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BCR 151 is Here!HOT

 Wednesday  May 6, 2009 Vol 2329 - Glazed Dognuts 

Quote of the Day

"This is like getting interview 
   lessons from Sarah Palin."  
      -- David Ploufe, after Karl Rove said
          Obama 'is failing to fulfill his bipartisan 
          promise in Congress'    Link

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow The Empathy Within 
Arrow How Character Corrodes HOT
Arrow Torture and Civilization HOT
Arrow Obama Hates His Country HOT
Arrow The Party of Lincoln?
Arrow Doing the Scare Thing HOT
Arrow Letter To My Grandchildren 
Arrow Rachel Bilson - Columnist?  



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"Obama said he wants to look forward.  You know my father was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials. 
They were not a popular idea...Nuremberg became a symbol of who we were. Even these thugs got a lawyer, 
even these thugs got a trial despite their acts. And so we became a symbol of jurisprudence and the rule of law. 
Not to prosecute people or pursue them when these acts occur is, in a sense, to invite them again." 
     --  Chris Dodd, getting some revenge on the White House for blaming him for the AIG bonuses,     Link

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The Empathy Within


There's a story out tonight that Obama may pick a Supreme Court nominee as early as this week, which doesn't surprise me much 
(and I still think, more than ever, that it will be federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor). What does surprise me, a little, is this 
bizarre interview with Sen. Orrin Hatch, (R-Grew Up In a Chicken Coop) recounting his phone conversation with the president:

Hatch raised concerns initially that Obama was using “buzz words” for a liberal activist justice by suggesting he wanted someone 
who had “empathy” for the country’s problems. But Obama told Hatch “that was not what he meant, and I take him at his word
... and that he assured me that he would not be picking a radical or an extremist for the court that he was very pragmatic in his 
approach and that he would pick somebody who would abide by the rule of law.”

Really! I mean heaven forbid we had someone up there in a black robe actually caring about the problems and everyday 
concerns of Americans, as opposed to the button-down corporatist toadies we mostly have in there now. 

I think it would be a mistake for Obama to pick a replacement for Souter with five months to go.

The America whore media will hammer away at whoever Obama picks and after five months of Nazy talk radio 
and the whore networks and the Cable Fascists and the NYWhore Times and the WaHoPo pounding and pounding away 
at his pick, the poor bastard is going to be worthless - so why give them that? 

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 Subject: Pot shrinks tumors

Bart, you asked, 

> Why do the religiously insane hate marijuana so much when it helps people?

Alas, if it were only the religously insane, this one would be so easy. Unfortunately, the real culprit is corporatism, 
specifically Big Pharma (so what else is new?). The so-called "health care" (an oxymoron if ever I saw one) industry 
has exactly calibrated, practically to the penny, how much they can extract from a Stage 4 cancer patient, in terms of 
costs for drugs, hospitalizations, etc., in the same way that the Nazis calculated just how little they needed to feed a 
labor camp prisoner to keep him alive and get the maximum amount of work possible out of him, Big Pharma and 
Big Medicine continue to suck up in research grants from universities and government agencies, on the dubious premise 
that their products and methods actually improve outcomes. 

The cancer industry makes Bernard Madoff look like a humanitarian.

Keep hammerin'
The Original Ninjalibrarian

If we could just get people to vote in their own self interests.
We can't even get the poorest of the poor to vote themselves a safety net.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

How Character Corrodes


The Republicans are concerned about checks and balances.

The Specter switch has made conservatives remember why they respected the Constitution in the first place. 
Mitch the Bitch fretted that there was a “threat to the country” and wondered if people would want the majority 
to rule “without a check or a balance.”

Senator John Thune worried that Democrats would run “roughshod” and said Americans wanted checks and balances. 
Senator Judd Gregg mourned that “there’s no checks and balances on this massive expansion on the size of government.”
Bill Kristol, (R-Handjob) noted, “This will make it easier for the G.O.P. candidates in 2010.”

 ha ha
Whatever Bill Kristol is selling, I'll take $500 worth of the exact opposite.
Remember in 2002 when he said, "There's no evidence that the Sunnis and Shiites are enemies?"

This is quite touching, given that the start of the 21st century will be remembered as the harrowing era when an arrogant 
Republican administration did its best to undermine checks and balances. (Maybe when your reign begins with Bush v. Gore, 
a Supreme heist that kissed off checks and balances, you feel no need to follow the founding fathers’ lead.)

