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BCR 140 is here!HOTHOT

Weekend-Monday   May 17-19, 2008 Vol 2153 - It's 6 PM somewhere...

Quote of the Day

"Do you think if the Dubai Ports deal 
  had gone through these ants would 
  have been everywhere?"
    -- Rush, hallucinating in his syphilitic fever 


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Pundits Declare Race Over 
Arrow Belittled Woman HOT
Arrow Obama owes Clintons HOT
Arrow Bush Fails Again
Arrow Conason on McCain 
Arrow Einstein's $400K letter HOT
Arrow Rural Voters are 25% HOT
Arrow Blacks want V.P. Hillary
Arrow Rachel Bilson looking good


"When you're running for office you sometimes think the world revolves around you. 
  That is not always true and it is not true in this case."
      -- Dana Prunia, lying about Bush's "appeasement" slur against Obama    Link

 Several reporters said White House staffers admitted the remarks were aimed at Obama,
 but Purina can continue to lie because the Bush employees in the White House press corp
 refuse to hold her accountable for her lies - except for Helen Thomas.

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Bush Says He's Not A Golfer In Wartime


America's Bloodthirsty Monkey says that he gave up golfing in 2003 "in solidarity" with the 
families of soldiers who were dying in Iraq, saying that it was "just not worth it anymore" to play golf during a war.

"I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf," 
Bush said. "I feel I owe it to the families to be as -- to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. 
And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal."

Staying away from golf, Bush has found other ways to act dignified in public.



What if you were a poor black mother from New Orleans who lost a son in Iraq 
and saw this monkey playing with a guitar while your city was drowning?


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Obvious Quotes

"Bush didn't use his historic address to the Knesset to talk about the peace process. 
He didn't speak to the skeptical lawmakers who will be asked to support any peace deal 
with the Palestinians. He didn't speak directly to the Israeli public and urge them to 
support a peace deal with the Palestinians."  
     -- Dion Nissenbaum,   Link

"What Bush didn't say is that his grandfather Prescott Bush was a Nazi Appeaser." 
      -- marinemomof3,    Link


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Subject: our Civil War

These folks insisting that Hillary quit the race remind me of the people 
yelling  "Get out of Dick Cheney's house" at Al Gore back in 2000.
 Stephen W

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"The more I read from Obama bloggers and the Creative Class, I'm convinced 
that driving the Clinton wing of the Dem Party out is one of their primary goals.
The Obama Wing of the Democratic Party needs to decide what is more important 
to them, winning in November, or destroying the Clinton Wing of the Democratic Party. 
 I doubt they can do both." 
    -- Big Tent Democrat, ,

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Belittled Woman

 Whore Post

There is something about that woman -- that woman! -- that refuses to bend, and something about 
a large portion of this country that despises her for it. The person who once conjured a vast right-wing 
conspiracy now refuses to exit a race she's almost surely lost, and it Drives. People. Crazy.

Hillary hate is something profound, something that may never be fully unraveled. It is her very name, 
so polarizing; it is Slick Willy and Vince Foster and Whitewater and that nickname "Shrillary" and her 
supposed unending ambition and...something else, something ancient. It is Hillary Clinton stretched like 
taffy, the photos you see of her on right-wing Web sites with her eyes all big and crazy...

"Made of steel," is how John Edwards described her Wednesday, just before he endorses Barack Obama."

That Edwards endorsement pissed me off.   I always liked Edwards, but he dropped 
a few notches in my book with that handjob, fabricated endorsement last week.

Who believes that Edwards was undecided until after Obama lost WV by 41 points?

After all these months, after 21 debates, Edwards couldn't decide?  Horseshit! Edwards was always 
going to endorse Obama, he just waited until Obama was badly hurt to run to his rescue.

Did either of them think that charade would go undetected?
Of course, I haven't seen Obama's media allies point that out - have you?

Did Edwards trade his endorsement for the VP slot?
Wouldn't that be an example of same old, same old politics as usual?

