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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 119 is here!

Corn - 4    Weekend-Monday,  June 16-18, 2007 Vol 1996 - A Face in the Cowed

Quote of the Day

"Cheney's getting a new pacemaker.
  Doctors say Cheney will be up and 
  sneering in no time."  
      -- David Letterman

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Anti-Hillary dirty tricks
Tears of a Clone 
Begging his Pardon 
Democrats draw wrath 
The Mythical Lincoln 
Blacks are immoral 
Another one bites 
Kid drunk on tequila
Sue Storm's $56M

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"Do you care if another bomb went off in Tikrit? 
  Does it mean anything? No! It doesn't mean anything."
    -- Bill O'Reilly,   Link

If it doesn't mean anything why are soldiers dying over there?

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Anti-Hillary dirty tricks

She's ahead in the polls and on course to become the Democrats' presidential candidate for 2008. 
So it is no surprise that a right-wing smear campaign is gathering speed to derail Hillary's bid for 
the White House. Conservative groups and political figures are planning a film, books and a 
concerted media campaign to demonise Clinton, who is already one of the most polarising figures 
in American politics.

Top of the list if a film that aims to delve into past Clinton scandals, such as Whitewaters, and to 
dig up new dirt. 'This project aims to expose the truth about her conflicts in the past and her 
liberal plot for the future,' said a statement on the film's website.

Woo Hoo!

It's been a long time since we've seen Team Clinton play ball.
During impeachment, the Clintons couldn't say much, so they were forced to rely on
their terminally retarded Democratic friends and allies, but this time they're free to fight back.

Maybe you younger kids don't remember 1992 and 1996.
The Clintons laid the framework and drew the blueprints for Democratic victory, but the Dems 
were too stupid, too scared and too disinterested in winning to use the playbook in 2000 and 2004.

I've seen this movie and it's great!

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Subject: paying for lefty web sites

 HA HA, I'm laughing my ass off, with the 49.95 for my high speed access plus the cost of a cold
30 pack of bud light, there's no way I'm going to pay for the kind of drivel most internet blogs spew.

I'm amazed that anybody does. Can you imagine if knuckledraggers had to pay for Hannity or Limbaugh?

But that's the point - the right is drowning in cash.
Rich Republicans throw a million to this web site and a million to that web site.
Rich Democrats seem to have other priorities and the rank and file are broke.

The right would be just as wayward as the left. Typical lefty sentiment though; make 'em pay.
Liberals never could figure out how to get advertisers so the audience could get what it needed for free.

Joseph D'Alessandro

I don't think fewer lefty web sites is a good thing.

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Can Obama Crush Hillary?



Obama has been trying to beef up his image for months but the buzz is still about his beefcake side.
The Democrat who's so afraid of looking like a pretty boy is once more drawing attention for his more superficial charms.

At his first news conference after he announced last February, Obama chastised reporters for writing about 
how good he looked in a swimsuit, and he defended hiring oppo-researchers, saying that it was "essential to 
democracy" to compare and contrast the candidates on the issues.

So why would his aides send two sneering memos about the Clintons' finances to reporters this week, 
on a not-for-attribution condition?

That's not sleazy so much as stupid.

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Helen Thomas: Are there any members of the Bush family or this administration in this war?

Liar Tony Snow:  Yes, the President. The President is in the war every day.

Helen Thomas: Come on. That isn't my question.

Liar Tony Snow: If you ask any President who is a Commander-in-Chief --

Helen Thomas: On the front lines --

Liar Tony Snow: The President.     Link

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Tears of a Clone
 Palast makes Tim Griffin (R-Crook) cry

He cried. Then he lied.
You remember Tim. Karl Rove's right hand (right claw?) man. The GOP's ragin' cagin' man.

Griffin is the Rove-bot exposed by our BBC Newsnight investigations team as the man who gathered 
and sent out the infamous 'caging' lists to Republican state chairmen during the 2004 election.

Caging lists, BBC discovered, were used secretly as a basis to challenge the right to vote of thousands 
of citizens - including the homeless, students and soldiers sent overseas. The day after BBC broadcast 
that the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, John Conyers, sought our evidence on Griffin, Tim resigned 
his post as US Attorney for Arkansas. That job was a little gift from Karl Rove who made room for his 
man Griffin by demanding the firing of US prosecutor Bud Cummins.

