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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013    Vol 3167 - Innocent overlap

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow Obama Shook Hitler's Hand
Arrow Clothing the Sierra Madres
Biggest Crashes Of 2013
Arrow Uraguay to Legalize Pot
The GOP's "Bar room brawl"
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Singer, actress Hilary Duff

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"That was seriously the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.
  Can you imagine getting your hair cut and then (seeing that) on the news?"
  --  Jennifer Lawrence on how screwed-up CNN's sense of "news" is    Link

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Obama Shook Hitler's Hand
That's what has Sen. Depends in a hissy


Obama's gestures at Nelson Mandela's memorial service were widely scrutinized Tuesday.

First, Obama shook hands with Cuban President Raul Castro as the U.S. president approached
the podium at the soccer stadium to address Mandela's mourners. The brief exchange, captured
on video and photographs, sparked an immediate reaction online and on TV, with cable news
pundits and Twitter users debating the significance of warmth shown between leaders of countries
that have not had formal diplomatic relations since 1959.

The handshake also drew some sharp GOP criticism.
Grandpa McCain likened it to shaking hands with Adolf Hitler.

"Why should you shake hands with somebody who's keeping Americans in prison?" McCain fumed,
adding: "Neville Chamberlain shook hands with Hitler."

Before his handshake with Hitler, Obama also shared a handshake and a kiss with Brazilian President
Dilma Rousseff, who has angrily condemned U.S. spying in her country.

Sounds like Obama is using his considerable charm to spread American good will. Meanbwhile,
McCain is VERY upset that Obama hasn't invaded anyone and wants him impeached for that.

Had Obama ignored Castro, FOX News likely would've led with "N-word shows bad manners."

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 Subject: RE: Is the Pope serious about cleaning up the church?

I think he is.  I think he deserves a chance.

Who knows, he may be a real Christian,
 Justin DM

Notice I've been pretty nice to him.  I haven't caught him lying,
unlike Benny I-never-wanted-to-be-Pope the Rat.


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Take to the Hills: Clothing the Sierra Madres
My good friend The Freeway Blogger is a one-man Charity Wave

"If you want to directly alleviate human suffering here’s what to do:
  collect warm clothing, put them in a car and deliver them to people who are cold."
     —Patrick Randall in "Take to the Hills."


The renowned FreewayBlogger, aka Patrick Randall, tells the story of one of his earliest decisiond
to take direct action—he hears a report of poverty in Mexico, loads up his trusty old VW bus and hits
the road with half a ton of clothes, no map, some good tunes and a sense of adventure.

The trip turns into an exploration in discovery, friendship and the power of acting on your beliefs in
a tale of a journey that's part travelogue, part exhortation to take philanthropic risks, but all heart.

"Take to the Hills! Clothing the Sierra Madres" is the story of how a coincidence turned an English teacher
into a modern-day Robin Hood: taking warm clothing from the rich and bringing them to the poorest, coldest
people he could find. It shows how one person can make a difference in the lives of thousands and have the
adventure of a lifetime doing it.
eBook Price: $0.99

I bought a copy and I'm glad I did;

I spent the next three years collecting blankets, warm clothes, school and medical supplies,
and delivering them to communities throughout the northwest Sierra Madres, reaching about
forty different villages spread out across 5,000 square miles.  When I was done I could look at
a globe, put my finger down on one spot and say, “There, right there. The people who live in
this place are at least slightly better off because of what I did.” It’s an amazing feeling, and
not one that many get to experience.

In a very real way it crystallized everything about life in the the first and third worlds:
We spend our time dealing with our surpluses while they spend theirs coping with their lack.

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 Subject: Not sure if it's true...

 I heard someone say that the reason so many men have heart attacks while shoveling snow
 is that a 30 percent blockage goes to 80 percent TWO MINUTES after you start shoveling.

 I say screw it - let the sun melt the snow.

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I can answer this one.
After Nixon's flameout, the GOP decided their next winner, whoever he was,
 would be God, even if he was an arms-to-terrorists moron who did shit movies with a chimp.

Reagan was 100 percent phoney and everybody knew it, but our
idiot Democrats fell in line and praised Reagan as tho he deserved it.

Why can't Democrats think?

 Subject: Central Park

Dear Bart:
Excuse me for being provincial, but how many people
don't recognize a straight-overhead shot of Central Park?
 Stu the lawyer

People in New Yorkers think everything revolves around them. It doesn't.
I didn't know what Central Park looked like until I went there - why should I?

Do you have Golden Gate Park in San Francisco memorized?
What about Griffith Park in Los Angeles?  Got that memorized?

That's easily my number one bitch about New Yorkers.
If it gets hot in New York, the networks anchors think that's national news. same for when it snows.
Well guess what? It shows here, too and it gets hot, except we don't faint if the temp hits 95 because
lots of time it hits 115 here but does New York bother to cover that? Noooooooooooooo.

