi Bart,

If the Democrats had any brains they would load the Iraq War funding bill with all kinds of stuff 
that Bush can't, or won't, sign.  I can think of a few things right off the top of my head:  A national 
medical insurance program.  Funding for education.  Moderate increases in taxes for the rich. 

In short, a Smorgasbord of liberal treats that would make Bushie cringe.  The problem for his highness 
would be that he would have to explain it all in detail!  The more people's pork that was attached to the bill, 
the more he would have to explain if he refused to sign it.  And, in the end, if he refused to sign the bill he 
would not be supporting the troops!  If he did sign the bill he would be giving away many of the things 
his corporate sponsors have ordered him to retain.  Doubly damned, and well deserved.

The right balance, if struck, would guarantee humiliation for Der Decider. 
But the Democrats don't have the brains or the balls to do the obvious, 
and it takes a half baked code hacker like me to suggest it.

Keep hammerin' and a slammin'. 
Someday someone will listen and learn.

I wish the democrats had a collective IQ of 64.
A few weeks ago, Bush vetoed funding for the troops during wartime.

Did you hear one Democrat state that fact?

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Subject: Democratic Underground must be destroyed


I do not paraphrase Cato lightly.

What used to be a wonderful site for Democrats, Democratic Underground has in recent months
become the enemy of Democrats and the enemy of the Progressive Antiwar movement in the United States.

This weekend, DU has managed to finally hound Cindy Sheehan into resigning and going home.
Yes, that's right, they were SO vicious towards her that she is giving up the Anitwar movement
and giving up the Democratic Party!

Here is what Cindy wrote

Therefore I urge you all to use your blogs, radio programs, and any  influence you have
in a concentrated effort over the next four days to utterly destroy Democratic Underground.

We need not wait for them to cross the alps with elephants to know for certain who the enemy is now.


-Ben Burch
Real Democrat
Antiwar Progressive
Friend of Cindy
Banned from DU

I don't know anything about this fight, but Ben is a friend so I'm printing his e-mail.

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GIs losing faith in Iraq
 95 percent of one platoon wants to get out

"In Mosul, in 2003, it felt like we were making the city a better place," he said.  "There was no
sectarian violence, Saddam was gone, we were tracking down the bad guys. It felt awesome."

But now on his third deployment in Iraq, he is no longer a believer in the mission. The pivotal moment came,
he says, this past February when soldiers killed a man setting a roadside bomb. When they searched the
bomber's body, they found identification showing him to be a sergeant in the Iraqi Army.

"I thought, 'What are we doing here? Why are we still here?' " said Safstrom. "We're helping guys
that are trying to kill us. We help them in the day. They turn around at night and try to kill us."

"In 2003, 2004, 100 percent of the soldiers wanted to be here, to fight this war," said Sergeant Moore,
a self-described "conservative Texas Republican" and platoon sergeant who strongly advocates an
American withdrawal. "Now, 95 percent of my platoon agrees with me."

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Subject: Prayers


Bart, you wrote:

> "praying is ridiculously ineffective"


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