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 Mon-Tuesday  June 1-2, 2009  Vol 2342 - Topless Vampires

Quote of the Day

"Rush Limbaugh called Sotomayor a 'reverse racist.' 
  I got to hand it to Limbaugh. He is a reverse genius." 
     -- Jimmy Fallon


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Doesn't get any worse 
Arrow Lyons: Mortgage Gambles HOT
Arrow How to Buy American 
Arrow At least nobody died HOT
Arrow Another 'pro-life' murder 
Arrow Cairo Calm HOT
Arrow Maddow: Shame on Obama!! 
Arrow Jessica Alba Shopping 



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"They’re certainly entitled to their opinions...
  I’ve got better things to do than to be the speech police..."
    -- Mitch the Bitch, (R-KY) on why the GOP keeps calling Sotomayor a racist,   Link

 Hey guys, that's a great strategy.

 Keep calling her names, keep mocking her background and keep mispronouncing her name.
 There's only about 40 million Hispanics in America.  No sense in trying to get their votes.

 Heck, why not tell some jokes about how she eats shit tacos?
 I'll bet the Hispanic voters will LOVE that.

"Mitch the Bitch took the time to do the Sunday shows
  but he didn't have time to dispute the haters." 
    -- Doodlebug Shayne,    Link

"Better things to do? The man has let the Limbaugh-Hannity 
  fringe of the GOP drive the party right off the rails."
    -- Above the Clouds,   Link

 No, no - Mitch the Bitch is doing a great job - and so is Michael Tom Steele.

 The GOP should feel blessed to have Mitch, Da Boner, Steele, Cheney and 
 Pigboy Limbaugh leading them into the always-forgiving desert without water.

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It just doesn't get any worse


I'm stopped at a red light when a decrepit old Chevrolet pickup with its windows rolled down pulls into the adjacent lane. 
Its radio is bleating Rush Limbaugh, and the bumper sticker reads, "My wife, yes. My dog, maybe. My gun, NEVER!"

The driver looks disheveled and haggard, making it very easy to surmise that here's the perfect example of an American 
totally screwed over by capitalism run greedily amok, decisively abetted by conservative ideology. He's probably unemployed, 
has no medical insurance, no pension prospects, and is likely facing having sheriff's deputies put his family's belongings out on 
the sidewalk, following a heartbreaking eviction.

But he's got that radio tuned to right-wing propaganda, and he's so completely brainwashed that he thinks his greatest worry is 
gays getting married!   He's undoubtedly convinced that the "Democrat Socialist Party" is ruining his life and his beloved country
-- and that liberals are the reason his wallet has thinned to nothing but pictures of his gaunt spouse and sickly, skinny kids.

Here's where I blame the Democrats for failing to list the damn facts.

Why don't poor people vote themselves a higher standard of living?
Because the idiot Democrats have never explained that they have that power.

This country is maybe 5 percent rich, forty percent middle class and 55 percent poor.
Poor people have all the power at the voting booth but they refuse to use it to help themselves.

If only the idiot Democrats would explain things to them.

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"They say Rush Limbaugh is the 800 lb. gorilla in the Republican Party.
  But I think it's mean-spirited to say that -- because he's down to 650 lbs."
     -- Gov Musclehead, turning on the Top Republican in America,   Link

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They would also never let race dictate that 
they install an unqualified Black man for life.

Mortgage Gambles
  by Gene Lyons


Maybe the most important personal lesson I learned as a journalist came from a story I never wrote. During the 1980s, 
I was assigned to write about how sky-high prices and inflation were wrecking the hopes of young professionals to buy 
their own homes. Stories about finance bore me. When people start talking about their "dreams," in the sense of unrealized 
fantasies, I lose interest. They'd have to settle for what they could afford, poor things.

Almost needless to say, I already owned a home.

