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 Thurs-Friday   August 27-28, 2009  Vol 2386 - Into the Sun

Quote of the Day

"Sailing on Mya with Vicki at my side and my dogs, 
  Splash and Sunny, at my feet. And, of course, 
  a Democrat in the White House and regaining
  our majority in the Senate." 
    -- Teddy, asked what his idea of happiness was,   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Inhofe against not-yet created bill 
Arrow Lyons: The media & the truth HOT
Arrow Sarah Palin backs out again
Arrow Talking Sense to Crazies HOT
Arrow Politics In The Doctor's Office 
Arrow Ted Rall: E Stultus Unum HOT
Arrow Survivor' winner still in jail 
Arrow Jessica Alba in Machete 




Teddy Dying Quotes

"This country is now much better off, one less socialist, anti freedom senator." 

"Now if we could just talk God into taking Spector, Reid and Pelosi, America would be Eutopia!" 

"good riddens" 

"I hope God makes him babysit all the aborted children for eternity." 

"Ted Kennedy dying has made my day...." 

"Good ridencance to a sorry person." 

"It's about time, we can only hope Pelosi and Ried  will be joining him very soon. 
  All 3 of them should be buried in Moscow."
     -- comments on Sarah Palin's facebook page,  Link

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Inhofe against not-yet created bill
 If that Black guy's for it, he's against it


Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma says he will vote against the healthcare reform bill before reading it. 
The Republican whore insisted: "I don't have to read it, or know what's in it. I'm going to oppose it anyways.

According to the Express-Star, Inhofe admitted he would not read the bill at a town hall meeting in Chickasha, Oklahoma. 
Inhofe said public opinion and information provided by news media have helped him become a staunch non-supporter of the bill.

The senate's stupidest senator isn't the only Republican who will not read the bill before voting on it. 
Mitch the Bitch says he has also not read the proposal, but says he knows enough about it to hate it.

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Will history say Palin outwitted Obama?

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"Glenn Beck is doing an extraordinary job this week walking America behind the scenes 
  of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House.
      -- Sarah Crazy,   wehateclintons.com

  I give up - who's actually running the White House?   Biden?

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Subject: I'm so proud of Idaho

Bart, I know OK is still the leader, but Idaho sure has it's share of racist dumbasses:

Rethug Jokes About "Obama Tags"


Rex Rammell, the East Idaho veterinarian who would like to be a Senator or governor or something, 
has criticized Gov. Otter for not buying the first wolf tag and indicated he'd buy an "Obama tag" if offered.

Apparently, you need to buy a tag before you kill a wolf.

When will the "Let's kill Obama" jokes stop being funny?

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Subject: Feisty wife

I was so proud of my wife, Evelyn.  
Yesterday she got a call from the Clark County Democrats, asking for a donation.  
She told the caller she would consider a donation when the Dems grew some balls and fought back.  
He said he hears words to that effect a lot.
 Don in Vancouver, Wa

It's uncertain if anything exists that will make a Democrat fight, (unless it's against the Clintons)
but donations drying up probably has the best chance.

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The media can't handle the truth
 by Gene Lyons


So yet another Bush administration Cabinet-level official has petitioned to get his conscience and reputation back. 
This time, it's Tom Ridge. He admits in a new book that he felt political pressure from the White House to issue 
bogus terror alerts before the 2004 presidential election.

Big surprise, right? By 2004, anybody who didn't grasp that crying wolf was the Bush/Cheney administration's 
basic game plan was probably also astonished last January when the "Texas cowboy" who's never been seen 
on a horse chose a Dallas mansion over his beloved ranch. Golly, who's doing all that brush-cutting?

Indeed, the most fascinating aspect of the Ridge revelations has been a flame war that's broken out between 
establishment Washington pundits and less-reverent bloggers. The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder started it by 
observing that he and like-minded colleagues were actually right to be wrong about fake terror warnings.

