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Tues-Wed   April 15-16,  2008 Vol 2141 - Retiglion

Quote of the Day

"Maybe she's doing the Democrats a favor so 
  they'll still have a viable candidate for when 
  Obama shoots himself in the foot badly enough 
  that the even media can't salvage his candidacy." 
      --  Mara R,  Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Bob Shrum & Obama 
Arrow Hillary Deathwatch HOT
Arrow What drove me Crazy? HOT
Arrow McCain on Abortion 
Arrow Obama boys: Back off 
Arrow Questions for Obama HOT
Arrow Double Monkey Mail
Arrow Obama keeps his cool HOT 
Arrow Priscilla Sent Packing  




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"April 5-6 Clinton - Obama even.    April 11-13 Clinton: 57% - Obama: 37%."  
    --  Poll, on the PA primary,    Live

"Obama used the word 'bitter' when he should have said 'frustrated'. 
  Clearly Obama's comments were 'unartful,' but not inaccurate."  
     -- Donna Brazile, "undecided" Super Delegate (my ass)     Link

 CNN tells us every day how "undecided" Brazile is.
 She's "undecided" like Randi Rhodes is.
 She's "undecided" like Keef Olbermann is.
 She's "undecided" like Chris Matthews is.

"I'll whore anything or anyone for $20."

 Why do they think we believe such blatant horseshit?

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Obama's Not Running For Sociologist-In-Chief
 by Bob Shrum, swear to Koresh


Obama clearly wishes he hadn't said what he did about the feelings of small town Pennsylvanians
-- at least the way he explained it at that fundraiser in San Francisco.

The political question here, of course, is whether the Clinton and McCain campaigns can exploit
Obama's remarks to tag him as an "elitist" -- a label, their focus groups probably tell them, that can
really hurt. Ironically, Obama's the one raised by a single mother. He's the one who only recently
finished paying off his student loans. He doesn't know what it's like to have $100 million.

I saw this - I don't know if it's true.

On June 15 2005 Obama paid $1.65 million CASH for his mansion.

How did he do that on a state senator's salary?
Or did Wal-Mart pay for their mansion?

And if he had $1.65M laying around, why didn't he pay his student loans?
(BTW, is it wrong to ask these questions before the wedding?)

Maybe he doesn't have $100M because he's young.

Between Bob Shrum and John Kerry - is Obama trying to lose?

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"It is very easy for a person in that part of Iraq to disappear. 
  I could disappear in a heartbeat."  
      -- Dawn Leamon, who waited to report her rape because she feared for her safety,  Link


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Hillary Deathwatch


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VCR Alert

Hillary on Colbert Thursday.


"I'm 41, I'm a woman not a kid. I have no interest in making silly pop music."
    -- Shirley Manson, refusing to bow to record label pressure to make a commercial solo album.
        The untitled debut has been put on hold as the singer and her record label fight
        over how best to sell the project to music fans.    Link

 Shirley, I don't know Bush about the record making business, but I know a few things:

 Many groups are bypassing the labels and going direct to the public - online.
 And I'm talking BIG acts, too, like Madonna and Prince and others.

 And the other thing, had you sold out just a little more when you were younger, you might've been
 bigger than a lot of today's biggest, and then you could afford to make any record you wanted.
 But apparently someone pissed you off and asked you to look good for a gig, and you showed them 
 who was boss by cutting your hair off and wearing telephone repairman uniforms onstage. 
 IMO, Beautiful Garbage was your White Album, but you refused to be known as "a hot babe" 
 and it would appear to some that you threw it all away to make a point.

 Koresh, you backed up U2, so gazzillions of people saw your hairless repairman persona.
 Looking back, that might've been the wrong time for a hot singer to go sexless.

 Nobody wanted you to whore yourself for one extra dollar,
 but there is something to be said about dressing for the occasion.

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Subject: Obama's guns and religion comment

Obama stated nothing but fact when he was painting that bitter picture
of pig fuck Pennsylvania cock suckers. Fuck ya, he was spot on.

My, you have a dirty mouth.
Who raised you - Dick Cheney?

You say, "fuck you, he was spot on."
Do you have the retention of a fly's bladder?

*I* said he told the truth - why scream insults at me?
Geez, you Obama voters need to try the decaf.

And Oklahoma aint too far off the bitter mark yet either.

Wait, are you saying Oklahoma is full of knuckledraggers?
Why, I've never heard such an unfair charge!

