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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

BCR Show 120 is here!

Friday,  June 22, 2007 Vol 1999 - Calkatub

Quote of the Day

"The Republicans are dead in the 
   water, and we need to put our foot 
   on their necks and drown them." 
    -- Maxine Waters,   Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bush Whacks America
Nader to help GOP? 
Why I hate Hillary 
Bush's acts of madness 
Bush outsourced Govt 
Carmela and Hillary
New York Whore Times
Sicko - Moore's best film 
NBC and Paris Hilton

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"She's done a great job bamboozling people into thinking she's anti-war,
    -- Kos, who accepted tens of thousands of dollars for ads from Hillary's campaign,   Link

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Bush's Mafia Whacks the Republic 
  by Robert Parry

Historians may look back on U.S. press coverage of George W. Bush's presidency and wonder why 
there was not a single front-page story announcing one of the most monumental events of mankind's 
modern era - the death of the American Republic and the elimination of the "unalienable rights" 
pledged to "posterity" by the Founders.

The historians will, of course, find stories about elements of this extraordinary event - Bush's denial 
of habeas corpus rights to a fair trial, his secret prisons, his tolerance of torture, his violation of Fourth 
Amendment protections against unreasonable searches, his "signing statements" overriding laws, 
the erosion of constitutional checks and balances.

But the historians will scroll through front pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post and 
other newspapers, TV network and cable news channels and find not a single story connecting the dots, 
explaining the larger picture: the end of a remarkable democratic experiment which started in 1776 
and which was phased out sometime in the early 21st century.

Damn, that's some scary stuff, but he's right.
America isn't the same country we grew up in.

...and the press and the Democrats just stood there and watched him ruin it.

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Nader: The GOP needs me again
 He's running to keep Republicans in the White House

  "I'm backed by Karl Rove."

"Democrats have become very good at electing very bad Republicans," Nader said. 
"Democrats know how to implode, how to be ambiguous, how to waver, how not to be authentic."

While Nader praised Ron Paul and Mike Gravel, who can't win, he blasted Hillary, who can.

"She is a political coward," Nader said. "She goes around pandering to powerful interest groups 
on the one hand and flattering general audiences on the other. She doesn't even have the minimal 
political fortitude of her husband."

Translation: If she was more like Bill, they'd call her "slick."


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Dueling Quotes

"Nobody reads them. They have no significance. Nothing in the world changes by the 
  publication of a signing statement. The statements merely serve as public notice about 
  how the administration is interpreting the law. Criticism of this practice is surprising, 
  since the usual complaint is that the administration is too secretive in its legal interpretations." 
    -- Jack Goldsmith, former overseer of Bush's Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel   Link

"We are executing the law as we believe we are empowered to do so. The signing
  statements certainly do and should have an impact. They are real." 
   -- Tony Fratto, White House spokesliar, Link

 I think it's nice of Bush to tell us which laws he chooses to ignore.

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Why I hate Hillary
  by Steven Snark

Hillary's real claim to fame is that she married a political star. And, because of that, any biography that
tells the truth about her essentially amounts to hundreds of pages relaying, well, not that much of anything.
You can't write a good life story about a rather boring and unlikable person who's never done enough
to merit a lengthy biography in her own right, even if she is married to someone as interesting as Bill.

Wait, what about all those murders she has back in Little Rock?

According to the Hillary myth, Hillary's classmates were wowed by her at Wellesley and that she gave
what they considered to be a stirring graduation address when she left. Her speech, to be kind, has not
stood the test of time as well as, say, the Gettysburg Address. "I Have a Dream," it's not.

She gave a speech that wasn't as good as the Gettysburg Address and "I Have a Dream?"

...and she has the gall to run for president?

Has she no shame?

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Great photography by

Please read

What if you were innocent - and in prison
- and you couldn't get anybody's attention?

Brent Parris has already served 8 years.
They want him to serve 37 more.

Subject: free trade

Very, very simple and effective solution.

Every country has a means of protecting the employment of their citizens to one degree or another. 
Find out what those countries do and replicate it here. For example, does Japan import cheap American rice? 
No! Japan protects its rice agriculture. Does China import manufactured products from America? No! 
China only imports raw material from the US.

