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BCR 153 is near HOT

 Tues-Wednesday  June 16-17, 2009  Vol 2350 - Joke Czar

Quote of the Day

"Our liberty is at risk with 
  Obama in the White House."
     -- Rush, fighting that syphilitic fever


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow WH Visitor List Secret
Arrow Outrages of the Right
Arrow Fire Letterman Hatefest  HOT
Arrow N.O.W. - We Hate Letterman 
Arrow They Want a Civil War? HOT
Arrow Rescue Me = Don't Watch 
Arrow Palin's Selective Outrage HOT
Arrow Mischa Barton vs Hindus 



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Bill Maher Quotes

"They're getting to the point where they're saying 'Yeah, we still like Obama. He's our guy. 
We're glad he's our president. But where's the beef?" And it's easy to make speeches. 
What's hard to do is stand up to corporations. Corporations and their incredible strength 
are what have ruined this country so far. And this president we thought might be the one 
to stand up to them. I'm losing hope. I still have audacity but my hope is fading." 
    -- Bill Maher, on why the audience cheered his anti-Obama rant last Friday,   Link

"If he doesn't act boldly, then he's probably going to lose the midterm elections.  If he can't shove 
some progressive legislation down their throats now, I don't know when it's going to happen."  
     --  Bill Maher,   Link

"When he wanted to get something done, he got it done... If Bush could go to war in Iraq 
when nobody was thinking about it, how come this president can't get through something like 
health care reform in a way that the people really want when people are actually for it." 
    -- Bill Maher     Link

  Would Hillary have made these same "just like Bush" mistakes Obama is making?
  Or would her administration have governed more to the Left?

 We'll never know, but who would've thought Obama would be the anti-change president?

     Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Obama to Keep White House Visitor List Secret…Just Like Bush


Obama’s definition of “transparency” apparently doesn’t include revealing the names individuals who visit 
the White House. Despite his pledge to make government more open to the public, Obama has decided to 
continue a court battle that first began when the Bush bastards decided to keep White House visitor logs secret.
The government has already lost two rulings by a federal judge in the case involving White House visitor records 
during the Bush years. That case was still pending when Obama took office, and his Justice Department has been 
instructed to continue the fight started by Republicans. The Obama administration is arguing that the White House 
visitor logs are presidential records, and thus not subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. 

We know why Bush had to keep secrets - because he was a dirty, rotten crook - 
but didn't Obama promise he'd do things differently?

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Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Excusing Outrages of the Right


For a generation now, it has been the behavior of the major U.S. news media – across the existing spectrum which 
reaches mostly from right-wing to centrist – to treat Republicans with extraordinary deference (by reacting to their 
otherwise abnormal behavior, like Bush's election theft, as if it were normal) and to slap down Democrats (especially 
when they show some liberal or progressive tendencies).

This pattern has continued despite Obama’s solid election victory and the strong Democratic majorities in congress. 
Even as the rhetoric from right-wing and neoconservative voices has crossed the line into bigotry and implicit advocacy 
of violence, most of the U.S. news media continues to act as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

There’s barely a shrug when Fox News star host Glenn Beck muses about an armed insurrection, denounces Obama’s 
efforts to salvage the U.S. auto industry as "progressive fascism," or invites on right-wing guests to define "progressives" 
as people who want "to progress" away from the U.S. Constitution.

But our problems remain the same - we're not willing to fight and they are.

   Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

 Subject: Page vs radio

Hi Bart,

I personally like the page.
Though I have been a subscriber for a few  months, I have yet to listen to one radio show.
No, it's not like I  don't want to, but I don't have the time. Maybe I am bad at time  management.
The web page is something I can sneak in during work.

Between a full time job and having a three year old in the house...  there is no time for radio.

However, may I suggest:
Provide equal time to each endeavor. Do the radio and the web page on  alternating days for each
working day of the week! Your hands get a 24  hour rest, and radio and web page fans are treated equally.