If/when Hillary drops out, if they stand there and praise her, 
I will be ...disappointed because we will know they are lying.

Didn't we trade away certain victory to get away from "politics as usual?"

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Subject: pulling the lever

 If Obama is the nominee, which brand of clothespin would you recommend 
 I wear on my nose when I pull the lever for Democrats in November?
  Matt v

 Matt, good attitude!

 From now on, anyone you hear saying that they're going to do anything BUT pull the lever 
 for the Democrats, work on them and remind them of dangers of McCrazy stacking the 
 crooked whore court with cronies loyal to the BFEE for the nest 30 years.

 America surely won't survive a half-century of Bush-style Fascism.

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Subject: holy shit--NYC trip report was great


Your NYC trip is the stuff THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF!!!!!!!  
No wonder it took so long to get it done.

An evening with the legendary Mr Music?    
Mobbed-up first rate Italian food?  
You can't make this up!

Kudos.  I'm f-ing green with envy.

KG, thanks for that.
I'm going to finish that report today.

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What Obama owes the Clintons

Someday soon, when Hillary exits the race, Obama will walk onstage and praise her and her husband. 

I'm not looking forward to that.
I want to hear Obama praise the couple he and the media tried to destroy almost as much
as I want the Clinton-bashing to continue long after she's left this race that ain't about race.

Publicly, Obama can afford to be magnanimous. But it's a good bet the private Obama feels the way 
a lot of his supporters do: like sending Ken Starr a fan note

As it shows Clintonism the door, however, Obama Nation should remember something: without them, 
Obama wouldn't be here. The 1990s weren't always pretty, but for Democrats, they were deeply necessary. 
Because Bill Clinton threw his body into the line, wrecking the Republican Party's intricate defenses, 
Obama today has the political room to run.

And what did the Clintons get for their efforts?
The most accomplished Black man in history says they're racists.

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Subject: NAFTA


Just seems inconsistent that you tell people not to send links, 
then dismiss that incoherent guy for making an "unsubstantiated" point. 

How to substantiate in this medium except by a link?
By the way, I don't know anything about this.

Wes, good question.
If somebody JUST sends a link, or thirty links, it doesn't prove NAFTA is bad,
it just proves that some anti-NAFTA site has plenty of links - and those links are 
always to some 40,000 word essay with a hundreds links embedded in the text.

A good answer might be something like: 
"I worked at GM for 12 years, then this happened and 8,000 of us lost our jobs,"

The last 2 months I've seen so many blustering nabobs set their hair on fire 
"because of NAFTA," but when you ask them to explain, then send you 30 links.

If NAFTA didn't affect anyone personally, what's the problem?

Same thing with "free trade."  
To me, "free trade" is the absence of
"terriers and bariffs," to quote Der Monkey,
which seems like a good thing. I once read that Japan won't buy our rice because the 
Japanese government makes the US farmer pay them, essentially, a bribe to sell rice there.
On the surface, without further explanation, I'm against that - it's not logical.

That one guy with the opium wars of 1949?
He hates free trade, and when I ask why he talks about China 160 years ago.

Apparently it's damn near impossible to find someone who knows why they're angry.
I don't remember if I've printed them, but I've gotten e-mails saying, "I could never
vote for that bitch slut because of NAFTA," but, of course, they can't explain it.

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In THE THIN WHITE LINE, author Craig DiLouie presents a terrifying vision about
how a pandemic might unfold, focusing on the Canadian experience but relevant to any country.

Reading as if it were a non-fiction book describing a pandemic that has already happened,
THE THIN WHITE LINE combines a realistic, meticulously researched scenario with
dramatic firsthand accounts of people who survived these tragic times.

Click Here for the book's 'trailer'

 Bush Fails Again
  Saudis tell him to GFY


The American Idiot agreed yesterday to help Saudi Arabia protect its oil industry from terrorist attack, 
while offering to back conservative Arab countries resisting Iranian influence spreading across the Middle East.

