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BCR 147 is Here!HOT

Friday-Monday  Dec 19-22,  2008 Vol 2263 - Tough Week 

Rudolph killed, stuffed, by AK Govenor

Quote of the Day

"We'll come back. And I'll be out there, 
  the old sage, sitting around, you know, 
  'If you only did it this way.'" . 
      -- Der Monkey, grasping at straws, 
          hoping history will come to a better 
          opinion of him than the world has now   Link

   Good luck with that, Butcher!

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Why History Can't Wait 
Arrow Arrest energizes pundits HOT
Arrow Johnston's oxycontin arrest HOT
Arrow Pure Horseshit 
Arrow PMS Carpenter Again HOT
Arrow A Pair vs Big Slick 
Arrow What's Obama hiding
Arrow Hottie Jennifer Esposito




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Shoe throwing Quotes

Thomas: Why not worry about it? Does it reflect the feelings of the people?

Purina:  I don’t think that you can take one guy throwing his shoe as representative of the people of Iraq.
              And I will tell you that Prime Minister Maliki and the journalists who were there in the room,
              who apologized on behalf of the Iraqis, saying this is not how they would treat a guest.

Thomas: But he wasn’t a guest. We’re occupiers.

Purina: No, we’re not. We are absolutely a guest.
    -- Dana Purina, tangling with Helen Thomas at Tuesday's White House press briefing,   Link

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Why History Can't Wait


As Obama has moved with unprecedented speed to build an Administration that would bolster the
confidence of a shaken world, his flash and dazzle have faded into the background. In the waning days
of his extraordinary year and on the cusp of his presidency, what now seems most salient about Obama
is the opposite of flashy, the antithesis of rhetoric: he gets things done. He is a man about his business
- a Mr. Fix It going to Washington.

That's why he's here...We've heard fine speechmakers before and read compelling personal narratives.
We've observed candidates who somehow latch on to just the right issue at just the right moment.
Obama was all these when he started his campaign: a talented speaker who had opposed the Iraq war
and lived a biography that was all things to all people. But while events undermined those pillars of his
candidacy, making Iraq seem less urgent and biography less relevant, Obama has kept on rising.
He possesses a rare ability to read the imperatives and possibilities of each new moment and
organize himself and others to anticipate change and translate it into opportunity.

I agree.

I remember saying if Obama turned out to be a great president, I'd have to admit I was slow
to recognize his greatness - but that's not what happened.  When I said that, Obama was still
in his "he gives a great speech" era, but now he's projecting great confidence and competence
instead of some undefined "hope and change" hooey that I wasn't buying at the time.

When Bush's economy began to crumble, Obama reminded people that a president has to
be able to do more than one thing at a time - perhaps his first great moment.  I like his cabinet
and I think he's going to come out swinging on Jan 20th.

His inauguration is less than a month away - I haven't heard much - or anything - about the
inaugural balls that night - is he going to attend them like most presidents have?
Or will he say, "This is not time to have a party" and ask his cabinet to get to work?

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Arrest energizes pundits
 by Gene Lyons


Blagojevich's arrest for allegedly trying to auction Obama's Senate seat started a veritable avalanche
of idle gossip, witless speculation and downright character assassination such as we haven't seen in this
country since-well, since Whitewater, actually, the most elaborate shaggy-dog story in U.S. history.
On cable TV, they were partying like it was 1998.

It's not as if there's nothing serious to talk about. Recently we've seen Republican senators, mainly from
Southern states with heavily subsidized foreign auto factories, scuttle the Bush administration's emergency
bailout of U.S. car manufacturers purely to stick it to the unions. Who do these guys represent, Tennessee
or Nissan? Alabama or Volkswagen?...

None of those tedious subjects, however, stimulated anything like the punditocracy's
gleeful response to the Blagojevich bust.

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Shoe throwing Quotes

"Bush moved pretty quickly... He reacted pretty good when you see him...
Too bad he didn't react that way with bin laden or Katrina...or the mortgage crisis
...or Lehman Brothers...I don't think Bush really has dodged anything like that,
well, since the Vietnam War."
      -- Letterman

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 Subject: Mike Connell

Hey Bart, you remember the guy I told you about who could blow the lid off
the Rove e-mail and Siegelman case?  He died in a plane crash last night.

He was an experienced pilot who they say ran out of gas.
I just hope he left one of those "to be opened in case of my death" letters.