I decided to interview one of my cleverest friends, a foreign-born real estate developer. Roberto brought me up short. 
Naming mutual friends, he said our parents wouldn't have dreamed of living as they did-fancy cars, foreign vacations, 
frequent restaurant meals - and also buying a house. Previous generations had saved for years to make a down payment. 

He said articles like mine were a sure sign that a sharp market correction was overdue. Texas, he said, was experiencing 
a classic speculative real estate bubble. Shrewd investors should be unloading properties and debt. House-hungry yuppies 
should sit tight, awaiting lower interest rates and plummeting prices. Roberto's logic was inescapable, but none of us wanted 
to play Cassandra. Somewhat grumpily, my editors let me write two sports features instead. We sold our Texas house at 
a tidy profit and left town.

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 Subject: Torture

I love this argument. "By releasing the techniques, the terrorists will know how to train for them."

Well, wouldn't that be fruitless if now WE DON'T TORTURE you DUMBASSES?
 Jon in Ohio

Jon, why do you hate America?

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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Pigs is Pigs or How to Buy American
  First published here in 2002


I have been in towns along the east coast where they consider it almost un-American to spend money with retailers
owned by people that aren’t residents of the community. This is why large retailers like Wal-Mart are becoming less
and less desirable as new additions to many communities. The facts are that many a local main street has become a
row of deserted buildings because they couldn’t compete when large retailers moved just outside the city limits and
set up shop. The undesirable consequence of this is that local dollars, except for those few that were spent paying
employees of the large retailer, immediately left the community and thus damaged or destroyed the local economy.
This includes the taxes that are collected for things like water treatment and sewer treatment facilities not to mention
what happens to property values and in turn ad valorem taxes which generally fund things like our children’s education.

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"The Republican Party is today’s oppressed minority, and it knows how to behave as one.
  It shuts up.    (Really?)    It doesn't cross bridges, it doesn't run into the Bull Connors of the Democrat Party,
  it is afraid of the fire hoses and the dogs, it's compliant. The Republican Party today has become totally
  complacent; they are an oppressed minority, they know their place. They go to the back of the bus."  -
    -- Piggy the vulgar Pigboy,   Link

 Rush, who are you trying to sell that load of shit to - your braindead sheep-listeners?

 If the Fascist dogs are scared bunnies, running to the back of the bus, that would mean
 the Democrats are ruthless bullies, always forcing their will down the GOP's throat.

 Can you give us some examples of the Democrat bullying?
 Is Patrick Leahy the mean and dangerous bully?
 Is Harry Reid the eveil thug who always breaks the law?
 Is Nancy Pelosi the hard-driving slave master who won't give the rich guys a break?

                        "We're tough sons a bitches..."

 Who are these mythical bullies that are beating up you helpless Republicans?

 Hell, if we had anybody in this congress with half a sac I'd buy them a shot of Chinaco.

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Mike Malloy Live

Subject: U.S. automakers

Bart,  GM employs nearly as many Americans as all foreign automakers combined. Ford operates nearly as many
assembly lines as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Hyundai combined. Chrysler employs more U.S. workers than Honda,
Hyundai and Volkswagen combined. Each Detroit 3 autoworker supports nine other U.S. workers.

Automakers invest in the U.S. economy. They buy much of the steel, rubber and semi-conductors made in the U.S.
They are the largest exporters. They've invested more than $230 billion in new plants and infrastructure over the past 25 yrs.

In just five years, from 2001 to 2005, Ford, G.M. and Chrysler invested more in U.S plants and infrastructure than all
the foreign automakers combined invested over the previous 25 years. Of every dollar invested in the U.S. over the past
25 years by all automakers, 86¢ came from Ford, G.M. and Chrysler, while 14¢ came from all foreign automakers combined.

Are you sure you can really afford to keep trashing these guys???

source: Solidarity magazine May-June 2009

Ron, Detroit's problem is with the facts, not with me.
Sure, I have an opinion that's backed up with facts, but the facts are killing GM, not me.