Just a thought. Here's hoping the Bartcats, Mrs. Bartcop, and yourself  are doing well.

 John in Ventura, CA

John, I've heard that a lot because it's true.
However doesn't everybody send some time in a car or a train or a bus?

When Chicago Jim sends me music to use in the shows, I burn it to CD
and then put it in my car because that's where I have uninterrupted time.

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

BCR Show 153 should be up later today.

Call the BartPhone 1-800-530-2979 and leave your
2 minute message or question or joke or impression to be played on BCR.

If you screw it up, just say it again and I'll edit the bad part out.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"There is no evidence that any member of the excluded community has engaged in inappropriate conduct 
in the presence of the children or that the children would be adversely affected by exposure to any member 
of that community. The prohibition against contact with any gay or lesbian person acquainted with Husband 
assumes, without evidentiary support, that the children will suffer harm from any such contact. Such an arbitrary 
classification based on sexual orientation flies in the face of our public policy that encourages divorced parents 
to participate in the raising of their children…and constitutes an abuse of discretion."
      -- Georgia Supreme Court, throwing out a ruling by a lower court judge which held in a divorce case that 
         a gay father was prohibited from exposing his four children to his homosexual partners and friends,   Link

 Just last issue I wrote:

> Why is the common sense judge always from San Francisco? 
> Why can't there be a judge in Texas or Alabama with brains and courage? 

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: Victory over tobacco - to Mr. Perkel

Dear Mr. Perkel,
While I may dislike Big Tobacco, I think that the goverment banning tobacco
is no different than any other sort of prohibition. Mr. Perkel, I smoke, and I pay
heavy taxes to smoke. I don't do it around my kids.

Perkel applauded the regulation of tobacco and did not suggest it being banned.
It is a dangerous and addictive drug that should be regulated.

You'd probably ask yourself, why would anyone smoke? I'm college educated,
I know how my life will end. I smoke because I am mentally ill, and it helps me to cope.
Many times, I have sat on my porch, and the only thing that kept me from hurting myself
was that I could have a smoke and think about things (or not). It relieves anxiety, it perks up
the depressed. For many of us, it is a medication of sorts.

Tobacco is, and always has been, a drug of choice for the lower classes.
Maybe that isn't good either. But you are taking something away from them
that helps make life bearable. They've had a lot taken from them. Why not?
What are they going to do about it, right? You know better than they do.

Again, Perkel didn't suggest taking anything from you.
For decades, Big Tobacco has bribed congress to keep this poison legal.
Regulating poison seems reasonable to me.

You might think that this is all good stuff, but for me and many like me, you are doing harm.
Keep up with the good work you are doing with the Church of Reality.

I have never understood smoking cigarettes.
Like most kids, I tried smoking in high school and it tasted like
I was licking an ashtray so I never smoked another cigarette.

Pot, on the other hand, tastes and smells great and it delivers a delightful buzz.
Why would anybody smoke a dangerous, addictive cigarette with over 4,000 chemicals
specifically designed to drag you deeper into addiction when you could smoke pot, instead?

Last I heard, tobacco kills 400,000 Americans each year.
Tobacco is the only drug that is intentionally made more dangerous with ammonia and
formaldehyde wheras pot is a product of nature that has no harmful side-effects.

If you cannot break free from tobacco, I understand.
But surely you'd want to stop your kids from getting hooked, right?

Does anybody know - can pot help to wean someone off cigarettes?

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Mike Malloy Live


"Today, the RNC requested an opportunity to add our Party's views to those of the President's to ensure 
that all sides of the health care reform debate are presented. Our request was rejected ... I find it outrageous 
that ABC News would prohibit our thoughts and ideas from this debate, which affects millions of ABC viewers."  
      -- RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay,   Link

 Hey Dude, nobody cares what your ideas are because they never change.
 You want the super-rich to pay no taxes and screw the poor and minorities.
 Why do you think you lost the last two elections?
 Why do you think you're going to lose in 2010 and 2012?
 You ideas blow donkey and everybody knows it.