After so many years of watching a White House upend laws, I now listen raptly when Obama plays the constitutional law professor. 
When asked about the Republican fear that he will “ride roughshod over any opposition” and establish one-party rule, he said.
“Congress is a coequal branch of government.” You almost thought the professor in chief was going to ask the assembled students 
to please turn to page 317 in their Con Law book.

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In THE THIN WHITE LINE, author Craig DiLouie presents a terrifying vision about how
a pandemic might unfold, focusing on the Canadian experience but relevant to any country.
Reading as if it were a non-fiction book describing a pandemic that has already happened,
THE THIN WHITE LINE presents a realistic, meticulously researched scenario.

"Craig DiLouie provides us with a clairvoyant glimpse of life during the coming influenza pandemic. . . ."
—Grattan Woodson, MD, FACP

Click to Order


"The real hate crime these days is the Orwellian intimidation wielded by the Left 
  against those that don’t think the way they do. It’s worse than waterboarding."
     -- Andrew Breitbart (R-Peabrain)   Link

  Really Andrew?
 Words are worse than simulating drowning?

 I have an idea - let's each get $10,000 and we'll meet in a room.
 You can call me all the names you can think of and when you're done, 
 I'll hold your whore face underwater until you are forced to swallow.
 And then I'll do it again. 
 And then I'll do it again.
 And then I'll do it again.
 And then I'll do it again.
 And then I'll do it again.
 And after 183 times, we'll let an unbiased jury decide which of us had the worse day. 

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Look for  bartcop


"I think what Rush does as an entertainer diminishes the party and inserts 
  into our public life a kind of nastiness that we would be better to do without."
    --  Colin Powell, (R-Soldier Killer) trying to make amends,    Link

              "We're still dead, SIR!"

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

Torture and Civilization


I don't have either the vocabulary or the literary sensibility to explain with any eloquence why I oppose torture, 
so I usually stay out of conversations like this.  Besides, they depress the hell out of me.  But for the record, it goes something like this.
I don't care about the Geneva Conventions or U.S. law.  I don't care about the difference between torture and "harsh treatment."  
I don't care about the difference between uniformed combatants and terrorists.  I don't care whether it "works."  I oppose torture 
regardless of the current state of the law; I oppose even moderate abuse of helpless detainees; I oppose abuse of criminal suspects 
and religious heretics as much as I oppose it during wartime; and I oppose it even if it produces useful information. The whole point 
of civilization is as much moral advancement as it is physical and technological advancement...

Somebody else could explain this better than me.  But the consensus against torture is one of our civilization's few unqualified 
moral advances, and it's a consensus won only after centuries of horror and brutality.  We just can't lose it.

I got a letter and a contribution from a fella named Peter who wrote: "I disagree with you on torture,
but I'm (more or less) a loyal reader..."  and I wish he would agree with me because I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Torture is a bad, bad thing - almost as bad as taking a human life, but isn't there a thing called "Justifiable homicide?"
Sure there is - and you're crazy if you don't believe in killing evil men who are trying to rape or steal your kids.

I'm sure John Lennon and Bono and MLK and whoever else you'd like to name would kill for their kids.
And if you'd kill to save your kids, you wouldn't break a kidnapper's finger to find out where he buried them alive?
Would you sacrifice your kids to protect his finger and the sanctity of your "No torture - ever" principle?

Sure, those are extreme circumstances that wouldn't likely happen to you and me, but what about Obama?
You think he'd let Sacha and Malia die to preserve the sanctity of the "No torture - ever" principle?

The ONLY place where we disagree is the use of the word "never," which is illogical.

The Bush bastards used torture as a tool, like a fork at dinnertime.
They should be held accountable for their crimes.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

Mike Malloy Live

 Subject: Unka Dick's request for release of CIA documents...

Yo Bartcop!

I quote from Ronald Kessler's exposition---"The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI" (St.Martin'sPress, 2002, p.230)

"In 1980, Congress passed the Classified Information Procedures Act...the law known as the greymail statute 
because it was intended to prevent defendants from trying to use the threat of exposure to win dismissal of the 
charges against them. The law permitted judges (i.e., FISC) and defense lawyers to examine outside of public view 
classified information relating to their cases."

So what are the Democrat's afraid of ? 
Perhaps they're worried UnkaDick might unleash his still Top Secret goon squad?

