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Weekend-Monday, Oct 26-28, 2013    Vol 3145 - Malvita

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Criminal Snowden Does it Again
Arrow Cruz Blames GOP for Obamacare
Crist Plots Comeback - as a Dem
Arrow Ken Cuccinelli’s Sodomy Obsession
'Gravity' is a Terrible Movie 
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow QB's wife, Kristin Cavallari

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"Beat the snot out of them."
    --  former Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-OH      Link

  That Republican isn't talking about what he wants to do to Democrats next year.
  He's talking about what he wants to do to non-Teabagging Republicans, the sane ones.

   You gotta love this GOP civil war.

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Criminal Snowden Does it Again
He's got 35 allies mad at the UN


Documents leaked by wanted spy Edward Snowden suggest the NSA hacked into the phones
of foreign leaders, including U.S. allies. Officials say foreign intelligence services are being warned
that Snowden has documents detailing secret cooperation with the United States, officials said.

U.S. officials said Snowden left with tens of thousands of documents, some of which included
sensitive material about programs against countries such as Iran, Russia and China,  Some of the
documents refer to operations that involve countries not publicly allied with the United States.

The notifications come as the Obama administration is trying to soothe allies after allegations that
the NSA monitored communications of foreign leaders, including Germany's Angela Merkel.

Snowden stole
30,000  documents from a top-secret network run by the Defense Intelligence Agency
and used by intelligence units of the military branches, unnamed sources told the Post.

Clearly, there's no "conscience" involved with what Snowden is doing.
He's releasing EVERYTHING that was marked "Top Secret."
He's like a raging arsonist, trying to burn down as many America allies as possible.

Worse, Snowden can "pull a Cheney" and identify spies working with us that nobody would suspect,
perhaps spies we have in Iran, Russia and China
IF Snowden begins outting our secret agents,
how could any American continue to root for this criminal?

He may be the most dangerous enemy America has.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: It's not Snowden's Fault

It's so weird watching the news as the reporters blame leaker Edward Snowden for the problems
that Obama is happening because 35 other national leaders don't want the United States spying on them.
Snowed didn't do the spying. Obama did!  How is it Snowden's fault?  All he did was tell us the Truth.

If Snowden hadn't leaked what is happening at the NSA then it would have come out eventually later.
You just can't keep an operation that big secret. So are we better off that we know now rather than later?
I think we are because the Patriot Act is being used to undermine who we are as a country and turn us
into a banana republic where politicians break the law with impunity and hide behind the claim of
"national secrets" as a way to conceal criminal activity. That is not the nation our forefathers created 250 years ago.

We are a nation who has lost its way and we need to remember who we are and get back on the right side of history.
The NSA spying needs to be shut down or the rest of the world will shut us out, as they should.
 Marc Perkel

Marc says "All he did was tell the truth." which pre-supposes that EVERY truth must be told.

Funny, I thought the outrage about the NSA was "some things are private."
But our government, charged with our defense, is not allowed to have ANY secrets?

That story says (or implies) that we have spies in Russia, Iran and China and that Snowden
has the capability to release those names in his coming rounds of self-glorification.

Would that make Snowden an accomplice to murderer?
Are those secrets that "must" be told?

Marc confused me with this entence:
If Snowden hadn't leaked what is happening at the NSA then it would have come out eventually later.

To me, that sounds like, "If anyone knows ANY secret, might as well tell us now
because it'll come out sooner or later."  How is that position pro-privacy?

Lastly, if we "shut down the NSA," who will we hold responsible when the
terrorists stage another 9-11 because the NSA failed to connect the dots?

I think the idea that "all secrets need to be told" is absolute insanity.
If anyone agrees with that statement, please explain your thinking.   
Send e-mail to Bart

If ALL secrets need to be told, why complain about the NSA knowing our secrets?

And this talk of "Get rid of the NSA" sounds a lot like, "Get rid of the military."

Are we so Leftist that defending ourselves is wrong?

Just looking for some answers...

 Send e-mail to Bart

Cruz Blames GOP for Obamacare
More gasoline for this fire, please


DES MOINES -  Ted Cruz gave the keynote address at a state Republican party fundraiser here this evening
and told the crowd the country is "facing a new paradigm in politics and it is the paradigm of the rise of the
grassroots" and "it has official Washington absolutely terrified."

"Only the people can turn us around. This new paradigm has been beta tested, unlike the Obamacare website,"
Cruz quipped to the crowd of about 600 at the Iowa GOP's Ronald Reagan dinner. "It was beta tested in 1980
with the Reagan revolution, and we pulled this country back from the brink. And if you look at this past year
we have been saying over and over and over again the power of the grassroots."

Cruz - who has visited the first presidential caucus state three times in the last three months - ticked off victories
he believes conservatives have won in Washington, D.C. as a "result of the grassroots rising up," including
blocking legislation on gun control, immigration reform, and preventing American military intervention in

A potential 2016 presidential candidate, Cruz focused much of his speech on his continued opposition to the
Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. Last month, he spoke for 21 hours on the Senate floor to try and urge
his colleagues to fund the government without funding the ACA. He also helped to shut down the government
for 16 days in order to try and stop the funding of the health care law.