 Any group willing to be led by the vulgar Pigboy is, by definition, lacking ideas. 

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: about these Barbara Stroyanoff photos...

I think you just dated yourself, my good friend...looks like you discovered
the female form through the lingerie section of the Sears Catalog.

Jim, I have no clue what you're trying to say.

What is there about a beautiful woman in lingerie that you found unappealing?

...are we gay?

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

"Fire Letterman" Hatefest 



Tuesday afternoon's "Fire David Letterman" rally proved to be a failure, as it drew more press than activists.

A crowd of 15 protesters upset with Letterman held signs and occasionally shouted as they stood across the street 
from his studio. But they were often hidden from view by the more than 35 members of the media there to cover 
the protest, and out-shouted by a few very vocal counter-protesters.

New York Magazine videographer Jonah Green was one of those press members, and he captured a disturbing 
video of several of those protesters in hate-filled rants against the comedian. (He is a comedian, remember?)

"Should we talk about his son?" one protester asked. "His son was born out of wedlock. There's a term for that."

"How dare he?" asked yet a third, the most offensive of all. "When he has a bastard son, and a slut for a wife" 

Letterman has already changed and that's terrible.
He's guarding every word that comes out of his mouth.

A comedian can't be funny if he's afraid to speak.
And, as always, all the Republicans and half the Democrats have lined up against him.

Rethugs stuck with Bush over kidnappings, rape, torture and murder.
Dems turn on Letterman for a joke that missed the mark.

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

N.O.W. - We Hate Letterman


When David Letterman let loose with some sexist and crude cheap shots about the daughter of Sarah Palin, 
a lot of folks were asking, ”Where are the feminists?   

Well, it looks like even the National Organization of Women (NOW) can’t keep quiet any longer. 
In a move that pretty much has conservatives floored, NOW has placed Letterman in its Hall of Shame as an offender. 

After joking about a “slutty flight attendant look” and using Palin’s daughter, Alex Rodriguez and “knocked up” 
in the same ugly sentence, the very next night Letterman made another remark about the governor’s daughter and Eliot Spitzer. 

NOW Communications Director Lisa Bennett issued a statement citing Letterman's attempt at humor and dismissing Dave’s so-called apology. 

“On his June 10 show, Letterman said he was referring to Palin's 18-year-old daughter, Bristol 
— not the 14-year-old daughter who actually accompanied Palin on her New York trip,” the spokesperson said. 

When Letterman acknowledged that his jokes were “ugly” NOW agreed. 

“Comedians in search of a laugh should really know better than to snicker about men 
having sex with teenage girls (or young women) less than half their age,” Bennett stated. 

What, if anything, will make them happy?
Are they trying to kill comedy on TV?
How many times does Dave have to apologize?

After 30 years, Letterman makes a mistake and NOW puts him in their 
fucked up Hall of Shame with Glenn Beck and the vulgar Pigboy?

Trust me - Letterman could quit over this.
He's got mega-millions and once the show's no longer fun, he's gone.

Doesn't anybody remember that Letterman and Jon Stewart 
are the top two honest interviewers/commentators on TV?

It's just like the Democrats to stab him in the back.
Maybe we should appoint a Joke Czar to censor all comedy that might offend.

He made a mistake, he apologized for it, but they want more than that.

Watch your back, Jon Stewart.
You, too, are one mistake from being villified like Letterman.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!


"The effort to pass a constitutional amendment reaffirming marriage as being between a man and a woman only 
is being undertaken strictly as a defense of marriage against the attempt to redefine it and, in the process, weaken it. 
Marriage is an extremely important institution in this country and protecting it is, in my mind, worth the extraordinary 
step of amending our constitution."  
      -- Sen. John Ensign (R-NV),    Link

"I deeply regret and am very sorry for my actions." 
      -- Sen. John Ensign after he was caught screwing a female staffer,    Link    

 The shocker here is that it was a woman.
 When's the last time a Rethug was caught with a woman?

