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Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013    Vol 3151 - Wayside

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow I'd Love to Live Where...
Arrow When the Polar Ice Melts...
Eastwood made Staffer Sick
Arrow Aaron Rodgers Injury Hurts
GOP-KKK Traditional Halloween
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow She's not insane, Mischa Barton

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"He's funny, laid-back, a great guy, always making jokes, very competitive
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  Who knew?

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I'd Love to Live in a Country Where...
  by Paul Slansky


There comes a time in every day when I think something like, "I'd love to live in a country
where there's a machine that can measure your soul, and when someone -- someone, say,
like a Ted Cruz, or a Michele Bachmann -- falls below a certain level of humanity, he or she
is simply not allowed on TV. 'Sorry, you're just too hateful and we really would rather not
have your toxic bile in our lives.' Yes, that would definitely be a very much better place to live."

Or, "I'd love to live in a country where CEOs are accountable to consumers and there's a weekly
TV show called You Do It, where the non-CEOs among us get to confront them on camera and
point out the flaws of their products. 'Hello, Mr. Pepperidge Farm man. I'm not able to open a
package of your goldfish without ripping it to shreds. Here. Show me how it's done, sir."

Or, "I'd love to live in a country where we could give all of these Tea Party types their own state.
The biggest state, even. 'Take Texas. Here, it's yours, take it but just GO!'

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When the Polar Ice Melts...
We lose Florida, the East Coast and more


When all of the ice in the world melts, sea levels will raise over 200 feet. What would that look like?
What would such a worse-case scenario mean for the Earth’s population?

National Geographic has created a fascinating visual representation of this eventual certainty
and provided an analysis of how North America would be affected by such a catastrophic change.


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 Subject: There You Go Again...


You know I would NEVER leave you because we disagree, but we STILL disagree regarding the following...

"If not for Gore's glaring incompetence and refusal to fight, the Democrats would've
 won the last six presidential elections in a row - but Gore chose to surrender, instead."

"Incompetence?" I'll go with that, though Boy King's advisers told him to challenge one district at a time too.
But "Gore chose to surrender?"

As bad as they handled it, having gone all the way to the biggest, corruptest, court in the land,
how much more he could have done without being dismissed as even more of a liar and a loon?
As many times as you have bashed him where's at least the same amount of ire for Kerry who
immediately spun his swift boat around ran, despite the "thousands" of lawyers promise?
He took his case NOWHERE. What an absolute disgrace.

Gore's abandoning Current? THAT I have more of a problem with, though at least he didn't sell it to Beck.

You know Bart: my wife and I have argued many times. We're still together.
ANY good relationship has some friction. No packing of the bags here. It would take a hell of a lot more.
Just don't start insisting all music must be disco. THAT would be unforgivable!
 Your Friend,

It's been a while since 2000, but yes, I had a problem with Gore's inept campaign.
He let all those lies sit there for weeks or months without answering them.
"Gore pays some lady $10,000 a week to dress him."

Pigboy hammered him with that every day and I don't know if it wass true or not
because Gore never addressed the charge, which made him look phoney and aloof.

"Gore claims he invented the Internet - is he INSANE?"
If he addressed that charge, I missed it and so did most Americams.

"Gore was so delusional, he claims Love Story was about HIM,
 even tho he's STILL ALIVE!  Can we trust a madman in the White House?"

If he addressed that charge, I missed it and so did most Americams.

"Gore's team insisted they open the dam so he could get a better photo-op
even tho that move hurt the farmers (whatever) in that area. The gall of that man!"

If he addressed that charge, I missed it and so did most Americams.

Of course, the whore media played along because they thought Gore would be boring
and having a "colorful Cowboy" in the White House might make for some headlines.

They were right.

I don't remember any Democrat saying, "Gore waited too long concede."
but he did better than Kerry who conceded while the polls were still open
in 2004.

Anyway, thatt's how I remember Gore's 2000 campaign.
He refused Clinton's help and when the shit hit the fan in Florida, he told Dems to stay away
which meant ONLY angry Republicans were on the nightly news and that kinda sealed the deal.

Democrats need to remember "We're RIGHT! They are WRONG!" and you NEVER give up.
It's NOT 50-50, all ideas aren't equal and science beats religious insanity all f-ing day.

Thanks for not calling me Cheney :)

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Eastwood made Romney Staffer Vomit
New book talks about behind the scenes 2012


Behind-the-scenes at Nazi-Con 2012. This time, it's a glimpse into how a senior Romney
advisor felt during the now famous Clint Eastwood rant against the defenseless empty chair:

Eastwood famously cursed at the empty chair, and he went well over his alloted time and left most
of the audience baffled. Romney’s senior strategist, Stuart Stevens, was backstage with Romney
watching Eastwood, and while Romney “seemed to think it was funny — at least at first,” Stevens
was so upset by the “disaster occurring on stage” that he “excused himself, went into another room
and vomited.”

ha ha

I think it was actually worse than that. The way I remember, Eastwood went waaaaay long
and over into Romney's time, which was designed perfectly for the 10-O'clock hour on the East Coast.
People tuning in to hear Romney, instead heard the cranky old man scream, "Get off my lawn!"