Last week, our cameras captured Griffin, all teary-eyed, in his humiliating kiss-off speech delivered
in Little Rock at the University of Arkansas where he moaned that, "public service isn't worth it."

This is why Homeland Security staged that fake JFK bombing story in New York.
This is the story they had to prevent from making headlines.

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"When there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Bush immediately seized on 
the idea of bringing freedom and democracy. How's that workin' out for you, Mr. President? 
The United States also pressured the Palestinians to hold elections.They elected Hamas, 
a terrorist organization. How's that workin' out for you, Mr. President? Hamas has now 
seized Gaza. The Abbas government has been dismantled and Hamas militants have been 
on a rampage, pillaging government institutions."  
    -- Jack Cafferty,

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Subject: Why Hillary might be better, sans dogma

Hey Bart,
Thanks for all you do.

I think one element missing in the great Hillary debate is: don't we want a candidate 
who will not wimp out at the first possible opportunity in the face of obvious voter fraud? 

Obama's youth might just mean he'd be willing to lie down like Kerry and Gore 
(that timidity invalidates the latter's potential candidacy) to fight another day. 
No way would Hillary take that shit.
 Wes in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 

I think Hillary is a fighter but that's an expensive opinion.

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Please read

What if you were innocent - and in prison 
- and you couldn't get anybody's attention?

Brent Parris has already served 8 years.
They want him to serve 37 more.


"What we're lacking is strong, aggressive, bold leadership like we had with Ronald Reagan." 
     -- Rudy Giuliani, taking a swipe at Der Monkey,   Link

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Subject: Rescue Me

Bart,  I am a retired Firefighter/Medic after devoting almost 35 years to that great profession.
I think Denis Leary brings out so much which happens with people being individuals with all the
individual problems and pleasures, and then becoming a team of togetherness when an alarm sounds.
Most programs regarding firefighting and rescue and medics don't include the every day lives both
in and out of the firehouse.

No other profession is like firefighting and "Rescue Me" brings out so much of that lifestyle.

Love your site and read it every night.
Thanks for being a voice for us.

Curtis, 35 years of running into fires?
That deserves a shot of Chinaco for sure.


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Another one bites the dust
 Official Close to Attorney Firings Quits

A senior Justice Department official who helped carry out the dismissals of federal prosecutors
said Friday he is resigning. Mike Elston, chief of staff to Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty,
is the fifth Justice official to leave after being linked to the dismissals of the prosecutors.

Elston was accused of threatening at least four of the eight fired U.S. attorneys to keep quiet about their ousters.

John Conyers (D-Hero) said the resignation raises a red flag for investigators.
"When yet another significant player resigns in the U.S. attorney scandal, it only deepens the mystery of who
targeted U.S. attorneys for firing, why they did it, and what exactly is going on in the highest reaches of the
Justice Department and who is filling the vacuum of leadership that has developed there," said Conyers.

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It pays to advertise on

Still at 2006 prices!

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"When Bush was in Albania, they named a street after him. During the ceremony, 
  Bush told the Albanians, 'I am honored to be standing here on Lame Duck Boulevard'" 
      -- Conan O'Brien

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Subject: Paris


Thanks for your defense of PH, I'm really tired of all of the piling on.
What if the whore media held W to the same standard as they do for Paris? 
  Robert C

That Friday when they threw her back in jail?
FOX News was going on and on about "This is what happens when 
you're brought up with priviledge and never have to pay for your mistakes,"
without the slightest hint of irony that Bush's upbringing certainly played a role in
his decision to start a war so he could steal everything he wants.

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Moral poverty cost blacks in New Orleans
 by Rev Jesse Lee Peterson (R-Racist Handjob) 

 "Blacks are immoral."


When 75 percent of New Orleans residents had left the city, it was primarily immoral, 
welfare-pampered blacks that stayed behind and waited for the government to bail them out. 

If whites were to just leave the United States and let blacks run the country, 
they would turn America into a ghetto within 10 years. 

President Bush is not to blame for the rampant immorality of blacks. 

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Your e-mail could've gone here but you didn't write.

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Perkel asks video question of candidates about reality vs. faith. 