I'll be following this story at http://rawstory.com.
Hope you and Mrs. Bart and Bart Kittys have a good holiday
 Scott in San Jose

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

ha ha

Why I Hate Hillary Part 22
 by PMS Carpenter


Caroline Kennedy must be asking herself one question and only one question these days:
"Who will rid me of these troublesome malcontents?"

Christ, that's a dumb-ass way to start a 'I hate Hillary' column.

You know who she means: those single-issue bellyachers of the modern political world,
the plucky Clintonistas, whose one cause -- the greater glorification of Her Hillaryship --
can be advanced, or so they believe, only through the underhanded undermining of all
who fail to prostrate themselves before their fallen idol.

For some reason, PMS Carpenter gets wood by rehashing the great civil war of 2008.
Carpenter is unable to move on, choosing to remain mired in the muck of yesterday
and throwing all the gas he can find on a dying flame that's trying to go out.

And that, of course, was Ms. Kennedy's unforgivable sin during the Democratic primaries,
for which she now must pay.

Who said she must pay?  Certainly not Hillary.
PMS Carpenter is ranting against unseen, unnamed people.
he chooses to play the victim but he can't name his oppressors.

For it was then she possessed the unattenuated gall to publicly promote the candidate of her choice
-- Barack Obama -- a dark transgression indeed.

Who said she possessed the unattenuated gall?  Certainly not Hillary.
Why is PMS Carpenter making shit up?

That sort of thing is rarely heard of in politics -- you know, an endorsement? -- but it wasn't
so much who she endorsed that caused the political seas to bubble and boil with a lasting vendetta,
but rather who she didn't.

A lasting vendetta?
PMS Carpenter needs a new mirror because he's the one who can't let go.
Jesus, even Andrew Sullivan has kinda moved on, but PMS Carpenter is still stuck.

PMS Carpenter is producing Democratic porn. He's doing all he can to promote hatred
between the two camps because he sees the two sides coming together and working together.

So brother, did Ms. Kennedy ever get herself on "the list."

What list?
The list PMS Carpenter fabricated in his head?
Seriously, FOX News and the Pigboy and hannity etc have moved on
but PMS Carpenter remains stuck in a place that even the Nazi right has rejected.

It's because of that -- in fact, only because of that -- that
I wholeheartedly support Ms. Kennedy for the U.S. Senate.

Nobody has a problem with that.

We do so only because it pisses off the Clintonistas, who simply 
can’t stand seeing an early Obama supporter reap a justified reward.

That's what I have a problem with.
PMS Carpenter is Johnny One Note.

I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary.
I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary.
I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary.
I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary.
I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary.
I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary.
I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary. I hate Hillary.

That's all he's got.
Hate and division is all PMS Carpenter has.

Quick - what's the difference between PMS Carpenter and Michael Savage?

PMS Carpenter gets off on Democrats fighting each other.
I think that makes him the enemy of all of us.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!


"The magic of this country is that we are diverse and noisy and opinionated." 
     -- Obama, on why he chose Rick Warren (R-Handjob) to speak at his inauguration, 

"I'm afraid Obama's decision, at its core, is ironic. In the name of tolerance, 
he's elevating someone who's intolerant. In the name of acceptance, he's 
extending an imprimatur to someone who refuses to accept those unlike himself." 
     -- Steve Benen,   Link 

"Obama wouldn't be out there making perhaps the strongest statement in support of gays 
and lesbians by a president if it wasn't for the sturm and drang this choice generated. 
It is precisely this backlash that has forced Obama to clearly affirm his commitment to 
equality. And it will be continued pressure that will force him to do the right thing on the issue. 
If we shut up, he'll take the path of least resistance. And that path of least resistance is 
kowtowing to the conservative media, the clueless punditocracy, and bigots like Warren." 
     -- the great and powerful (not to mention Exxon-rich) kos,   Link 

 Ordinarily I'd be attacking Obama's decision to let this homophobe speak, but;
It's Obama's inauguration and he can have whoever he wants
Being a Black dude, Obama doesn't have to have hatred and bigotry explained to him
He said all year he was going to reach across the aisle and do stuff differently.
   Why would anyone be surprised that he's kept his word?
This sends a signal that he's not going to be needlessly partisan.
It could be spectacularly effective strategery, because how does this make Warren look?
   This ultra-Leftist, Black "Muslin" wants the Warren handjob to speak? 
   Doesn't that mean Warren loses some hard-right, religio-wacko street cred?
He's my president and I'm going to back him until I have good reasons not to,
   but if I know the Democrats, they're already sharpening their knives

Could someone send me a graphic similar to this, but with Obama getting knifed?