The White House announced new agreements with the kingdom as President George the Stupid flew to 
Riyadh for private talks with King Abdullah at his ranch (They have ranches in the sand?) outside the capital. 
But the king was not persuaded to stop gouging America to the tune of  $127-a-barrel oil.

So Bush went over there begging like a hooker needing a fix - and the Saudis told him no.

The cost of gas is so f-ing high, do we even need Saudi Arabia any more? 
Why don't we open the thousands of closed oil wells in OK, LA and TX, 
and other states, and tell the Saudis to drink their f-ing oil from now on?

The problem is the past was always this: Oil would go up, Okies would invest millions to open
wells and start pumping, but then the Saudis would drop the price,  making drilling too expensive.
But if we told the Saudis, "Blow me, we don't want your oil," their money train would dry up. 

If we're going to pay out-the-ass for oil, why not pay Okies and Texans for it? If we paid Okies and 
Texans billions per month for their oil, we could keep that money in America and invest in electric cars 
and laugh as the Saudis try to sell last-century's whale oil on the world market.

Bush could've told them, "Drop the price or we'll put you out of business," but he didn't 
because he's a greedy oil man and his friends can't get rich if America becomes energy independent.

Bush is the worst poker player in history. He tells his opponent he has nothing
and then he raises the bet and loses every time - he's killing the American economy.

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Is this Nancy Grace?
Or Keith Olbermann?

Is there a difference?

Slice of Heaven

So I'm at my computer, working hard (blogging is hard work) and the door bells rings.

I always hate when that happens, because that usually means a conversation with someone
and if they're coming to me, odds are it's crap, and I'm a busy man, I got shit to do.

Then I remembered I got that e-mail saying they were shipping my monthly box of Green Tea.
I drink about 24 cups of Green Tea a day, so I have to buy it in bulk and I have to but this one
certain brand where each bag isn't individually wrapped because it takes forever to tear off the
tops of 24 tea bags because, like I said, I'm a busy man and I got shit to do.

But it turns out it wasn't my giant box of Green Tea - it was something better.

Longtime readers might remember The South's Finest Chocolate.

We used to give away pounds of it to contest winners, pre-Civil War, that is.
Back when we had sufficient income, we gave away this super-chocolate, but I hadn't 
had any in about a year and I had to get some of their best of all-times milk chocolate

They call it break-up milk chocolate because it looks like this.

Say you're a kid and you have a brother or sister.
If they were mean to you lately, you'd just eat all of this yourself.
But if they were nice, you might break it in half and share it.

Mmmmm, if you've never had conni, ...conies, connisew, ...if you've never
had bad-ass, super-fine chocolate before, this is what you need to set your sights on.

It's the Bixby Sweet Corn of milk chocolate.
It's the Chinaco Anejo of milk chocolate.

You can't get any higher praise than that.

Not sure why, but they don't even have this on their menu.  You gotta ask for it.
Tell 'em you want the "Break-Up" milk chocolate that Bart raves about so much.

They also have a Deluxe Assortment, 
All Dark Chocolate Assortment, 
All Milk Chocolate Assortment,
Deluxe Soft Center Assortment, 
Pecan Caramel Bears, 
Deluxe Nut and Chew Assortment,
You can send chocolates with a custom photo in the box (Pics of the kids for Grandma?)
They even have a Sugar Free Assortment that I'm told is to die for.

Mrs Bart's favorite is the mouth-watering Break Up Dark Chocolate. 
But you know me, Mr. Spaghetti and Meatballs, when I find something I like, I obsess 
over it and ignore everything else, so I only eat the ultra-fine Break-Up milk chocolate.

Years ago, I tried their white chocolate covered strawberries.
They're called "Strawberries in the Snow," 

...and God appeared. 

Now that's good chocolate.

You single guys - haven't had a hot date in a while?
Give her some of these and she'll OWE you a lil' something.

You married men - having trouble with your kite lately?
Give Momma some SF chocolate and your kite will get all the tail it wants.

...and it's legal. 