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Ray votes for the page

Hey BC,

I hope some way can be found for you to do both, but if I had to choose between the page and the radio shows,
I'd vote for the Page. It existed before the radio shows. It is what made the radio shows possible. It is more
preservable and archivable (for reference purposes) than the radio shows, and more full of content, too,
because -- through provided links -- it is more multi-media.

Also,  I can read the page in spurts if I need to, while the radio show requires me to set aside a certain block of time.
There are other considerations, too -- especially the links to other sites, videos and audios that you provide on the page,
the access (always useful) to pics of naked Republicans, the Bruce Yergil cartoons, as well as the Doonesbury and
Tom Tomorrow and Betty Bowers and Gene Lyons and so many others, plus the regular graphics you run of pink tutus
and Maureen Dowd and Tom DeLay (among others) that spice up the Page's look -- oh, and the new pictures of
new BC hotties. And your oral trip reports are great, but I so look forward to seeing the photos that illustrate them,
something I can't enjoy via the radio shows.

So, overall, I think the Page is the more versatile and important product, the one that most represents the gestalt
of bartcop.com, and the one that provides the most potential to help you grow your membership and/or increase revenues.

I have a few thoughts as to the above which I will send you in a few days.
The thoughts involve better spreading the word about Bartcop.com, something that I personally promise to ...


  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Does the Right Want a Civil War?
People are being shot dead at the rate of several per month now. 
And it's figures on the Right that are putting the killers up to it.


Are you deliberately trying to start a civil war?

If your answer is yes, then stop this cowardly half-assed screwing around. You speak the language of war and honor; 
but the honor code of the warriors you pretend to revere demands that you declare your intentions. If you really believe 
that the only way to get the America you want is to negate a fair election, shred the Constitution, and violently cleanse 
the country of everyone who doesn't agree with you, then man up and get on with it. If it's a shooting war you want, 
do not doubt that there are plenty of progressives who will oblige you. If this goal is so important that you're really 
willing to kill for it, please don't forget that you will also need to be willing to die for it. Because, like martyrs 
Greg McKendry and Steven Johns proved, we are willing to do whatever is necessary to stop you.

If your answer is no, then you have just one other choice. Knock off the tantrums, grow up, rebuild your party, 
come back to the table, and sit down and govern with us. (We know this will be a stretch, but we think some of you 
are capable of it.) You will need to learn, many of you for the first time, to get your way as adults do -- without 
fear-based politics, polarizing rhetoric, on-air threats against those who disagree with you, and repeating 
outrageous lies in the face of stone facts and irrefutable evidence.

And stop feeding the crazies. 

One thing for sure - the Right is extremely pissed off that "one of them" made it to the White House.

That's why they're talking secession - they can't stand "one of them" in control.
Some of these nuts would rather their childtren die than have a Black surgeon operate on them.

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: complete BS about Letterman

I am so f-ing sick of so called progressive guys oinking as loud as Limbaugh
and hiding their snouts behind "politics" that I could puke.

Letterman's comments were ugly and sexist.

I guess that's the new world now...take a sexualized shot at a 14 year old and blame it on her mom's politics.
I think some true colors are coming out. And it ain't a pretty sight. Letterman's lucky he didn't make that sort
of a comment about my daughter when she was 14. I'd have gone on his show and bitchslapped him.

 Patsi B

So, you think a personal attack on me is the best way to handle this?
You're wrong and I can explain why without screaming insults at you.

Obviously you'tre taking Palin's side in this stupid argument - I have to wonder why.
The smart move for Palin would've been to ignore it and move on but she seems to get off
on screaming "David Letterman wants to rape my 14 year old daughter,"
and that's uglier than anything Letterman said.