He said his latest battle, defeating the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, is just the next step, and while some
may say he "accomplished nothing" in his unsuccessful effort, he thinks "collectively we accomplished a great deal"
and conservatives' efforts "elevated the national debate" around the health care law. He added that Republicans
were able to tell "millions" more Americans the law is a "disaster."

He laid the blame for the unsuccessful effort squarely on Senate Republicans saying
"had we stood together I'm convinced the outcome of this fight would be very, very different."

Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Sam's Club

Bart please put this story on your blog. 
Sam’s Club forced their employees including an elderly disabled lady and a
19 year old pregnant woman out into a blizzard that also killed 30,000 cattle. 

This all took place in Rapid City. 
Roger From South Dakota the home of the blizzard of the century.

Sam's Club workers forced to walk through record-breaking blizzard


As hurricane-force gusts toppled trees, whipped the air into whiteout conditions, and brought temperatures
down to 15 degrees, most businesses across Rapid City took drastic action on Oct. 4.

The Target store closed early and allowed 20 employees to stay the night in the store. Triple Crown Hospitality,
which owns three hotels, not only let its employees sleep over, it extended the offer to their family members.

But nine employees at Sam's Club on Eglin Street, including a pregnant 19-year-old, were not so lucky.
Sam's Club workers were forced outside into the recording-breaking blizzard.

Unable to drive through snow-choked streets, and dressed only in fall clothing, the employees say
they spent an hour trudging to a nearby hotel.

When called for comment, the Eglin Street Sam's Club released this statement:
"Fuck you, we're Walmart and we don't apologize for any-fucking-thing so fuck you again."

 Send e-mail to Bart

Crist Plots Comeback - as a Democrat



Charlie Crist had barely entered the room before a throng of teachers swarmed him.
The union delegates — and stalwart Democrats — wanted autographs, pictures, hugs
and even kisses from the former Republican governor.

"We love you, Charlie!" a woman shouted, locking arms with Crist as someone snapped a picture.
"I love you all," he told those gathered at the Florida Education Association's annual convention this month.

Nearly three years after losing a U.S. Senate campaign to thirsty Marco Rubio and leaving the governor's
mansion, Crist is plotting a political comeback - this time as a Barack Obama Democrat.

Smart move.
All signs point to the Democrats winning BIG in the next 2-3 elections.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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 Subject: Kelly Ripa

Thanks to all who wrote to say Kelly Ripa isn't 60.

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The Stealth Attacks on Abortion

This is why women won't vote GOP.

A new book about those notorious American resisters and truth-tellers,
Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. Kevin Barrett.
Fetzer and Barrett, career academicians and longtime radio-show personalities,
in the past hosted a radio show called “The Dynamic Duo.”

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It all comes from that day, 22 November 1963, at 12:30 PM in Dallas.
From that day we got Oklahoma City, we got 9/11 and Afghanistan and Iraq.
From that day we get this day, today — our world, our lives —
whatever is yet to come in Syria, Iran, perhaps even WWIII.

We can choose to watch it unfold on TV, or we can do something.
For years and years, Fetzer and Barrett have done everything they can.
This new book is a biography of Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett. But it is also a call to resistance:
    Stop the wars
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25-Minute weightless tour of the Space Station

More interesting than you might think.
SFW, if you liked "Gravity" you'll like this.

Ken Cuccinelli’s Sodomy Obsession
Will he be the next Governor of Virginia?


Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s attorney general, has declared war on consensual sodomy in Virginia.
What has raised the most eyebrows i that he's made the issue a centerpiece of the final months of his campaign.

His critics, which include all men, have responded to Cuccinelli’s "Crimes Against Nature” crusade with snickers
and winks. The law is plainly unconstitutional—according to both a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision and a federal
appeals court—and giggling about the attorney general’s creepy preoccupation with Virginians’ consensual oral sex
makes for an easy comic target. But that focus obscures the real—even original—sin undergirding Cucinelli’s latest
legal push: It’s a call for judges to read statutes to mean what they don’t say; a call for outright judicial activism,
for freewheeling judicial interpretation—qualities legal thinkers on the right usually deplore.

The media focus on the giggliness of the subject-matter in question has obscured the audacity of the legal notion
being advanced: That judges should read statutes the way they might read an optometrist’s eye chart—with a squint,
a hand over one eye, and a prayer.

They hate the gays.
They hate the poor.
They hate the Blacks
They hate the Mexicans.
They hate the women.
Now they want to outlaw oral sex - even with your spouse.

It's like they don't want to win any more elections.

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Cowboys Lose in Final Minute
Romo has no idea how to manage a clock


The announcers, as always, were rooting for Dallas to win.

They game's outcome was so certain, they explained that, for the first time in many years,
the Cowboys would be at mid-season with a winning record, ...but then they lost - again.
Now they are 4-4, but still leading their pitiful division of losers and has-beens.

Who do the die-hard Cowboys fans blame for this on-going train wreck?
It's gotta be QB Tony Romo, or Coach Jason Garrett or Jerry Jones, the owner.