Something this good, you figured the anti-fun Fascists would have outlawed it by now, 
but maybe their wives got a taste and told their husbands, "Don't you dare!"

If you order some now, they'll pack it in styrofoam with a freezy pack thingy
so it'll be in perfect shape when the UPS man knocks on your door.

And since you have to pay for shipping and cooling, it makes no sense
to order just one pound - get that credit card out and make an investment.

...but only if you really like chocolate. If you think chocolate is "just ok," 
then spend your money on something else, but if you LOVE chocolate, this is it.

 Tell 'em Bart sent you.

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Why would any voter want another 4 years of this?

McCain's amazing Iraq somersault
 by Joe Conason

For a straight-talking maverick, John McCain certainly knows how to parse and pander. 
During this year's campaign he has already flipped and flopped on such major issues as taxation 
and immigration to pacify the Republican base -- but now he has executed a stunning reversal 
of position on Iraq war policy, which he has often touted as the symbol of his political steadfastness. 

The man who scorched poor Mitt Romney because he once alluded to a timetable for the 
withdrawal of U.S. troops promised on Wednesday to bring them home by January 2013, 
or less than five years from now. We will have "won" by then, so why not? 

Yet our whore media won't mention his name without reminding you that:
1) McCain is a war hero who was tortured to save our souls from Original Sin.

2) He's a maverick who cries, "Bullshit" at the GOP base when he knows he's right.
3) He's a "straight-talking" guy who never tells a lie, never flip-flops on an issue.

Yes, this is the same whore media who constantly lied about Gore, Dean and Kerry,
not to mention the character assassination they put on the First Family of Democratic politics.

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Brave New Obamaian World video


"What the Republicans did to Harold Ford in Tennessee was pure racism.
  What the Democrats did to the Clintons was worse than racism."
    -- (withheld)

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    * Connect. Join a community
    * Listen. Individual artists have a vote
    * Support. Skip the middleman

Subject: NAFTA

General Motors sent the majority of their production to Mexico long before NAFTA was ever signed.  
I don't see how increasing free trade between our two neighbors is so wrong.  Europe erased borders 
and tariffs and their economy is kicking our ass.   Now if we could just legalize drugs we could eliminate 
the corruption that keeps Mexico from ever being our equal.
-Houston in Seattle

 Isn't the real problem health care?
 Hillary recently said Detroit pays $1800 per car for health care and Toyota pays $260.
 But Detriot can build a plant in Mexico and save $1200 per car, which is probably their
 entire profit margin, but in America, GM is working for no profit or at a loss.

 But nobody can blame health care because it makes the Clintons look like geniuses
 for trying to solve America's biggest financial crisis 14 years ago, but they failed because 
 the right-wing called it "socialism" and the Democrats wet their pants in fear, as usual.

 So to avoid the scurge of socialism (which is the same system the US senate has) 
 we have skyrocketing medical costs that makes industry move to Mexico and India.

 The Clintons tried to solve this problem and today, Democrats say, "I could never
 vote for Hillary - she's a loser - look what she tried with health care reform!"

 It's been a lot of years, but I think that's where this graphic came from.


When the Clintons tried to solve our biggest financial crisis, the scared bunny 
 Democrats agreed with the GOP that the Clintons were "dangerous people who
 needed to be watched closely," so the voters agreed and gave the House and
 Senate to the cock-hunting Repuiblicans and the rest is history.

 The Clintons' biggest failure is that they couldn't get their own party to support them.

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Harry Shearer's 935 Lies

3-minute video

The Obama News Network

 Monday morning, watching ONN, they're glowing about how great their man will do in Oregon.
 Oregon, a very important state has 65 delegates, so that's a very, very important story.
 They say He's expected to win in Oregon - and win BIG!

 Meanwhile Kentucky (is that even a real state?) only has 60 delegates, so that's no story at all.
 The fact that She's expected to win Kentucky hueueueuege is no story, because it does nothing 
to advance the candidate of ONN's choice.

 (Anyone want to bet She beats Him in Kentucky by more points than He beats Her in Oregon?)