There is a huge trade deficit/imbalance with other industrialized countries with the US. There is a reason for it. 
The reason is high tariffs on imported goods from the US and low tariffs on imported goods to the US.

Like Chris Luk has said: Fair trade, not free trade!

So, instead of a Camry, I'd have to buy a Ford?

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Bush's acts of madness
  by Gene Lyons

We've all seen this movie before - during the run-up to invading Iraq, with Cheney beating ar drums,
Rice pratling about "mushroom clouds" over American cities and Colin Powell as the voice of moderation.
We all recall how that ended, with Powell's lamentable speech to the U. N. touting Saddam's apocryphal WMDs.

This time, Bush, is described as having until 'next spring... to decide whether to take military action.' At the expense
of being old-fashioned, exactly where in the U. S. Constitution does it say the president can unilaterally declare war ?
Does anybody believe this Congress will allow Bush to bequeath to his successor yet another misbegotten crusade
against a Middle Eastern country three times larger than neighboring Iraq ? And with what army?

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Jackie M

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Send me your phone number so we can talk.


"What is the point of CNN's Alina Cho pointing out that 
  Mitt Romney "looks great, sounds great, smells great"? 
  It's akin to Chris Matthews's man-crush on Fred Thompson."
     -- Michael Stickings,

"I'll do anything for the Republicans."

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Re: Evidence on Bush-Hitler connection

Dear Bart,

Yesterday's link,12271,1312540,00.htm
takes me to a page without a story.

Please advise!

Dan, it was there yesterday - I checked it myself.
Maybe Karl Rove made a phone call...

Wait - here's a working link
 Thanks to Tina!

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Paintjam - this is worth seeing

William Rodriguez is said to be the last man out of the North Tower.
Click Here to watch a 3 minute clip.
He heard a big boom, then a minute later, the first plane hit.
What was the first boom?

Bush outsourced Government

A monumental shift has quietly and quickly been taking place in the way the public's business is done
- and We the People have not even been informed about it, much less been asked to discuss and okay it.
Corporations are taking over our government. No longer is it just a matter of big business's lobbyists and
campaign donations perverting public policy. Now, politically connected corporations are also seizing
day-to-day governmental operations for their own profit.

    Since the Carter years, Washington has drifted toward more and more outsourcing of public functions
to private contractors, but Bush Incorporated has turned that gradual increase into a fullblown, jet-powered
rush to privatization. The shadowy and highly lucrative world of government contracting has boomed under W,
rising 86% since he's been in office and now totaling nearly $400 billion a year. Get this: There are now more
people doing federal jobs under corporate contracts than there are people employed directly by the government.
In other words, in today's government, corporate servants outnumber civil servants.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Kansas turns left?

The most interesting race in the 2006 KS state election was for KS attorney general. 
Incumbent Phill Kline was a poster-boy for social conservative stealth tactics, devoting
most of his energy during his term to trying to indict a Wichita abortion doctor. 

His opponent (and winner of the election) was Paul Morrison, another disgusted Republican 
turned Democrat. Mr Morrison had previously been the Johnson County district attorney. 
When he won the AG seat, guess who the Johnson county Republicans replaced his
vacated DA position with? God-damned Phill Kline. 

I believe that the AG race, along with Nancy Boyda's victory over idiot Jim Ryun, 
show that even in Red Kansas people are starting to realize that religious nuts 
don't make the best policymakers.

Maybe you dumb Okies will be next to wake up. 
 John in Topeka

John, I kinda doubt that.
Oklahoma makes Kansas look like San Fransisco.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Ego surfing

I'm not sure if that's what the kids call it - it when you Google yourself.

I've done it - I admit it.
Psychiatrists say 99 percent of all people do it, but only a few of us admit it.

Believe it or not, there are those who think of me as ...imperfect.
But when I read this stuff, I notice they never mention anything specific.

I have this dread that when I'm no longer here to defend myself, some spineless handjob
or handjobs will surface with tall tales about kicking my ass or how certain things happened..