I have a feeling I'll be needed it a lot in the next 4-8 years.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

More new stuff in the BartstoreHOT

Johnston's arrest was oxycontin-related
 Momma of Palin's daughter's baby Momma on the junk


Wasilla resident Sherry L. Johnston, mother of Bristol Palin's boyfriend, faces a Jan. 6
court date for an oxycontin-related arrest at her home by Alaska State Troopers.

Johnston is the mother of Levi Johnston, the Wasilla punk suddenly placed in the spotlight when
McCain's swimsuit model and her husband, announced their teenage daughter was pregnant and
he was the father.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: The media and Obama

How quickly the worm turns, eh?

Let's be fair, because it's obvious they won't be.
The major media were being very good to Obama during the campaign and for a few days after the election.
As for why they're coming after him...I see it like this: they haven't had a real job in eight years and they're
chomping at the bit to do something.  They knew Bush would bar them completely if they so much as looked
at him wrong, and they expect Obama, who they see as high-minded and fair, to take the tough questions
because, unlike Bush, Obama at least will have the stones to stand up and take 'em.

They might be surprised, but we'll see.

Besides, not everything he's done has been good.  ...wait, gimme a second here,
I'm trying to think of something he's done so far I don't like...

Oh, right.  He did select an anti-choice, anti-gay dick of a priest to do the invocation at his inauguration.
Granted, priests in general will be openly anti-gay and anti-choice--if the media narrative (ugh) about Prop 8
in California to be believed, even black preachers who are pro-choice will be virulent homophobes--
but I know sane priests exist.

I suspect the Clintonesque media hounding will be here for the long haul, so we may as well settle in and
hope Obama has the balls to not shut them down just because they're doing their jobs and it's inconvenient for him.

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"The president is just a guy hired to provide a service for a fee, like a stock broker or plumber. 
He deserves whatever respect he earns. Bush, sadly, isn't a conservative. There isn't any name 
for his agenda. He and his entire administration will go down in the history books as among the 
worst ever...When has Bush taken responsibility for ANY of his actions. It's always somebody 
else's fault. A coward and buffoon. Thank God he will soon be behind the back yard barbecue 
where he's always belonged, leaving the rest of us to clean out the clogged septic tank he left behind." 
      --  RMax,   Link

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This crook stole $50 billion, so what was his bail?
A mere $10M, which he probably had on him.

 Subject: Obama-Blago - No Dots to Connect

Anderson Cooper is the only cable newscaster that doesn't try to make up crap to smear Obama.
There is no more connection with Obama and Blagoyovich than there is with Obama and Myers.
WTF?  Don't they realize they are losing viewers?  Is Blitzer another word for moron?


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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Guess who custom ordered a new Bentley?
And when she went to pick it up
someone robbed her home of $2M in jewelry

Pie Throwers Union Sue Shoe Thrower


In a move that will forever define the acceptable means of public humiliation through projectiles,
the Pie Throwers Union of America, chapter 301, has brought a lawsuit against Muntazer al-Zaidi,
the notorious Bush shoe thrower who assaulted the President with his flung footwear on Sunday.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

 Subject: RE; Michael Savage

Bart, the real question to Weiner (Savage) is why the hell does he live in San Francisco?
He screams and whines about how awful it is there.
He probably sees hand-holding men every day.
Why does he stay?

Probably so he can play the victim.
You know those gays - always ramming things down poor Michael Savage's throat...

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Visit   The Beat Museum  in San Francisco

You might run into somebody

What's Obama hiding about Blagojevich?
 by Joe Conason


While the Blagojevich scandal so far has exonerated rather than implicated Barack Obama and his staff, 
the president-elect's camp has made some unnecessary mistakes in response. Inflated and distorted by 
hostile critics, those mistakes have risked creating public suspicion where there need be none.

When a scandal breaks in the media, the most important aspect of any political response is clarity. 
Vagueness provokes distrust, which is only intensified by brusque responses to reporters' inquiries. 
Innocent fumbles create an appearance of dishonesty or concealment, even when there is none -- 
and inevitably, political opponents distort that false appearance even further to their own advantage.

The impulse to create distance between Obama and Blagojevich was understandable, given their 
common political roots in Chicago, but was excessive in its zeal and haste. By seeming to suggest 
that there had been no contact with the Illinois governor about appointing a new senator to replace him, 
Obama and his aides set up a scenario that could only be punctured by subsequent facts.

