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Rumor: Boehner is next
Larry Flynt is punishing the GOP perverts

The Buckeye State Blog has revealed that the next member of Congress who will be revealed as
a client of the DC Madam's, the way David Diapers Vitter (R-LA) was, will be a Republican member
of the Ohio congressional delegation.  Every single person we've contacted so far says it's Boehner.

"I love my wife, it was just sex - nothing more..."

Note: Boehner is perhaps most famous for illegally handing out checks from BIG CANCER
           to bribe Republican House members right on the floor of the House of Representatives.

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Reasons you can't trust Bush's whore media

Iraqis love Bush, Americans and car bombs
but they hate electricity.

Specter is not a Democrat.
FOX makes this "mistake" on a regular basis.

Chafee is not a Democrat.
FOX makes this "mistake" on a regular basis.

18 times the speed of light?

Obama and Osama - same guy
according to Bush's whore media.

At 11:50 Central, whore CNN was covering the White House press briefing.
Tony Snow was being pummeled by reporters about Tortureboy's lies,
so CNN cuts away to talk about Princess Diana's wedding anniversary.

Whatever it takes to protect Bush, whore CNN is there.


"I think there has been a devaluation of life in our culture."
    -- Rush, 


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Subject: Bat-shit crazy teacher

The Democrats refused to pass an amendment (I forget to which bill) granting effective blanket protection
from suit (i. e., not letting the courts judge on merit) to anyone who reported "suspicious" behavior.

People can, in good faith but operating on incomplete information, make bad calls.
If those calls do harm, the court can balance the harm done against the reasonableness
of the suspicion, protecting both the person making the accusation and the victim of the mistake.

The amendment would protect not only good faith actions, but by default assume even malicious
accusations were made in good faith, denying any opportunity for redress to the victim.

Michelle "Am Too a Real 'Merkin" Malkin was creamin' in
her Victoria's Secrets over that weapon against the Islamofacists.

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Bedtime for Gonzo


It's way past bedtime for Gonzo. At this point, every day Alberto Gonzales continues as attorney general 
means more dishonor for the office and the nation -- and higher blood pressure for Senate Judiciary 
Committee members trying desperately to get a straight answer out of the man.

Gonzo has managed to do something no one else in Washington has managed in years: create a spirit of true 
bipartisanship. After his pathetic act in front of the committee Tuesday, it's no surprise that Democrats are 
threatening to investigate him for perjury. But it was Sen. Arlen Specter, a Republican, who looked Gonzo 
in the face and told him, "I do not find your testimony credible, candidly."

Anyone tempted to feel sympathy for Gonzo should check out his weaselly explanation for why he would 
think it appropriate to buttonhole a sick man in his hospital room, regardless of the issue. "There are no rules 
governing whether or not General Ashcroft can decide 'I'm feeling well enough to make this decision,' " Gonzo said. 
When Specter pointed out that Ashcroft had already turned his powers over to Comey, Gonzo replied, 
"And he could always reclaim it. There are no rules."

"While he was in the hospital under sedation?" Specter interrupted.

Randi Rhodes is right - Specter is half-sane.
Sometimes he makes sense, sometimes he doesn't.

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