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 Thursday  June 4, 2009  Vol 2344 - Corn Star

Quote of the Day

"I don’t hide from it, 
  I still want Obama to fail."
     -- the anti-American Pigboy Limbaugh


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Rall: Obama should Resign 
Arrow Eminem 'thrilled' about Bruno HOT
Arrow Democratic Love for Reagan 
Arrow Rachel and Hillary HOT
Arrow More Eminem Backtalk 
Arrow World Series of Poker HOT
Arrow RJ's Vegas Trip Report
Arrow Alyssa Milano in "Boyfriend" 


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"I thought that, eventually, the right outcome was going to be bankruptcy...
  Bush decided that he did not want to be the one who pulled the plug just before he left office."
    -- Cheney, admitting GM was another mess they left for Obama to worry about,   Link

 The Bush bastards, the only administration in 230 years to lose two major American cities.
 They watched New Orleans drown and they passed the buck on Detroit.

   Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Obama should resign

The bullshit inane "left vs. right" media shouting match not considered, there's been no break in continuity
between the Bush and Obama administrations on the most important issues. Obama is governing like a
far-right fascist, and the fact that even further right fascists criticize him is no excuse to support him.

So much for our rights. Fascism that decorates itself with a (remarkably thin) liberal veneer is still fascism.
Obama is actually ignoring wide majorities of public opinion and turning his back on the base that handed
him a wide victory. He isn't doing this to be popular, so what's his goal?

I'm beginning to feel like this is  all just as staged as professional wrestling.

This piece by Ted Rall is great and you should link to it:
 East Village

Obama should resign
 by Ted Rall


We expected broken promises. But the gap between the soaring expectations that accompanied Obama’s
inauguration and his wretched performance is the broadest such chasm in recent historical memory. 
This guy makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of integrity and follow-through.

From health care to torture to the economy to war, Obama has reneged on pledges real and implied. So timid and
so owned is he that he trembles in fear of offending, of all things, the government of Turkey. Obama has officially
reneged on his campaign promise to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. When a president doesn’t have the nerve
to annoy the Turks, why does he bother to show up for work in the morning?

Obama is useless. Worse than that, he’s dangerous. Which is why, if he has any patriotism left after the thousands
of meetings he has sat through with corporate contributors, blood-sucking lobbyists and corrupt politicians,
he ought to step down now — before he drags us further into the abyss.

Ted must really be upset if he said something nice about Bill Clinton.

I like Ted, but like a lot of Leftys, he compares Bill and Barack 
to some mythical "perfect president" who never existed.

I prefer the reality-based world.

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 Subject: your poker weekend

Bart, I’m not much of a hold ‘em poker player, but I do like playing against my 
neighbors and taking their money on dollar ante / call your game /poker nights.

I also understand when you are in amongst the best at a profession, that is better than sex (sometimes).  
I get the same feeling when I go to a major bike race (like the Tour d’ France…since I like to race bikes!
 Chitown Danny


 Danny, thanks for that.
 We'll be watching for you on TV!

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Subject: What happened to Bob Parry?

Hey Bart

Parry has been complaining about Obama quite a bit.
Why doesn't he come clean and apologize for his smears against Hillary?

I emailed him and asked why he was doing this during the primaries.
He wrote back accusing me of being a republican.
He's gotten pretty lame as the years go by.
 Bill from ct

Like a lot of people, Bob Parry fell victim to Hillary Fever.
It seems to have driven him somewhat crazy.

It's sad - he was one of our best, then he got
tangled up in Hillary hate and he lost his bearings.

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Mike Malloy Live

I just called Bixby - first corn arrives June 15th.

That's only 10 days from now - can you believe it?

Eminem 'thrilled' about Bruno stunt
 Really?  Are we buying this?  Em wanted a face-full of man ass?


Eminem says he knew full well what he was about to face Sacha Baron Cohen's bare butt.
Enimem said that the stunt was all rehearsed, right down to Eminem's mock disgust.
Says the rapper: "I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it."

Eminem says when he left the show, he went back to his hotel and laughed
for three hours, including as he watched the playback.

I'm thinking they negotiated this 180 degree shift.

For three days Eminem was the butt of one of the most outrageous stunts in TV history.
He was the angry, bitter man who - symbolically or not - was forced to kiss Cohen's ass.