People who smelled a rat, see, "based their assumption on gut hatred for President Bush, and not on any 
evaluation of the raw intelligence." Whereas, sober-sided thinkers like him credited Bush's good intentions.

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Palin backs out again
 What's the opposite of "dependable?"


Organizers of an Anchorage event that has been billing Sarah Palin for weeks as a star speaker were left scrambling 
Wednesday after learning that the former governor won't be there for tonight's event and claims to have never been asked.

It would be at least the fourth time in recent months that an anticipated Palin speech has fallen through after the 
publicity whore and her camp disputed they had ever confirmed it. That includes the brouhaha over whether she'd
speak at the annual congressional Republican fundraising dinner in Washington, D.C., this summer.

Can you have a coincidence four times in four months?

  Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Glenn Beck and Bartcop radio

Hey Bart, Im listening to BCR #155 and you make some very good observations about what Beck is shoveling. 
The numbers game is a particularly interesting part of his scare tactic, but you cut that down very quickly using 
something foreign to these types called logic and the election results. Demagogues like Rush and Hannity use 
simple formulas to spread their lies, but with Beck you really have to question his sanity.
  Bill from CT

BCR 156 has an 18 minute Glenn Beck beatdown.
 Click  Here to listen to some Bartcop radio HOT Warning, I use the language most Americans use.

 Right Click  Here to download it to a CD and give a copy to that Glenn Beck-loving asshole you work with.  HOT

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"Obama wants to rebuild New Orleans. Why? Build it and 
  they will come.  They? The debris that Katrina chased out."
      -- Neal Boortz (R-Pigboy wannabe) on why he hates poor Black people,   Link

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"Senator Kennedy is beloved for one reason: He used the government 
  to take money from people that work and give it to people that don't."
   -- the vulgar Pigboy

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Politics In The Doctor's Office


Shirley Rish of Mesa, Ariz., met with an orthopedic specialist earlier this month hoping for relief from some pain 
in her wrist. Instead, she received an unwanted dose of politics.

"Well, we're in a box, because I can't give you a cortisone shot, because of the valley fever," the specialist said, 
according to Rish, who had recently recovered from valley fever. "Your valley fever doctor would not be happy with me. 
But we're lucky we're not in the Obama box, because if we were, I couldn't treat you because you're over 70."

"I could not believe my ears," Rish said in an interview with wehateclintons.com. She took what the doctor said 
to be a version of the false "death panel" propaganda spread by health care opponents. She told him she disagreed.
"I'm 74, but I'm not stupid," she said."

Why not name the crazy handjob doctor?

She's not really going back to this racist, birther nutbag, is she?

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Talking Sense to Crazies


Are you sick to death of the I-can-out-crazy-your-crazy screaming, the Obama-wants-to-kill-yo-mama infantilism, 
the he's-a-Kenyan-Nazi-Communist, America-doesn't-apologize, torture-shmorture, government-is-evil-except-when
-it's-interrogating-Muslims, my-gun-gets-bigger-when-you-rub-it, and the O'Reilly-Beck-Hannity-Limbaugh Axis-of-Evil? 
If the answer is yes, I salute you. If the answer is no, I also salute you... with this one finger.

I have some advice for President Obama. Stop trying to get these people to realize how wrong they are and how right you are. 
Stop trying to apply reason to the profoundly unreasonable. Stop trying to mitigate or explain their collective temper tantrum. 
Stop trying to curry their favor, their votes, their attention. They don't care about truth, right and wrong, good or bad. 
They care about stomping feet, crying victim, and pointing fingers. Barney Frank had it exactly right, it's like arguing 
with a dining room table. Enough is enough. Fuck Kumbaya.

When will Obama get the message?

Will he let them kill health care and then realize what a mistake he's made?

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"On Martha's Vineyard, they're serving a new drink inspired by Obama. It's an Obamarita.
  And remember George W. Bush?   He inspired the Mojidiot."
      -- Letterman

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"Obama wants to mandate circumcision ... And that means, 
  if we need to save our penises from anybody, it's Obama."
      -- the vulgar Pigboy, fantasizing about sex with a Black man,    Link

"Our penises?"  
  How many do you have, Rush?