In the last ten days, who has sexualized Palin's daughter more - Letterman or Palin?
Palin is screaming "This is an insult to all women" and you've bought into that?
Don't you know when you're being manipulated?

Letterman's comments were off-target - nothing more.
It was a dumb joke that Dave has apologized for - what else do you want?
You want Dave to turn back time and un-tell the joke?

Dave's been on TV for 30 plus years and if he was a raging, sexist, oinking pig
wouldn't we have known that before Palin made this joke so famous?

Repeat - Palin made this joke famous - not Letterman.
Palin wants to be sure everyone in Amertica has heard the joke.
Dave has maybe 4 million viewers, but Palin made sure every American heard the joke.
Don't you know when you're being manipulated?

This reminds me of the times when, after maybe 4,000 pages, I get shit from someone
over a single sentence and they start that "Now we see your true colors" crap.
Why can't a joke that didn't work just be a joke that didn't work?

Have you ever tried comedy?
It tough to have a perfect batting average when you're trying to be funny.

That joke was written by Letterman's writers - I doubt Dave knew which daughter was at the game.
Assuming Dave meant to sexualize a 14 year old girl is an ugly and unfair accusation.

If Dave had said those comments about your daughter and you approached him
I think he would have apologized and then what would you have done?

Dave's comments were a mistake - yours are intentional.
Between you and Dave, who's the meaner person?

I don't know if we've talked before so I don't know your politics.
If you're a regular reader, I'm puzzled why you're joining with Palin and attacking your allies

One person is throwing alllll the gasoline on this fire - the publicity-seeking bitch from Alaska.
I'm sure Palin appreciates your joining with her to punish a comedian for telling a dumb joke..

This is NOT about defending the dignity and innocence of a child.
This is about a headline-seeking whore making a hueueueuge deal out of a throw-away joke.

Don't you know when you're being manipulated?

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Torture Quotes

"Did it produce the desire results? I think it did. I think, for example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, 
  who was the number three man in al Qaeda, (Objection!  Assumes facts not in evidence.) 
  the man who planned the attacks of 9/11, (Objection!  Assumes facts not in evidence.) 
  provided us with a wealth of information."  (Objection!  Assumes facts not in evidence.) 
      -- Cheney the liar, defending torture   Link

"I make up stories. Where is he? I don’t know. Then he 
  torture me. Then I said, 'Yes, he is in this area.'"
     -- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, saying he made shit up,    Link

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Page vs radio

Bart, I am near deaf  (wear very strong hearing aids) ..

Isn’t there some program that will convert your radio show to TEXT? --

I will investigate that.

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Sarah Palin's Selective Outrage


Last September, a skit on Saturday Night Live suggested incest in the Palin family. 

"What about the husband?" asked a mock Times reporter. 
"You know he's doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It's Alaska!" 

No outrage. 
Sarah Palin appeared on the show one month later in late October.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

Are YOU on our Links Page?

Check the Bart Store

Rescue Me = TV Greatness
Why can't the second best show on TV be half this good?

Tuesday's show had 3-4 scenes that were nearly Godfatherian.

Have I ever said that before?
NO, because TV's never been this good.

They repeat this classic monster Sunday night.
I really recommend that you catch this perfection - don't miss this.

If you know someone who says "Today's TV is shit," 
have your friend over Sunday night and see what great TV looks like.

You should ask, "Is Bart prejudiced?"
Yeah, I am but I said Rescue Me totally blew last year.
It was the best show on TV for three years and their fourth year was awful so I said so.
But now they are back painting Van Goghs so I give them a chance.

This is one of the best hours I've seen on TV this year.
Rescue Me has shown greatness in three of their last four shows.

On second thought - DON'T watch this show.
Denis Leary might say something that offends somebody and get thrown off the air.