 So let's get back to the REAL story - Obama's expected Oregon victory!!


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Subject: how do you keep your hopes alive?

Hey Bart, I'm curious how you keep your chin up?  

I get pretty discouraged reading ALL the Hillary Haters, 
ALL the time - from some people I used to really enjoy on other topics.
Now, I can hardly bear to tune in to certain websites because it's a wash who's going to get 
more feces - Hillary, anyone who likes Hillary, or Bill...and it's always way more feces directed 
their way than toward the perfectly awful republicans who've been distorting life for way too long.
C'mon!  Aren't there good repub targets out there, perfectly good examples of neocon craziness, 
ineptitude, and bushit to highlight?  Even I, a dull midwesterner (ha ha) can think of a few. 
Anyhow, thanks for hanging in there.

 Steve, lots of stuff to be happy about, such as both our candidates should be able to win.
 That Obama-white voter thing is scary and unexplained, but even anti-black conservative
 voters should prefer Obama to four more years of the bloody hellhole we're currently stuck in.

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"The president attacked Obama as a terrorist coddler in a speech before the Israeli Knesset. 
As the president who's probably done more to damage this country than any in 150 years, 
I can't say I'm exactly surprised that he'd do this. But it really was disgusting, even for him."
      --  Josh Marshall,   TPM

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Subject: the South's Finest Chocolate

Oh. My. God.
Whatever I did to deserve this velvety goodness, thank you.  
I'm guessing it's the whole Mother's Day thing.  
Wow - that's some damn fine chocolate.
Thank you Bart!
I don't know whether to eat it or bow down to it.  
Going back for round three as soon as my pancreas 
recovers and my insulin levels return to normal.
Take care,
Kathy Malloy,
Producer, The Mike Malloy Show and Molly's Mom

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How long can Obama defy gravity?
 by Newsicman


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Einstein letter sold for $400K
 What did the letter say?  You don't want to know...


From the grave, Albert Einstein poured gas on the culture wars between science and religion this week.

A letter the physicist wrote in 1954 to the philosopher Eric Gutkind, in which he described the Bible as 
"pretty childish" and scoffed at the notion that the Jews could be a "chosen people," sold for $404,000 
at an auction in London. That was 25 times the presale estimate.

Einstein says he lost his religion at the age of 12, concluding that it was all a lie, and he never looked back. 
But he never lost his religious feeling about the apparent order of the universe or his intuitive connection with 
its mystery, which he savored. "The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is its comprehensibility," 
he once said.

"If something is in me that can be called religious," he wrote in another letter, in 1954, "then it is the 
unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as science can reveal it." 

 So, which religion bought the letter so they could bury it and then deny that it exists?
 ...and why did it take Einstien until the age of 12 to figure it out? 

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 Subject: NAFTA 

 Bart, I'm no economist, but this is how I understand what NAFTA did, in simple terms.

 NAFTA made is profitable for American companies to move production and jobs out of America. 
 In the past, if you had a automobile company and you wanted to move the plant to Mexico because 
 of cheaper wages, the money you'd save in wages would be lost in tariffs and taxes as you tried to 
 ship your cars back to America. So there was no profit in moving to Mexico.

 NAFTA removed those barriers.

 The goal of NAFTA was to bring everybody up. Car production might move to Mexico, but cars 
 would then be cheaper. Problem is, cars didn't get cheaper. Companies just pocketed the profits.

 Maybe I'm wrong. But that's how I understand it.

 What I don't understand is, why can Toyota build Toyotas in America and make a profit, 
 but Ford is losing a billion dollars a quarter

 Jeff, thank you for an intelligent, hate-free explanation.
 You made those incoherent, insult screamers from last isssue look like clowns.

 I understand what you're saying - looks like my rice-in-Japan guess was right, but what's wrong
 with Amertica that we can't compete with Mexico?  Why do we have to slap tariffs on imports?

 I think we're back to health care - if we fixed that, we could fix everything else.
 But the super-rich are stealing billions a year from the poor and the Treasury, 
 so they'd be crazy to allow Hillary to change the system to something more fair.