If I wrote, "GM makes better cars than Toyota," I'd lose a lot of credibility
with the majority of people who do not work in Detroit or work for the Big Three.

I'm going to feel real bad when GM goes away, because it's as American as baseball and apple pie,
but I was in the car finance business for 9 years and (at the time) I knew what cars are worth.

I was talking about this with a friend the other day - the Blue Book is crazy.
It might say a 2004 Accord is worth $9,000, but no way you can buy them that cheap.  (made up numbers)
It might say a 2004 Impala is worth   $6,000 but I can buy them all day for $4,500.

I wish the facts were different but we have to live with those ugly facts because 
ignoring reality is too much like religion for me.

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Goodbye, General Motors
 by Michael Moore


It is with sad irony that the company which invented "planned obsolescence" - the decision to build cars that would
fall apart after a few years so that the customer would then have to buy a new one - has now made itself obsolete.
It refused to build automobiles that the public wanted, cars that got great gas mileage, were as safe as they could be,
and were exceedingly comfortable to drive. Oh - and that wouldn't start falling apart after two years. GM stubbornly
fought environmental and safety regulations. Its executives arrogantly ignored the "inferior" Japanese and German cars,
cars which would become the gold standard for automobile buyers.

We are now in a different kind of war - a war that we have conducted against the ecosystem and has been conducted
by our very own corporate leaders. This current war has two fronts. One is headquartered in Detroit. The other front in
this war is being waged by the oil companies against you and me. They are committed to fleecing us whenever they can,
and they have been reckless stewards of the finite amount of oil that is located under the surface of the earth.

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How GM Fell like a Wet Safe


Rarely has a company fallen so far and so fast as General Motors. And while its bankruptcy appeared
increasingly likely in recent weeks, the arrival of the moment is still a staggering blow, particularly for
anyone with ties to the company.

G.M. began a long and slow process of undermining itself. Its strengths, like the rigid structure that provided
discipline early on, became weaknesses, and it lost its feel for reading the American car market it helped create,
as Japanese automakers lured away even its most loyal buyers.

The company did have vast numbers of loyal buyers, but G.M. lost them through a series of strategic and
cultural missteps starting in the 1960s.  It bungled efforts in the 1980s to cut costs by sharing the underpinnings
of its cars across different brands, blurring their distinctiveness.  G.M. gave in to union demands in 1990 and
created a program that paid workers even when plants were not running, forcing it to build cars and trucks it
could not sell without big incentives.

Let's not forget good, old-fashioned American greed.

I read that Ford paid it's CEO $20M last year.
Toyota pays it's CEO less than one million per year.

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"Cheney is giving the Republicans a demonstration of how to fight a popular president. 
  Stake out defensible high ground, do not surrender an inch, then go onto the attack. 
  Unlike Obama's position, Cheney's is 100 percent reality based."
       --  Pat Bushanan, hoping somebody will believe him,   Link

 Hey Pat, we all agree.
 You guys should run Cheney against Obama in 2012, with Pigboy as VP.

 That might be an easy win for you guys...

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Does NBC News have a credibility problem?

 Subject: good tv

Hey amigo, just had to let you know that last night on Craig Ferguson he did 
a skit about swine flu and how it originated with Rush Limbaugh.  Pass it on!
  Mark in Waco

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We were in Texas two weeks ago.
Saw this and I knew I had to show it to you.


"I am not so sure that, if we hadn't married, she'd have voted for me." 
    -- the worst president ever, talking about Pickles,  Link

  She would have voted for you ...if she used a Diebold machine.

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Another 'pro-life' murder
 Religious insanity murders Dr. Tiller


Dr. George Tiller, (OB-GYB) was shot to death Sunday in his church as he handed out church bulletins.
The authorities said they took a Republican into custody later in the day.

A provider of legal abortions, Dr. Tiller, 67, had become a focal point for McVeigh-like handjobs
loike this shit who thinks it's his business to impose their opinions on others with lethal force.