When that Linsanity bullshit hit, New Yorkers put him on the cover of every national magazine,
Guess what? Nobody cared because it was a local little story and nothing more.

You guys think Derek Jeter is the closest thing to God - he's not,
He's the local shortstop who plays for the checkbook Yankees and that's all.

When the loser Jets have a quarterback controversy, New York thinks that's national news. It's not.
There's a great quaterback right now in Seattle who is currently 11-2 but nobody knows his name
because he doesn't play for New York, the only city that matters.

Clarification: I'm not angry with you, Stu.
I see you as a victim in all this. If you grew up in New York, you've been spoon-fed
the lie that the entire world evolves around you, even tho everyone else knows it doesn't.

Another one is Broadway and the Tony Awards. Who gives a fuck?
I'd rather watch f-ing soccer than the goddamn Tony Awards,
but New York thinks they're soooo important.
  They're NOT.

Do you think anyone cared who won the Mayor of New York?
We couldn't possibly care less, but the media, once again, felt that was national news.

I'll guess that's why the Yankees are as hated, nationally, as the Dallas Cowboys.
The Yankees are the most visible symbol of that classless "You're not from New York
so you don't count, so go fuck yourself," bullshit and we're sick of it.

Speaking for everyone outside of New York - we're tired of your local news.
Put that shit on some local channel and let the networks and magazines report national news.

When the fuck will New Yorkers get over themselves?

Hopefully in my lifetime, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Holiday Safety Tips

Humor by John Breneman

  Subject: Questions about lesbian sex   Link

Question: Is one of you "the man"?

Answer: This question is always hilarious to me, because it shows how deeply ingrained
strict gender roles are. Sometimes there are more masculine women or queer folks who like
to be in control, but not always. It all comes down to personal preference, honestly. And not
just that one of us is always "a top" and the other "a bottom"... we often switch roles,
sometimes during the middle of the same sex session.on

Yeah, but when you're asleep and you hear a noise, only one of you
gets up and investigates with (hilariously) a golf club or a baseball bat.

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Sirius XM

The Biggest Career Crashes Of 2013
Who are you most glad you're not?


With help from my Forbes colleagues, I've compiled a list of the biggest career crashes of 2013.
Paula Deen
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Lara Logan
Aaron Hernandez
Howard Kurtz
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner
Anthony Weiner

My vote for biggest screw-up is Aaron Hernandez.

He was being paid $40M to NOT kill anybody
and he was unable to fulfill his side of the bargain.

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 Subject: Obamacare Enrollments Surpass 1 Million


The Republicans are in a lot of trouble.
They fought so hard to prevent those million people from getting health insurance.

Will voters remember at election time?  I say yes.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff every day

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


  I can't believe someone would do this for a photograph.

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 Subject: TIME Person Of The Year Odds

I thought these odds may be of interest to you.
They’re courtesy of Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

TIME Person Of The Year 2013

Pope Francis                              3/2
Edward Snowden                       5/2
Bashar Assad                             7/2
Miley Cyrus                               7/1
Barack Obama                           7/1
Jeff Bezos                                15/1
Ted Cruz                                  15/1
Hassan Rouhani                        15/1
Kathleen Sebelius                      20/1
Edith Windsor                           20/1

Thanks for taking the time to read these. 
Jimmy Shapiro
Sports Publicist

My money's on The Pope.

(That was written yesterday - The Pope won.)

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"I always tell people if they think I am this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove."
  --  FOX News's Megan Kelly, saying she can't possibly be conservative
         if she works at a place teeming with hardcore Nazis    Link

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With hosts: Chuck Gregory in Fort Lauderdale & Mike Palecek in Duluth

Thursday, Dec. 12th   6 PM Eastern Time
The Revolution Radio Network


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Uraguay to Legalize Pot
How can they go against God's wishes?


Uruguay's Senate is expected to pass a law on Tuesday making them the world's first nation
to allow its citizens to grow, buy and smoke marijuana.

The pioneering government-sponsored bill establishes state regulation of the cultivation, distribution
and consumption of marijuana and is aimed at wresting the business from criminals.

Cannabis consumers would be allowed to buy 1.4 ounces each month from state-regulated pharmacies
as long as they are registered on a government database that will monitor their monthly purchases.

17 ounces). They could also set up smoking clubs of 15 to 45 members that could grow up to 99 plants per year.

The bill, which opinion polls show is unpopular, passed the lower chamber of Congress in July
and is expected to easily pass the Senate on the strength of the ruling coalition's majority.

Uruguay's attempt to undo drug trafficking is being followed closely in Latin America where the
legalization of some narcotics is being increasingly seen by regional leaders as a possible way to
end the violence spawned by the cocaine trade.

Hmmm, Bartfest San Pedro?

BTW, our Colorado Freedom Fest isn't looking very good.
For one, to this day nobody has a clue what's going to happen or when.

I talked to one dispensary today and she said her dispensary isn't going "public" until 2015.
She also said they won't even start growing the public pot until January so it'll be months
after that before anything is available - IF she klnows what she's talking about.