Also remember, on Election day they told Thurston he had it won.   In the bag.   Game over!

That has to suck.

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 Subject: Rand Paul and Original Thoughts

With all the examples of plagiarism that have surfaced regarding Sen Rand Paul
perhaps it is time we look at his college and medical school work.

I'll bet a dollar to a flaming rolling doughnut his college and
med school work is full of work lifted from others.
  Steven B

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Aaron Rodgers Injury "Significant'


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says his broken collarbone is a "significant injury."

Speaking on some damn radio program, Rodgers said no timetable has been discussed
and that he remains hopeful for a quick return.

“Yes, I do have a fractured collarbone. That’s a significant injury. We’ll know more
about the severity and the timetable later this week." Rodgers said.

Rodgers was hurt after a teammate bet him he couldn't do that moronic
"Discount double check" move 200 times in under 60 seconds.
Rodgers took the bet and got to 175 "DDCs" when they heard a snap.

State Farm released a statement that said, "You can't blame us for this."

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 Subject: Martians 1938

Bart, I was sitting on someone's front steps with my friends on Nebraska Street in Sioux City, Iowa,
when one of the mother's ran out of her house and yelled at her daughter to come right home as the
Martians were invading, I think she said, "New York".

We just sat there having no idea what she was talking about, and it wasn't long before she reappeared
and told us it was just a radio show.  I will never forget it--everyone lived by the radio, but the kids
usually stayed outdoors until dark, unless called home.

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"Kanye West has asked for privacy -  That's why he
  married Kim Kardashian, so he could get some privacy."

    --  Kathy Griffin, while harassing Barbara Walters on The View

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 Subject: War of the Worlds

Hi Bart,
Although I wasn't born until a year after Wells' radio "Mars invasion",
I did hear a recording of it from beginning to end within the past 10 years or so and,
given when it was done, it would have been pretty convincing. 

It also benefited greatly from being the first of its kind. 
I can see how few people at the time would have suspected it of being anything
other than what it seemed to be and it would have indeed been pretty scary.

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Sirius XM

He's right - it's only a matter of time before Democrats turn on De Blasio.
Why do Democrats hate their winners?

Marty's Entertainment Page
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Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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GOP-KKK Traditional Halloween
What's Halloween without Slaves?

 "What am I?  A Republican, Silly!"


A Virginia mother let her 7-year-old son wear a KKK costume this Halloween because,
she insisted, it's a family tradition.

Jessica Black of Craigsville, Va., let her son, Jackson, dress as a Klansman.
The outfit garnered media attention after a the boy's photo was posted to Facebook.
When Black was confronted by the news network, she defended her decision.

"My brother worn it when he was in Kindergarten and when he was 13," Black said.
She said there is nothing wrong with the costume or with the White Supremacist group,
which she says still exists in their Virginia town. "It's supposed to be white with white,
black with black, man with woman and all of that. That's what the KKK GOP stands for."

And they wonder why they lose elections to Democrats...

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See more at

 Subject: Cops and Kids

Watched in horror this morning as four cop cars at the corner searched an SUV for drugs.
Not because of the cops, they were doing their job, from what onlookers said - the driver,
father of the maybe 4 year old cute as hell little Latino kid, got caught with whatever drugs,
so they carted him off, leaving the kid & mom hanging at the curb for hours while they
ripped into then towed the SUV.

I walked over with some granola bars & a banana, which the kiddo was really jazzed about.
Apparently they have no home, waiting for some family member from 30 miles away to save them.
Brought a tear to my eye, while cop said, "Too bad his dad's a Doper.." which I thought hugely
inappropriate while they were there. Other cop's said, "That's a kind thing to do.." and I said,
"I'm A Veteran, I fought for kids like this to be Safe.." Ridiculous that there wasn't a social worker
standing there, called to the scene the minute they said they were homeless. I'm a little less proud
of the nation I served this day.

This shit needs to end. Remember what Steinbeck said,
"If you need help, ask a poor person, they're the only ones who Will help most of the time.."
  Mike Stinson

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Today's Wildlife Photo

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 Subject: Testing and Rolling Out a Major Product

Just read the comment about the difficulties of collecting requirements, coding and testing
a major software product – I couldn’t agree more.  So often managers use the testing period
as a means to “steal” time to further refine or continue coding efforts, and the testers are often
treated like idiots.  After all, their only job is to bring bad news to the coders and managers.

I have years of experience in testing defense products – I was told early in my testing career
that there are three things involved in rolling out a product:  deliver on time, make it good,
keep it within budget… pick any two, that’s all you get.

Besides, if the product sucks, it means additional work for the company doing the work.

Yeah, but Obama looks like he doesn't know what he's doing.

A glitch is one thing - it's been five weeks.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that’s Pamela Anderson, sporting a new, short 'do.
~ Tony in Philly

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, that is Vienna, Austria
  Rick in ChicagoV

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari.
Paul in VA


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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, I'd say that's The Titanic under construction.

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