In addition to protests outside his clinic, his house and his church, Dr. Tiller had seen his clinic bombed.
In 1993, an abortion opponent shot him in both arms. He was also the defendant in a series of legal challenges
intended to shut down his operations, including two grand juries that were formed after handjob-led petition drives.

All the headlines I've seen say, "Late term abortion doctor murdered."
America's whore media wants you to feel OK about his murder.

Was this murder a political ploy to derail Sotomayor's nomination?
If it was, it proves again that the handjobs can't aim for shit.
Most normal people will see this is anti-abortion extremism.

I don't know Bush about this doctor, but he might've been a man of courage and principle
if he was the only doctors within a hundred miles willing to help a poor woman "in trouble."

Women with money can afford to seek out a doctor.
Women without money depend on the Dr. Tillers of the world - or a coat hanger

If my business was bombed and if I'd been shot twice,
I would've said, "My job is done" and retired in peace.

Tiller chose to stay and fight and they murdered him.

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Nightmare on Cheney Street


Horror movies usually follow the same script. The monster - whether genetically modified, abused as a child, or whatever - picks off
the frightened teenagers one by one. After many thrills and chills, the hero drives a stake through the heart of the beast. Finally, just as
we're finishing off the last of our popcorn in relief, the not-quite-dead monster makes one last attempt to dispatch the hero. It fails, but
not before we've dumped popcorn all over our laps.

If Wes Craven decided to make a horror movie out of the last year of U.S. politics, he would definitely cast Dick Cheney as the monster
that can't be silenced. The former vice president is Leatherface, Jason, and Freddie Krueger all rolled into one: lawless, methodical, and
unpredictable with firearms. He's had more sequels than Chucky: White House chief of staff, House minority whip, secretary of Defense,
CEO of Halliburton, vice president, and now rogue pundit.

In the last presidential elections, the voters repudiated the Cheney legacy. But like Glenn Close in her final scene in Fatal Attraction,
Cheney's not yet down for the count. As the various TV appearances and his speech last week at the conservative think tank
American Enterprise Institute (AEI) suggest, he's still got some fight in him.

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 "There are subtle ways they dance around the race issue. 'When are we going to see the real Michelle Obama?' 
  And you know what they're saying... They're waiting for her to throw all his stuff on the White House lawn...
  They're waiting for Weezy to jump out." 
    -- Wanda

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Subject: Nostalgianomics

Bart, I thought you might be interested in this article from the libertarians.


I'm suspicious of nostalgia.  For example, I'm not sad to see the big car companies and unions 
getting broken up, because they resembled a mafia ... parasitic on the rest of society.
-- Brad

There are times when I'm nostalgic about the eight yewars of peace and prosperity we had 
in the nineties but I know people are tired of reading about me "worshiping" the Clintons. 

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"Why the mere relocation of imprisoned terrorists from Gitmo to prisons in 
  the United States is a moral issue in the first place is by no means clear...
  But putting them within the jurisdiction of liberal circuit court judges who can 
  find reasons to turn them loose is a much more serious issue." "
     -- Thomas Tom Sewell, pretending he's more stupid than he really is,   Link

 Hey Thom Tom, if it's not about location, why did Bush send them there?

 And those liberal judges who might "find a reason" to stop torturing them?
 What if they're not guilty of any crimes?

 The way we heard the story, our forces landed in Afghanistan and said, 
"We'll give you $5,000 American for every al Qaeda you point out."

 At $5,000 a pop, I'm surprised we didn't kidnap hundreds of thousands of goat herders.

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Attempted Suicide Bungled


Woman unhurt after encounter with train
Some days nothing goes right 

 Subject: taking a few days off

Good luck Bart, you and Mrs. Bart go have a good time at the WSOP!
Just don't apologize, you sound like a f-ing Democrat.:)
 Dave in Brooklyn

Dave, I try not to speak the language of my people : )

BTW, I got this issue up real early on Tuesday so I have
almost the whole day to get my WSOP Trip Report written.