But with a couple of words, he's turned all that around.
He's now the good guy, the fun guy, the guy who was in on the joke the whole time.

I don't buy it.

One thing's for sure - we'll never know for sure.

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"Hispanic polls, Hispanic surveys, indicate that Hispanics think just like everyone else. 
  We’re not like African-Americans. We think just like everybody else."
       --  Manuel Miranda, former Bill Frist aide who says "Blacks think funny."    Link

 Hey Manny, what are you going to say when Obama nominates a Black person next time?

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Subject: Rachel and Hillary

If you won't let it go, then neither will I.
I hated Hillary immediately.  It has since subsided.
Point is, I appreciated the Clinton era.

Truth is, lots of Democrats hated the Clinton years.
I say that makes them sane-light.

Now Jesus Christ, Bart - You are the one who rightfully so, whines and
wets his pants on a daily basis how Dems stab each other in the back while
they cradle the ball sacks of Mitch and Lindsey and LeBone Aire.

You're just wrong about Hillary and her behavior in the primaries.
She couldn't run a campaign (think Mark Penn) and that portended
inauspiciously her potential as a commander in chief and more.

My opinion?
Hillary couldn't win against the Republicans and the media and half the Democrats.

And you're really wrong about Rachel.

I'm right about what I wrote abour her last issue.
Poor Rachel, physically overcome by the Clintons' massive and overt racism?

Funny, I've never heard of her being ill about Bush's policies that included rape,
torture, kidnapping and murder but those darn Clintons really crossed the line
with that comparison of Obama's Carolina win versus Jesse's Carolina win?

And you're mostly wrong about Randi.

I think "that fucking whore" went too far.
Maybe I am a party of one.
Again, did Randi ever use that kind of language against a Republican?

And did not Malloy justifiably malign HRC?
You seem to be pretty forgiving of him.

Too bad I couldn't make that cruise Mike sponsored.
I would've enjoyed a face-to-face debate on the Clinton years :)

I like your page, but are you ever wrong?
If so, do you ever admit it?

I make lots of mistakes, but my opinions aren't wrong.

Trying to make you a better person (Is that possible?),
  Jimmy Knoxville

Probably not :)

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Are YOU on our Links Page?

Democratic Love for Reagan
   by David Corn 


Okay, it's one thing to make nice with a dead president whose wife has been a valuable political ally in the stem cell fight. 
But do Democratic leaders have to contribute to the myth that Reagan helped save America in the gloomy days of the 1980s? 

Yes, they do - that's their definition of :fight back" - praising Red-Ink Reagan.
Democrats are all about "being fair," instead of winning..

Reagan preached a hardline approach to the world that coddled anti-communist dictators and left nuns and dissenters dead 
in such countries as El Salvador, Argentina, and Guatemala. He presided over the de-industrialization of America. (Steel industry? 
Who needs a steel industry?) His administration purposefully aimed to bankrupt the federal government specifically to create 
pressure for cutting social programs. He wasted billions on missile defense. He busted a union. 

Reagan got real lucky - he fired a bunch of air traffic controllers to prove how "John Wayne" tough he was.
If two planes had collided and killed 600 people, Regan's name would've been shit.

He did nothing when the AIDS epidemic struck. His administration was marked by numerous scandals and ethics controversies. 
More than 200 US Marines were killed in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing after his ill-advised deployment of troops to Lebanon, 
and the Reagan administration never caught the evildoers.

Sure he did - well, Ollie North met with them so he could give them Stinger missles.
There was not much that was warming, reassuring, or optimistic about the defining policies of the Reagan years.

Democrats lined up around the block to say nice things about Reagan at his funeral.
I'm not saying they should've trashed him like the Rethugs do when a Democrat dies,
but there's nothing wrong with keeping your damn mouth shut.

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"It's not bad for a guy like me to have a 30% approval rating 
  in a Muslim country, folks. I'll take that any day."
    -- the lying sack-of-shit Limbaugh

 Rush, let's do the math:
 You claim you have 20 million daily listeners, but that was always a lie.

 First, that was years ago, in your prime and those are weekly figures.

 Truth is, at your zenith you had 5 million listeners out of a possible 300 million.
 That means every 60th person in America listens to you, which gives you an 
 American approval rating of about 1.66 percent.