So let's make this a rule - anyone who's got something to say should say it now.
Don't say it on some website I never heard of - say it right to my e-face.

Clarification: If you just don't have any use for Ol' Bart, fine. 
If  isn't your favorite website first thing in the morning, no biggie.
This is not meant for you.
This is meant for certain cowards who talk shit in places where I'm not likely to see it.

I'm right here.
I have the same e-mail that I've had since before you bought your first computer.
If you have something to say, don't say it behind my back.  Say it here and now.

And in the distant future when I'm no longer here, if someone shows up and says,
"Bart was a fraud/coward/criminal/liar/child-molester" - whatever, it would be cool
if that horseshit was answered with, "So why didn't you bring this up when he was here?"

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Carmela and Hillary
  by Forked-tongued Dowd


A Los Angeles Times article notes that the paradox of the race is that voters want a Democrat to win, 
but when they are offered a head-to-head contest between Hillary vs. Rudy, McCain or Romney, 
many switch allegiance to the Republicans. There is "a sour aftertaste" with President Clinton.

Bullshit - I don't believe that and the polls back me up. If 70% of this country wants the war over 
what makes you think they will vote for a Republican Fascist who vigorously supports Bush?
This is simply Maureen Dowd pulling for the Republicans again.

"Who wants four or eight more years of the Clintons' marital disputes, paid for by the United States, 
we the people? I certainly don't," Carol Bendick, a 63-year-old Democrat, told the paper.

Yeah, who wants eight more years of peace and prosperity
when we could have eight more years of hell under George Bastard Bush?


"Maureen Dowd whacked the Clintons again, with a subpar column about their hilarious 
  video spoof of the "Sopranos" finale. Her column lacks even one memorable line. 
  It's a nasty and uninspired piece of work." 
    -- Joan Walsh,   Link

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: letter to Hillary

How about a different letter to Hillary: 
Why the hell the Celine Dion song? 
That only goes to show the soulless nature of Hillary herself.

Who can argue with that?
Without a doubt, you've proven Hillary has no soul.

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The New York Whore Times
 The record of the paper of record

Dictionaries define "yellow journalism" variously as irresponsible and sensationalist reporting that distorts, 
exaggerates or misstates the truth. It's misinformation or agitprop disinformation masquerading as fact to 
boost circulation and readership or serve a larger purpose like lying for state and corporate interests. 
The dominant US media excel in it, producing a daily diet of fiction portrayed as real news and information 
in their role as our national thought-control police gatekeepers. 

In the lead among the print and electronic corporate-controlled media is the New York Whore Times. 
They practice fake journalism. It's because this paper's primary mission is to be the lead instrument of state 
propaganda making it the closest thing we have in the country to an official ministry of information and propaganda.

The NYWT was controlled by Matt Drudge and Rush Limbaugh when Clinton was president.
When Bush stole power, they turned the Whore Times over to Karl Rove.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: trip to Oklahoma

Hey, Bart,

I'm on a business trip in Oklahoma City.  The contractors we're seeing here took us to lunch the other day, 
and I winced when my boss asked them for their opinions of the 2008 presidential election. To my surprise, 
they all turned out to be Democrats! Even more shocking, a few of them expressed a preference for Hillary! 
They claimed that Oklahoma is a Democratic state that tends to vote for Republicans in national elections. 

Later, they said the fact that they all wear shorts to work -- it's a technology company -- is their rebellion 
against the oil industry. Is this completely atypical? Did I happen across the only group of Okie liberals in 
captivity, or am I blinded to the fact that this is common by my Northeastern elitism?

Today, I saw a car in with Mississippi license plates and a Kucinich bumper sticker.

Steve, there are a few sane Okies, but many Democrats are Tony Keith Democrats.
A great way to explain the Dems here is - Steve Largent (R-Jesus Twin) would be our 
governor but he was against cock fighting. The Democrat wasn't, so he won the election.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

always has good stuff.