Hammer on !

JoeTwelvepack in Germany

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Got an iPhone?

What are your favorite three applications?

 Subject: 3 favorite iphone apps

1. Itunes
2. Mini piano keyboard
3. Guitar tuner

1. I like the GPS and the search - it's saved me several times.
2. Shazam can identify any song it hears - I like that, too
3. I play Bejeweled while waiting in the doctor's office :)

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 Subject: Banned in Britain?

So exactly how do you feel Bartcop?

Gee, that's kind of an open-ended question.
The Brits can ban Nazi scum if they want - it's their country.

Banned citizens? 
Free speach zones, all of this started under Bush, and continues under Obama.

Looks like more of the same to me.

You're saying the Brits banned nobody until Bush stole power?
I'm not up on my Brit history.

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Get knocked out at the Political "Punch"



"Under Mitch the Bitch, we have gone from 55 and to 40 Senate seats in two election cycles, 
 and if I'm correct, we will wind up with about 36 after this election cycle. So if leadership means anything, 
  it means you don't lose... approximately 19 seats in three election cycles." 
     -- Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY), about Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY),  his KY buddy,   Link

 ha ha

 I'm glad I'm not KY buddies with Mitch the Bitch.


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Obama Hates His Country
 Pure horseshit by a whore on the losing team


Bizarre and, yes, repugnant as it is to our essentially centrist country, Obama has broken that time-honored tradition. 
On the campaign trail and as the leader of the free world he is the first U.S. president to proclaim that he, like his wife, 
is not proud of his country, and is all-too-willing to offer serial apologies – for America! – to Americans and foreigners alike.

We also know that during his run for the presidency, Obama expressed sneering condescension towards all those bible-clasping, 
gun-owning yahoos who "cling" to those silly things, and that in Europe he consistently gave voice to America’s supposed "sins". 
But all that pales in comparison to the clear contempt – looks more like hatred to me – that Obama feels for the United States
and for its most revered founding document, the U.S. Constitution.

In just the first 100-days of his tenure, Obama’s words and actions have demonstrated that he is no friend of the country he leads

You crazy whore.
Sometimes a good, old-fashioned "Fuck you" is the best answer to pure horseshit.

Please continue writing such crap because the Black man you hate (That's why, right?) has an 81% personal approval rating.
By telling these stupid and clumsy lies, you're saying 81% of America hates their country and I can't wait to see how well
that tactic works for you in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

You didn't learn a thing from the 2006 and 2008 elections, so your education must continue.
Oh, and please continue following the advice of the vulgar Pigboy and Sarah Palin.

Want to see what 80 Democratic senators looks like?

 Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Whither the Party of Lincoln?


This past week has been, for the Republican Party, what July 1789 was to the French monarchy.

Damn, I'm not that up on my 18th century French history - I hope he explains what the fuck that means.
Don't you just hate that kind of shit writing - where the guy's intent it not to enlighten or persuade, no,
this jerk wants you to know that he's smarter than you and you'd do well not to forget that.

First Obama celebrated his first 100 days with a knockout press conference, amid polls showing that he 
is the most popular American since Neil Armstrong, even though a majority thinks his economics policies 
are going to land us in what George Bush the First called 'deep doo-doo.'...

81% like the guy and I'd guess maybe 3% have a clue about global economics
It's not the same, no matter how you try to fake it.

The week's second big thing was Arlen Spectre (or is it spelled Specter?) (More cuteness from this ass) 
announcing that he is leaving the Republican Party, because if he stayed, he wouldn't win re-election. 

More Selective Factivity - which is wrong unless you're a comedian.
I wonder if this guy also writes for Roger Ailes over at FOX News?

Specter said the party left him by going hard to the Right, which is true.
I doubt Reagan would recognize what his party has become.
Reagan used to say, "You try for the whole loaf of bread, but you settle for half."
Today's GOP says, "I want all the bread in the world so you can go fuck yourself."

Say what you will, but you can't fault the man's principles. Not since Gingrich shut down the 
government because of bad seating on Air Force One has a Republican taken a nobler stand.

And now Al Franken will become the 60th and decisive vote in the new Democratic Senate. 
Unless, that is, the Minnesota Republican Party gets its act together and starts bribing those judges. 
But failing that, the Democrats will have their filibuster-proof way.

I have no idea what side the writer is on.
Maybe he's not the genius he thinks he is..