You'd think with many millions of tourism dollars at stake somebody would know something.

I may have to do an early-January solo mission to see what's up, maybe meet some locals.

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 Subject: Customers trickle to revamped Obamacare sites

  Headline in the Washington Moonie Times

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GOP's Coming "Bar room brawl"
And we'll be there to cover every battle


The political director of a prominent Tea Party Super PAC predicts that “big punches” will be thrown
within the GOP as groups like his gear up for primary challenges in the 2014 midterm elections against
Republicans whom they view as not conservative enough.

“I think the 2014 primary cycle is going to be unlike anything that we've seen,” said the Madison Project’s
Drew Ryun. “This is going to be the equivalent of a bar room brawl.”

The Republican establishment, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is going head-to-head with
the Madison Project in several of the races where the Super PAC is working to replace the incumbent.
But Ryun told “Top Line” they were ready for the fight.

“I think it's going to come down to a battle of tactics,” Ryun said. “They're going to have more money;
we're going to have more people. And, basically, who employs the best tactics is going to come out on
top of these primaries.”

Ryun acknowledged that the Tea Party had fallen short in the past in choosing “viable candidates.”
It’s for this reason, he said, that the Madison Project was selective in choosing which candidates to
back and pointed to the their support of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as one example.

“Ted Cruz being a great example for us in the 2012 cycle where there's a five-way primary in that
Texas primary race. We had the opportunity to meet with him, in a sense clarify for the Republican
movement. This is our guy; he went on to win,” Ryun said.

If the Democrats had any brains or any will to win (Why do I torture myself this way?) they
would finance stealth campaigns for Teabaggers and make those primaries eight-person races.

That would enable the Teabaggers to win the primary but then lose the general election
but since
Democrats have no brains and no will to win, that's not going to happen.

Dear Lord, how did this IQ-of-64 Okie land in a party where he's one of the smart people?

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 Subject: Oklahoma gets all the good stuff

Satan Coming to Oklahoma


Leave it to the Satanists to bring new fun to the shopworn church-state debate.

Last year, a monument to the Ten Commandments was erected on the grounds of the Oklahoma statehouse.
The display was the pet project of local handjob rep Mike Ritze, who not only spearheaded the legislative
approval required, but he kicked in $10,000, too. The monument stood for nine months, unnoticed by the
outside world, until the ACLU filed a lawsuit calling for its removal. But even as the suit bubbled steadily
along, no one seemed to pay it much attention. Until…

On December 1, the New York-based Satanic Temple, offering “to donate a public monument to Oklahoma.”
The group pitched the monument as “an homage” to Satan, meant “to complement and contrast the Ten
Commandments monument.” As temple founder Lucien Greaves elaborated, “Allowing us to donate a
monument would show that the Oklahoma City Council does not discriminate, and both the religious
and non-religious should be happy with such an outcome.”

It's clearly illegal to have religious stuff on state land, but Okies don't care.

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See more at

Noisy banner ads

With no advertisng money coming in, I need to hold a fundraiser.
You would like to see continue, right?
Anybody out there want to send a giant lump sum for others to match?

 Subject: I have waaaaay too much money, Bart

Hey BC,
A challenge to you. If you keep me anonymous, and you can get 200 different people
to send you Christmas cards with at least a $5 gift inside, I'll donate $1000.
The greetings must arrive to your PO Box before Christmas Day.

However, if there are only 199, then I won't even send you an extra lump of coal.
Dare to take the challenge?

Dude, thanks for that.
I accept the challenge, 'cause I'm a gambler, but that's a lot of Christmas cards.
I'm not sure my PO Box has received 200 cards since I opened it :)

So, can we get to 200 cards before Christmas?
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155 (note corrected zip)

 Subject: Christmas Card Fundraiser for Bart

Bart, does my dear husband count as a different person if we both send separate cards
with a few coins of the realm inside each envelope?  We have been married for a long time,
but haven't started looking like each other yet, so we are still different.
So, can we do it - it would help you and the U.S. post office at the same time.
Martha still hiding in the woods in Georgia

Martha, I imagine that kind of "cheating" would be tolerated.
Thanks for thinking about me.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Inger Stevens who died young but who was a very gifted actress. 
I loved her in the “Farmer’s Daughter”.
 MJ from Skaneteles, NY

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Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, that's Capetown, South Africa's Green Point,
with Signal Hill and Table Mountain in the background.
 Albie in Costa Rica

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

That's a 1946 Delahaye 145 Coupé.
Paul in VA

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Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Nobody got Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

He was Secretary-General of the UN from January 1992 to December 1996.

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Subject: donations

Thanks to MTyson for the donation.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  

As my buddy Ray Coleman always used to say, "Never quit!!" seems to be my best bet to stay on the Tubes
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Singer, actress Hilary Duff


  Check out  almost 3000 sexy and tasteful photos of Hilary Duff

More hot babes in BC Hotties

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