Hillary is an attack dogs for the imperial powers.
 Russell the Elitist


Who are the imperial powers, Japan and Germany?

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Subject: defending Dr Laura's nude pics HOT


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Ever thought of that legitimate part time work you could do to earn extra income
while you keep your old job?  Then get ready to work with The Real Art Company.

The job offers you the opportunity to work as Sole Representative/Cashier,
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For more details email

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Some Democrats are strange.
When Hillary said her Dad took her shooting as a kid,
some Democrats got hysterical, then they passed out.
They can't believe a Democrat would actually fire a gun.

Subject: First time?

Bart, you wrote:

> Plus, for the first time, Obama sees what it's like to be ganged-up on. Until now,
> he's had the freest ride of any politician in my lifetime. Now he gets a glance at the
> real world - when the whore press is against him instead of fawning all over him.

Surely you don't think this is the first time, Bart.   
People forget Rev. Wright so quickly. 

I remember the cable whores defending him.
Bitter-gate is the first time they've taken off the kid gloves.

All it took was a YouTube video to set the focus for two weeks of political coverage 
and to get half the pundit class to declare Obama's candidacy over. And not for the 
first time, the voters showed that the media is out of touch with what they really care about.

I'm a long time reader and although I know you're for Hillary, I am a little surprised to see you, 
of all people, happy to see a Democrat get ganged up on and slapped around by the press. 

You're all but cheering Russert on as he gravely dictates that Democrats
are doomed because "real Americans" hate them.

No, what happened is Obama went from Fantasyland to Reality.
Since the Fascist bastards are going to scream "unqualified Muslim peacenik" at him
it's good that he's getting a dose of reality now because the cable whores will
turn on him once Hillary is out of the picture. 

I don't don't want to find out he has a glass chin in October.
If he has a glass chin, let's find out now.

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"I expected this out of McCain, but...I'm a little disappointed when I start hearing 
  the exact same talking points from Hillary. She knows better. Shame on her." 
   --  Obama, outraged that he's become a victim of politics,  Link

 I have a feeling that the younger Obama fans will see this as 
 an unprecedented and extremely personal attack against
 The Black Candidate, when in fact, ...this is just politics.

 It's hard to imagine that the camp that benefitted from Hillary "disrespecting MLK" 
 on that whole civil rights legislation thing - and you know what else?

 I heard that Teddy K decided to endorse Obama because of that.  The way I heard it, 
 when Ted heard that Hillary failed to give JFK his proper due in the passing of the 
 Civil Rights Act of 1964-65, he went balistic and decided to throw in with Obama.

 Yet, Obama's complaint was that Hillary gave too much credit to the white presidents
 thereby disrepected MLK - so how in the wide, wide world of sports do those two team up?

 Ted is pissed that a white president didn't get his props,
 while Obama is pissed that the white president got the props.
 And the media joined in TO BLAME THE CLINTONS!!!!!!!!!

 The Clintons were guilty on both ends of the stick - and the whore media orgasmed.
 How can you win when your politiocal enemies join hands and accuses you of being
 on both sides of an issue when - in fact - THEY are?

 How can you win when the whore media says you're guiltry no matter which side you're on? 

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

Subject: Your Player Hate Against Tiger and Obama


Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

What drove me Crazy?
 by Bob Parry

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Lone Star scam

Want to know what happened in Texas?   I voted that morning in primary. 
I didn't know anything about the "caucus" until then. Since I work evening shift, 
I could not attend the "caucus" without missing work. (People must have their pizza!)
However, my best friend, who works dayshift, went with his wife. They told me that 
during the "caucus" it became apparent from the talk that most of the people attending 
this "caucus" were republicans pushing for Obama because he would be easier to beat. 

Of course, these same people could have voted for Obama in the primary knowing they 
were not needed since it really doesn't matter who wins the republican nomination, 
the winner will follow the corporate line anyway.
Yup, Bart, we live in the bottom of the pile. But what can you expect? 
Texas is a fascist state and the "government" is run by the Exxon, and Oklahoma is it's suburb.
Keep Hammerin', 

I don't know that we Democrats ever had an honest debate about Obama.
Any suggestion that he's not invincible is/was met with "You're racist!"

Somehow, saying "He's a new guy and he's unknown, with unknown skeletons,"
comes off as an insult to every Black person who ever lived.

