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"While Hillary's backers trumpet her inevitability, she faces hotly competitive races
  in early primary states. She is measurably more popular in states where she has not
  campaigned than in primary states where she has, just like Bob Dole in 1996."
     -- Bob Novak, who won't bet on the lie he just told,  Link

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Why is Don Siegelman in Jail?
 Crooked Gonzo Atty Scandal snares innocent man


Ms. Simpson says she will tell House investigators about a second conversation with Rob Riley. In 2005, she says
Riley told her that Siegelman would be re-indicted in Montgomery. He was indicted by Canary's office in May 2005,
and tried in May 2006, one month before the Demo primary for governor. Riley denies that the conversation occurred.

There are other red flags, besides Ms. Simpson's testimony. Siegelman was convicted of appointing Scrushy to a state
hospital board in exchange for a campaign contribution. Elected officials, from the president down, appoint people who
contribute directly to their campaigns without facing criminal charges.

The sensitivity of these cases - and their ability to change the political balance of power - makes it is critical that
prosecutors be nonpolitical and above reproach. In the current Justice Department, they have not been.

Is this why Gonzales couldn't tell the truth about why the attorneys were fired?
If the Attporney General of the US would resign before tellijng the truth, that untold truth must be damaging.
Everyone else fell on their sword to protect Rove, Cheney and Bush - why is this any different?

Siegelman might be in jail because he was a winning Democrat is a ruby-red state.

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"Of course, no matter how much Clinton speaks of common ground,
  she doesn't stand a chance of winning votes among pro-lifers."
    -- Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet in Mother Jones Magazine,  Link

 Even if the GOP nominates a pro-gay, anti-gun, pro-choice ex-mayor of New York?

 I hope the Huckabee/Brokeback pro-life ticket splits the Fascist votes in half.

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Subject: I stopped reading you again today

b - I used to read your site everyday.
then you began to blame arabs for everything you didn't blame bush for.
and pretended you'd never heard of AIPAC.  so I quite reading you.

Ask around - they'll say I'm a Mossad agent.

a year later I come back and you're selling a war with iran.

You are a maladjusted, misinformed Monkey

they're developing nukes.
they'll attack israel.
oh, my.

I am against Iran being able to nuke Israel.
If you disagree with me, what does that make you?

on board for another war, I see.

How does "fewer nukes" make me pro-war?

hillary and war on iran.
you're all signed up.

Yep, I lead the Hillary/Cheney team - I'm the quarterback.

I used to ask you, 'whose side are you on?'
guess I'll stop reading you again.

Wait - they say I'm pro-torture - do I get points for that?

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Too hot for Southwest Airlines


Kyla Ebbert says she wants an apology from Southwest Airlines after being told to get off a plane
and change her clothes because what she was wearing was too revealing.

Ebbert told the Matt Lauer that an airline employee asked her to come up to the front of the plane
just before the crew closed the plane's doors.

"He told me, 'I'm sorry but you're going to have to catch a later flight because you are dressed inappropriately,
this is a family airline and you are too provocative to fly on this flight'," Ebbert said. "I said, 'What part is it?
The shirt? The skirt? Which part?'

He said, 'the whole thing.'"

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Kathy Griffin, others, win Lesser Oscars


Kathy Griffin claimed her first-ever Emmy for her My Life on the D-List, which beat out Antiques Roadshow,
Dog Whisperer, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Penn ? Teller: Bullshit in the "Whavetever" category

Spike Lee, who whitey just refuses to gift with an Oscar, scored his first Emmy for his Katrina BFEE-Expose:
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.

John Goodman beat out Forest Whitaker for Guest Actor in a Drama. Goodman, winless in nine Emmy tries,
scored for his crazy republican judge on Studio 60. Whitaker was nominated for his recurring role on ER.

Recently, on a BCR clip, we heard what happened last time - Kathy lost her Emmy.
I like her - I think she's got the Funniest Woman title until someone takes it away from her.

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