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

 Subject: Don't blame Harry Reid

He can not count on the blue dog Dems for their vote..
Having 60 Dem senators does not mean 60 votes.

Reid's job is like herding cats.

If Harry can't do the job maybe he should step aside.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

GOP: Doing the Scare Thing


Whether it is the Swine Flu, gun control, bailouts, or attempts to resuscitate social issues, irresponsible members of Congress  and 
fringe groups make irrational claims that play to people’s fears. It doesn’t seem to matter that many such positions rest precariously 
on thin air. There are enough takers who absorb the gibberish and pass it along the word-of-mouth route. For anyone who ever played 
the “telephone” game at a kid’s party, you know how twisted the original message becomes when the last person at the table repeats 
what was whispered to them. From a national perspective what starts out as twisted becomes nightmarishly perverse as it travels from place to place.

Unless one listens to the arch-conservative pundits on talk radio and the radical right’s floor speeches in Congress, it is something of 
a shock to hear the wild ramblings of some folks in the countryside. Obama is a socialist/fascist who will take our guns and set up FEMA 
indoctrination camps they say. Get your semi-automatic weapons and plenty of ammunition to stand against a government intent on 
enslaving you, they say. It doesn’t occur to them that if the government really had tyrannical motives a few guns in their hands would 
be no match for tanks rolling through their neighborhoods, but never mind.

When Clinton was president, gun shops displayed Bill and Hillary posters with "Sieg Heil" under them.
Gordon Liddy suggested, "Shoot for a federal agent's head because he wears a bullet-proof vest."

Then Bush stole power and made it legal for him and Cheney to kidnap and torture anyone in the world  
and the voices of the Right fell silent because they had nobody but spineless Reid & Pelosi to rail against.

Now that Obama is legally elected, gunshops are booming and bullet manufacturers can't keep up.
and they call Obama a Facsist even tho he's the one who stopped Bush's killing and torture spree.

Why can't the stupid people see that the GOP stole their rights, their 401Ks, their jobs and their homes?
Is it because they're stupid or because the Democrats refuse to list the facts?

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

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Thanks to all who have been so generous.

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Fact is - about 2% contribute.
Ergo, ipso facto - times are tough.
Help Bartcop.com survive!
The kitties need food, too.

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A Letter To My Grandchildren
 by Jack Kemp


Dear Kemp grandchildren -- all 17 of you: My first thought last week upon learning that a 47-year-old 
African-American Democrat had won the presidency was, "Is this a great country or not?"

You may have expected your grandfather to be disappointed that his friend John McCain lost (and I was), 
but there's a difference between disappointment over a lost election and the historical perspective of a 
monumental event in the life of our nation.

Just think, a little over 40 years ago, blacks had trouble even voting, much less running for high office. 
A little over 40 years ago, in some parts of America, blacks couldn't eat, sleep or even get a drink of 
water using facilities available to everyone else in the public sphere...

Next year, we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth.  I'm serving to help raise funds 
for this historic occasion. President-elect Obama's honoring of Lincoln in many of his speeches reminds us of 
how vital it is to elevate these ideas and ideals to our nation's consciousness and inculcate his principles 
at a time of such great challenges and even greater opportunities.

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Full Tilt Poker

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Someone asked about making online deposits to Full Tilt Poker.
but since I have the brain of a seven year old, I can't find the e-mail.

Apparently the corrective laws haven't been passed yet, but the last time 
I made a deposit it went right thru.  I don't remember if it was a credit card 
or a debit card (It's been a while and my luck has been pretty good lately) 
but it was the quickest and easiest deposit ever.

And if you're not playing because you heard there was some online cheating,
trust me, nobody is stealing money from the $1 and $2 games and tournaments :)
Any bad stuff that happened was in the $5,000 games and they caught the guy.

If you DO sign up, tell them  bartcop  sent you.
They'll give us both some extra chips.

And if we can get 5 or 8 players to sign up, we can play our own 
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I'd hate for a Republican to get any of it :)

If you have some self-control (Odd that I find myself in that category) you can play for 
about an hour for just $1.25 which is cheap entertainment in hard times AND you might win.

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I got my poker cap yesterday and it's very nice.

Click  to  Order

Of course, seems like for $24.99 you should get 
a nice cap and oral sex from a Playmate centerfold
but it's still a nice hat.