When you think what the Fascist bastards did to two white war heroes who 
gave their country a lifetime of service, what will they do to the new guy?

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"Geraldine Ferraro said it right.  The problem is, Geraldine Ferraro is white. 
  (The Obama campaign) has such a hair-trigger on anything racial 
  it is almost impossible for anybody to say anything."
    --  Bob Johnson (founder of BET)      Link

Why is it?

When Obama talks about race, it's an "honest and frank discussion that's loooong overdue."

But if anyone else talks about race, it's hateful, mean-spirited and uncalled for?
That tells me the talk about race isn't all that "honest."

Johnson said "If you take a freshman senator from Illinois called 'Jerry Smith' and he says 
'I'm going to run for president,' would he start off with 90 percent of the black vote? 
And the answer is, probably not. Would he also start out with the excitement of starting out as 
something completely different? Probably not. He would just be a freshmen senator..."

That's true, but Obama's media circus has made it "racist" to have that opinion.

If Obama was a white, freshman senator and had the gall to announce a run for president, 
he'd be laughed out of the contest like Keyes, Gravel, Tancredo, Kucinich and every other 1% candidate.

And since Johnson isn't Obama, he's a nasty racist?
I think "honest" is the last adjective I'd use to describe this "conversation."

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Air America

My car radio is usually on Air America Radio.

I was driving at 2:06 PM Monday when Randi's time slot started with the Stones'
"Start Me Up," which has to be the most cliched song choice in recent history.

The "guest host" apparently there all week, is an old favorite - Richard Belzer.
He was doing stand-up on HBO when we moved to Tulsa in 1976, so I've been a fan at least that long.

But, like everyone at AAR and show business and the media - he hates Hillary's f-ing guts.

It made me wonder:
To get before a mic at AAR, do you have to sign a sworn affadavit that you hate
Hillary's f-ing guts and you agree to bash her brains in every minute of every day?

I don't bash Obama every minute of every day for two reasons:

1. He hasn't done anything to really piss me off.   I'm not happy that he was successful at
    turning the Clintons into racists, but I understand in politics you play the hand you're dealt.
    Had he not turned the Clintons into racists, he'd still be at 6% in the polls.
2. Believe it or not, I have more brains than to piss off half my readers, but it's true I've lost a lot
    due to perceived bashing Obama every minute of every day.  Nothing can be done about that.

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McCain on Abortion
 by Joe Conason


McCain's actual record on abortion infuriates many women when they learn what he believes
-- and how he has voted.

Late last month, the DNC released a memo based on focus group interviews with undecided voters
in Minnesota and West Virginia concerning McCain. The female voters in the groups were surprised,
dismayed and angered to learn that McCain not only favors overturning Roe v. Wade and curtailing
abortion rights but is also opposed to requiring contraceptive coverage by health plans and favors
abstinence-only sex education.

Even women who described themselves as "pro-life" said that the latter positions cast McCain as a man
who is "unrealistic," "out of touch" and "stuck in the past," according to the memo. And those same women
were especially disappointed because they had expected him to hold the moderate views that the media
has so often ascribed to its favorite.

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Random Thought

Watching CNN, they did a live report about sharks near the shore in Florida.

The idiot CNN anchor (is there any other kind?) asked a Coast Guard guy,
"What should swimmers do if they see a shark?"

You know what the Coast Guard guy said?
Would you like to take a guess?

He said, "Get out of the water."

Jesus, I'm glad I watch CNN.
I would've had no clue what to do - but CNN saved me.

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Some Democrats are strange.
When Hillary had a beer and a shot of whiskey,
some Democrats got hysterical, then they passed out.
They can't believe a Democrat would drink alcohol.

Subject: Hillary's 'war vote'

Bart, please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the "war vote" mean the authorization
of force only if Saddam obstructed the UN Inspections from completing their mission?

Of course the Dems voted for it as it was worded.
Then Smirky reneged and ordered Scott Ritter out because he decided to bomb anyway?

Randy, you are correct.
John Kerry says Bush lied to them, that's why he voted 'for the war.'

For some reason, Kerry is a big Obama hero, but Hillary is a
self-serving witch (or worse) who loves seeing children die.

Once again, Kerry gets a pass while they scream, "Warmonger" at Hillary.
There's no logic there, but it's widespread.

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"I haven't done cocaine in over 15 years."