 But once again, the idiot voters decided that they didn't want affordable health care, because 
 the Republicans and the whore media and the Talk radio Nazis said "Socialized health care means 
 it'll take 6 months to see a doctor if you're in a car wreck," which was always total bullshit.

 And, as always, the chicken-shit Democrats didn't have the courage to stand up and tell the truth
 about fixing the broken system, so between health care and the cost of gas, America is going bankrupt.

 Hell, the trillions we would've saved if Hillary's plan had been adopted in 1995 might've been
 enough to financialluy offset Bush's bloody Iraq quagmire, but the idiot voters were convinced that 
 $80 aspirin and $500,000 heart attack costs were a better way to go and now we're fucked..

 How can the low IQ Okie see things so clearly, while many others are so blind? 

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Why I'm Turning Down Obama
  A sure recipe for disaster


If Obama is our nominee, I will not vote for him. I will turn him down. So will many other Democrats. 
Democrats must follow their hearts and their heads Hillary is the strongest, best candidate. Hillary can 
beat McCain. Hillary is my Democrat. Even if party bosses tell me that we must get behind the nominee 
and that the nominee will be Obama, I have a choice. Even if family, friends and colleagues tell me I'm wrong, 
I have a choice. Even if you hate my decision, I have a choice. And I will use it. To do otherwise would 
violate the principles I work hard to uphold. I've made a well-thought out, reasoned and rational decision."

No, no, no, no, no.
Just because you have a choice doesn't mean you have to act suicidal.
You also have the choice to have sex with a cigar tipper, but should you?

I doubt there's anyone more frustrated then me with the Democrat's decision to
throw away certain victory for the slim chance they might get a pony, but this isn't 
the time to act stupid because the future of the planet is involved.

A vote for anyone but the Democrat is a vote for four more years of hell and I 
don't care how upset you are, you can't vote for four more years of pure disaster.

Nobody is more angry than me, but I'll fight as hard as I can for Obama if he wins.

When JFK, LBJ and MLK freed the slaves, did Reagan, Lott, Helms and Thurmond 
leave the Democratic party and join the "We-hate-darkies" Republican party?

Wait - bad example...

When Eisenhower fired Patton, did we threaten to join the German army?
When Truman fired MacArthur, did we threaten to join the North Korean army?

Let's hope all this wild talk about burning down America to make a point is just steam.
Steam tends to cool as the months go by, so maybe it's not as bad as it seems, 
but why should we tolerate this bullshit from anybody?

Bill and Hillary have been damn clear about this.
All Democrats should get behind the nominee 
...and there are no exceptions.

What if Hillary ends up as the nominee?  
Aren't we setting the precedent that the Obama forces should fight her victory?

One problem - the BIG guys, KOS, Huffington, The nation, Salon - they're too busy trying to
destroy the Clintons to start any unification effort and we all might end up getting screwed by that.

Who first told you the Democrats have a suicide fetish?

Damn, I wish I was wrong more often.

Is it too early for a drink?

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Most Blacks want V.P. Hillary

Clinton continues as the preferred choice as Obama's running mate, with 39 percent saying 
they'd like him to pick her if he's the nominee. That peaks at 59 percent of African-Americans, 
47 percent of Clinton supporters and 42 percent of women (vs. 34 percent of men).

The only people against a Unity Ticket are Ted Kennedy, Mark Cohen and Creative Class bloggers. 
Obama's strong African American base want unity as do Clinton supporters. The divisive ones are 
people like Kennedy, Cohen and the Creative Class bloggers. 


"Hillary Clinton for VP. She's earned it!  It's her or nothing!  The superdelegates 
  better force this on Obama! If she doesn't get the vice-presidential nomination, we walk!"
    -- the Great and Powerful KOS, mocking 59% of Obama's black contituency,    Link

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It pays to advertise on


We're in our busy season...