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Subject: Obama and health Care

It's been a while but I hope you and your Chinaco bottle are OK.  
I called both Ron Reagan Jr. and Stephanie Miller (boy, is she hot to talk with!!!) 
and told them that a single payer proposal should have hit Congress' desk before 
the table settings were cleared at the inauguration.  

This is nuts.  Between the jackasses for the Rethugs and clowns like Baucus 
and Conrad they could screw up a wet dream with Megan Fox.
  Chris From NJ


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Twitter - still dead

It lets me add one follower per day.
How did Larry King and Ashton Kutcher get to a million followers?

How can something so big be so broke?

This is the last time I'll ask.
I guess nobody knows anything about Twitter?

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Mike Malloy Live


"It is difficult to get a man to understand something 
  when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."
      -- Upton Sinclair, talking about our lying media whores,   Link

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Bill Gates drives me crazy

Can anybody explain this or offer a solution?

For some reason, Windows turns my JPGs into JPEs - does anybody know how to stop this?

When I click on a JPE, a fucking window pops up and says,
"You can't open a JPE with Windows, would you like to convert it to a JPG?"

It was a JPG when I saved the son of a bitch but once again, Bill Gates steps in to "help."
This sounds like a small thing but when you deal in hundreds of pictures a day it's pretty goddamn frustrating.

 I know how to turn that shit off, Bart

There are dozens of "helpful" features on Windows that I wish I could turn the hell off.

Another one is the auto-copy feature.
If I failt to click on a picture perfectly (I'm a busy man and I've got shit to so) it makes a copy of the picture.

Who needs that crap?  
Why can't those Microsteal crazies just stop making "improvements?"

Is there a way to turn off all the idiotic features in Windows?

People say "Apple products are so intuitive."
I think they mean, "Apple isn't as crazy-gimmick-happy as f-ing Windows."

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E Stultus Unum
 by Ted Rall


I couldn't help, while watching the idiots ranting untruths about gays, god and guns at town hall meetings on healthcare, 
wondering why the left isn't somehow capable of motivating the great majority of Americans who are, to be charitable, 
dumb as a post. We've been idiots! Why focus on a tiny minority of intellectuals and well-informed newspaper readers? 
We need to go where the demographic action is--the morons!

   Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

I'm willing to bet Holder doesn't do a damn thing.
Anyone out there crazy enough to bet on a Democrat 
actually doing something about the Bush bastards?

Subject: Trying to shake Obama out of his naive fog

It seems as though Maxine Waters is sending Obama a good message; oh! if only he will heed it.

Being nice isn't always the answer; bullies love picking on the meek;
and it worries me that Obama just might turn into a John Kerry if he doesn't fight back.

He has the ability to be a "bully stopper" but he has to stop believing that
the republicans and the blue dog democrats are really human.
 Marian in MO

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Great Idea...

Obama should offer to debate Sarah Palin on health care.

What's she going to say, "I'm too busy with Facebook?"
You think the offer would strike fear into the hearts of the crazies.
Deep down, they know Palin is as stupid as bellybutton lint. 

If she says she can't fit a debate into her "busy" schedule, Obama could fly to Wasilla.
How's she going to say she doesn't have two hours for the president?

At the very least, the debate offer should get her to shut the fuck up.
If she's "too busy" to debate, she'll probably stop throwing barbs at health care
but Obama would probably see this idea as "an attack" so he won't do it.

I've also suggested he ask everyone in favor of health care reform to march in the streets
but that idea isn't getting any traction, either.  Why bother showing America which side the 
vast majority are on when you can hold still and do nothing - the usual Democratic plan?

Obama either wants to reform health care or he doesn't.
He seems to be proving a point I've made for years and years - that Democrats
are willing to accept victory if it falls into their lap, but they refuse to work for it.

Are we going to go down without a fight - fucking once again?