 So if you have a 30% approval rating in Muslin countries
 it must be because you say you want America to fail.

 BTW Rush, are you still dancing with Mr. Brownstone?
 Has he been knocking?
 Won't he leave you alone?

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Subject: Now we own General Motors

It's interesting to hear Republicans complain about General Motors
- that the government shouldn't get involved in telling GM what to do.

Huh? We are the taxpayers and we now own GM.
As the owners it's our company and we do what we want with it.

We have to look out for our investment to make sure our company, GM, makes the right decisions.
If not for us GM wouldn't exist. Therefore we're not taking away free enterprise's right to sovereignty.
Since we, the taxpayers, are stuck owning them then we get to shape our company in what we think
is best for the public interest.

Then we'll sell it back to the private sector and when they pay for it they can do whatever they want.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

They're Shutting Detroit Down


We have cracked the $3,500 level!
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It's been so long - I wish this was over.
I know you're tired of seeing Uncle Sam.

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 Subject: Bruno and Eminem

Bart, Bart, it was a put on, it was staged, just like Borat,
just like Andy Kaufman getting in fights on talk shows.

I'm sure Eminem is happy and relieved that you think that :)

Eminem was in on it, absolutely no doubt, the entire thing was IN THE SCRIPT of the show.

I get that that is your opinion, but you can't know that.

C'mon, man, that's what Cohen does, put people on. You got punked.

 Michael Dare

*I* got punked?
Do you see *my* face trapped in a big, hairy man's ass?

 Subject: Bruno and Eminem

He was in on it.
The "Angel" was jabbering his name just as soon as he landed even though his head was in his crotch.

The fix was in, Eminen wanted publicity and he got it.
I'm sure that wasn't the first bare male crotch in his face...

 Subject: Bruno and Eminem

Jesus Bart, c'mon.  You may also remember:

Cohen wasn't arrested or even really severely beaten when Borat tried to stuff Pamela Anderson in a sack; and
Eminem actually got fairly good reviews for his acting in that movie about himself.

Maybe, but I saw real rage Sunday night - you saw a performance?

Often Cohen's victims don't know what's going on, but when he's going to sexually assault a famous person,
I'd bet they knew it was coming.  Hehe, you've been suckered here old timer.

 Sean R

 Subject: Bruno and Eminem

Eminem should have had his bodyguards hold Cohen down and then invited
anyone who wanted to to spank Cohen's butt.  THAT could have been a good show.
- Tab

 Subject: Bruno and Eminem

Hey again, Bart!

Again you find a view I completely missed...from the perspective of the bodyguards.
It was clear to me that MTV and "Bruno" knew what was going to happen, but Eminem
and his bodyguards did not.  I think Cohen actually sexually assaulted Eminem.  It wasn't
funny to me.  Even if he was in on the joke, what was the joke?  To make a homophobic
rapper uncomfortable by teabagging him?  I'm with you, I don't even see what the joke was.

I think Cohen is going the way of Andy Kaufman, only I don't think he's going to be long for
this earth pulling stunts like this. That's the type of thing that gets folks killed in certain parts of America.
 Tom M II

 Subject: Bruno and Eminem

Bart, the thing with Sascha Baron Cohen and Eminem was staged.

Actually, the claim has been made that it was staged.
The question is - will the public buy that claim?

They rehearsed it, and it went that far, and they did it for the cameras.
This from the head writer.
 Mike Mack

If I saw a photo of the rehearsal, with Cohen's butt in Eminem's face, THEN I'd agree 
that Eminem approved the joke, but without that photo, I'm not buying what they're selling.

Eminem was sexually assaulted and totally humiliated in front of the whole world.
That video probably has more views than Susan Boyle by now.

So Eminem not only threatens to sue Cohen and MTV and Time Warner,
but he also threatens Cohen's life and an angry multi-millionaire can be a dangerous thing.

Then some lawyer comes up with the face-saving idea to say Eminem was in on the joke 
the whole time, taking him from punk-ass victim to master prankster.

I don't care how many insiders "admit" he knew, I don't think he did.

When's the last time you saw a homophobic rapper put his face in a man's ass for a joke?

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Need to take a sudden trip?