Click for more Hits


"If we wanted to solve the energy crisis and help the economy,
  we could give a $10K tax credit to anyone who buys a hybrid car."
      --  Hillary,  

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

Subject: It's hard to vote Democratic in November

I know we're supposed to vote democratic in November (I'm a Hillary supporter). 
But listening to the gloating pundits in the media, and knowing how the Clinton's were 
slandered by the media and by their own party, and unceremoniously dumped by the 
black community (I'm also black, so don't accuse me of racism) ......
it's going to be REAL HARD to remain loyal to this suicidal party.  
I know, I know .... if McCain wins, we all suffer, but it's real hard...

Simba, we don't have a choice - we must vote Democrat in November.

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Subject: my vote

I have been mulling over who I will vote for since the ONN and the all the Obamanite News Stations 
have declared Hillary a loser and I have come up with this.  I WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA.  

You don't have to vote for Obama.
Every voting booth I've ever been in has had a "Vote Straight Democrat Ticket" button.
Just hold your nose, vote Democrat and everything should be OK.

I believe in my country and I believe that we deserve better than that.  
I will write Hillary's name in because that is who I believe in.  

Please don't do that - that vote helps McCain and you don't want that.

Anymore, I do not believe in my party,
 Tammy in Ohio

Tammy, there are two parties and one is worse.
Tell yourself you're voting against the worst party.
We have to win this one.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"It's not that funny..."

There aren't enough buglers in the military

so they play a CD when they bury a soldier.


"I see my old friend Keith Urban and his lovely wife, Nicole Kidman in the audience.
 As you've probably heard, Keith is going to be a daddy - and - without getting into exactly 
 how Nicole got pregnant, I can tell you that she voted Keith, 'Entertainer of the Year.' "
   -- Reba McIntyre, getting racy at the Country Awards

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Subject: Hillary


There is either one or two things going on in your skepticism about Obama. 

It might be that you think he can't win because he's black, 
and winning is more important than solving 400 years of racism. 

Once again we run into the same old problem.
I look at the facts while you wish things were different.

IF Obama has a problem getting white votes,
when do we want to find out?  Now or in November?

And do you really think racism will "be solved" when Obama takes the oath?

Or the other is McCain's -- he can't win because he is naive because the world is more complex 
than he (and W) assumes. From what I've seen, he is able to competently defend himself, his positions, 
and his proposed strategies. Hillary is also able, and I would support her in a minute. 

It is difficult to choose when two candidates of such ability are forwarded. Both are worthy of  support. 
But she has lost, and if there is anything valid in her arguments today that suggest she has any advantage
over Obama in winning a national election because people who hate slavery and slaves should determine 
who is the next president, then all power to her, I guess.
 John Bass 

John, I have a thunderbolt for you:
ALL national elections are decided by racists.

The whore press calls them "Reagan Democrats."

You seem to think recognizing the facts is a bad thing.

 Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

 Subject: that picture

 When I saw that picture of that little child eating crumbs off the street, 
 huge tears rolled down my cheeks.

 If that picture doesn't break your heart, you don't have one.
 Will they ever forgive our country?

 Sure, they'll "forgive us" with suicide bombers for the next 50 years.

 One of the many things Bush forgot (or didn't care about) is if you
 take a people whose lives are shit and then make things worse, 
 something like a suicide bombing is seen as a way to make the pain stop.

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Subject: Clinton's economy

Bart, I have a lot of respect for Bill Clinton and think he did a damn fine job while in office
(and could have done a lot more, had he not been forced to stave off the trolls in Congress).  

That said, I think it's a little fantastic to give him full credit for the economy in the 90s.

 TP, respectfully, I think you are 100% dead wrong.
 It's a Republican's job to ruin the economy to the super-rich can eat the bones of the poor.
 They do this with tax cuts for the super-rich, which drains the economy and kills jobs
 so the little guy can't get ahead.


 Does this look like a coincidence to you?


 Does this?


 Or this?

 They say it's cyclical - and they're right.
 The economy grows when the Democrat's in office and 
 it dies when a Fascist liar practices his voodoo economics.