Obama's approval is down to 50%.
Is he going to wait until it gets to 40% before he joins the fight?

    Send e-mail to Bart  | Discuss it on The BartCop ForumComment on it at the BartBlog

Subject: Torturers need to be prosecuted

After World War 3 the Nazis where put on trial for war crimes.
Many of them used the excuse that they were "just following orders".
Although the scale isn't as great are WWII members of the CIA who tortured
and killed prisoners are using the same excuse - I was just following orders.
If we don't prosecute these people then it sends a message to the CIA that
they can break any laws without having to pay a price. That is the wrong message.

I want CIA members to know that torture and murder are wrong no matter if the president
is ordering you to break the law or not. In the future if a criminal president orders the CIA
to torture and murder I want the to have a good reason to say, "NO - this is wrong and I will not do it!"

Marc Perkel
Gilroy, CA. 95020
My blog: http://marc.perkel.com
Founder of the Church of Reality
"Reality Based Voter"

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Someone wrote and offered to help Peter catalog the radio shows but I lost their address.

If you write back, I'll give you some BCR to give it a test run.

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Keep your language decent
so I can play it in BCR@

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First 'Survivor' winner still in jail
 Is The Man on his back because he's gay?


A lawyer for "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch is threatening to go to court if her client is not released from jail.

Hatch had been serving the remainder of a prison term for tax evasion on home confinement at his sister's home.
He was jailed Aug. 18 after granting two TV interviews without the Bureau of Prisons' permission.

Hatch was not allowed to have a lawyer present at Wednesday's hearing with two sheriff's deputies.
His lawyer and the Rhode Island ACLU submitted witness statements.  

Are we still in Bush's Amerikkka?
Why is Hatch in a cage for illegal speaking?

The ACLU claims that Hatch's constitutional free speech rights are being trampled. "It is appalling that
he would be sent to jail for engaging in quintessential free speech activity," the ACLU said in a statement.

He might be going back to jail for talking to Matt Lauer and Access Hollywood?
What kind of bullshit is that?
What are the prison bastards so afraid of?

Why isn't he free to speak?

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Glenn Beck is nuttier than...

Subject: District 9

1)  Peter Jackson was the producer, not the director, so about all he did was go to the studio and say
"I like this filmmaker and this is a good script".  They put his name on it because he has more clout than the filmmaker.

Actually, they put his name on it because people like me once trusted him.
When I heard it was a PJ movie, I immediately reached for my wallet.

2)  You can't blame the filmmaker for the ads, those are put together by the studio.
If you go by the ads, "Funny People" is a laugh a minute movie about stand up comedy,
"Inglorious Basterds" is a constant action picture and "G. I. Joe" is a good movie worth watching.

I disagree.
When you sign a contract, you negotiate trailer size, days of shooting, what meals you want, your per diem,
where your name goes (above or below the title) and you can have a "no nudity" clause if you're extra hot.
If PJ took out a full page in Variety and said, "I'm sorry they misled you," then I wouldn't blame him.

3)  Entertainment Weekly had a cover feature about how the movie is about refugees, racism, xenophobia, etc.
..and not an action movie.

I don't get that magazine, but I saw all those expensive ads on TV that played up the flying saucer.

With all of those points I can see why you didn't like it (I did and think it was the best political movie in years),
but to blame the filmmakers for it not being what you thought it would be just doesn't work for me.
 Cory!! Strode
The Best Dressed Man In Comics

My expectations were reasonable.
PJ did Lord of the Rings and King Kong.
Who knew he was going to spend his next movie in a trash dump?

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"The safest place during a stampede is the middle of the herd. Establishment journalists 
  with mortgages, car payments and children in private schools saw what happened to 
  the Dixie Chicks. Why couldn't it happen to them?" 
      -- Gene Lyons, on why reporters told so many lies to help Bush,   Link

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 Bruce S 

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Jessica Alba in Machete


 Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Robert De Niro and Lindsay Lohan - in the same movie?

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