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Subject:  my election prediction

Bart, I'm going to be a contrarian on this one.

I think there are a lot of old-fashioned Republicans who would give their eye teeth
to see the BFEE disappear. They know perpetual war is not the way. They know you
can't cut taxes during a war. They know you can't torture people. They know, in short,
that the BFEE is poison and they've gotta go. Now.

These same Republicans also know that if they raise taxes, curb spending and shut down
the wars Bush started, the Republican Party is dead and buried.

Solution? Let the Democrats fix it!

I think we'll see six Senate seats and 30 House seats go Democratic
--enough to give the Democrats a usable majority in both houses.


Subject:  my election prediction

House: 230 Tutus, 205 Totalitarians
Senate: 49 Tutus, 50 Totalitarians,
1 Lucky Turncoat Bastard  (He must mean Kissyface)

Since a reward may be in play, I should be clearer than this.
By "Totalitarian" I mean Republican.
The rest should now be quite clear.


Subject:  my election prediction

Dems take 17 house seats and 5 senate seats
 Gayle S

Subject:  my election prediction

Bart, Democrats:  +1 in the Senate (Santorum's seat), +4 in the House.

Trust me, nothing would make me happier than to be less pessimistic, but I've been fooled
too many times by all the optimistic talk leading up to elections.  I so very badly want to add
Macaca's seat to the victim list, but it's too close, and we know what happens when it's close:
Diebold ensures the Republican wins in a squeaker.

Robert Parry's article about how Democrats might blow it
should be required reading for every Democrat in Washington.

Raleigh, NC

Dude, you make me look like a starry-eyed optimist :)

Subject:  my election prediction

I want my chocolate, but I'd rather have the U.S. saved.
The Dems pick up 11 seats in the House, 3 in the Senate.

The house results in Indiana and Kentucky are way off from the exit polls and very suspicious.
The Senate results in Ohio and Missouri are equally suspicious.
The swing is attributed to the sentencing of Saddam Hussein next week,
but this only seems to have an effect in States with Republican Governors.

Subject:  my election prediction

The Democrats will pick up 23 House seats and six senate seats, giving them both Houses.
The BFEE will engineer a "terrorist" attack that makes 9-11 look like a birthday party.
Bush will then declare martial law rendering the election moot!

George W

Subject:  my election prediction

Hi Bart
I bet the Senate winds up 1 Independent, 50 Repubicans, and 49 Democrats

House:  Dem's take lead by 3 seats, 228 to 225 (if my lame arithmetic is correct)

Don the Day Trader

Subject:  my election prediction

Who would've thought that Karl Rove's October Surprise
would be to just put John Kerry in front of a camera?

Damon In Detroit


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