 Here's the deal

 Subject: Reagan

If Ronald Alzheimer Reagan was "the great communicator" 
then President Obama is "The Greatest Comminicator"
 Jon in Ohio

All Reagan could do was read a teleprompter.

Obama can think AND read a teleprompter so,
of course, the Rethugs claim he's helpless without one.

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World Series of Poker Wrap-up

There were some fun moments and some funny moments that I'll try to recreate.

Saturday morning Mike the Dealer called with some last minute advice so
we went over some things I needed to be sure to remember.

On the way to the first 2-hour session, I saw this booth:

                Click  for  More Info  if you Agree

Ten percent of America plays poker - that's 30 million voters.
If the Democrats had any brains... should I bother to finish that sentence?

They WSOP dudes actually used their heads when they set this up.
Once they verified my identity,  they gave me a card that said,
"Brasilia Room, Table 249," so even a guy with an IQ of 64 could find his table.

                              Check that stat in the lower left - 5,918 entrants - and that number kept growing

We were getting ready to start.
The lady's voice came over the loudspeaker and said, "Welcome to the 2009 World Series of Poker!"
I confess, I got some goosebumps hearing that - this was really happening.

For the first few hands, everybody was playing cautious - nobody wanted to be the first Oliver Hudson.
But after a few minutes, they started betting like crazy.
There were four guys in a row who were playing almost every hand.

These 3 guys and a fourth, bald dude were betting, raising, raising, raising, etc.
I know aggression can win poker games, but they were betting big chunks and all we had was $3000 in chips.

I couldn't seem to get much of anything going, my stack was slowly dwindling away.

I was playing a few hands, but when these donks said, "Raise $300," and I didn't have Kings or Aces, I folded.
One thing always on my mind was coming back and writing this report.  I didn't want those who sent in their 
hard-earned money for me to get to the WSOP to think I just blew it all in the first few hands.

One hand, I got Q-J so I stayed for the flop.
The flop came 2-4-J, which gave me Top Pair and a pretty good kicker.
I raised and the guy next to me re-raised all in (I had more chips than him) so I called him.

He turned over Aces and my heart sunk.  If I lose this hand, my tournament is crippled.
Maybe there is a God, because a Queen came on the river giving me 2 pair and the victory.
This poor bastard started squealing like Mike Matasow on his period.

It was my biggest hand of the day and I should've lost it, but I got lucky.
There was only one way to handle this: Double shot of Jack.

Time went on and that big hand got me back in my scaredy cave.
Once again, my chips stack fell to about $2100.

I guess the only good news is I had established myself as a very conservative player
(Very conservative?  Moi? :)

I called Mike the dealer and told him what was going on - he said he'd come right over.
Eventually the 2 PM break got there and there I sat with my $2100 in chips.
Mike the Dealer called from the hallway and said, "Let's talk."

He asked how things were going and I told him the truth.
"They're running me over.  I can't get anything going.
  These guys are betting like a f-ing comet is headed towards Earth.
  They don't care about losing their chips - but they're winning.  What can I do?"

Mike slapped my face really hard. 
He grabbed my shoulders and gave me a good shake.

 'Boo Hoo, I can't get anything going.' 

That got my attention. 

He asked how the others were playing and what their chip counts were.
I told him and Mike came up with some great strategery.

"Fuck it, it's time to make your move or you're out of here in the next hour.  Here's what you do:
If you get Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and maybe even Tens, you go all in.  Fuck it.
If you get A-K or A-Q or A-J and maybe even A-10, you go all in.  Don't fuck with these guys,
don't figure out what to bet,  just put those fuckers all in if you have any kind of decent hand."

Hmmmm, seemed risky, but Mike deals poker 8 hours every day and he could be right.
So I shook his hand, thanked him and I got some aspirin for my sore cheek.

You would NOT believe what happened next:

First couple of hands I had nothing so I threw them away - then I got A-K.
One guy bet, another guy raised him, so I swallowed real hard and I went all in.

They both quickly folded and I was suddenly back to even with $3000 in chips.
A couple of hands later, I got Jacks and they started betting and I went all in.
Boom, I'm up to $5000 in chips and they're starting to mumble.

One guy (in the blue) said, "Sir, (Get that) what did you do on that break?
Did you chug a bottle of testosterone or something?"

ha ha

That was priceless.
My new reckless style of play had gotten their attention.
Now *I* was the big, bad gorilla at the table and they were the scared bunnies.