With my poker cap and my sunglasses and my bushy beard
I will intimidate those professional poker players :)

 Subject: The Other

You quoted, partially: 

> Our opponents who don't believe in these things are basically barbarians. 
> They hate science, love fundamentalist religion, disdain the rule of law and see no problem with changing standards of morality
> for those seen as others - whether it's torturing Muslims or denying marriage to gay couples.

Here’s how I see it.  We, all of us, have evolved in relatively small extended family groups, or tribes.  We are driven to protect our tribe
to the exclusion of all other tribes.  I believe this is the psychology behind team spirit.  We no longer have the luxury of smashing the skull 
of the evil ones in the next valley, so we vicariously do so via professional champions; or through our armed forces.

We are stuck with that.  Some have strived to overcome it with rational thought, aka rationalizations.  
Most don’t.  Most don’t even think about it.  The Other is not Us, hence of lesser stature.  
Depending on a realization that the Other *is* us to win elections into the future is a recipe for comeuppance.  Unfortunately.

Had the economy not collapsed, the straight talkin’ straight shootin’ war hero saint would have kicked the mollycoddling ass 
of that Other currently holding the office of President.  Actually, he wouldn’t have been allowed to run, probably.  He was the 
Old Bob Dole of 2008.  Had the economy not faltered, Mitt and his American Jesus would have headed the ticket, perhaps 
allowing McCain to fill out the Cheney role, and they would have won.  Progressives need to recognize that and deal with it 
in the next year or so, or it’ll be GOP business as usual for another ten years. 

I have no clue how to combat those natural born tendencies.  
I leave that to the smart guys with IQs of under 64.

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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Need to take a sudden trip?

 Here's the deal:

Irony:  The day this offer expires (in August) is the day 
you'll get that phone call that you and the wife are needed 
tomorrow on the other coast - and then I can't help you.

Pigboy Quotes

"A lot of elected Republicans wish I would just go away because they 
  buy into this notion that I'm polarizing and making it tough on them."
      -- Rush, having a moment of clarity about why he's so hated

"Jim DeMint said, 'I'd rather have 30 strong conservatives in 
  the Senate than 60 wishy-washy moderates' -- and I agree with him."
     -- Rush

 Great news, Rush - you're about to get your wish.
 And in 2012, you'll have 20 strong conservatives!

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"It’s the mother of all ironies...that the kids who voted for Obama are the ones being fitted with shackles and chains. 
  And they’re going to wake up one morning to a tax rate is 65% or higher. Who is going to get out of bed in the morning 
  if you realize that two-thirds or more of your day is spent earning money? You are working for Uncle Sam and you keep very little." 
    -- Michelle Bachman, who's turning into Jim Inhofe with a vagina,    Link


 You crazy bitch - you have it all backwards.

 Bush was the arsonist who burned down the home.
 Obama is the architect and builder of your new home.

 Why blame thre architect for the arsonist's crimes?

 And where was your concern for the children 
 when Bush was killing our soldiers and spending 
 billions per week on 2 wars that were not on the books?

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Dom Deluise's Egg Trick

 Subject: Torture-loving Xtians . . . Legal Crucifixion

In answer to your assertion, American lawyers HAVE figured out a way to crucify: 
it's called "Lethal Injection."  Look at any picture.  It's horizontal crucifixion.
 Bob Kincaid - Head On Radio Network

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 Subject: RE: Average Americans and the GOP 

I resent your remark 

> But it was the poorest people who voted to give the super-rich more money
> - people from MS, OK, AL and UT. I blame the Democrats for refusing to list the facts.

Not all of us out here in UT are balls out crazy, magic underwear wearing, 
white salamander come unto me, follow the church approved leader sheep.
I realize you put OK in there too, so you know how I feel… 

Actually out here in UT, it seems the political winds may be shifting closer to 50/50… 
It may be another 10 years, but I actually believe we may have a majority of Dem. reps, 
and senators by then. Honestly, even the right out here are starting to hate hearing themselves speak.
Keep swingin’
 Adam P

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Mort, thanks for that.

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Marc hosts several other political sites including American Politics Journal, Political StrikesFaux News Channel, Seeds of Doubt and interesting sites like the
Church of Reality - a religion based on believing in everything that is real.

Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are  choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online.

 We also have that strongest server side spam filtering on the planet.
Check out Marx Mail for info on how you can have a Spam Free Email Account.

 Marc Perkel's Church

If it's Real - we believe in it!
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