Look for that tomorrow.

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Cairo Calm
 by  Michael Hammerschlag


“Ohh, isn’t it dangerous,” said an acquaintance as I was extolling Egypt, where Obama is scheduled make a historic address June 4.
The Feb 22 terrorist bombing in Cairo that killed a French schoolgirl gives one the wrong idea. I was there, in Hussein Sq., a nice
family park with palm trees, ice cream, and minaret-laden mosques;  a couple of days before. Cairo is actually amazingly relaxed,
peaceful, and safe, considering the grinding poverty many people live under.  One can walk anywhere as late as 3am, and never feel
threatened in the slightest, even girls. Try that in Rio, or Mexico City, or Sao Paulo- other 20 million person megalopolises- you won't
keep your money or life long. Mark it off to the civilizing effect of Islam, which contrary to the image in the West, is a pervasive social
contract with the people that punishes cruel, dishonest, or violent behavior.  The general attitude towards America and the West,
even after the carnage in Gaza, is universally warm and welcoming, maybe because a vote is actually possible there sometimes.
“Ah, America”, they say softly and longingly,... “a good place.”

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 Subject: Did Obama lie to us?

People bought a story Obama wasn't selling.


I've always seen him as a sober pragmatist who surrounded himself with competent people.
I don't think he's ever presented himself as a rigid idealogue.

I wish I could tell you what first popped into my mind :)

He inherited a shit storm, and is getting shit for trying to fix it.

Brother, no argument there.

If Barack doesn't think it's in the nation's interest to show visual evidence of the previous
administration's "photographing rape" policy, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Matt, I agree but we have to look at the facts that everyone else sees.
Are you saying his positions have been largely consistent?

I have Obama's back, but I'm also familiar with the facts.

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Need to take a sudden trip?

 Here's the deal

Shame on you... President Obama
 by Rachel Maddow

 Link   Video

We begin tonight with a tale of two speeches -- both from the same man, President Obama. One speech that
could have been billed as a ballad to the Constitution -- a proclamation of American values, a repudiation of
the lawless behavior of the last presidential administration. And another speech -- announcing a radical new claim
of presidentialpower that is not afforded by the Constitution and that has never been attempted in American history,
even by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Remarkably, President Obama today made both those speeches simultaneously. Standing in front of the actual,
original Constitution, Obama delivered a blistering critique of  Bush in which he called his legacy literally a mess.

It's gotta be tough times for Rachel Maddow, who shamelessly whored herself to get Obama elected.
I remember one example, when one of the Clintons said something totally harmless - it might've been Bill's
"incredibly racist" comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson (which never made any sense) Rachel said she
was overcome with physical nausea at the sheer viciousness of his blatant racism ( my recollection)

That was pure horseshit and Rachel knew it was horseshit when she said it
but she wanted her candidate to win and her credibility went out the window.
Basically, Rachel was Randi Rhodes with better manners.

Well, if any criticism of Obama is racism, isn't she the racist now?
I'm kidding, just to turn her own prejudices back on her.

I don't hate Rachel, I still kinda like her, in the same way I kinda like Randi, and Caroline Kennedy
and Keith Olbermann and Rosie O'Donnell and Richard Belzer and Harry Shearer and Arianna and 
Bob Parry, and others, but when you whore for someone, when you pretend that their polirtics and 
yours are identical you have to realize they might eventually do something that disappoints you.

Then everyone looks at you and says, "So, explain yourself," and then you're stuck.

Rachel knows she lied to get Obama in power and now she's a little nervous.
Hey *I* am OK with Obama because I didn't wear the rose-colored glasses.
Christ,  by Christmas, I'll be Obama's last friend.

Rachel, you sacrificed your credibility when you gave yourself to Obama.  In what universe is that 
a good idea for a journalist?  I get that Obama is/was a great, new piece of America's future, 
but why did you claim he was a million light-years from the politics of Hillary Clinton?