I think we should change Mike's name to Mike the Mentor.

A few hands later, I got Aces and after they bet, I went all in again.
Boom, they folded and I'm up to about $7000 in chips.

Next hand, I got a pair of tens.
Wondering how long my good luck would last, I bet just $1000.
The dude calls me and the flop comes 7-8-9.

Shiiiiiiiiit, I got an over-pair and a straight draw, so I went all in.
The dude turns over two aces, making this the second time I fell into that trap.
But the turn brought me a Jack so my straight beat his pocket Aces.

That called for another Double shot of Jack.

The table started calling me "Ace breaker," which, at the time, was more fun than oral sex.
I kept playing the way Mike told me and my stack kept getting bigger and bigger.
I got up to $9,000,  then to $11,000, then eventually I had $13,500 in chips.

It got so good, the dealer was coming to me to make change - ha ha.
There were $27,000 worth of chips at our table and I had $13,500 of them.

Finally the 4:30 break came, so I called Mike with the good news.
"Fuck me, you have $13,500 in chips?  Are you f-ing serious?" 

I was.

Mike said, "You might be able to coast to Day Two with $13,500 in chips.
Change everything now - go back into hibernation.  Don't call any all ins and don't
go all in yourself unless you have pocket Aces.  Christ, you have $13K in chips?"

I was having a really, really good time as we took our 4:30 break.

That's when I ran into RJ - his report is coming right up.

It was only a 20 minute break, enough time to use the restroom, make a phone call, etc.

Back to the action - next break is at 7 PM and it's 90 minutes long.

Then came the bad news.

Some suit came over and said, "We're breaking up this table," and I'm like W T F?
No, I like this table - I just got these guys where I wanted them, and now we're breaking up?

Suddenly I'm at a new table and plenty of these dudes had more chips than me. Damn, I got to be
the big poker bully for a couple of hours and it was wonderful while it lasted - but now it's gone.
Suddenly, nobody is afraid me of, I'm just another short-stack shlub at this new table.

I played very few hands, so my stack was shrinking.  I figured it was better than losing. 
After another hour ticked by, they started collecting antes from each player as well as the blinds.
For the 5:30-6:30 hour, it cost $475 in chips for every round and I was down to $11K or so.

Nobody was afraid of me here, I was just some Okie rube with a Bartcop hat.

   Click  to  get  your  Bartcop Cap

I kept playing, winning some, losing some - now I'm down to about $9,000.
Then they moved me to another table - must've been the All Star table because
some of these bastards had $40,000 in chips and suddenly I was back where I was at 1:30.

I held on until the dinner break at 7 where I left holding onto $7,500 in chips.

Perry was a few tables away, so he texted me and said he had a table reserved
on the roof of The Rio at at The Voodoo Lounge and Cafe.
Yep, you guessed it - more super-expensive seafood - yum!

The bad news?
We only had 90 minutes and it's a two-mile walk to the Voodoo and two miles back.

We took the exclusive Voodoo outdoor elevator to the 50th floor.

   You can see The Bellagio on the left and behind The Rio sign is the massive, incomplete City Center,
   the $8 billion dollar (yes, that's billions) complex attempted by MGM/Mirage and the bad boys from Dubai.

..and the view was Ghost Bar-ish.

In real life this picture is in color, but you know how those art majors can be.

We ordered - Perry and Jim and Mrs. Bart got frog legs, mussels and crab cakes.
I ordered a bone-in New York Strip steak.

Of course, the staff hovered around Perry to be sure he was happy.
"More champagne," he'd call out more than a few times.

 Vegas - it's Disneyland for adults

The seafood showed up right away, but no steak.
I'm checking the time and wondering about that two mile jog back to the tables.

My steak arrives with about 30 minutes until we shuffle up and deal again, so I inhaled that steak.
Damn it was a good one, and they even brought a seperate bone full of marrow.
My good friend Jim volunteered to take that off my hands - thanks, Dude.
And thanks again to Perry for the mighty fine Voodoo dinner.

So we jogged back to the tables and I got Mike the Mentor on the phone again.
He confirmed my suspicions that it was time to become Crazy Bart again.
I had $7,500 in chips and my table mates were f-ing loaded.