"If Bill Kristol says what I'm doing is right, it must be right."
    -- Kissyface, in bed with the neo-cons,   Link

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Begging his Pardon
  by Bill Moyers


You would have thought Libby had been ordered to Guantanamo, so intense was the reaction from his cheerleaders. 
They flooded the judge's chambers with letters of support for their comrade and took to the airwaves in a campaign 
to "free Scooter."  Cheney issued a statement praising Libby as "a man...of personal integrity" -- without even a hint 
of irony about their collusion to browbeat the CIA into mangling intelligence about Iraq in order to justify the invasion.
"A patriot, a dedicated public servant, a strong family man, and a tireless, honorable, selfless human being," said 
Rumsfeld - the very same Rumsfeld who had claimed to know the whereabouts of weapons of mass destruction 
and who boasted of "bulletproof" evidence linking Saddam to 9/11.

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Democrats draw wrath of voters 
 Voters want Bush's bloody quagmire over


The new Democratic-led Congress is drawing the ire of voters upset with its failure 
to quickly deliver on a promise to end the Iraq war. 

This is reflected in polls that show Congress -- plagued by partisan bickering mostly about the war
-- at one of its lowest approval ratings in a decade. Surveys find only 1 in 4 approves of it.

"I understand their disappointment," said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid. 
"I'm a loser who can't get shit done. Besides, we might anger Mr. Rove if we take real action."

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Dueling Quotes

"The idea of trying to blame Clinton is just wrong for many, many reasons, 
  not the least of which is I don't think he deserves it."  
      -- Rudy Giuliani, nine months ago, before he was a candidate  Link

America needs leadership to remain on offense. We can fall back easily into 
what the Democrats are talking about. It sounds very appealing, you know? 
Don't react, let things go, kind of act the way Clinton did in the '90s."  
      -- Rudy Giuliani,  06/12/07, now that's he's a candidate,   Link

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Subject: Wake the F**K up America, 911 was an inside job!


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Lil Bush heads to Iraq


"Something has gone wrong with the democratic process when you can get idiots
  rising to offices of extreme power like the presidency of the United States of America.
  George Bush - you could not make a worse choice in someone to lead the most
  powerful nation in the free world."
    -- Roger Waters in the latest Rolling Stone

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Subject: BCR Show 119


Show 119 was great.  I enjoyed it very much.
Props to Kathy Griffin, Nelly Furtado, and the Moon Grabber.

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 Want to trade links?

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"Forty years ago I left some guys on the battlefield in Vietnam who lost their lives following 
  2nd Lt. Pace. And I promised myself then that I will serve this country until I was no longer 
  needed - that it's not my decision. I need to be told that I'm done. I've been told I'm done." 
       -- Marine Gen. Peter Pace,   Link

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The Mythical Lincoln


More than 130 years of government propaganda has hidden this fact from the American people by 
creating a Mythical Lincoln that never existed. Take, for instance, the fact that everyone supposedly 
knows - that Lincoln was an abolitionist. This would be a surprise to the preeminent Lincoln scholar, 
Pulitzer prize-winning Lincoln biographer David Donald, who in his 1961 book, Lincoln Reconsidered, 
wrote that "Lincoln was not an abolitionist." And he wasn't. He was glad to accept on behalf of the 
Republican Party any votes from abolitionists, but real abolitionists despised him. William Lloyd Garrison, 
the most prominent of all abolitionists, concluded that Lincoln "had not a drop of anti-slavery blood in his veins."

You mean the last good Republican was a phoney, too?

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"Obviously, I've seen the Internet stuff about caging. First of all, the allegations that are on 
  the Internet and are completely and absolutely false and ridiculous. This is all made up and faux pas."
   -- Karl Rove-protege Tim Griffin, explaining why he resigned,   Link

 Yeah, we always resign when the allegations of wrongdoing are false.

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Subject: wall-to-wall Paris Hilton

Bart, you wrote:

> Is that why FOX is wall-to-wall Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith?
> So people can forget about this?

Wasn't there something about black people calling other people kettles or pots?

Swarmy, I just don't get it.
Some people make that "Bart is wall-to-wall Paris Hilton" accusation.

The day Jimmy the Nut complained, there were 66 other items to complain about.
How is one-in-66 considered wall-to-wall?

Some people seem to believe that the big Paris-in-jail story is
It's not.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

The Bruce Yurgil Toon-Off Round 14 

 Click to vote for your favorite Bruce Yurgil toon

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Some people are happy with Bush's bloody quagmire...