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog


"Who are we to gripe about Iran's arguably rigged election? We most likely elected the wrong guy in 2000. 
If the Supreme Court had not short-circuited the Florida recount, we might know for sure whether another 
tally could have confirmed what we now know to be true -- that most voters intended to elect Gore."
   -- Craig Crawford,    Link

 Our biggest problem with the 2000 vote is Bush wanted to win 


 and Gore was willing to accept the job - if it somehow fell into his lap.

 In Iran, where their vote is stolen they get out in the streets and let their rage show.
 In America, we praise the f-ing thief and pledge to work with him.

           "We follow orders like good little sheep."

 We knew that election was rigged but we just took it - like the idiot sheep we are.
 Democrats didn't want to bother with fighting for it and look what it cost us.

   Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

We are nearing the $4,000 level!
Thanks to all who have been so generous.

I know what you're thinking...
"I've been reading  bartcop.com  for years,
maybe I should send Ol' Bart a 'love' check."

I think we started this the last day of February.
Now we're into June - but we're 2/3 thru :)

Help Bartcop.com survive!
The cost of catnip is enormous.

to bartcop@bartcop.com

 OR send a 'love' check to

 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

Letterman Quotes

"Welcome to the 'Late Show.' I'm Dave Letterman, goodwill ambassador. 
  I got a call from Mom earlier today and she told me she was siding with Palin."

"Here's good news for visitors. Have you been down to Times Square? It's now a pedestrian mall. 
  They have 400 beach chairs in the middle of the street. And if you don't get one of those beach chairs, 
  well, I'll lend you a bag of my hate mail. You can relax on that."

"You folks know about Bernie Madoff? Oh, oh, I mean, most hated man in America.  Me and Bernie Madoff. 
  It's kind of a one, two thing. He was way out in front 'til a couple of days ago. But the New York Times says 
  his wife is being shunned by friends and neighbors. Well, tell me about it."

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog!

 Subject: Moab

Bart!  How great that you included that Moab article.  I’ve been out there 4 times in the last 7 years, 
especially in November when nobody is there and its quiet and still.  A time machine indeed.  

When the Bush/Cheney years were far too much for me, I was able to find a broader perspective 
in my favorite place on earth.  I’ve told my friends how wonderful it is and now I can send them your link.  

Thanks for all you do.
 Debbie From Milwaukee

That whole area is magic for us.
Leaving Las Vegas and driving to Page, Arizona, then on to Monument Valley.


Bryce Canyon is another favorite of ours.

Speaking of travel - this hasn't worked out for us.

Need to take a sudden trip?

 Here's the deal

The first set of tickets expires in 30 days and I'll be damned if we 
give up a free trip to anywhere just because we're low on money.

Anyone got any suggestions where we should go?

I'll bet Lake Tahoe is nice in the summer.


  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Del Castillo in Cali

Santa Cruz     Thu Jun 18
Quincy            Fri  Jun 19 
Booneville      Sat Jun 20
Booneville      Sun Jun 21  
Hollywood      Thu Jun 25 

Details at    delcastillomusic.com

Go see them - tell the guitar players Bart says hey

  Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Avril Lavigne

If you ever run out of new photos of Shirley, I humbly suggest that Avril photos could fill the void.

Or maybe, you could let the readership decide. Put it out as a fundraiser of sorts. 
Consumerism/sponsorship defiling the sacred bottom of your page? 

I dunno. These are tough times.
    --dave, just being an 'idea' man

   Send e-mail to Bart  |  Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

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Subject: Donation

Hey Bart!

It's been a long time since I donated so I wanted to send this small amount despite the fact 
that I'm unemployed again.  I just got a call from my old boss saying my rehire has been
moved to October--all thanks to the Bush economy. 

My unemployment benefits run out in October and our Republican general assembly 
turned down stimulus funds for state unemployment benefits, so I'll be operating without a net.

Anyway, your site continues to provide me with a laugh and a fighting spirit, 

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