My stack...

Meanwhile, at this new table, I'm up against Murderer's Row...

    Look at those middle chips - there's $20K in just the first column.

Nothing happened right away, but I knew I had to pick a spot for my last stand.

Then it happened - I got a Q-2, which I'd usually let go, but I was last before the dealer
so most players had already acted and they just limped in, bringing the pot to over $3000.

The flop came Q-2-J and I double checked my cards and yes, I had two pair. One guy bets 1,000,
another guy raises to 2,000, another guy raises to 4,000 and we had a lot of money in this pot.
I go all in, knowing if I win this hand, I'll be up to about $20,000 and I'd be back in business.

We turned the cards over.

Then I get the bad news - the guy to my right had Q-J - his two pair beat my two pair.
If he'd gotten a Q-K or A-K instead of a Q-J,  I would've beated him and won that big hand 
and maybe even gotten a second wind to keep going, but all in all, my luck that day was pretty good.

See this dude here?

He is the face of pure evil.

Remember when you were a kid and Grandma fell down the stairs?
She didn't fall - Mr. Evil pushed her.

Actually, he was a pretty nice guy.
He seemed to feel bad about knocking me out.
I asked if I could take his picture and he agreed.
I gave him my card and told him to check the page in a few days.

So, at 8:47, my super-fun 2009 World Series of Poker experience had come to an end.
On TV when you lose, everybody claps and the announcers say what a good dude you are
and then the foxy poker babe comes over and says, "Hey, Bart, what happened?" 
and then they flash the amount of cash you won on the TV screen - but not here.

Here, when you lose, your sorry ass gets up and you slither away unnoticed.
I was unprepared for the emotional crush.
I'd been playing for less than nine hours but the crush was there.
I can't imagine what it's like to play like that for four days and then get crushed.

One thing made me feel better:
In that big $40K tourney that all the big poker pros played in?

Daniel Negreanu and Sammy Farha and tons more big timers were gone after 4 hours.
They didn't even make it to the third break where I could meet them, so after learning that 
I lasted more than twice as long as they did - that picked my spirits up a little bit.

Speaking of spirits, I dropped by The Rio Gift Shop on the way back to the room and bought 
myself the smallest bottle of Jack.  Perry dropped out (after having his Kings cracked) so we 
had a toast to our "success" and there was nothing left to do now but go back home.

Perry and Jim went back to the Voodoo Lounge for "More champagne!" but I was tired.
My Abby Normal brain can't handle 9 hours of concentration like it used to :)

Next day we got on a Southwest "whale" and headed back to K-Drag.

But as you can tell, I had just about the best weekend ever. Being the bad-ass gorilla 
at a WSOP table was enormous, amazing fun and I couldn't have done it without your help.

Thanks to RJ for coming all the way from San Fransisco to watch, (and his poker donation) 
thanks to Jim,  it's always fun partying with The Crocodile Cook, thanks to "More champagne" 
Perry for the great food and wine and thanks to Mike the Mentor because it would've been a 
lot duller trip report with out his miracle advice that brought me from $2,100 to $13,500 in two hours.

Extra super-thanks to those who sent in donations so I could manage the entry fee.
I'm sorry I didn't come home a winner, but I had 3 days in Poker Heaven that I'll never forget.

Note: Except for the slap, everything is swear-to-Koresh true.

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 Subject: RJ's Poker Road Trip Story


 My good friend RJ the Nomadic Pillar flew in just to watch the action.

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"Only 20 percent of graduates who've applied for jobs have one right now.  In this economic climate, 
  graduates might have to get a job in Government! There may be some opportunities in the Republican Party. 
  They're still looking for an effective spokesman, and the only person they can find so far is Rush Limbaugh
  and he won't take the job because he doesn't want to give up his prescription plan." 
      --  Katie Couric, making my sides hurt from laughing so hard,   Link

  ha ha

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Subject: Jack Daniels?

How the hell can you still drink Jack at your age?
 Danny Detroit

Jack works.
It's 90 proof instead of 80 and I'm a busy man with shit to do, so it saves time.

Doyle Brunson is 76 and they say he out drinks all those young punks.

What do you drink at Detroit poker games?
White wine spritzers?

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Thanks to Al G in Las Vegas.

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