Remember all the times people like Rachel called Hillary "Cheney light?"
Do those people feel stupid now?

Pre-emptive Strike
And before you make the nutty claim that *I* whore for the Clintons - I challenge you to quote me.
Quote me where I ever said anything more glossy than Bill was, in my opinion, the best president of the last 60 years.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

At least nobody died


"Borat" actor Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem caused a big stir Sunday at the live MTV Movie Awards.
Cohen, promoting his movie "Bruno" in which he plays a gay Austrian fashionista, brought the house down.

Sweeping high above the studio on a harness, Cohen hit an obstacle, spun down toward the audience and landed face down
in the lap of Eminem, sticking his naked ass right in Eninem's face and exposing himself to millions of viewers live on television.
Eminem stormed out in a heated rage after the incident near Los Angeles where the live awards show was taking place.

How bad was it?

I think I'd rather be waterboarded.
You do not ambush a rich and powerful man with anger issues this way.

I taped it and watched the playback and that's not exactly how it happened.
I don't know how they did the choreography, but Cohen's big ass landed in Eninem's face and
Eminem looked in to the camera and clearer than Lake Concha, he barked at his body guards,
"Are you fucking serious?  Get this mother-fucker off me."

Trust me - if *I* had bodyguards and they let that happen to me,
getting fired and never working again would be the least of their problems.

Geez, what were they waiting for - Cohen to orally sodomize Eminem?
Security guards are notorious for overreacting, but Eminem seemed to have Democratic bodyguards.
Their goal seemed to be wanting to be fair to the possibly dangerous invader.

The whole point of body guards is prevention, not retaliation.
But if somebody hostile (I think this counts) penetrates your security zone,
lives could soooo easily be lost - so how funny is the joke then?
If Eminem fires his bodyguards, I guess they could always get a job protecting Abe Lincoln.

Notice how MTV had Eminem on first - so when he stormed out after the attack
they wouldn't have a five-minute hole in their schedule.

And why would MTV allow Cohen to humiliate an honored guest?
At this writing Eminem holds the 2009 record for top selling album.
This is how MTV treats music's current top act?

Is Eminem hated by all and I somehow missed it? 
Was that the joke?
That Eminem finally got what was coming to him? 
I don't get it.

If he pulled that shit on 50 Cent, would Cohen be alive today?
If he pulled that shit on Snoop, would Cohen be alive today?

If you read Hammer of the Gods, Zeppelin's head of security Richard Cole wrote about
using a swift kick to extract teeth from possibly-innocent people who had pierced the security zone.

Anybody remember Biggie and Tupac?

At the very, very, very least, the intruder should've had to pay a price for that stunt.
But Eminem's "protectors" seemed satisfied to push his attacker away - after the damage had been done.
If Eminem has half a sac, he's got new bodyguards today and yesterday's sleepy weenies are out of work.

There are fun jokes and there are jokes that get people killed.

Why attack a powerful man who might have a hair-trigger temper - on live TV?
And why would MTV allow Cohen to humiliate one of their guests?

...and don't even bring up Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
What Cohen did was waaaaaaaaaay beyond insulting a dude with words.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

 Subject: Bartcop

I am Norwegian.

In general, I love American people.

I love American music, American movies, Bob Dylan, the great food and the wonderful sites your great 
nation has to offer.  I love poker, Grand Canyon, Dita von Teese, New York, San Fransisco and Jimmy Kimmel.

But at the present time, because I do not appreciate being treated and screened and interrogated like some 
terrorist criminal scum to be allowed to visit your great country, I will not go on vacation to your beautiful country.

Too bad, you could use the money.

When will Obama make America sane again?
I miss you.

Ole, give us some time.
Obama's pretty busy putting out fires but maybe we can get back to sanity soon.

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"The economy is so bad, Obama is now flying on Southwest."
   -- Leno, proving he's the least funny comedian on TV

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 John in Oregon

John, you did a nice thing - thanks.

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