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 Subject: Unions

To all those out there that are knocking unions, blaming all the domestic auto companies ills on them.
To all those saying we don't need unions, they have outlived their usefulness.

To all those who think they work harder and are smarter than their fellow workers and will be
rewarded accordingly....I have a bridge to sell you...no not the Brooklyn Bridge...rather the
infamous "bridge to nowhere", because that's where you'll be without unions.

You know, once these right wing Repugs break all the unions and they are gone, they will be gone for good.
Just think how hard it would be organize a new union...look at Wal Mart!!

If they get rid of unions you can kiss decent wages goodbye. No more Co. paid health insurance,
paid vacations, paid holidays, pensions. No more seniority rules, no work rules. Health & safety be damned!

I heard one idiot Repug Sen. from Tenn. say he was for "labor" but he was against the Union Bosses!!
I guess he doesn't know that the Union Bosses are the workers who are "united" for fairness in the workplace!!
UAW Local 387 (retired)

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

The oil bastards and the Bush bastards
want to kill all the wildlife they can find.

Dont let them.


 Subject: GOP Wanted to Bankrupt US Autos

It's obvious that the Republicans came within a whisker of pulling the trigger on bankruptcy for the Big 3. 
You see, they are like alcoholics, but their addiction is not alcohol, it is to destroy the middle class. 
You always see the favorite play in their playbook is tax cuts for the ultra wealthy. Also they want to kill
Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and unions. Their patron saint is Herbert Hoover who almost 
single-handedly killed the middle class. The Republicans would love to have a country with just 2 classes, 
the ultra rich, and the poor. They just can't help themselves. 

You saw the southern Republicans trying to out-Hoover each other using the filibuster to prevent a 
straight up/down vote in the Senate. The majority of the Senators wanted to approve the LOAN. 
The Republicans would not allow a vote. And thanks a lot John McCain. Some friend of Michigan 
you turned out to be. He spoke out against giving the Big 3 a LOAN. I hope the Republicans run him 
for president again in 2012.
 Joe in Michigan

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Mike the Dealer: A Pair vs Big Slick


It is the classic race, we’ve seen it a few thousand times on TV. The two opponents get all the money in
before the flop and it’s a pair against two over cards, the ‘coin flip’ as it’s called. Millions of chips change hands,
fortunes are won or lost.  Now how to play this situation to your advantage is what I want to talk about today.

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 Subject: That transcript you liked so much

The Rahm, Blago transcript is a fake.

I should have known - I saw it on Kos.

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Pure Horseshit


Clinton utilized a complicated string of political favors and unkept promises to avoid action in Vietnam
is now a matter of public record. What isn't public, however, is what, if any, criminal implications his
actions may have had. Until now, that is, when this anonymously authored chain letter pretends
to do what the mainstream press has been unable to do for more than a decade.

An anonymously authored chain letter is more worthless than a bucket of warm spit.

Besides, Clinton was against the war in Vietnam - for everybody.
Slugs like Bush and the Pigboy loved that war - as long as they could dodge it.

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So, the week from hell enters its second week.
I don't think we've ever been under this much pressure before.

We got a call ten days ago saying an 86 year old uncle needed our help
so we have been dealing with that and his enormous 100-miles away estate.

The only way I could tell this story will be on BCR because there are 
so many facets to this it'd take at least a week just to write it all down.
For instance, I've had the Glock out twice and I'm damn glad I had it.

Judges, cops, private detectives ($125 per hour) appraisers, roofers, real estate agents, 
social workers, scumbag defense, movers, trips to court, insurance problems, mold experts, 
exhaustion, stock brokers, driving 4 hours per day, below freezing temps, utilities, hospital visits, 
more insurance problems, Ensure, lawyers, meth heads, bond hearings, freezing rain, locksmiths, 
storage containers here, storage containers there, stolen cars, oxycodone, surveillance cameras,
negotiating a higher limit on my VISA and I could really use an estate lawyer and an expert on antiques :)

For decades I've told stress to "blow me." 
I just don't do stress, but this challenge is heueueueuge.
Thanks Koresh we have each other to lean on.

The rare bit of good news is Rusty is so aggressive with Dax
that Dax doesn't have the time or energy to go terrorize Bart the cat.

My guess is we're half-way thru this so please be patient with me.
We should be back to a regular schedule when 2009 starts. 

Because of this "adoption" I'm way behind on everything
and my mind, seriously, is scattered worse than Sarah Palin's.

If I owe you something, please remind me.

BCR 148 will be easy - if I can ever catch my breath...

TV Hottie Jennifer Esposito


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