Some aren't.

x 3526

I'm REAL tired of this war.
It's driving me crazy and I personally
don't even know any soldiers.

Hey George!
Let's stop killing our soldiers!

I'm stealing so much money.
Why would I stop?

How much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.

 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Tiger loses again

  Tiger Woo    reacts to another bad shot in losing yesterday.


The only thing Angel Cabrera couldn't conquer at this U.S. Open was Oakmont.
That was much tougher than Tiger Woo  

Cabrera hit all the right shots at the right time Sunday, none bigger than a booming tee shot
down the middle of the 18th fairway that stopped a late slide, allowed him to post a 1-under 69
and forced Woods and Jim Furyk to catch him.

For the second straight major, Woods couldn't buy a birdie.

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Worse than Al Capone's Empty Vault
 Even afterwards, they called it, "Perhaps Tulsa's biggest day"

 There are 53 million rusted car wrecks in America.
  In Tulsa, we take pride in our rusty-ass old cars.


After half a century underground, there are plenty of questions Friday night about Tulsa's buried Belvedere. 
What does it look like after 50 years? Is it rusty? Will it start? Did all the artifacts turn to dust? 

After 50 years of waiting, the '57 Plymouth Belvedere's protective coatings were peeled off. 
Time and water took its toll on the car buried underground in downtown Tulsa. 
During its 50 years underground, water leaked into the vault, and years of rust covered the car. 
Back in 1957, organizers put a glass jug of gas in the car just in case fossil fuels were history. 
The gas survived, but the tank it was meant to fill up didn't.

Tulsa is an oil town.
Back in 1957, they thought we'd be powering our cars with something besides gas.
We should be, but BIG OIL is making $75,000 a minute - why should they convert?

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: the rusty plymouth

Hi Bart

The rusty Plymouth story strikes me as kind of a metaphor for America.
The contents of the time capsule, representing, in the eyes of those who created it, 
examples of excellence from the apex of American industry and culture. 
They were proud of those things, and of their country, and their culture.

All these years, as the contents have been secretly corroding away in the ground, 
the government, the heart and soul of America has  suffered a similar same fate. 
These cancers were hidden from the  world, and all this time everyone believed
that those things they held dear were still as shiny and uncorrupted as before. 

The towns  people were shocked to discover the reality.  
When will Americans  finally arrive at the same epiphany?
 Rick from BC 

 Send e-mail to Bart

Applebees gets toddler drunk on tequila


Kim Mayorga was confused when her 2-year-old started making funny faces and pushing away
the apple juice he had ordered at Applebee's. The explanation came when she opened the lid of
the sippy cup and was hit by the smell of tequila and Triple Sec.  The restaurant staff accidentally
gave Julian Mayorga a margarita Monday. He grew drowsy and started vomiting a few hours later
and was rushed to the hospital.

Since the kid got sick you know it was Cuervo.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Obama lawyer: Libby pardon OK


Attorney Robert F. Bauer, counsel for the Obama campaign, comes out with what he calls a 
"progressive case for a Libby pardon." In a nutshell, Bauer's blog at the Huffington Post illustrates 
why Democrats running for office should not recycle 'Democratic' advisors left over from 'centrist' 
losing campaigns. Bauer worked for Bill Bradley, one of the authors of the so-called 'tax reform' 
of the Eighties that began the mighty work of shifting our national tax burden from the wealthy and 
corporations to the middle class.

The important point here is that Bauer's silly machiavellianism - that a Libby pardon will get Bush
into more trouble and therefore we should want it - is ethically wrong. 

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U.S.: 60 Pct of Baghdad not Controlled


Security forces in Baghdad have full control in only 40 percent of the city five months into the surge, 
a top American general said Saturday as U.S. troops began an offensive against two al-Qaida 
strongholds on the capital's southern outskirts. The military, meanwhile, reported that paratroopers 
had found the ID cards of two missing U.S. soldiers at an al-Qaida safe house 100 miles north of 
where they were captured last month, but there was no sign of the men. The house contained 
computers, video equipment and weapons.

If they made a video of the kidnapped soldiers, where is it?

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Sue Storm rocks the box office


See more of  Sue Storm  at BC Hotties


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