Who gets the blame and who should get the blame?

I'd like to hear from RG in Fort Worth and other Cowboys fans - this is not a trick or a gag.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Pope Popularity

Hey Bart,
I agree with you liking the Pope more and more.
I think he should name himself Pope Liberal I, but then we'd have to fear for his safety.

I am an athiest and I really do not like his brand of religion, BUT,
he is taking some of the sting of stupidity out of it.

If I were in his shoes, dress and funny hat and I saw the sheep running
away as they have been, I would be saying the same thing he is saying.

He is using very smart tactics to try to stop the hemorrhaging and I,
too, like him just for being smart  - and liberal.
 Steve in PA

 Send e-mail to Bart

See more at

'Gravity' is a Terrible Movie
SPOILERS, so don't read this if you want to be suprised.

I always look at a movie and think, "Do I want to spend two hours doing that?"

That's why I haven't seen "Captain Phillips" because I don't want to see Tom Hanks
threatened, slapped around and tortured for two hours - where's the fun in that?
If it was Nancy Grace I'd be the first in line, but not Tom Hanks.

But I like Clooney and I wanted to like his movie - it just sucked.

For one, it's the ultimate "Don't Look Down" movie.
If you want to watch
out-of-control Sandra Bullock tumbling head over heels,
again and again, over and over, then you'll love this movie.

We'll agree to forgive the movie's many "that could never" happen" moments,
such as the space station and the satellites are in vastly different orbits,
maybe as far apart as a hundred miles, but still they got hit by the debris?

I also had major problems with the timing in the movie.
Bullock's computer kept telling her, "Oxygen down to 4 percent, 2 percent," etc
but did this cause Sandra to hurry?  Not at all.

Why bother to get to the portal where there's more oxygen when you can waste time
until your oxygen level gets to 1 percent?   If that was me, I'd get my ass to the oxygen
LONG before I got down to my last 1 percent.

Then there was the biggest, stupidest blunder I've seen in a movie in many years.
Clooney died because some unknown, unexplained force pulled him away from Bullock.

She had hold of some (well call them) "ropes" that were entangled in the space station
and Clooney was holding ropes that were connected to Bullock.  Clooney told Sandra
that she "had to let him go" (which would kill him) because he was being pulled away
from her by forces that don't exist in outer space.  Clooney dies for no reason,
except the scriptwriters wanted Sandra to be alone in space - but what a blunder.
There are only two people in the entire film, and one of them dies for no damn reason at all?

In space, Clooney is weightless.
He wasn't "too heavy" for Sandra to hold onto.
There was no force pulling him away from Sandra and the space station so they just
declared that there was and they expected the viewing public to buy that awful turd.

But the special effects were spectacular.

You really feel like you're in space - you just need to leave your brain back on Earth
because the story they're selling you couldn't fool a six year old Catholic.

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Today's Wildlife Photo

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CSI's Marg Helgenberger Blunder
For weeks they've been promoting their 300th episode and "Catherine's return" to CSI.

Since ths show is 14 years old, you figure they'd grab a show from an early season where
the guest star was still alive and available. Then have that person "escape" or maybe just get
parolled and then they'd have to call Catherine to come back and help find the skel because
she was the one "who knew them best."

No, they didn't go that way.
They had Marg appear in two blink-and-you'll-miss-her flashbacks.

That was a terribly wasteful way to squander a "return" of a former cast member.
You'd think the fun of having Catherine back would be to catch up on things,
have her meet the new cast members, etc. but noooooooooooooooooooo.
I kept waiting for Catherine to show up and then they said, "The End."

Then, for the closing 60 seconds, they flashed back to some snippets like
we were listing this year's dead people at the Academy Awards.

It was the dumbest way to celebrate their 300th show.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Pick up a copy of the October issue of Guitar Player Magazine for an article
on the Ellnora Guitar Festival that Del Castillo played on September 6th!

Also, CLICK HERE to go to a link on Guitar Player’s website featuring Del Castillo!
There's some monster guitar playing, here.
Here’s what Associate Editor Matt Blackett had to say in his September 16th online blog about Del Castillo:
  “I wasn’t aware of these guys prior to Ellnora, but watching brothers Rick and Mark del Castillo
take the stage and throw down dazzling nylon-string runs, in unison and in harmony, made me a big fan.
Think of them as Los Hermanos Allmans, playing infectious Latin rhythms with mind-boggling solos.
They whipped the crowd into a frenzy."

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Amy Winehouse was an excellent guitar player

I had no idea.
I assumed she knew enough to write a song
on a guitar but she really could play.

Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that’s Michelle Green who was half of the first lesbian kiss on television,
(LA Law, circa 1988 or so).   She is also an amazing guitarist and singer.
 Sheryl P

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, that's Dresden in what used to be East Germany.
  Gerry F

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1963 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible.
   Paul in VA

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that is Losif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, aka Joseph Stalin,
leader of the Soviet Union/Russia and infamous mass murderer.
The mugshot was taken in his early teens before the revolution.

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Quarterback's wife, Kristin Cavallari

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