Playing the High Road Quotes

"I have tried to figure out, to show restraint,
  ...and make sure that during this primary contest,
 ...we're not damaging each other so badly 
 ...that its hard for us to run in November. 
Sen. Clinton may not feel that she can afford to be as constrained... 

ha ha
That's a high-road slap in the face.

ha ha

That sounds like, "I don't have sex with animals, but my opponent 
may not feel that she can afford to be as constrained..." 

ha ha

"I won't have sex with dogs, ...but I can't speak for Hillary."

ha ha

This guy is GOOD!

...but I'm sure that Sen. Clinton feels like she's doing me a favor because she's been 
deploying most of the arguments the Republican Party will be using against me in 
November and so it's toughening me up.   I'm getting run through the paces here."  
   -- Barack Obama,  Link

He's right, but once again, he's pretending he's taking the high road.

Let's say I killed a hooker when I was 20, and today I'm in a tough primary.

"My opponent is making the same accusations against me now
 that my general election opponent will make against me in November."

Well, yeah!?!

If I killed a hooker when I was 20,
I'd expect every political opponent to bring that up.

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Subject: AIPAC and Israel


OK, so this is one of those e-mails.

I told Joe I'd print it if I could include his e-mail and he agreed.

*I* don't want any part of this - if you love or hate what Joe said
and you want to comment on it, write to Joe or post something on the Bartblog.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Marty's Entertainment Page
always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Hey, Obama boys: Back off already!
 Young women are frustrated with the gleeful Hillary bashing


I who was quite torn until Super Tuesday, I had found myself increasingly defensive of Clinton in the face
of the Obama worship that rules the mostly white, liberal, well-educated circles in which I work and travel.
I was confused by the saucer-eyed, unquestioning devotion shown by my formerly cynical cohorts, especially
when it was accompanied, as it often was, by a sharp renunciation of Hillary Clinton, whose policies are so
similar to her opponent's.  I was suspicious of the cultlike commitment to a brilliant and inspiring man.

I'm a longtime Clinton skeptic who was suddenly feeling that I needed to rationalize, apologize for, or even
just stay quiet about my increasing unease with the way Clinton was being discussed. (People see me as)
a go-to feminist to whom they could express their hatred of Hillary and their anger at her staying in the race
-- an anger that seemed to build with every one of her victories.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Obama´s 'Gaffe'

Bart, I was still undecided until I heard about Obama´s "gaffe",
when he talked about people being "bitter".

He got my respect and support when he refused to back down
from his remarks, which were 100% true.
 Ron in Lima

Ron, I support your right to vote for any candidate you want.
Nobody, including me, has accused Obama of dishonesty on this.
I detect a whif of "gotcha" in your note - am I wrong?

As far as his refusal to back down, is that an admirable quality?
Some people call that "a refusal to admit a mistake," which is something
they've hounded Hillary about (her 'war vote') for over a year, but nobody
does "refuses to back down" better than Bush.

Also, every truth does not need to be spoken.

What do you say when your wife asks, "Do I look fat in this dress?"

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Questions for Obama

5. Tony Rezko has been accused of numerous financial illicit dealings. You have claimed that 
you did no political or personal favors for Rezko. Yet as an Illinois state legislator you wrote 
endorsement letters to government agencies on his behalf, as well as having conducted other 
documented financial transactions and dealings and with him. Could you explain in more detail
your relationship with this crook?

Assuming the facts are as stated, that's another good question.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Bitter and Obama


 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: a Bartcop radio question

Howdy Bart.

You may be the last sane man on the net.

I've been reading that a lot lately.

I can hardly imagine the daily rivers of emailed shit you must therefore receive.
I tip my hat to your bravery/gumption, as I dont think I could put up with that much crap.

Here's my question: while your main page is divided between politics and entertainment,
is your for-pay audio stuff similarly divided?  And do you have any recent samples?

Keep up the good work.
This "shot" of "Chinaco" is for you!

The politics/entertainment ratio is about the same on the radio show,
but even when we talk entertainment, there's almost always a political angle to it.

As far as a sample, I'll let you pick a show and we'll put it up for free.
Pick a show between 130 and 137.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

How does Bruce Yurgil create his art?

He takes something like this...(still on on ebay, item # 260229792719)

and he changes some words and adds the faces of Bush, Cheney, Obama, Hillary and McCain.

Don't you love how he spelled Crawford?  :)

It's easy - if you have talent, patience, imagination and a sense of humor.