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Subject: Obama 

 Look Bart,  I enjoy your work in general, although i don't get your support for
 Hillary, but we'll agree to disagree.

 What I CAN'T let go of however, is your assumption that the Clintons are owed anything 
 by Blacks in this country.  As a black man, I've often said to many of my friends, both black 
 and white, that the Clintons were NEVER true allies to African-Americans.  

 Simply because Bill mentioned African-Americans here and there did NOT make him 
 the great Black Hope.  That has ALWAYS been a media creation.  As someone who is 
 so astute at noticing media propaganda, you should be more aware of this.  Whenever Bill's 
 presidency was in jeopardy, African-Americans were one of the first constituencies he bailed on.

 Whoa - some examples of that would be nice.

 From Lani Gunier, to the Crime Bill, to so called "Workfare" program (a ploy to get cheap, poor, 
 often minority labor for sinfully cheap wages),  Bill was only a symbolic friend to Blacks, not a real 

 Aly, *I* never made the claim that Bill Clinton was "the great black hope."

 But, as always, I must, "Compared to who?"

 Please list the presidents who were better friends to black Americans.

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They read it in Ankara, Turkey

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Subject: Buzzflash 

Hi, Bart:

I know you've mentioned BuzzFlash before as being a good site for news, but this election season they 
seem to have gone off the deep end: just finishing a $40,000 Drive, they've now started a $50,000 one.  

This, from a site that has nothing but 24/7 Hillary Hatred.  I found it amazing ---  until I realized that, 
with June coming up, they must want to milk that hatred for all its worth - Hillary just might be our nominee.

I'd never donate a penny to such ethically and morally deficient people.

I intend to send you a donation on June 1st.  
It won't be much, as I only get SSI.  But it will be coming.

In the meantime,  a big Thank You for all you do,
 Matt v 

Matt, thanks for that.
I'm so old, I remember when Buzzflash was an emotionless source for straight, hard news.
I'll say this about my good friend Mr Buzz, ...he's come out of his shell :)

I wish Buzzflash had spent more time explaining who Obama is. Since Obama generally gives 
the same speech month after month, I don't know any more about him now than I knew when 
he announced his ambition to be the most powerful person on the planet.

One might almost consider the Buzzflash behavior "not a match" in that Obama says, 
in every single speech, "This campaign is NOT about tearing the other guy down,
it's about building America up" - something like that.

Does Buzzflash represent the true Obama spirit?

  Send e-mail to Bart



We have tons of great 'toons on the Bart Blog!

You like 'toons?

This toon may be over the top because it's my understanding
that Iraqi kids don't really need their feet and legs,
at least not the way American kids need theirs.

 Iraq pumped 3.5M  barrels daily before Bush invaded
 and then they got their 2003 Halliburton upgrade

Bush is stealing $220,000,000 every day.

No wonder they were so eager to start a war,

It's the biggest theft in Earth's history.

Exxon made $10B
$11.66 billion in profit in 90 days

Gouging us to the tune ofHOT
$129 million profit per day


Gouging us to the tune of
$1,300 profit per second
because Bush started a fake war

...and what did it cost America,
besides $3 trillion of debt for your kids?


Some people celebrate Bush's bloody oil war...

Some don't.
x 4,076....4,079

We lost another 3 soldiers since last issue.

We now have 4,079 dead soldiers.

Hey guys, we'd like to bring you home,
but Bush is busy not playing golf.


Exxon makes $108M$128M every day

That's why Bush
raped Iraq and killed Saddam!

How do we know for sure?
Iraq's oil wells have NO METERS!

 $200M-400M a day goes missing!

Where's that money going?

Bush has killed more Americans than Osama.

Subject: Donation

Dear Bartcop, here's some $.
Thanks for all the years you've brought succor to the bereaved.

I had to look it up - succor is "aid."

In the midst of our national nightmare, you're pointing out the details
as we plummet down the Rabbit home - while making us laugh.
Peace and love out of San Francisco,

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