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The Bruce Yurgil Toon-Off Round 17 

 Click to vote for your favorite Bruce Yurgil toon

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 Iraq pumped 3.5M barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B profit in 90 days
 $100M a day - all profit - because Bush started a fake war


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 35313546

I'm REAL tired of this war.
The bastards got 15 in the last 40 hours.

Hey George!
Why kill our soldiers?

"Boo hoo, so some soldiers died.
Do you think I care?
They volunteered, so what's the problem?"

How much did BIG OIL make yesterday?
Exxon makes $108M - every day

Bush can live with that,
because Iraq's oil wells have no meters
and his front company is moving to Dubai.

 $100M a day,
$200M a day,
$300M a day - where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.


"The media has decided that the next president looks like Mitt Romney, 
  sounds like Fred Thompson, is a strong leader like Rudy Giuliani and is
  fiercely independent like John McCain. On the progressive side, I guess, 
  we've got a bunch of inexperienced, lightweight, shrill, calculating hypocrites." 
     -- David Brock,

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Depleted Uranium = deformed kids

Not a pretty video

Subject: Cafferty's complaint


I'll bet any of your readers who have attended a massive protest experience the same thing I did: 
You go, you are inspired by the huge turnout, the creative signs and the enthusiasm.  You listen to speakers 
and you feel as if you're going to change the world.  You return home feeling that this really is a great country.

Then you get home and you discover that the protest wasn't covered in the papers or on the nightly news. 
Nobody heard about it except those who participated and passers-by.  As far as the rest of the world knows, 
the protest never happened.  Not only does this silence our voices, it discourages others from trying to participate. 
Why bother, if nobody can hear, let alone listen?

People are demanding change; but our "Fourth Estate" keeps muffling the message. 
People are out there making news.  It would be nice if someone would report it.

Keep hammering, dude.

Jenny, good point - and it's a problem Cafferty could fix if he wanted.
When 400,000 people turn out, CNN calls it, "a few thousand" and they show
a camera angle of the crowd that makes it look like 500 people showed up.

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Subject: Trip report - Bill Maher in Vegas


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Sicko - Michael Moore's most important work

We all knew the American medical system was broken. But how did Americans, who boasted just
a generation ago of being the freest and strongest people on earth, fall into the clutches of vicious,
depraved sociopaths, the moral and emotional cripples who run our insurance companies, our HMOs,
the pharmaceutical companies, and our hospitals. How did we let them turn the Congress and White House
into puppets, willing to endlessly sell out the American people so outfits like Kaiser Permenante and
GlaxoSmithKline could augment already huge profits?

Moore doesn't have a simple answer, but notes that debt is the instrument used to make Americans docile,
cowed, and dependent. And what better way to make sure they are permanent debt serfs than by putting
their most basic needs at the mercy of for-profit enterprises, and then telling those enterprises to feast,
and the government would protect them from any objections by their victims.

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Bush's Nuclear Boomerang
 by Ivan Eland

The Bush administration may live in a bubble of "unreality," regarding its foreign policy in Iraq, 
but neo-conservatives inhabit a parallel universe on Iran. 

Unbelievably, despite the fact that the U.S. quagmire in Iraq has greatly weakened the U.S. position 
vis-à-vis Iran, the neocons are pushing for military action against that theocratic regime.

Cheney said Condoleezza Rice's diplomatic effort to shut down Iran's nuclear program was faltering. 
Cheney also said that by the spring of 2008 President Bush might have to decide whether to use 
military force against that nation.

I don't want that to happen, but launching a third losing war five or six months 
before the election would seem to be a great gift for the Democrats.

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BCR 120 is mostly done - should be up tonight

Heavy rains delayed the Bixby Sweet Corn harvest until Monday.
    The Bixby Green Corn Festival starts Thursday.

A lot of Democrats will give you their Nancy Grace Guarantee that Hillary can't win.
    But when it comes to money, bullshit takes a walk because money talks.

NBC denies Paris $1M interview
 Would corporate whores lie to make more money?

   You will hate Paris Hilton.
   You will hate Paris Hilton.
   You will hate Paris Hilton.


Hate more of  Paris Hilton  at BC Hotties


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