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Hillary surges to 51-point lead in Bartcop Poll
 It's a real poll, too - Not one of those fake Kos polls

 Link  Look in the upper right corner to vote

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Subject: Mrs. NAFTA HOT


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Golf vs Poker

That cancer survivor who beat up Tiger?
He got what, $1.5 million?
For The Masters, the "most prestigious tourney in all of golf?"

Somebody, maybe US Whore Today, did a story on this.
"Augusta is hallowed ground," like it's Arlington Cemetary.
Please - it's a field in Georgia where white men play golf.

I'm not saying $1.5 million is chump change,
but have you ever watched a tournament on the World Poker Tour?
(I hardly watch it these days, it's all dot-com tweeners, no faves)

Every week, the WPT winner takes home at least $1.5M
and the World Series winner gets $8-12 million.

Golf should get over itself.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Send e-mail to Bart

Worldwide Bartcop

They read it in Dunn, North Carolina 

They read it in Stalowa Wola, Tarnobrzeg, Poland 

Ladyadd5 reads it in Alabama

Chris reads it in Axemann, Pennsylvania

They read it in Cairo, Al Qahirah, Eqypt 

Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Obama keeps his cool HOT


 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Soeaking of jobs leaving - 
did you know Hershey's Chocolate is moving to Mexico?

That's just wrong.

Subject: Tiger


You do have it in for him don't you.
I've not seen you reply to a argument like this, maybe you just refuse to print it.

Take a sport you like, say football (or baseball, basketball, soccer, etc.).
On any given day the Giants (pick your team) play another team.
They win or lose, ok? maybe even the Superbowl.

Now go to any given golf tournament, Tiger wins or loses. Still with me.
The BIG difference is that the Giants beat one team that day, not the best performing team in the world
playing that day. Tiger doesn't play against one person, he plays against the other best golfer in the world
that weekend, you crucify him because he doesn't win EVERY SINGLE TOURNAMENT against the
other best playing golfer in the world that week.

Sorry to yell and repeat myself but your logic seems flawed and it's all wearing thin.
With all the slugs in the world to rant against your Tiger hate seems a bit, well, ...misguided (change of wording there).
I'm still with you on the other 98%.
best mark,

It's possible my "vendetta" against Tiger is meant as humor.
If he lost a tourney and I didn't comment on it, I'd get lots of mail.


 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


We have tons of great 'toons on the Bart Blog!

You like 'toons?

 Iraq pumped 3.5M  barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B
$11.66 billion in profit in 90 days

Gouging us to the tune ofHOT
$129 million profit per day


Gouging us to the tune of
$1,300 profit per second
because Bush started a fake war

...and what did it cost America,
besides $3 trillion of debt for your kids?


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 4,034....4,037

We lost another 3 soldiers since last issueweek.

We have 4,037 dead soldiers.

Hey guys, we'd like to bring you home,
but Bush is working on his legacy.


Exxon makes $108M$128M every day

That's why Bush
raped Iraq and
killed Saddam

How do we know for sure?
Iraq's oil wells have NO METERS!

 $200M-400M a day missing

Where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

This site apparently got hacked.
They're working on the problem.

Eldrick is Golf Perfection


Tiger Woods announced, "Hello World" to open the August 1996 press conference
in which he declared himself a professional. "Hello World" was probably the perfect
statement, but he could also have said: "Pay Up" or "Kiss the ring".

ha ha

That reminds me of the day Eldrick got hit by the Bartcop Hex.

The whole city of Tulsa, every north-south street had been under construction for 3 years.
Three long-ass years of delays and detour signs and orange cones and mud on my windshield.

Some ass in the Tulsa World said,
"We have to get the streets finished - before Tiger gets here."

Make me f-ing hurl!
Three years I put up with those streets, and now we're fixing them for Mr. Perfect?

Another sports guy, maybe local, maybe not, made this idiotic statement:
"Why bother to even play this tournament?"  I think it was the US Open, maybe 2001.
"Everybody knows Tiger's going to win - the only suspense is by how much?

That's the day the Bartcop Hex got flung onto him.
He lost that Tulsa tournament - surely due to the Bartcop Hex.

Sure, he won some tourneys in the following years, but he wasn't "Tiger" for maybe 3-4 years.
He's just now coming fully out of it, meaning the Bartcop Hex has a life of about 6 years.

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